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PlayPen Review For 1998

Nude PlayPen

1109 S. Santa Fe Ave., downtown
Exit 10 Fwy at Santa Fe, north to Sacramento
(213) 489-2000
(213) 614-9911 Payphone in dressing room
Web site:
Mon - Sat: 11:30am - 2am, Sun: 2pm - 10pm
Room capacity: 176
Opened: 2/1998
Last visit: 5/1998

FrontThis warehouse converted club is attached to a clothing sweatshop located in a very industrial part of downtown Los Angeles. There are rehearsal studios and tow yards near by as well as a small mexican bar with alcohol which just happened to open at the same time as the club.

This club is owned by several owners including one that has bought the Men's Club in West Los Angeles. There is parking on Sacramento next to the building but the on-sight parking is in front and inside the building behind the club and is used only for dancers and valet parking. Cover is $10 all the time with a 2 drink ($4.25 each) minimum paid at the door. Interior map

As you enter, the VIP lap room is to the right, the bar is straight ahead, and the bathrooms are to the right behind the VIP lap room. The stage is against the far wall with 3 runways coming out of the main section. The actual shape of the stage is probably not correct in the diagram but I tried my best. On my last visit, the dancers would do 2 songs on each stage starting with the one closest to the bar and move to the next stage. There are also a few TVs with adult movies playing on them.

The dressing room and DJ booths are to the left as well as 4 lap booths. There is another set of lap booths to the right of the main stage area. A small window from the dressing room allows dancers to pass CDs to the DJ. The dressing room contains a payphone which allows callbacks and there are some lockers and hanger poles in there as well.

Now for the good stuff. $20 bikini laps in the lap booths, $30 topless and $40 nude laps in the VIP lap room are available. For the time being, dancer keeps all. House tipout is $25 per shift plus tipout to DJ. Both lap booths are situated in bad locations for the customer. The one near the bar is watched by the bartender and the one on the left can be watched by the DJ. If you have to choose one, choose the one near the DJ since they have to be tipped by the dancer. The floaters keep a close eye on both sets. The VIP room is more private but it costs more money.

All in all, if you want to see nude and you are in downtown, this might be the place to check. There seems to be a lot of black dancers here and the day shift is pretty busy for a nude club due to the fact that many downtown workers probably get to go on a break during the day.


2.0 OK inside but bad 'hood.


2.0 Still looking for dancers.


2.5 Usual lap selling.

Nasty Factor

2.5 Low for new LA standard.

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