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Silver Reign (Downtown) Review For 2003

Nude Silver Reign, Downtown

1616 E. 15th Street, Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, north on Alameda, left on 15th
(213) 867-0277
Web site:
Sun - Wed: 11am - 2am, Thr - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 368
Opened: 1/2003
Last review: 8/2003
Last visit: 11/2003

Silver Reign is the name of a new growing chain of strip clubs in Los Angeles. Their latest addition is in Downtown.  The club leases the parking lot across the street which provide secured parking.  There is also plenty of street parking, and as of the end of the month, they will have optional valet parking.

The outside of the building pretty much looks like your usual warehouse look, except for the double glass door entrance (which give it a club look) to a small lobby area with a cashier.  The cover charge is $20 (including 2 drinks) at night and $15 (including 2 drinks) during the day.  For a limited time, print out this special Z Bone coupon and pay only $5 and get 2 drinks (day or night).

As you enter the club, the bar is next to the entrance, and the oval stage is in the middle of the room (similar to the West LA club). The stage has an elevator to comply with the city ordinances. I still don't understand why the Rhino doesn't have to have one.  The DJ booth and dressing rooms are on the far side of the room.  The bathrooms are towards the right side past the bar, and are big and clean. The urinals and toilets are black instead of white.  This must be the "in" thing these days.

The club looks a lot like the West LA Silver Reign mixed with the Score. There are lap areas behind the walls like at the Score and Rhino, and it was practically pitch dark in there. I had to use my cell phone to see where I was walking. Nothing wrong with that, in my book.  As far as I'm concerned, it cannot be too dark in the lap area.  Keep in mind that this picture of one of the lap areas was taken with the lights turned up all the way.  In fact, before they turned the lights on, I didn't even realize they had brass poles for the girls to hang on to.  Lap dances are $20 for topless, and $40 for nude.  As usual, YMWV, but pick carefully and you will leave with a smile.

On the far side, next to the DJ booth is a super large VIP room.  This room is the size of some small clubs, and contain more private couches that allow the customer to be hidden from other customers getting dances.  In order to be in this room, you have to do 3 nude laps for $120.  For expert customers, for even more privacy in the VIP room, use the couch at the end of the room, past the exit on the right side.  This is clearly the high mileage couch because it is separate from the other couches.  Any dancer that takes you to that couch knows what she is doing.

There doesn't seem to be a big push for drinks for the dancer.  However, if you want to get one, it's only $5, which is the same price as drinks for customers.  For the dancers, the dressing room is really large and contain many amenities for the dancers, including a microwave oven.  For now, the dancers have very low payouts (house and lap dance tipout), which mean, this would be a good time for dancers to take advantage of this situation.

Speaking of dancers, since the club is still new, there aren't tons of them, but the dancers that are there are attractive enough.  Most were very nice and had spare time to chat a bit with customers.

All in all, a very upscale looking club that's poised for some great action in the very near future.  Keep your eyes on this club and don't miss out on the fun.


3.5 Huge, brand new, and upscale.


2.5 Not a lot of dancers yet, but watch this club for some future action.


3.0 Not bad considering this is a brand new club.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Higher possible in the VIP room.

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