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Sam's Hofbrau Review For 2002

Topless Sam's Hof Brau

1751 E. Olympic Blvd., Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, north to Olympic, turn left on Olympic
(213) 623-3989
(213) 623-3922 FAX
(213) 622-8848 (Payphone outside)
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Room capacity: 140
Opened: 1/1995
Last review: 7/2002
Last visit: 7/2008

Side view from parking lotThis restaurant bar in downtown LA now has topless dancers. The neighborhood is typically industrial downtown. Older building but nice and cozy atmosphere inside. Some white collar types during the day, but mostly blue collar types during the day and early evenings. One stage in the middle of the club with tables and chairs all around the club. The owner of this club used to be part owner of the Extasy in Northridge.

The club has a gated large parking lot with security cameras and guards to watch over the cars. At night when it is busy, they have valet parking for $3. Enter the club through the front entrance on Olympic and the DJ booth is at the entrance. Unlike most places, I was pleasantly surprised that there is no cover charge to enter. The bar is to the right, the chair dance area is near the front of the club, the stage is in the center of the club with plenty of brass poles (vertical and horizontal) and a ring for the dancers to play with. The stage seats about 30 customers. The bathrooms, kitchen, payphones, ATM machine, change machine and dressing rooms are toward the back of the club.

They serve food, free buffet during happy hour, and full bar with alcohol. On Monday and Tuesdays, there's a $2 Coors and Coors light special, all day and all night. Pool tables, large screen TV, and video games. That's booze, girls and TV! What more do you want?

They now have a dance contest on the last Monday of each month. $300 for first, $200 for second, $100 for third and everybody else gets $20. During the contest, they often hand out FREE Sam's T-shirts to the crowd. Unlike most free strip club T-shirts, these are actually very cool shirts with some funny sayings and logos on them (e.g. got tits?).

There are about 8-25+ dancers during the day and 12-40+ dancers at night. Some of the good lookers work at night. However, if you like quantity, this club probably has more dancers during the day than almost any other clubs in LA. Table dances are $20 at your table in a g-string, or chair dances (with shorts) are $10 and the dancer keeps all the money so the dancers seem happy to be there. As in most topless clubs, don't expect crazy mileage but pick the right girl and get more.

This is the place to come if you love hot Latin dancers. Unlike most nude clubs, many of the Latin dancers really dance on stage and work up a sweat. There are plenty to choose from, especially during the day shift. This is a place to come with your buds to drink and play pool while you notice there are dancers there.

Expert Customer Hint:
Although the chair dances can get hot for a topless club, the floater keeps a close eye on them. For better results and a close up view, try getting a table dance at one of the booths.

Look for Bridget, Kira, Bella, Misha and Hollywood. Be sure to say hello to the bartenders Gustavo and Danni.

Update August 2006:
Los Angeles Magazine (August 2006) says Sam's is the best strip club in LA.  If that's not amazing enough, Men's Fitness Magazine (September 2005) says Sam's is one of the best strip clubs in the nation.

Update July 2008:
Sam's has added about 5 flat screen HDTVs showing sports, and also a wall sized projection screen for special events like boxing.


3.0 Cozy setting.


2.5 Coming back up, "G".


4.0 Talk and drink with them all night.

Nasty Factor

2.5 Higher during the day.

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