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Nude   Bare Elegance Valley

(Formerly Valley Ball Cabaret, Oddball Cabaret, The Ball)
8532 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys
Exit 405 @ Roscoe, north on Sepulveda
(818) 893-3392 (recording w/ dancer list)
(818) 893-5444 (live person)
Web site:
Sun: 6pm - 2am, Mon - Thr: 11am - 3am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 240
Name changed to Bare Elegance: 3/2009
Last review: 5/2005
Last visit: 4/2005

All Valley Ball photos by Paul Hart

As of 2003, this club is now owned by a new owner who also now owns Bare Elegance. The new owner has purchased the property to the north and expanded the parking lot and created a new building for the dancers dressing room and gym.  Yes, you read that right.  There's a gym for the employees.

From Sepulveda, you will drive to the back of the building.  Valet parking is available or you can pay and park yourself.  The entrance is on the south side of the building.  There is a small lobby area where you will pay the cover to the cashier.

There is no cover with work ID before 3pm, $5 until 6pm, no cover from 6pm - 8pm, $10 from 8pm to close, $15 on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to close.  The DJ booth adjoins the cashier booth.  As you enter, the right side is the main club area.  The left side is the VIP area which can be used for bachelor parties.

VIP Room with separate stage and bar.

In the main club area, the bar is on the left, the main stage (with runway) is on the far right and the stage dressing room is behind the main stage.  The renovated restrooms and back exits are also located in this area.  There is also a shower dance booth here but it is not in use.  New plasma screen TVs also show sports in this area.  There is a second smaller stage on the far side of the room, along with the dancer schedule.  There is a raised area to the right (on the same side as the entrance) where the private dance booths are located.

VIP Lap Dance Area
VIP Room lap dance area with comfortable seating.

As you enter the separate VIP area, there is yet another stage on the far side of the room.  To the left are more VIP lap dance booths, and another small bar.  To the right are the offices and more VIP lap dance booths.  There is also a dancer store with outfits and other dancer related merchandise.

There are several lap dance types to choose from, as well as locations to get them.  There are 2 nude table dance booths near the back exit which are $15. Then, bikini lap dances are $25 but I don't think anybody does these. Topless are $30, and nude are $45.  You can get a discount by doing 3 topless dances for $80 or 5 for $125.  The booths in the VIP area are more private, especially when there are no customers in that area.  Also, the chairs are much more comfortable there.

Valley Ball has always had more emphasis on the stage performance than many other nude clubs which consider the stage as an afterthought.  The main stage still has a runway which makes the dancers want to strut their stuff.  So look for a little more class, and a little less nasty action here.

All in all, a great hang-out and relax kind of club, especially if you enjoy the stage action.  This is also the place to come for a good bachelor party setup.


3.5 Remodeled and expanded.


3.0 Always been upscale and classy dancers here.


3.5 Back stage workout gym and private dressing rooms make for happy dancers.

Nasty Factor

2.5 This is not the place to find mileage.  It's sexy and sensual, along with actual stage shows.

Vally Ball - 2000

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Nude Blue Zebra, North Hollywood

(Formerly Industrial Strip)
6872 Farmdale Ave., North Hollywood
Exit Sherman Way off 405 or 170, near Van Owen
(818) 765-7739
(818) 765-0814 FAX
Web Site:
Sun - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Reopened: 3/2001 (As Blue Zebra)
Last review: 2/2008
Last visit: 1/2008

All Blue Zebra photos by Paul Hart

The Blue Zebra is located in an industrial area so you might have a little bit of trouble finding it the very first time you come here.

The street signs warn you that you cannot park on the street from 10pm to 6am or you will be towed.

Just park in the club parking lot for free, then walk to the front entrance.

There is a small lobby area to pay your cover charge of $5 during the day, and $10 at night, plus a one drink minimum for another $5.

As you enter, there is yet another lobby type area with an ATM machine and bathrooms. The bathroom is large and clean. Once you enter the club proper, the bar is on the left side near the entrance, there are lap areas to the right and also the entire left side is for lapping.

Main stage on the left, looking towards front entrance from back area..

The main stage is connected to the back area and comes out to the center of the room.

There is a secondary "cage stage" near the front, which is only used when it is busy. This stage is circular with stainless steal poles all around it. It's a very peculiar looking stage but could be interesting with the proper dancer in it.

The DJ booth is behind the back wall. The dancers' dressing room is behind the DJ booth so the dancer can give the DJ her music, then proceed to the stage. There's the usual lighting and a smoke machine which dancers seem to like but many customers don't.  Personally, I don't care as long as they don't over use it.
Cage stage
"Cage Stage" near front entrance.
The club itself is very dark like all Rhinos but all the chairs are the nicer type and the carpeting is zebra patterned to fit the name of the club.

The drinks are $5, served by an efficient staff of waitresses who pick up glasses like they were going out of style. Amazingly, the dancer drinks are only $5, which must be the cheapest dancer drinks in any nude club.

Topless lap dances are $20, nude laps are $35 which makes it somewhat economical.  You can also do $300 half hour and $150 15 minute VIP laps in the back VIP area.

Happy hour is 11am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm.  During that time, the dances are $15 topless and only $25 for nude.  This is clearly a great deal even if they cut the songs short.

There seems to be a good number of fairly good looking girls working here, even during the day shift.  It doesn't seem to be super busy during the day so you can get a lot of attention from the girls.

All in all, if you're in this area, you might try this place out, especially during happy hour when you do get a great deal.


3.0 Getting a little dated but still good.


3.0 Good lineup and improving.


2.5 Above average for nude club.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Pick the right dancer for higher mileage.

Industrial Strip - 1996
Blue Zebra - 2001

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Bikini Burlesque

(Formerly Strippers, Playtime)
13324 Sherman Way, North Hollywood
(818) 765-0718
Renamed: 2004? (as Burlesque)
Last review: 10/1995
Last visit: 10/1995

Update 2004:
The review below is from 1995.  This club is now called Burlesque.

This club used to be called Playtime and has been totally remodeled. I had such a bad experience before that I have been too scared to go back there and re-review the club. For a reader's review of the new Strippers, click here. The review that follows is of the old club.

It's a good thing there is no cover here. It's ugly on the outside but uglier on the inside. Instead of cleaning the floor, they decided to simply cover it with sawdust. Some areas have hard floors, while other areas are carpeted. If you can imagine dirty carpet covered with sawdust, you get the idea. No matter where I sat, I kept smelling vomit. My friend actually talked me into staying until we got our drinks. I kept saying, "I think I'm going to be sick. I've gotta get out of this place now!" He just laughed.

2 pool tables, very long bar, stage splits into 2 runways. On a Saturday night, there were 3 customers (not including us), and NO dancers on stage. One dancer finally came out after about 30 minutes. By this time, I was too sick to pay any attention to her. Sorry you had to waste your time reading this review.


0.0 No comment.


0.0 Only saw one.


 Unknown I didn't talk to any dancers.

Nasty Factor

 Unknown Except for how nasty the club smelled.

The only club so far that gets the double shaft.

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Topless Classy Lady

8314 N. Sepulveda Blvd., North Hills
Exit 405 Fwy North @ Sherman Way East, right on Sherman Way, right on Van Nuys Blvd.
(818) 891-9544
Sun - Sat: 12pm - 2am
Last review: 5/2002
Last visit: 5/2002

After driving by this club so many times over the years, I finally decided to stop in and see what this club was about.

The club is about what I expected. It's an older neighborhood club, that's a good place to stop in after work for a cool beer.  The bartender was extremely friendly and cute and I suspect most of the customers there were there to see her. The night bartender that came in when I was leaving was even better looking.

You can park behind the building by driving through the right side of the building to the back area.  From there, you can enter the club from the back or you can walk all the way around to the front to enter.  If you enter from the front, the small stage is to your left, the juke box is near the entrance, the main stage is towards the left side of the building, and the bar is on the right. The main stage contains so many vertical and horizontal poles, it looks like a playground.

There's some kind of office in the back along with the women's bathroom slash dressing room. The men's bathroom is closer to the bar on the right. The men's bathroom is extremely small and although clean, it looks like a war zone in there. I assume they had to cover graffiti on the walls and mirrors with what appears to be metal sheets. Not sure what the deal is, but it sure makes it look like a bomb went off in there.

There were 2 coin op pool tables, and 2 TV sets with ESPN. Drink prices are moderate ($3.25 up to $10 for an import pitcher of beer) and there were no chair/lap/table or any kind of private dancing available. However, there are some tiny tables with poles on them near the back of the room.  I guess on busy nights, it serves as a 3rd stage of some sort. As far as I could tell, no drinks are even pushed very much by anybody.  There were no waitresses during the day.

There were 4 dancers and 1 was very attractive. There were no ugly girls. Even though there were very few customers, all the dancers went on stage like clockwork. I suspect they get paid to work there so they are required to go on stage.

All in all, this club kind of reminds me of Jumbo's, and I say that in a nice way. Yes, the building is obviously old, but I'm sure it has it's fans like Jumbo's. Come here for a cold one, play some pool and watch ESPN while you tip the dancers a couple of bucks.


1.5 Small and very old.


2.5 Not very many but a few lookers.


3.5 Talk all day, especially if you're a regular.

Nasty Factor

0.5 Would be zero if this place wasn't topless.

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Bikini Club 7557 Bar & Grill

(Formerly Valley Strip)
7557 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys
Exit 405 N at Sherman Way, right on Sherman Way, right on Woodley.
(818) 376-0373
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Name changed to Club 7557: 2006
Last review: N/A
Last visit: N/A

Update 7/2006:
Due to management changes, and pressure from the city, the name has been changed to Club 7557.

The club is affiliated with Alameda Strip.

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Nude Deja Vu, North Hollywood

7350 Coldwater Canyon, North Hollywood
North of Sherman Way at Raymer
(818) 982-1100 (Recording)
(818) 982-1199 (Live person)
Web site:
Sun - Thr: 12noon - 3am, Fri - Sat: 12noon - 4am
Room capacity: 450
Opened: 1997
Last review: 12/2004
Last visit: 12/2004

Photo By Saxbeat

Since my last review in 1999, there's been some changes but for the most part, this club hasn't changed all that much.  In this case, that's a good thing.

There's street parking available, or you can use the free valet parking available by driving into the building from Raymer. As my dedicated readers know, I normally don't use valet parking but on the night I visited, it was raining so I tested it.  The setup here is perfect for a rainy night because the entrance is indoors so you don't get wet at all. I don't think there's another club that offers this setup. Free valet doesn't hurt either.

As you enter the lobby area, the casher (with computer touch screen POS). The cover is $10 (or FREE with Z-VIP card), plus $10 for the bottomless drinks.

Next, you enter the actual club area where you can pickup your drink at the bar on the right.  The bathroom is to your left, the dressing room, female bathroom, and stage are all the way on the other side of the club.

The stage seats about 16 or so, and has 3 poles and lots of fancy lighting. The club contains about 80 chairs and 40 stools in the main area.  Past the bar, there is an upper level which may become a VIP section in 2005 when they do some renovations in January or so.   For now, this area is great if you want to chit-chat with your favorite dancer, or checkout the action from a higher vantage point.  When you go up the stairs, the first area is the DJ booth who uses multiple screens on a computerized system.

All around this area are comfortable chairs and about 14 booths for the $20 topless or nude lap dances.  The old curtains are now only half wide to conform to the new LA ordinance.  Therefore, if you want to, you can peek into the booth to see what kind of action people are getting.  It's a good compromise that still allows for some privacy, but keeps the city happy.

Down below in the main area, there is a second micro stage on the side of the room where the lap booths are located.  This second stage is only used on busy nights but can be a great place to sit if you want up-close viewing.  This stage reminds me of the small stage at the old Star Strip.

The stage is connected to the dressing room so the dancers can come out to the stage directly from there.  The dressing room is fairly large, well lit, and has mirrors and lockers for the dancers.

To the left of the dressing room area, there used to be another set of lap dances booths which are no longer being used.  This area now is the hallway to the smoking lounge area.  This area is outside the club, but still inside the building and contain yet another micro stage with a pole.  I didn't see anybody dancing here but I assume you could request a dancer to dance outside when it's warmer.

Now, under the area upstairs, there's even more lap booths.  These are similar to the ones upstairs with the half sized curtains. Further inside this area are the half hour rental rooms for $100.  These micro-rooms (or large booths, whichever way you want to look at it), now contain ottomans, since beds are now illegal because of the new ordinance.  Personally, I don't really see a difference except it's a little narrower that before but more comfortable than the cheap beds.

Deja Vu always offers specials, and this one is no exception. Mondays are $10 lap dances, Tuesdays are two for $20, and Thursdays are 3 for $40 night.  It's pretty hard to beat the $10 lap dances.  That's a good deal in anybody's book.

On a Saturday night, it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be, but it was raining.  However, there were 30+ girls and more were coming in as we were leaving.  Plenty of girls to pick from and I love watching all the girls go on stage for their specials.  That always looks great when you see so many girls on stage at once. I saw some lookers and plenty of variety for any taste.  I also noticed that there were a lot of female customers and couples watching the show from off stage.  By the way, couples get in free.

Executive summary:
This is a great place for a big bachelor party because of the large size of this place, and apparently, a popular place for females and couples too.  With the good location and quantity of girls, this club should be on your to-do list.

Expert Hint:
The second micro-stage is a great place to get some close-up views.


3.0 Large adult playground. Watch for renovations coming soon.


3.5 Good quantity and selection. Some lookers available too.


3.0 About average for nude clubs.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Higher possible but YMMV.

Deja Vu - 1999

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Nude Desire Gentlemen's Club

(Formerly Silver Reign, Pink Diamonds)
7348 Bellaire Ave., North Hollywood
Exit 101 @ Coldwater Canyon, left on Coldwater, right on Sherman Way, left on Bellaire.
(818) 255-5775
Web site:
Sun - Wed: 12pm - 3am, Thr - Sat: 12pm - 4am
Opened: 10/13/2005
Grand opening: 12/2005
Name changed to Silver Reign: 1/2007
Name changed to Desire: 10/2008
Last review: N/A
Last visit: 12/2005

This club has changed owners yet once again and is now called Desire GC as of October 2008.

Free lunch from 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri.

Silver Reign - 2006

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Nude Eros Station

15164 Oxnard Street, Van Nuys
Exit 405 @ Burbank, right on Burbank, left on Sepulveda, right on Oxnard St.
(818) 994-6100
Web site:
Sun: 12pm - 12am, Mon - Sat: 10am - 1am
Last review: 2/2005
Last visit: 1998

This is not technically a strip club but since there are nude women here, it's included here.  Eros calls themselves an "adult playhouse" and basically is a modeling studio with private domination and fantasy rooms. There is an adult bookstore and lingerie store in the front, and the private rooms are in the back area.  Note that there are no dancers dancing except in the private rooms if you get a session. Like Vegas, what you do in the private room stays in the private room.

The most interesting thing about this particular establishment is that on August of 2004, they were quietly granted a new zoning as a "Sexual Encounter Establishment."  According to Eros, what that means is, customers can legally masturbate in the room in front of the dancers, or customers can rent a room and have sex with their partners.  In addition, with the new LA ordinance, this establishment is the only place where they can have legal private rooms with doors.

This is a great place to bring a open minded partner for some kinky fantasy room action, or shop at the store in front, or try out one of their "fantasy guide" girls.

Update 2/2005:
Every Tuesday is porn star night.


3.0 New and clean.


3.5 Good looking.



Nasty Factor

Not rated.

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Bikini Evolution

7900 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys
Exit 405 @ Sherman Way, right on Sherman, right on Woodley.
(818) 780-2002
Sun - Sat: ? - 2am?
Opened: 12/2004
Last review: N/A
Last visit: N/A

Full bar with billiard tables.

Update 4/2009:
This club is now a neighborhood bar.

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Nude Hush Gentlemen's Club

(Formerly Shenanigans)
15832 Stagg St., Van Nuys
Exit 405 @ Sherman Way, right on Sherman, right on Haskell, left on Stagg.
(818) 902-1122
Web site:
Sun: 6pm - 2am, Mon - Thr: 12pm - 2am, Fri - Sat: 12pm - 4am
Room capacity: 175
Opened: 7/2005
Closed: 10/2007
Re-opened: 2010 as Hush
Last review: 4/2006
Last visit: 1/2006

Update 12/2010:
This club has re-opened as Hush. The review below is for Shenanigans from 2006.

Update 9/2007:
This club is closed.

This unassuming club is located in a business and industrial section of Van Nuys and is a little hard to find but just follow the directions.  There's free indoor and outdoor parking, along with ample street parking.

The entrance is on the side door closer to the indoor parking area.  As you enter, there is a small hallway where you pay the $20 cover charge ($10 w/ coupon) plus a one drink minimum ($6) upon entering.  The club offers a free lunch buffet Monday through Fridays from 11am to 6:30pm.

As you enter, the bar is in front, the main club area is to the left, and the lap dance room is to the right.  The DJ booth is near the stage and the dressing room is behind the stage and the dancers come out onto the stage on the right side.

There are approximately 15 lap booths on the lap dance room. The booths are real booths, with enough space for just one person to sit and enjoy the dance.  There's also a nice waterfall in this room to calm the nerves.  Topless laps are $20 and nude laps are $40.  There are 2 for 1 specials every hour and half off on Sundays ($10 topless, $20 nude), which is a great deal for a nude club.

Since this is a relatively new club, there aren't tons of dancers here yet.  However, the ones that are here are not only pleasing to the eyes, but can actually dance and do pole work on stage.  Since the lap dances are in a separate area, it's more private than at some other clubs.


2.5 Small but cozy.


2.5 Not many but pleasant and friendly.


3.5 Good attitude for nude club.

Nasty Factor

2.5 About average but there's some potential so pick carefully.

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Nude  Rouge, Van Nuys

(Formerly Classic Lady of Oz, Bob's Classy Lady)
14626 Raymer St., Van Nuys
Exit 405 Fwy North @ Sherman Way East, north on Sepulveda Blvd, east on Raymer
(818) 786-1822
Web site:
Sun - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Opened: 9/1993 (As Bob's Classy Lady)
Reopened: 8/2001
Official grand opening: 1/24/2002 (As Classic Lady of Oz)
Reopened: 11/2005 (As Rouge Gentlemen's Clubs)
Last review: Coming soon.
Last visit: 1/2006

Spearmint Rhino has taken over this club and have remodeled the entire club inside and out.  The new look is similar to an upscale European version of Spearmint Rhino. Lap dances are $20 topless and $40 nude.

Expert Customer Hint:
If the dancer you pick uses the lap room on the right (near the bathrooms) and in the corner spot around the bend, you've picked the right girl.  When the floater comes around, he can't see what you're doing.

Bob's Classy Lady - 1998
Classic Lady of Oz - 2002

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Nude Spearmint Rhino, Van Nuys

15004 Oxnard Street, Van Nuys
Exit 405 at Burbank, right on Burbank, left on Sepulveda, right on Oxnard.
(818) 994-6453
Web site:
Sun - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Opened: 2/1999
Last review: 2/1999
Last visit: 2/1999

As usual, Spearmint Rhino has opened yet another plush looking club but this one is much larger than the one in the City of Industry. Because of the protests from residents nearby, the club does not have a big sign outside so you have to look carefully or you may drive right past it. There is parking behind the building or you can park on the street. As you enter, there is a greeting table where you pay the cover which may vary depending on if there is a feature.

Main areaAs you enter, there is a bar that looks as good as any bar I've seen at any bar in Los Angeles. The picture shows the bar and the main stage behind it. Behind the bar is a bar-stage with poles along with a padded chair that the dancer can sit on. There are micro tables with comfortable lounge chairs. The main stage is about the same size as Industry and the, now Rhino signature, couch is on the stage as well. The lap areas are hidden behind the main room and a VIP area with fireplace is to the right side.

You can use your credit card to buy "Rhino chips" and pay for your dances in this way so you can write-off your laps. Your credit card will be billed with the name "Inland Restaurant Venture" when you get your credit card statement. However, if you use your credit card in the ATM machine, I've been told that there is a 10% surcharge.

There will be features here from Thursdays through Saturdays and a dance contest on Wednesday nights.

I've been told by dancers there that the dressing room and back office area is humongous and almost doubles the size of the club. The bathrooms are to the left of the main stage and matches the upscale look of the club.

By now, it's standard procedure to wait until the club picks up some speed. But so far the hiring practive is up there and the quality is high, but the quantity is still low for now. There is currently no tipout to entice new dancers to work at the club but this will change shortly.

I've made many predictions before and I'll stick my neck out again and predict that this new club will cause some serious competition in the Van Nuys area which will be good for customers. Since Bob's will no longer be the sole provider of features in this area, I predict that mileage will go up at all clubs.

Gigi (DOM January 1999) and Athena (DOM September 1996) both work here for now. Also Dillon from Bare bartends here and sometimes dances. If you see Austin, tell her Z said "Hi".

Update April 19, 1999:
Free lunch buffet from 11:30am - 2:30pm, Monday through Friday.


4.0 New LA standard.


3.0 Lookers but not many of them yet.


3.0 Usual lap sell but not too pushy.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Actually decent for a brand new club.

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Topless Star Garden

6630 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood
One block North of Victory
(818) 764-9766
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 2pm - 2am
Last review: 1/2000
Last visit: 1/2000

Update 4/2009:
The club has new management once again and is in the process of remodeling.  See their press release here. The following review is from 2000.

Update 3/2008:
This club has been sold to new owners.

ExteriorThis club was bought by the owner of AdultCheck and closed due to problems with the landlord. As of March 1999, it has been re-opened by the new owners (Gotham City owners).

The outside of the club looks about the same as before and there is still no parking lot except for the tiny one behind the club which seems to be available for employees only. There is street parking available but you might have to park a little way down the block on busy nights.

The clientele has changed from blue collar to a younger, more hip crowd. The club has been completely renovated on the inside and now looks very much like a tiny version of Spice Lady with a dash of Crazy Girls. As you enter, the DJ is now to your left near the stage. The small unfinished room on the other side of the club has been removed to make more room for the pool table. The bar is still to the right. The bathrooms are to the back, past the bar and has been rebuilt and cleaned. The men's room is about as small as a bathroom can be.

There is a micro lap room near the entrance to the right as you enter. This room is so small, it might not actually qualify as a "room" but is nice, cozy and could provide some good dances.

There is a pool table near the back of the club and the couches in the back area has been removed and replaced with ordinary chairs. The lighting has been changed and is now brighter, especially at the bar and no longer has the cigar lounge feel it had when it was first remodeled.

Because this is a small club, there are not a lot of dancers. However, unlike before, there are attractive dancers and waitresses. The dancers, music, and atmosphere has been replaced to suit the trendy Hollywood crowd that normally goes to Crazy Girls. This club is small but cozy enough to attract that crowd.

If you like the trendiness of Crazy Girls but would like to see a cozier place, check out this club.


3.0 Small but new and trendy.


3.0 Much improved.


3.0 Good.

Nasty Factor

2.0 High for alcohol club because of lap room.

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Nude Godfather, Van Nuys

(Formerly Thirsty's)
7707 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys
Exit 405 Fwy North @ Sherman Way East, right on Sherman Way, left on Sepulveda Blvd.
(818) 901-8797
Web site:
Sun - Thu: 12pm - 4am, Fri - Sat: 12pm - 6am
Name changed to Godfather in 2006
Last review: 9/2003
Last visit: 10/2002

This club is now owned by the Godfather "chain". The review below is from 2003 when the club was Thirsty's.

Thirsty's used to be a topless club with alcohol, but has now been converted to a nude club. I never visited the club before this conversion, so I cannot comment on the interior modifications.  The club is in a stand alone small one story building with a small, but adequate parking lot behind the building.

As you enter, pay the $10 cover to the cashier ($5 before 7pm) and the tiny stage is located near the entrance.  The bar and micro lap dance room are to the left and the tiny dressing room is on the far side of the room.  The lap dance room contains comfortable single person lounge chairs that are separated from others with curtains for some privacy.  In the club area, there are tables, chairs and comfortable couches around the club, which create a cozy feeling.

There were no big pushes for dances or drinks and the vibe of the club is relatively laid back.  Although the stage is really small, it's a good opportunity for the rail tippers to get up-close and personal with the dancer on stage.  The lighting on stage is really cool for such a small club.  There's one mode where the lighting makes it look like the stage has water in it.

Although, I didn't see any dancers who had some x-factor for me, this club has ex-feature dancers who work here.  Alicia Rio dances here from 1pm - 7pm weekdays and Taylor St. Claire dances here on Fridays from 1pm - 7pm.


2.0 Tiny interior is new and cozy but the outside needs updating.


2.5 Not a lot of them, but the club is small so even a handful is all you need.


3.0 Not bad for nude and no big push for dances.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Lap dance area is kind of small but relatively private.

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Nude Venus Faire

6452 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood
Exit 101 E at Laurel Canyon Blvd, left on Laurel, right on Victory, left on Lankershim Blvd.
(818) 760-9888
Web site:
Myspace (Daily schedules):
Store Hours: Sun - Mon: 7am - 3am
Club Hours: Sun - Mon: 9am - 3am
Last review: 10/2000
Last visit: 10/2000

The club has new owners. It was completely remolded in the outside and inside in 2009. Much nicer and cleaner, with a bigger parking lot behind building. Sometimes, they have features dancers, like Carrie Ann or Kelly Divine, signing autographs.

This is NOT a typical strip club. This is like the NY peep show booth style (except full-on glass here). Although you're separated from the girl by a glass, the shows are hot. Obviously, no touching because of the glass. They have a phone for talking to the girl. If you want to play porno director, and tell a dancer exactly what to do while you "make yourself comfortable", then this is for you.

If you'd rather go old school lap dances, they've added that option. They now have topless lap dances in a private, roped-off VIP section of the club that start at $20.

Stage and VIP

They have also built a stage, fully equipped with stripper poll and glass walls where the girls do bikini dancing on a regular basis, day or night.

Free admission before 10am everyday, $5 afterward. Look for coupons in local publications like as LA Weekly or El Aviso. You can also find some free admission fliers at local businesses like Captain Cabins or Southside Tattoo.

Venus Faire - 2000

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Nude VIP Showgirls

12147 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood
Exit 170 @ Victory, Right on Victory.
(818) 760-4865
Web site:
Sun: 12noon - 4am, Mon - Wed: 12noon - 3am, Thr - Sat: 12noon - 4am
Room capacity: 375
Opened: 9/2003 (Grand opening: 10/3/2003)
Last review: 6/2009
Last visit: 5/2009

All photos By Paul Hart
VIP has had new owners since 2004, and more recently, now has new management as well.

VIP is one of the biggest LA clubs with approximately 9500 square feet of club space.

 Located in a large strip mall in North Hollywood, along with Sears, this club features tons of parking. The club can be seen from the front (on Victory) but the entrance is in the back of the building along with the parking lot.

As you enter, there is a large lobby area with a cashier behind a counter. The cover is $11 (or free with the Z-VIP) and one $6 drink (refills are only $2-$3).  During the day, the cover is only $5.  In this same area, there is an area with dancer outfits for sale, and a smoking patio for customers with tables and chairs. There is a separate smoking patio for dancers accessed from inside the club.

Photo By Paul Hart
As you enter the club, the large bar is to the left, one of the VIP areas and the DJ booth are to the right. The huge stage is against the right wall and is in the center of this main area.

The stage is connected at the wall to the dressing room, which allows the dancers to exit the dressing room directly onto the stage. There is a ramp onto the stage in the dressing room to comply to the handicap ordinance, similar to the way Bob's stage used to be setup.

The dressing room is simply massive. It is about 3 times the size of the Deja Vu (North Hollywood) dressing room, and about 2 times that of the Silver Reign (Downtown), which was built by the same builder.

The club features comfortable lounge chairs around small tables, all around the club.  On the left side, past the bar, is a large VIP area for lap dances.  Each chair is separated by a divider. If that's not enough, there are 2 "celebrity rooms", which are separate VIP rooms that can be used for private parties.

Photo By Paul Hart
Currently, the lap dances are $10 bikini, $20 topless, and $40 nude. You can get any of these dances in the VIP area without paying extra. You can also just get a bikini dance, right at your table. The DJ was offering 2 for 1 bikini dances for $10, and the songs were not cut. I found this to be a great way to "test the waters." I did not try any VIP dances. The $10 bikini dances were good contact and sensual, but mild. I enjoyed them because of the low pressure by the dancers.

One of the best features of this club is that there are no "Lady's drinks."  Therefore, as with Imperial Showgirls, you will not hear the dreaded question, "Buy the lady a drink?"  This alone makes it a good club in my book.

All the dancers were very friendly, and one that I did not get a dance from even gave me a free neck and shoulder massage.  Even my friend (who is a picky guy) thought that was the nicest thing he's seen in a club.  As for me, I've gotten massages before.  In fact, another dancer was so friendly, my friend thought that she was a friend of mine.  In truth, I had never met her before.

With the current climate of million dollar upscale clubs, I've gotten used to seeing them.  But, all in all, I like the setup of this place, the lap prices, and the attitude of the dancers and management.


4.0 Very good location, plenty of parking, near 170 Freeway exit, upscale gentlemen's club


2.5 There aren't a lot of dancers but there's some from other clubs that are worth visiting.


3.0 Some friendly dancers.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Good lap areas. I love the pricing structure.

VIP Showgirls - 2003

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