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Topless Pleasures

(Formerly Pink Diamonds, Pleasures, 20/20)
3570 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena
Exit 210 E Fwy at Madre St, left on Sierra Madre Villa Ave, right on E. Foothill.
(626) 795-1259
(626) 795-1497 FAX
Web site:
Sun: 4pm - 2am, Mon - Fri: 11:30am, 2am, Sat: 4pm, 2am
Room capacity: 383
Opened: 1997 (Originally 20/20), renamed Pleasures in 1998, renamed Pink Diamonds in 2005, renamed Pleasures in 2/2006
Last review: 1/2005
Last visit: 1/2005

Update: 2/2008
This club is closed.

Update: 1/2008
After a long fight with the city, Pleasures no longer serves alcohol.  The following review is from 2005 when they still had alcohol.

After a long fight with the city, Pasadena has come to an understanding with the only strip club in the city, and have allowed it to go topless.  Come here to "relieve your stress" at this club which is more like a real gentlemen's club than a strip club.

This club is very large and is a converted restaurant. The valet parking lot is in the rear and it's actually large enough for the size. On busy nights, they use the lot behind the parking lot for overflow cars.

The patrons enter by walking up from the parking toward the right side of the building.  As you enter, there's a small lobby area with a cashier who will collect the $6 cover charge after 6pm.  Upon entering the actual club area, the bar is to the right and a small second stage is located in front of the bar.  This stage is used when it's busy and is good for the patrons sitting at the bar.  This second stage is higher so that customers can sit on stools at this stage.  There are also tables around this stage for drinks and food.

Past the bar is an area with pool tables and the bathroom is also in this area.  To the left of this area is the main stage against the wall.  Dancers at Pleasures can go topless on stage, 6 feet from the customers, if they so desire.  Behind the stage is the dressing room and kitchen area.

To the left of that area is a very large lap dance room with booth seating and couches.  This area is actually bigger but is being remodeled and soon will have areas for VIPs and party theme rooms.  The lap dances are $20 per song or $150 for a "fantasy hour."  If you're going to do more than 5 songs, the hour is the way to go.

All the way to the left side of the building are booths with tables for sitting and a patio smoking area is behind that area.  To the left of the entrance is the DJ booth and past that area 4 tables with poles for table dances.  Here, the customer can have a dancer literally dance on top of the table for $10 per song.  On this trip, I saw 2 customers getting 2 dancers to dance on the table simultaneously.  This seems to be a good trick to get the dancers close together since the table is too small for both dancers.

This club features a full bar and kitchen.  The kitchen is currently open until 10pm but they plan on expanding the hours soon.  On Fridays and Saturdays, they serve prime rib for only $14.95.  I tried the filet mignon and it was excellent.  The LA Weekly was also there reviewing the food so it's as good as any regular restaurant.

The owner, managers and host, take special interest in treating the guests very well.  Their motto is have "the best of what life has to offer."  They also take good care of their dancers, especially students.  All dancers are offered voluntary health insurance, which the club pays for half.  For student dancers, the club will pay for all their class books if they maintain a 3.0 or better average.

All the dancers are acceptable and most of the dancers are very attractive.  There's a big mixture of exotic to typical California blonds mixed together.  This is a great place to sit and chat with a dancer who can be "clocked out" so that she can have a meal and drinks with the customer.  This is what a real "gentlemen's club" is supposed to offer.  The dancers are upbeat with great attitudes and not pushy about drinks or dances.

This club is nice enough to bring an open minded date, or even for drinks with a business client.  It's a great place to get a drink, play pool or sit and eat a nice meal, all while watching some great talent on stage.


3.5 Great location and currently being remodeled.


3.0 Mix of exotic looking as well as tall California blonds with big knockers.  Great eye candy.


4.0 Happy dancers make for great attitudes.

Nasty Factor

1.5 Not the place for lap dances.  Sensual, not sexual. I prefer the table dances here.

Pleasures - 1998

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Bikini The Show at Papa Joe's

3768 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena
Exit 210 E Fwy at Madre St, left on Sierra Madre Villa Ave, right on E. Foothill.
(626) 793-1847
Web site:
Sun: 1pm - 2am, Mon - Wed: 4pm - 2am, Thr - Fri: 11:30am - 2am, Sat: 4pm - 2am
Room capacity: N/A
Last review: N/A
Last visit: N/A

This used to be Frank & Deans Restaurant and Supper club.

Update 5/2010:
This club is closed and now is a restaurant.

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