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& nude exotic dancers in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and surrounding areas.
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...That's where we call on the expertise of a man simply known as Zbone, the authority on strip clubs in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura counties.
— Lalist.com: Sex Week: Couples + Strip Clubs (February 2009)  

Amazing collection of unbiased strip club reviews, detailing lap-dance prices, quality of performers, club layouts, and just about everything else you need to know before setting out for your adult evening...
— LA Weekly: The Little Sexy Black Book (May 2007)  

Z Bone rates this the No. 1 nudie bar in the area, and he should know-he's visited every pole-filled dive in the region.
— Men's Fitness Magazine (September 2005)  

Zbone: The local expert in the Los Angeles Area.      
The American Male's Guide On How To Get More Pussy (2004)

Z Bone, who hosts perhaps the region's oldest and most prominent strip club guide,
 zbone.com, says...
— LA CityBEAT (November 20-26, 2003)  

...The authoritative Web site Z Bone Zone lists an entire glossary of lap-dance-related

— Los Angeles Times (June 18, 2003)  

Porn to be wild. Zbone.com enthusiastically searches for the best lap dances in town.
— Bold Magazine (March 2001)  

Z Bone offers a frighteningly thorough guide to just about every club in the L.A. area — the girls, the cover charges, the mileage (on the oh-dometer)... God bless the Web master, who clearly has too much time on his hands...
— Los Angeles Magazine (June 2000)  

...'Z Bone', who took his expensive and disreputable taste for Los Angeles strip clubs and
turned it into an advertising-supported strip club review site...
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Making Millions on the Internet (2000)  

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