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Nude Players Gentlemen's Club

(Formerly Nude Showgirls, Southern Comfort)
11343 Penrose Street, Sun Valley
Exit 5 Fwy at Penrose, left on Penrose
(818) 771-0900
Web site:
Sun - Wed: 11:30am - 2am, Thr - Sat: 11:30am - 4am
Opened: 2/1999
Reopened: 7/2001 (Name changed to Players)
Last review: 2001
Last visit: 11/2001

The owners of PlayPen has taken over this club and changed the name to Players. The outside of the building has been much improved from it's original but I don't know what it looked like when it was Nude Showgirls. There are a few parking spaces in front but the bulk of the parking is behind the building. The entrance to the club is in the rear so if you park on the street, you will have to walk the entire length of the building.

There is a small lobby area where the cashier booth is located for entry. The security asked me to put my hands on the wall and did a full search without using a metal wand like a cop and I had to take out my keys to show him that I didn't have a gun on me. Actually, I was just glad to see him. After paying $15 for cover and a drink receipt, I entered the club.

The club has been changed quite a bit since my original review when it opened as Southern Comfort. The DJ booth is no longer part of the entry as before. There is a large glass covered DJ booth all the way at the end of the club on the right side. The bar is to the left as you enter, the medium rectangular stage is against the wall on the left side. The lap areas are on the right side of the room. The dressing room is all the way at the end of the club to the left side. The bathroom is in the front area near the entrance. The bathroom has an attendant sitting inside. There are seating all around the room with chairs and little tables.

The stage lighting was very bright at first but later I noticed one of the dancers asked for the lights to be turned down and it became really dark, like at the Rhino. The DJ was bilingual and gave out information about specials in English and Spanish, so I only understood him 50% of the time, which is about 40% better than at some clubs. There were so many lap specials, I lost track and really didn't pay any attention to them.

I was amazed that there were no really young looking dancers here like Playpen. All the dancers looked like the type at a topless clubs. I looked really hard but did not see any lookers and there were not very many dancers for a weekend night. It's hard to tell because they didn't do a showcase but I'm sure I stayed long enough to see most of the girls. The lap prices are apparently up to the dancer and they can charge whatever they want. I'm not sure how that works but I noticed that there weren't any floaters counting the dances. The lap areas are very private and has curtains like at Playpen. You sit on a couch and it's very comfortable.

The good news is, the laps can be done in a small curtained off area where nobody can see what is going on. There is a very comfortable couch in there with plenty of room to move around.

Expert Customer Tip:
Sit at the comfortable chairs all the way in the back next to the dressing room. The chairs back there are better than the others. Also, the dancers have to go to the dressing room to go on stage or freshen up so you can catch them for laps.


2.5 Average by today's standards.


1.0 Did not see any lookers.


1.0 Lap factory attitude.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Higher probably possible with right girl.

Southern Comfort - 1999

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Nude Vintage Industrial Strip

12317 Branford St., Sun Valley
Exit 118 Fwy at San Fernando, right on San Fernando, left on Branford
(818) 890-7777
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Room capacity: 125
Opened: 10/4/2007
Last review: Coming soon
Last visit: 9/2007

All photos by Paul Hart.
This club had a soft opening on October 4, 2007 and will have a grand opening party on October 31.  The cover charge is $20.  Lap dances are $20 topless and $40 nude in the VIP area.

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