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Santa Fe Springs Reviews

Topless Holiday

10915 S. Norwalk Blvd., Santa Fe Springs
Exit 605 S @ Florence Ave, turn left on Florance, right on S. Norwalk.
(562) 944-6584
Web site: http://holidayclublive.com/
Sun: 1pm-1:30am, Mon - Sat: 11:30am - 1:30am
Last review: 2000
Last visit: 7/2000

The last time I was here was probably in the early 90's. It used to be a hot spot back in the day. On my long delayed return visit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the club has undergone some renovations.

There is a parking lot to the right as well as parking in front of the building. They have a new sign and it looks like things have been cleaned up and painted. As you enter, there is a turnstile and a guy taking the cover. At night the cover was $5, but the guy acted like I could have walked in for free if I told him the secret password. The cover is probably higher on weekends. The DJ booth is next to the entrance and the stage is to the left, the bar is to the right side, and the bathrooms are to the left of the bar. The dressing room and lap area are to the right of the bar, further inside the club. Unfortunately, the bathroom is as small as I remember it from the 90's. I guess it's hard to make it larger.

The stage has been completely remodeled since my last visit. It's against the wall on the left and is medium in size, and about the same size as before but glitzier with fake water filled palm trees with bubbles. The dancers come up to the edge of the stage on the first song, then go to the small platform closer to the wall for the second topless song. On slower nights, there are not many customers sitting at the stage so the few can get a little more attention.

I sat at the bar and I think beer was $5.25 or something uneven like that. The bar stool gives you a higher view of the club and you can look over the other customers sitting at the tables in front of the stage. If you turn towards the bar, you can also see what is going on in the lap dance area. This is a good way to see which dancers you might want to pick.

During the early 90's, there were plenty of dancers with a lot of marginal looking girls but this new version of the club has less girls but they are much more attractive. The lap dance area has comfortable couch type chairs. The dances are $10 and depending on the dancer, is done in g-strings or lap shorts. On slow nights, there are no floaters or anybody watching the lap dances. If you pick the right girl, you can get a pretty good dance for the price. But keep in mind that this is topless and you're not going to get anything like at nude clubs.

All in all, not a bad place to come to sip on beer and watch some topless action. Don't come here for anything hardcore.


2.5 Old location but cleaned up a lot.


3.0 Much better than before.


3.0 Good place to sit and talk.

Nasty Factor

1.5 Mostly mild.

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Nude Spicy Gentlemen's Club

12215 E. Slauson Ave., Santa Fe Springs
Exit 605 S @ #13 Washington/Slauson, turn left on Slauson, u-turn at Chetle.
(888) SPICY-GC
(888) 774-2942
Web site: http://www.spicygc.com/
Sun - Wed: 11:30am - 2am, Thr - Sat: 11:30am - 4am
Room capacity: 150
Grand opening: 8/2006
Last review: 8/2006
Last visit: 8/2006

Update 2/19/2009:
After fighting the city since opening, they have decided to stay closed.

Photos by Saxbeat

What used to be a vacant large restaurant called Blondie is now Spicy, a gentlemen's club.  This new nude club is located on a busy street with a gated massive parking lot in the back of the building.

Enter the building from the parking lot area in the back to a large lobby area with a walk through metal detector, where you will pay your cover charge ($5 day, $10 after 6:30pm) at the counter and enter to your left through a curtain.

As you enter, the dressing room is on the left, a waterfall is on the right, then the stage is against the wall on the left, and the DJ booth is on the right.  This main room contains tables and comfortable chairs and bench type seating against the far wall.  Past the DJ booth on the right side are sitting area booths for groups to sit together.  Past that area is the ATM machine, the bathrooms, the bar, and the kitchen area.

Topless and nude lap dance booth area. Each booth is unusually large and comfortable. Lights were turned up for photo.
Behind the main area is the lap dance area.  The bikini dances are only $10, $20 for topless and $40 for nude.  4 song VIPs are also available for $120 in blocks of 4 songs.  There are 2 for 1, and sometimes 3 for 1 specials.  On Sundays, there are 3 for 1 nude lap specials all day.  Nice.

The bikini laps are done in the main area, the topless and nude dances are done in the plush booths behind that area, and currently, the VIP dances are in booths in yet another area behind that area.  The manager told me there have girl/girl shows at 1am on Friday and Saturday but didn't get to see it.  That'll be my excuse to come back.

There is a one drink minimum for $5, with $2 refills, and no lady drink hustling.  That alone gives this club my approval.  As of this writing, the kitchen is open only during the day but it will soon be open all day and night. It's unusual for a nude club to have a full kitchen but the menu includes appetizers (buffalo wings, jumbo shrimp cocktail), salads (pasta, Caesar), sandwiches (burger, French dip), and entrees (steak, chicken).  So you can take your lunch break here for a quickie before you have to get back to work.

For dancers, the dressing room is roomy, located behind the stage and near the DJ booth. The house fee is only $20 and 25% from the laps, except for bikini, which is no fee.

The dancers here are mixed with a wide variety of types and shapes from very petite to tall and buxom.  Considering this club just opened, there is a lot of dancers here from other clubs.  It can only improve with time.

My overall impression of this club is good and expect to revisit the club soon to see how it progresses.


3.0 Brand new and large.


3.0 Good selection for a brand new club.


3.5 Very friendly girls for a nude club.  Good variety and looks.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Get the $10 starter kit to see what's up, then move up the ladder if you like what you got. Look for new additions in the future that may put this rating off the scale.

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