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Spearmint Rhino (Downtown) Review For 2000

Nude Spearmint Rhino, Downtown

2020 E. Olympic Blvd., downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, north to Olympic, turn right on Olympic
(213) 629-9213
(213) 629-9214 FAX
Web site:
Sun - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 71
Opened: 3/2000 (Grand opening: 5/2000)
Last visit: 3/2000

According to John Gray of the Rhino chain, they have spent over $1M on this property. The outside looks like a Vegas strip club with palm trees in the parking lot and a fancy sign. Since the club is 2 stories, you can see their sign on the building from the 10 freeway.

Currently, you can park in the front or back lots, which are well lit for $5. The doorman told me that the official dress code is collared shirt, tucked in, no jeans or tennis shoes. I violated every single code but they let me in anyway. Enter at the front entrance into a small lobby area to pay the cashier. The cover is $20 but you don't have to buy drinks or if you have a coupon, you must pay $10 for a 2 drink ticket in advance.

As you enter, you will notice the signature look and feel of the Rhino chain throughout the club, starting with it being super dark. The actual club area is about the same size as Van Nuys but there is no fancy bar/stage. The DJ and dressing room (upstairs) are to the left past the bar. Since this is a nude club, the bar only serves soft drinks. If you need to get alcohol, go down the street to Sam's (w/ no cover) then come here. The stage is in the center of the room towards the right with the Rhino couch. The signature fireplace is to the right of the room with private areas for laps all around the club. This club continues Rhino's tradition of upscale gentlemen's clubs, with fancy seats and romantic lighting, even in this 'hood.

The bathroom is in the hallway as you exit the club. On both occasions when I visited the bathroom, one of the floaters followed me in there to make sure I was not tagging or stealing (I assume). There are no paper towels and you have to use the airport-like air blower to dry your hands.

The waitresses and bartenders seem to interchange their jobs. On both Friday and Saturday nights, all were friendly and not pushy. There was one particularly cute waitress on Friday night but I was not able to get her name. She already had regular customers coming to visit her.

On Friday night, it was full (standing room only) and they stayed open past 2am to accommodate the late customers. There were about 15 dancers and several were very good looking. Not bad for just opening. However, I returned on Saturday, and although it was just as crowded as Friday, there were much less dancers and only one that I thought was attractive. My how things change in one day. It's hard to measure the dancers with a brand new club. I will re-review this club after it's grand opening.

As for mileage, there were bachelor and birthday parties on both nights with some interesting interaction on and off stage. The girl/girl act was much better on Friday. Worth the trip. During the blackout dances, there were definitely some high mileage. Currently, topless laps are $20 and nude laps are $40 and the dancer keeps all until the grand opening, when it will be $7 for the house and they will have to sell 8 $10 lady drinks. It's a good time for the dancers to make some $ right now. Some of the high mileage dancers were charging $60 for nude. Even though the club does not take a cut right now, the floaters still stick their heads into the lap area to see who is dancing.

If you like cute looking Latinas, try Candy. For bombshell blonds, try Angel. There is a wide range of looks and types at this club.

Expert Customer Hint:
The lap room to the left of the fireplace is now reserved for nude laps only. It's expensive but it's a little more private than the topless lap areas. If you do spring for the nude laps, sit at the extreme right side of the room so people casually walking by can't see you are in there, or what you are doing.  


3.5 Standard Rhino high rating, except for location.


3.0 Better than before.


2.5 Usual lap factory level.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Higher mileage possible with right choice.

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