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The Dressing Room For 2006

This section is for dancers only and will have articles that are dancer-centric.  You will find information on dance contests, house tipout rates, laws pertaining to dancers, and of course, where to get discounts on clothes!

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$5,000 Strip-Off

December 21, 2006 will present the first $5,000 "Strip-Off" on Saturday, January 6, 2007 at the Rouge in Downtown Los Angeles.  The contest will start at 9pm but contestants must be there no later than 8pm.

After holding dozens of contests, not to mention attending many more, I've become bored with the same old contest.  So my solution is to bring back real strip tease to the strip club.

This contest will be judged by the audience on who is the sexiest strip tease performer of the night.  So doing flips and climbing to the top of the pole will not win this contest.  I'm hoping this will bring out some new contestants that I've never seen before.

One other big change I've made is the judging of the contest.  This time, each audience member will be given an election style ballot, and will vote for one single dancer of choice.  At the conclusion of the contest, I will personally count the ballots.  All contestants are invited to watch the counting and can request a recount if the result is close.  The winners will know the results before being announced to the audience and given their prizes.

Also, the order of appearance onto the stage will be determined by drawing numbers out of a box.  Each dancer will draw a number, which will correspond to the order in which she will go on the stage.

Just like the last few times, 1st place is $3,000 (plus a nice trophy, dancer of the month on zbone and other surprise prizes), 2nd place is $1,500, and 3rd is $500.

If you are going to use props, please notify the management at Rouge before the contest to make sure it will be allowed.  You may not do anything on stage that is illegal, including but not limited to using pyrotechnics or any props that may be dangerous to the performer or audience members.  If you have any questions regarding the contest, or what would be allowed, or illegal, please email me or call the Rouge at (213) 748-8099 and ask for Aaron.


Valley Ball Gym

October 1, 2006

Gym Gym with workout machines, mirrors, lockers, plasma TV, vending machines, and more.     All photos by Paul Hart.
As far as I know, the only strip club in LA with a full blown gym for dancers is at the Valley Ball.  I know people in Vegas, Dallas and Denver are reading this thinking, "yeah, so what?" but here in LA, it's very abnormal.

In fact, most clubs in LA barely even have a dressing room for the dancers. Some don't even have lockers. It's a big deal in LA if they have showers for the dancers.  For the ultimate in small dressing rooms (if you can call it that), have you seen the one at Jumbo's Clown Room?

But I digress.  The owner of Valley Ball bought the business next door, knocked it down completely, then basically built a gi-normous dressing room on the property next to the club.  Work out, take a shower and get ready for work. They even have a washer/drier for your dancer clothes.  The vending machines have everything that a dancer would need, including stuff for that time of the month.  While working out, you can watch Oprah on a plasma screen.

dressing room
Cherry Bomb's dressing room.  Notice the slippers and blue star on the floor and post-it notes on the door.  She's very organized.
If the regular sized lockers they have are not good enough for you, they also have private dressing rooms.  Each dancer that wants a private dressing room have to rent one and it's on a first come, first served waiting list.  So if you're the new girl, you may not be able to get one.

Now, I know you're looking at the picture thinking, that's not a dressing room, that's a closet.  Well, yes and no.  It's small, but it's all yours.  No other girl is going to get in to a fight with you because you took her chair or moved her stupid Hello Kitty bag on the floor.  You can leave out your stuff on the small table and not worry about some girl secretly using your mascara and giving you pink eye.

Also, in the back area of the club, there is a dancer store which has about as much stuff for dancers that I have seen anywhere.  There's the added benefit that you can ask your customer to pay for your stuff for you.

Let's face it.  Amenities are not for everyone.  Some people like tennis courts and pool tables in their apartment complex, and some don't.  But if you are one of those dancers that do care about great amenities, this is about as good as it gets in LA, so go check out the Valley Ball.


Best Dancer Search at Ultimate 10

September 1, 2006

VIP lap dance area
Lap area for VIP dances with comfortable couch, Lights were turned up for photo.

Photo by Saxbeat

Ultimate 10 is looking for dancers who want to make extra money in September.

The dancer who makes the most money from lap dances for the month of September will be awarded $1000 on October 1st.  Second runner-up will receive $500, and third place is $300.

It's basically like a bonus for doing well.  So if you're good at hustling dances, and currently looking for a new club to try, checkout Ultimate 10.  Never hurts to put an extra $1000 in your purse.


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