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Topless Spearmint Rhino, Torrance

19900 Normandie Ave., Torrance
Exit 405 South @ Normandie, left on W. 190th, right on Normandie.
(310) 532-2427
(310) 532-2746 FAX
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Opened: 9/2004
Last review: 11/2004
Last visit: 9/2004

The area of this club is very industrial and I did not see one residential building anywhere close to this club. The street runs parallel to train tracks (similar to Oz) and the only non-industrial business I saw was what appears to be a tiny bar down the street.

The outside of this club almost looks like a library or some governmental office. You can valet park from the front and your car will be parked inside the building next to the club, or park in the self parking lot in the back of the club. However, if you park in the back, it's a a little bit of a walk all the way around to the front entrance because the building is pretty big. Not only that but there is no sidewalk so you'll have to walk on the street.

The entrance is a small lobby area like most of the other Rhinos and currently, there is no cover charge. In fact, there is not even a minimum drink so you can literally go here for free and not spend one cent. I'm sure this will all change when things start to pick up. The entry door has a door handle to open which is different from other Rhinos which just has a door that you push open. Maybe this is temporary.

As you enter, the elegant alcohol filled bar is to the right. The bar has all the hard alcohol that you could ask for, along with a plasma screen to watch some ESPN. Drink prices vary but a soft drink will cost $3.25. Past the bar on the same side are the bathrooms.

The stage is medium to large, in the usual Rhino style with the expensive lighting and is connected to the wall which houses both the DJ and the dressing room. The club is pretty large and there are tables and chairs all over the place. There are nook and crannies here and there as well as lap areas on the left. Past the stage, there is another separate room with 3 pool tables. This room has more TVs and a video game. The club is large but not massive. The high ceiling allows for a chandelier to be above, creating an elegant look.

The club just opened so I didn't expect much in terms of talent. I saw a couple that was okay but they were not full of talent or customers on their first Saturday night. I watched a girl do a few mild lap dances but did not get any myself. The laps are currently $15 and the girl keeps all of it.

Speaking of which, they have a large dressing room (currently without lockers) with a tanning bed, vending machine and a makeup artist. The girls also have their own bathroom which they don't have to share with female customers. All that sounds like Vegas level stuff for the girls. For now, there is no house fee but I'm sure that'll change in the future.

All in all, the look is as good as any Rhino that I've seen except it's a little bigger than most (but not as big as Rialto). The bar is not as fancy as Van Nuys (with their stage/bar) but nice. I don't think they have any competition there so it might take off in the future. I've been told that they are targeting Fritz so we'll have to see what happens next. For now, it's free so it's a good place to just hang out, drink and play pool.


3.5 Industrial location but first class inside.


2.5 Not bad for just opening.  This will probably go up in the future.


3.5 Topless means more chit chat possible.

Nasty Factor

1.5 Don't come here for anything crazy.

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