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Nude Baby Dolls

2005 W. Holt Ave., Pomona
10 East, 71 South, exit Valley Blvd, and continue to Holt
(909) 865-2038
(909) 865-9368 FAX
Sun: 3pm - midnight, Mon - Thr: Noon - 2am, Fri: Noon - 4am, Sat: 2pm - 4am
Web site: (down)
Opened: 1998
Last review: 2002
Last visit: 5/2002

Update 7/2006:
This club is closed.  The following review is from 2002.

Baby Dolls looks like a restaurant from the outside, and has a nice large parking lot on the side and in the back of the building. The entrance is on the side.

As you enter, the cover is very complicated. It's $11 before 7pm, $15 on Sun-Thr and $17 on Fri-Sat. The actual "cover" portion is the total cover minimum $11. The $11 is for "free" drinks like at Deja Vu.

The VIP area (most of it) is to the right, the stage is in the middle of the room, the bar is on the far side in the middle and there are a couple of super VIP booths to the left. I think the bathroom was to the left of the bar but I'm not sure. The stage is rectangular and has short brass railings like at TJ's, and has 2 poles and seats about 30.

This nude club has 2 pool tables which I thought was a nice touch. It's very rare for nude clubs to have pool tables these days. The club is owned by the same owner as Fantasy in Colton (topless) which might explain the pool tables. They also had a couple of video games that you can play while you sit.  One dancer was playing for a while.  As with some other clubs, they also had porno showing on TV screens. These extra diversions are good especially when the club is slow.

One thing that was a little turn off was that because the drinks are free, no waitress came over to get my drink.  I was actually thirsty and wanted a drink badly. Then a dancer comes to sit with me and talk. Suddenly, a waitress appears out of nowhere and asks if I want to "Buy the lady a drink". I immediately said, "No, but I want a drink!", to which she replies, "Your drink is free." Yeah, I know that, but where is it?

Anyway, the lap pricing is as complicated as the cover charge. It's $10 bikini (I didn't see anybody doing these), $20 topless, and $30 nude, done in the back area that is not private. It's not in the main section but other lappers can see you. To go into the private cubicle, it's $50 topless and $70 nude for 3 songs, so it's actually a good deal. This cubicle has a couch in it where you can sit or lie down and is comfortable. The girl I did my dances with told me that it was $55 for topless so she helped herself to a $5 tip, I guess.

As far as dancers, there were not a gang of them but enough to keep the customers happy.  However, there was a big variety of almost ugly/fat to pretty good looking dancers all mixed in. One dancer who was not very attractive did not even speak English. I knew that would be very difficult once the lapping would start, so I declined. Or maybe that's her trick for getting lap dances without having to talk. A couple of dancers that caught my eye were Allie and Candice.

I found this club to be nice and cozy. I liked the different areas in the club, which kept things interesting and this would be a good place to come solo for lap dances, as well as with friends to play pool and watch the eye candy on stage.


3.0 Not new or big but comfortable and cozy.


2.5 All types, sizes and looks.


2.5 About average for nude.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Higher possible with right choice.

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Nude Bare N Legal

(Formerly Barely Legal)
2851 W. Pomona Blvd., Pomona
Near W. Temple Ave.
(909) 595-9111
Sun - Thr: 12pm - 2am, Fri - Sat: 12pm - 4am
Opened: 2006
Last review: N/A
Last visit: N/A

$5 cover during the day, $10 at night. Free admission from noon to 1pm everyday.

Lap dances are $20 topless, $30 nude, $100 for 5 song VIP. Songs are full length, garaged parking available, hourly two for ones, hourly three for ones, and private VIP dream rooms.

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Nude Strip Joint

1405 E. Mission Blvd., Pomona
10 East, 71 South, left onto W. Mission.
(909) 865-8989
Sun: 6pm - 2am, Mon - Fri: 3pm - 2am, Sat: 6pm - 2am
Web Site:
Room capacity: 99
Permits obtained 12/1998, permits withdrawn by city 4/1999
Opened: 7/2001
Last review: 6/2006
Last visit: 5/2006

All photos by Saxbeat
Now that this club has been around long enough to settle down, we came back for a return visit to check things out.  The club looked pretty much the same way that it did when it was first opened.  The club features a mall-like large parking lot which you enter on the right side and exit on the left side. The entrance to the club is in the front of the building.  Pay your $10 cover (or use your Z-VIP card) at the entrance to the doorman who will also scan you quickly with a metal detector.

As you enter, the lap area and VIP room are to your right, the stage is against the front wall on your left, the DJ booth, bar and restrooms are on the far side of the room on the left past the stage.

StageThe stage is designed exactly like a larger version of the Tropical Lei stage with a counter-type railing surrounding the stage with no front covering, allowing the dancer to get very interactive, above and below the counter (see picture).

As before, this is still one of the most laid back nude clubs I've ever visited.  There's no waitress standing at the entrance waiting to sell you a bunch of drinks.  The DJ talked and joked with the dancers on stage over the mic, and one of the dancers did head-stands on the counter. What all this adds up to is a very friendly environment, the way Mom & Pop strip clubs used to be in the good 'ole days, before the chains and lap factories.

The lap prices are still the big attraction for me.  You get a full song bikini lap dance for only $10 (dancer keeps all). For a nude club, this is very unusual these days. In fact, I consider it a bargain.  On top of that, the dancer (and customer) doesn't have to worry about the floater miscounting or crawling down her throat, so it's very relaxed.  In fact, the dancer could give the customer free lap dances if she wanted to.  That's impossible at nude clubs where the club takes a percentage.  But be realistic.  Don't expect any crazy mileage that you might get for $40 per song at some other clubs.

If you want higher mileage, you can checkout the VIP room, which requires a purchase of 5 minimum dances at $75 (dancer keeps $50) and is topless. I recommend that you try the regular $10 lap dances first to checkout the dancer.  It's so cheap, it's worth the investment before going to the VIP room.

As far as dancers, I saw a really big mix of different types and races, from small to big, and homely to beautiful. The owners believe in the free market system and survival of the fittest. For the guy that just wants to watch super models on stage for eye candy, this is not the place to go. For the guy that wants to see a variety, big booties, as well as thin and tall, you'll get your wish.

For dancers who might want to work here, the dressing room is very large, has lockers, a microwave, and a shower.

All in all, this place is a customer's paradise. Good prices, happy dancers with good attitudes, and a fun environment that should satisfy any nude club enthusiast.


3.0 Nice size and comfortable.


2.5 Big mix, some with great booty.


3.5 Happy dancers makes for happy customers.

Nasty Factor

2.5 Higher possible in the VIP room.  The lap dances here are the best bang for the buck of any nude clubs in LA.

Strip Joint - 2002

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