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Out of Town Reader Reviews For 2001

So many readers who travel to LA have sent me reviews of their local area clubs that I have decided to create this section for out of town reader reviews. LA readers who travel to other cities have also contributed some interesting comparisons with LA clubs. Also keep in mind that there's no way for me to verify the accuracy or sincerity of these reviews. In any case, as always, YMWV.

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Date: Sat 12/22/01 9:35 PM
City: San Diego

Body Shop
Cover fee- just recently went up from a lifetime membership of $5 to $7.

Drink- two drink minimum (non-alcoholic) of $4.50 each, then a waitress puts on a colored paper bracelet (color changes daily) on your wrist which lets them know that you've purchased drinks.

Dance Boothes- five were initially installed a few years ago. Now, two more boothes were added three months ago. The boothes are the club's version of the ones at DV and Lil D's except the entrance to the boothes are draped with wooden beads which act as curtains.

Girls- have improved since your last visit as there are more young girls working with a few lookers, avg and below avg variety tossed in the mix during night shift. Two girls (Angel, Tiffany) have remained since your last trip in '93. The rest are all new.

Mileage- with the advent of the private dance boothes, there's lots of contact on the customers part(ymmv). Certain dancers do peekaboo's similar to DV. How does the club getaway with it considering it's in san diego? According to one of the floor mgrs, the club is under a "grandfather clause" umbrella. Meaning, the establishment is considered a theater as opposed to a "gentlemens club" which all the other clubs in san diego fall under and subjected to strict non-contact rules. The Body Shop, along with Les Girls, is one of the oldest clubs in town.

The club is now known as "Tens Showclub." I haven't been there in years, but a dancer who works at the club mentioned that it's under new ownership and has undergone renovations recently. Unfortunately, they've yet to improve their hiring practices which needs renovating the most. The majority of the girls are below avg in looks, and there's no contact allowed.

Star & Garter 2000
The 2000 was added when the club put up their website last year. The site has been down for months. I was unfortunate enough to have attended the club last year which explained why you don't recall your visit. First thing, the club is in the ghetto. It's located in the bad area of town. A few months before I visited, a bar room brawl took place between a customer and bouncers. As a result, the wall beside the bathroom had a massive hole. I think the customer was thrown against the wall, and it collapsed as a result. The wall was covered up by a big advertisement banner. Need I say more? To the club's credit, they're advertising on TV and radio promoting $5 laps in hope to lure back customers. Of all the girls that approached me, only one was decent looking. The rest were below avg, fat and out of shape. Like Ten's, the dances are non-contact, and the bouncers will let you know firsthand.

Dv Chains including Lil D's
Laps- their dances went up from $15 to $20 ever since the new law came into effect at the beginning of the year. Lil D's in Lemon Grove held out for months at $15 before succumbing to $20. The dances that are out in the open couches (at DV) are non-contact. However, depending on the girl, there's lots of contact in the booth on the customer's part along with the customary peekaboos from the girl. I used to see a black dancer last year at the DV on Midway who went by the name of "Naughty Nyla." She was one of the better mileage girls in the boothe (by san diego standards) but has since left for better clubs last I heard.

I hope this helps a bit.


Date: Tue 12/4/01 9:28 PM
From: Robert Brantz []
City: Tijuana

Tijuana has much changed after the events of 9/11. Due to the longer and more difficult border crossing many US residents stay away and the entertainment business has undergone some "consolidation". Here are some strip clubs which are still going strong and are worth checking out. In no particular order:

4th Street btw Ave Revolution and Constitution
Cover: $3 after 8, Beer $4, Table dance $5, Lap dance $20-60

As one approaches the club it is pretty clear that the managers studied the US strip club concept well. After one pays the cover, a security guy quickly searches you. The inside looks like many clubs in the US. It is clean, table booths to the left, a bar towards the front side on the right as you enter. The stage is towards the back, with stools surrounding it and some more table booths further to the back. The bathroom is in the far right and has private dance booths to the right and the DJ booth to the left. The floorshow is one of the better ones in TJ and the lap dances are given in truly private booths with benched. The management counts the dances, but does not observe what you and dancer do during the dance. The club runs frequent specials, so called flash-dances. The girls give you a free table dance and entice you for more in the back. The lap dances run from $20 to 60, but most of the time you can negotiate a full contact, topless dance for $20. The 2for1 dances are often cut like they are in LA. It is important, however, to make clear to her what you want and what you are willing to pay. Once inside the booth it is too late to change the deal. Most dancers speak enough English to communicate about the dances.

The talent level is decent, but many dancers have silicone implants. Obviously all the blondes are fake, but the latinas are hot and real. Fortunately the tattoo epidemic has not hit Mexico as hard as it has California.

Most dancers will not join you for private time at your hotel. Do not come here if this is what is on your mind. You may hear stories of Madona’s dancer who follow clients to the hotel, but this only happens if dancer knows you well and is far more expensive than in the bars in the red light district.

Madona’s is a sister club of Boleros, which is located in Pueblo Amigo. Dancers switch back and forth between these clubs. Boleros had opened a speak house with striptease this summer on Revolution (Plan B in West-LA was not the first). This bar has been closed following the overall decline in business after Sep 11.

Summary: Low hustle factor, nice dancers, mileage compares to the good times at Jet Strip or TL, but not more. My favorite stage show in TJ.

Lord Black:
Ave Revolution No. 1326, btw 9th and 10th, Tel: (664) 684-1629

East side on Revolution btw 8th and 9th. Cover $6, after 9, often waived if business is slow. Once inside you can pick up coupons for free return visits. They often have beer specials, asks the waiter for it. The club place is large, has comfortable seats and is very clean. As you enter, a round center stage is in the middle of the large club. Lighting is good and the interior design is as close to a place like 4 Play as you can find in TJ. Surrounding the stage are small uncomfortable chairs, but the rest of the club has very nice lounge chairs. The best spot is towards the right as you enter; this gives you a view of the stage and the large screen TV at the same time. They have all Lakers games and always accommodate wishes to switch channels if you prefer hockey over hoops. The bathroom is towards the left far end and the private area is in a separate room towards the mid left.

Lord Black is the best place for your first trip to a TJ strip club. The hustle factor is lower than in most US clubs. The private dance area is very clean and has the best lap capabilities in TJ. Table dances $10, private $20 – 60. Like over clubs in TJ, they frequently offer “flash” dances when the dancers give free table dances. These are good to check out the girls dancing qualities. A lot of Mexican dancers may be hot with great personalities, but sometimes fail to give good lap dances. Dancers push hard to have you buy a $40 or $60 dance, but I always get the $20. Before 9 pm all private dances are 2for1, but the talent level is rather low in the early hours. After 9 the club runs 2for1 specials and, in contrast to Madona's, the songs are not cut. Mileage is comparable to the Jet Strip and SRI. As always in TJ extras are possible, but this is not the place there this is easily available.

Summary: Clean, large. Good dancers at night and weekends only, good club for the first visit in TJ.

Hotel Cesar’s Bar
Cover: $0, Beer $3, Lap dances $10-20

The strip club is located in the back of the hotel bar next to Hotel Cesar on Ave Revolution. It is the only “typical” revolution bar I can visit. The hustle factor is low, no transvestites work here and it is reasonably safe and clean. You get to the club by walking all the way towards the back of the hotel bar. This bar is btw one of the better spots on Revolution to chill, watch a game and drink.

A well lit, round stage fills the center of this almost square shaped club. The DJ booth is to the far right and the bathrooms to the far left as you enter. On the left facing the front wall is a simple bar with a basic liquor selections. Table booths are lining the walls. This bar is so small, that only 30 customers fill it nicely. The talent level is far lower than at Lord Black and Madona's, but the mileage possibilities are more of what one expects in TJ. Most girls have very engaging floorshows, which are often unconventional. Private dances are to be negotiated freely. The most one should pay is $20 for 2 full songs. Mileage is off the chart compared to LA clubs. Extras should be negotiated before you step into the both. Some dancers will go to your hotel, although their main business is dancing.

Summary: The best sleaze without hustle.

Hong Kong Bar:
Primer Callejon Coahuila No. 2008, Tel: (664) 684-3116 (new # after 11/17/01)
Cover: $0, Beer $2.25, Lap dance: $20 for 2 full songs.

This is not your ordinary US strip club. The place is located in an alley between Ave Constitution and Ninos Heroes, just south of Coahuila in the red light district of Tijuana, the Zona Norte. The bar is thoughtfully designed and despite the sleazy neighborhood it is clean inside. As one enters, the stage is straight ahead, with a cat-walk-like extension pointing towards the entrance. To the left is a long bar, with TV and a decent selection of liquor. To the left is the wall separating Hong Kong from the adjacent Miami. This is a regular hooker bar, with girls chatting and drinking with clients. Hong Kong’s girls mostly work both clubs and there is a frequent walking back and forth. While Miami has action from early afternoon to 3-6 am, Hong Kong does not start until 9 pm.

When you enter the bar, a waiter who guides you to a table most likely welcomes you. I usually prefer to sit at the stage, or at the bar. The waiters here never have ripped me off and are very helpful if you are interested in a special dancer, or in any of the Miami girls who stroll through Hong Kong. Lap dances are given in small booth towards the back of the bar. These booths are not very comfortable and very few dancers in the Zona Norte understand the concept of teasing. My recommendation is to invite a dancer to sit with you for a drink (her drink will cost you $6.50) and see how well you hit it off. Very few speak English well enough, but you can ask the waiters to point out the ones who do. If you like her, take her to a room in a nearby Hotel (Cascadas). The cost will be $50-60 for the girl and $12 for the room. This gets you 30 minutes and a sexual encounter with a stripper. Not all the girls will agree to join you in the hotel and finding this out early on is important.

Some local customers are hustlers and may try to get you to buy them a beer, or give them money. I always ignore these advances, and every time I pointed this out to the staff, these customers were removed. Summary: Honk Kong is a combination of Hooker Bar and Strip Club. The floorshow is continuous and decent for Tijuana standards. For the more advanced Tijuana traveler, more is possible.

Other clubs I will report on in the coming weeks: Playboy Club and El Pollo Bar (Zona Norte), Penthouse and 5th Piso (Ave Revolution)


Date: Thu 11/29/01 7:34 PM
From: [Name withheld by request]
City: London

I just spent Thanksgiving in London to visit a good friend from college.

What a place. [The Rhino in London] was great. The place is enormous with superior seating and a bevy of amazing international woman. I was very very impressed but not a lot of mileage.

Its top notch - the girls are super aggressive.

I recommend it for those traveling abroad.


Date: Tue 8/28/01 5:10 PM
From: Codie Lee []
City: Dallas

I am from Oklahoma and I recently went to Texas Showgirls. I hated it. I'm a dancer and I had to pay $25 dollars just to get in the door!! I also has to pay $11 for a bucket of ice because it was byob. Not one single dancer looked, talked, or even acknowledged I was there. The only one that talked to me was the one I payed to get in the door. I told her I was a dancer and she told me to talk to the manager about dancing. I would never dance there, there was no class and the girls looked unhappy about being there. The only way to make money is good looks, eye contact, and make that person feel special!!!!!! That is what they didnt do!


Date: Thu 5/17/01 6:38 PM
City: San Diego

Love your site; have enjoyed reading about the clubs in other counties. Have been to a couple of clubs in LA. Here is info for the Body Shop in San Diego. Had not been a regular for quite a few years, but decided to try it again because next door Les Girls had gotten very lame lately. Had not been a regular at Body Shop since that had created lap dance areas a few years ago. Have had some great dances over the last month with some really gorgeous dancers; however, you better hurry up and take advantage of the good laps; vice laws will evidently change 1/1/2002 in San Diego: no contact between dancers and customers!!!!! Sometimes this town is so lame it's disgusting. Don't they have anything more important to worry about!!??


Date: Fri 2/2/01 6:03 PM
From: Tomcat
City: Tucson

Well I lived in orage County for about 17 years before I moves back to Tucson...This town is a total Dump!

But if you find the right club you can have a great time! I mean compared to Orange County this town is wide ( and I mean wide ) open!

All clubs have no cover at all until about 6PM!

And in all except one club you can get a great full contact lap dance for ...are you ready? $5!

Ok here goes:

Ten's on Speedway on th East side of town has by far the best looking clubs in Town ! they have a real VIP crows nest on the second floor!

The dancers here will visit with you before and after a dance! there is none of that buy a girl a drink crap here!

Curves on the west side is not as good looking as ten's but the dances are about the same!

Stay away fron the Arm pit of Tucson Raider"s Reef this is pure white trash!

The Candy store has some real honeys!

But TD's both east and west side has nice looking dancer but they are way to snobby and unless you dump green they just stit there and hate you!

If you guys are In Tucson then at least for $5 you can get the lap contact of your life but god this town is total crap!

In the summer sun out here a parked car will Hit over 170F in about 1 hour!


Date: Mon 1/15/01 10:30 PM
From: Wesley Orr []
City: Las Vegas

I had a bad experience at Wild J's club in Las Vegas, NV when I didn't measure up in the tipping department to a certain dancer. She verbally haranged me in front of the whole club. I left. For $20 I got almost nothing.

I've been to a lot of clubs and never encountered this before. I don't need to be treated like this. I would advise others not to patronize Wild J's.


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