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Nude Deja Vu, Bakersfield

1524 Golden State Hwy., Bakersfield, CA
5 north to 99 north, exit Airport Dr., take 204 south, right on Garces Circle, right on Golden State Rd.
(661) 322-7300
Web site:
Sun: 2pm - 2am, Mon - Sat: 12pm - 2am
Room Capacity: 299
Last visit: 11/2004
Last review: 11/2004

What's great about the Deja Vu chain, is that whatever city you happen to be in, you know the name, and you know what you're going to get.

Bakersfield is a long way from Los Angeles, but if you're already there, or you're on a nice long drive up the coast, it's a great place to stop for a break and a strip club fix.

The club is easy to see from Airport Drive, but a little hard to figure out how to actually get to.  If you get lost, just keep going towards the big "Showgirls" sign or call the club for some help.  There is ample free parking and the entrance to the club is on the other side of the building.  As you enter the building, there is a adult video store to your left, which also includes 6 video booths where you can watch 100+ porno channels in a private booth. This section is free to enter.

This main area also is where the attendant will take your cover charge ($5 cover + $8 bottomless drink before 7pm, $7 cover + $10 bottomless drink after 7pm, couples free).  You enter the club toward the right and this area has the men's restroom and some offices.  To the right is actual club area, with the bottomless drink fountains and DJ booth near the entrance.  The stage and dressing rooms are inside the club on the left and the stage is surrounded by tables and chairs.

Stand-alone "Love Boutique" next to the club, where couples can rent or purchase DVDs, sexy-wear, vibrators and much more!

On the right side of the club are the $20 lap dance booths, which contain small comfortable chairs.  The $20 lap dances are done in bikini, and the physical setup of the booths are very similar to the Deja Vu, North Hollywood.

All the way to the back of the club are the "half-hour" booths and VIP lounge.  As the name implies, the "half-hour" booths contain very comfortable couches and cost $100 for 30 minutes.  The VIP lounge area is a little larger than the regular booths but smaller than the "half-hour" booths and are for 3 dance minimum lap dances.

Inside the "Love Boutique": This is a great place to break the ice with your date. "Hey, have you ever used this?"

There are also 2 nude VIP booths, which are even larger than the other ones.  Here, the dancer dances nude on a platform, but the customer must remain 6 feet away.  This is similar to San Diego and is the Kern County law.  Frankly, unless you are really into nude dances, it's probably just as good to watch the action on the stage, and a lot cheaper.  The lap dances are the way to go here.

There are a total of 19 booths including these nude VIP booths.  The club is about to get a big face-lift which should be completed by mid 2005, and will make this club look more like the Deja Vu, Ontario.

There are plenty of dancers on hand, especially on weekend nights.  I noticed that there were a high percentage of very young dancers here.  I don't know if this has to do with the hiring practice or just something going on in Bakersfield but it's good news for the customer.

This is a great place for bachelor and birthday parties.  The bachelor and best man get in free and the bachelor gets to go on the stage with all the dancers lap dancing for him.  I happen to be there when a lucky bachelor was on stage and I'm surprised he didn't change his mind about getting married.

As with other Deja Vu's, this one has specials throughout the week. They have $10 laps on Mondays, 2-for-1 on Tuesdays, 1/2 price on Wednesdays, 2-for-1 VIP on Thursdays, and $1 dances on the weekends.

In summary, this is a versatile place with an upscale boutique, another separate hardcore adult store with video booths, and a strip club with lap dancing, and stage dancing.  There's something for every consenting adult here.  If you're in the area, check it out.



Will be finishing a face lift by mid 2005.


3.0 Very young and fresh.


4.0 Very friendly for nude dancers.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Hey, it's Kern County.

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