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Frisky Kitty Review For 2002

Nude Frisky Kitty

(Formerly Dino's)
18454 Oxnard St., Tarzana
Exit 101 North @ Reseda Blvd., turn right on Reseda, right on Oxnard
(818) 705-7383
(818) 421-8724
Sun - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Web site:
Opened: 10/2000
Last review: 10/2002
Last visit: 9/2002

Update 5/23/2008:
This club has been closed and re-opened as a Sports Bar called "Babes and Beer."

Update 3/2008:
This club has been sold and is closed until it re-opens under a different name. The following review is from 2002.

This club used to be topless years ago but was bought by new owners and is now nude.  Although the free standing building is tiny, it does have a large sign on top to make it easy to locate. There is basically no parking to speak of, so park right in front of the club on the street. It is in a industrial area so it should be easy to find parking at night. The entrance is on the left side of the building. The door in front that looks like the entrance is the exit.

As you enter, there is a cashier stand near the entrance or during the day, just pay the bartender. Currently, the cover is $5 during the day and $10 at night. There is a one drink minimum for $5, with the usual soft drink selections. The bar is next to the entrance on the left, along with a small office, and a small rectangular type stage is in the middle of the room with one pole. There are mirrors on the walls so you can see all sides of the dancer on stage.

There are seating against the wall on the side of the street and some tables in the back area. The DJ booth (or room) is in the far left side of the room. There is a small lap area near the entrance and bar, and a larger one in the back past the DJ booth. The female bathroom/dressing room is past the back lap area. The men's restroom is to the right of the bar and is almost a closet.

Although, because this is a small club, there are not tons of dancers working, all the dancers working were attractive and with good attitudes. I noticed a lot of regulars sitting with their favorite dancers and chatting away.  The manager told me that they have a lot of regulars and return customers.

After chatting with a few of the dancers, it seems that many are very happy with their situation at the club and are treated very well by management.  So although the club seems to be a little slow, this is good for customers who like to chat with friendly dancers.

The lap dances are generally done in the back area where there is a wall which divides that are from the main area with the stage. Topless dances are now the usual $20, and nude laps are $30. Don't expect any crazy mileage here but generally sensual and sexy. Although the nude pricing is good, since the mileage is average, I recommend getting the topless.

Small but cozy and has a good vibe. It's a great place for regulars to chat with their favorite dancers.


2.5 Small and no parking but very cozy.


3.0 Good hiring practice.


3.0 Good attitude and happy dancers.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Nothing crazy going on.
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