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Nude Imperial Showgirls, Pico Rivera

9329 Slauson Ave., Pico Rivera
Exit 5 S @ Slauson, left on Slauson.
(562) 942-9026
Sun - Wed: 11am - 2am, Thr: 11am - 3am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Opened: 2002
Last review: 10/2003
Last visit: 9/2003

Update 2004:
The price of VIP lap dances have gone up to $20 topless, $30 nude. The following is the review from 2003.

This club has been in the news a lot since it opened in 2002.  When they first opened, they had 350+ picketers outside the club, and police were stationed outside the club to control the crowd. Pretty crazy stuff.

When I visited this weekend, there were only a handful of picketers, and by court order, they now have to be on the sidewalk outside the parking lot of the strip mall. Therefore, once you get onto the property, they are far away. However, they are pretty loud and you can still hear them shouting at the customers, especially female customers entering the club.  Do these people have nothing better to do?

The club is located in a regular strip mall with plenty of parking. The cover is $10 with only 1 drink purchase required (after you enter). As I entered the club, the first thing I noticed was that the layout is very similar to TJ's.  As a matter of fact, both clubs, as well as Imperial Theater in Anaheim and VIP Showgirls are owned by the same family.  There is a rectangular stage near the center of the room and bench style seating all around the club. There are tables and chairs if you want to sit a little closer. The stage has a low brass railing (like TJs) and one vertical pole.

The DJ booth (or I should say, "area" since it's larger than any other DJ area I've seen) is on the right side against the wall and the bar is located past the stage. The women's bathroom is on the left of the bar. To get to the men's bathroom, go to the right side of the bar and turn left and go down the hall.  Next to this area is the VIP lap area which has a bunch of love-seat type couches separated by trees or some type of green decoration. Past this area are the offices and dressing rooms.

The waitress will ask for your drink order, which is $6, or you can go to the bar and order directly. The best news is, there is NO ladies drinks, so you'll never hear "Buy the lady a drink?" from anybody here. The club is very laid back and the dancers are extremely friendly.

The lap prices are $10 bikini (in the regular room), $15 topless (VIP room) and $25 nude (VIP room). They often have 2-4-1s in the regular room and at only $10, it's a bargain. The dancers even stand up on the couch.  Although the VIP area is an open area (so that other customers can see you) and the floater does walk around to count the dances, it's hard to beat the prices here. As usual, YMWV according to your choice, and you won't get crazy mileage that you get at clubs with closed booths.  But, how can you beat the price?

I liked the fact that I was able to get "samples" at only $10 before selecting who I should VIP with. And since the VIP is only $15 per song, I was easily convinced to check things out further.

There was a large number of dancers (25+) with a wide variety (skinny, buxom, red head, ethnic, etc) to please anybody. There were no dogs and there were a couple of lookers.

If you like large girls with a big booty, try Sparkle. If you like Latin girls with a great attitude, try Alex. Naughty Nikki is just that. One blond dancer had the name "Sedussa" (sic?) which I thought was very creative.

One thing I noticed was that many of the dancers did pole work and gave some great stage performances. I was told that Brandy is the pole work queen here, but she was not working on the night of my visit.

What closed the deal for me was their girl-on-girl stage show with Alex and Jade. I'll just say that this is the kind of entertainment I crave, and will come back to see more of. I was told that it gets even wilder than what I saw. Need I say more?

It's been a while since I've actually enjoyed being at a strip club, instead of feeling like I was "working" to review a club.  All in all, a very cool place for some friendly talk and affordable sexy lap dances.


3.0 By today's standards, it's not one of those million dollar clubs, but it's new and clean.


3.0 Plenty of them and mostly fresh ones.


4.0 Happiest and most friendly nude dancers I've seen in a long time. This says something about the management style here.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Not crazy for nude but I love the pricing structure. Give me a sexy $10 grind anytime.

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