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Nude Deja Vu (City of Industry)

(Formerly Sahara 3)
16025 Gale Avenue, Suite A-11, City of Industry
Exit East 60 at Hacienda Blvd, left on Three Palms, left on S. Hacienda, right on Gale.
(626) 336-2378
Web site:
Sun: 6pm - 2am, Mon - Thr: 12pm - 3am, Fri - Sat: 12pm - 4am
Renamed 2/2005: Deja Vu
Last Review: 11/2006
Last visit: 10/2006

All photos by Paul Hart

The dust has settled by now and the remodeling has been finished inside and out, and it all looks pretty good. The outside has been spruced up and their Love Boutique is now open next door.

This club is in a large strip mall so there's tons of free parking, especially at night when most of the other stores are closed.

Walk into the lobby area, where you pay your cover ($5 before 7pm, $10 after 7pm, or free with Z-VIP card, plus $10 for bottomless drinks).  Enter toward the right side to the main room.

The stand alone stage is medium in size and circular with 2 spinning poles (see picture) in the center of the room. The lighting on the stage is actually controlled by the dancer herself by a control box on stage.  Very interesting setup here.  So if you think the stage is too dark, complain to the dancer, not the DJ.

There are a lot of tables and chairs all around the room. Towards the far right is the bar and restrooms, then left of it is the DJ booth, then the VIP lap area, then booth seating on the left side, then the regular lap room.  At one point, the seating booths were reserved and you had to pay to sit in them but on my last visit, it was free to sit there.

Stage looking towards the bar from the lap room side.
In the separate lap dance area, there are approximately 25 round booths where the lap dances are $20, except on Mondays, which are only $10.  The dancers are allowed to do topless or nude lap dances but be sure to ask the dancer what she charges because some may charge extra for nude dances.

As with the other LA Deja Vus, the lap booths have timers, or "lap machines," as I like to call them, that take the cash. Each dancer has a unique electronic key that she uses to identify herself to the machine so that she can get her share of the lap dance money at the end of the shift. The laps are timed by this machine, and not by the length of the songs being played by the DJ. Some people don't like it and think it's impersonal, but I love this system.

Lap booths
Lap booths with automated timers, that I call "lap machines."
In the VIP area, there are five 30 minute VIP cubicles which can be used for $150, or $100 on Thursdays.  These cubicles contain large couches and are much more comfortable than the regular lap dance booths.  At any other club, which charges $20 or more for lap dances, $150 for 30 minutes would be a bargain (even at 3 minutes per song, it would be $200, and many clubs cut the songs short).  At $100 (on Thursdays), it's truly a bargain if you're going to do a bunch of dances anyway.

Since their initial opening, the lap prices have gone up but they are still reasonable and the VIP 30 minute price is great if you're going to do multiple dances anyway. Since my last visit, there's more dancers here with a good mix. Dancers from other clubs have come here and stayed.

Expert customer hint:
If you are going to do a VIP lap, use the one at the end of the room on the left as you enter because it's the last one. The dancer can put her shoes at the door to indicate that the room is occupied. Also, the couch is far from the entrance so somebody coming close to the room cannot see the couch area where you are getting your dance.

With the bottomless drinks, good lap pricing (with the lap machines that I like), and the Love Boutique next door, this place is worth a visit, and is on my to-lap list.

Be sure to checkout Nakari (DOM November 2006), the "VIP Queen."


4.0 Nice and new.  Remodeling done.


3.0 Still building the inventory but some lookers from other clubs are working here.


3.5 Good attitude by waitresses and dancers.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Great value for the money.

Sahara 3 - 1996, 2002
Deja Vu - 2005

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Nude Hawaii Theatre

15333 Gale Avenue, City of Industry
Exit Hacienda Blvd.
(626) 330-2061
Web site:
Sun: 3pm - 2am, Mon - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 2:30am
Room capacity: 138
Review: 8/2007
Last visit: 7/2007

HawaiiHawaii is located in a mini-mall and looks fairly plain from the outside. Cover is $10 and drinks are $4 and are not pushed all that much. This club is owned by Tropical Lei so many defectors from there work here. My guess is the girls that thought TL was a little too much for them or too small and crowded came here. As with TL, dancers must get customers to buy drinks.

As you enter, the DJ booth is in the far right front corner, the bar and bathrooms are in the middle far side and there is a TJ's sized stage in the middle. This club is kept pretty dark like TL and offer $20 topless (dancer keeps $15) and $40 nude laps (dancer keeps $25). As with TL, there is a VIP room available for $120. Dancer must sell 5 $6 dancer drinks to customers and tipout the house $25. There are TL style bench type couches all around the club including the horizontal brass bars for the dancer to hold on to above the customer. Obviously, plenty of standing during laps as well as high mileage dances. They offer specials and lights out dances like TL but the songs are cut very short. Once in a while (2 times a month or so) they have a girl/girl show on stage. Nothing to write home about and certainly not TL quality of nastiness.

Expert Customer Hint:
There are 2 secluded areas for high mileage laps. One is all the way to the right of the upper couch area (opposite side to vending machines). The other is to the right of the bar, all the way against the wall. Just observe the regulars getting dances in those areas and pick the right dancer for some hot stuff. As with most nude lap clubs, day laps are probably nastier but quality of dancers may be a little lower.

Although, not a nasty dancer, Raven (from TL) is a looker to checkout here.


3.0 New but nothing to write home about.


2.0 Only saw two I liked.


2.5 About average for nude lap clubs.

Nasty Factor

4.0 Waaay off the charts.

Hawaii Theater - 1996

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Topless Miss Kitty's

13079 E. Valley Blvd., City of Industry
Exit 605 at Valley Blvd.
(626) 336-1453
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Review: 12/2000
Last visit: 12/2000

OutsideAs far as I know, this is the only topless (full alcohol bar) strip club in this area that I am aware of. Park in the rear of the club because the entrance is in the back. I visited at night during the week so it was slow and there were very few customers.

A guy at the door took a $5 cover from me but no waitress came rushing over to get my drink order. It looks like the club has been renovated but it needs to be cleaned up a little. The DJ booth is to the left, the large stage is against the middle wall towards the center, and the bathroom is to the right. I assume the dressing room is behind the stage wall. It appeared that there were lighting at the stage but none were on and the stage was very dark. There weren't anybody I particularly wanted to see up close anyway.

As with most topless clubs, there are 2 pool tables, video games and dart boards to keep you entertained while you sip your beer and watch the girls. There are also some TVs to watch your favorite game.

There is a high bench style seating in front of the stage and other normal chair and couch seating all around the club. There are plenty of places for customers to sit and talk to the dancers in comfort. Unfortunately, there were not very many dancers and only one to my liking and she was busy with her regular. The lap dances are $10 done right at your seat but keep in mind that this is a topless club so don't expect any kind of crazy mileage that you would get at a nude club. I did not get one myself but saw one other customer getting one which looked like some air dances.

This is also one of the few clubs that feature a female DJ during the day (Liza) who is also their webmistress. Their website does contain a coupon and pictures of DJs, bartenders and waitresses, but not many dancer pictures yet.

All in all, if you are in this area and want a drink, this might be the place for you. If you want nude entertainment, you can drink at Mahoney's and then go to the Rhino.


2.5 Cozy for sitting and talking.


2.0 Not many.


2.5 Low for topless.

Nasty Factor

1.0 Not the place for nasty stuff.

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Nude Spearmint Rhino, City of Industry

15411 E. Valley Blvd., City of Industry
Exit 60 at Hacienda Blvd., North to Valley.
(626) 336-6892
Web site:
Sun - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Review: 1998
Last visit: 1/2001

OutsideThe outside of this club looks like any other City of Industry strip mall club. Boring. However, the second I entered to the lobby area, I could already tell that this was not any ordinary LA club. I've been told that there is a dress code so don't dress like a bum. There is a nice video store with booths to the left. I'll cut to the chase and skip that part here.

I entered the club and WOW! This is, IMO, one of the best looking club in all of Southern California. For those reading this from Atlanta, Dallas or Denver, please understand that the quality of clubs in LA is on the low side. I'm talking about the look of the club itself.

Although this club is small and Industrial Strip 2 is more glitzy, this club has the Rhino warm feeling to it. Yet, it is even classier than the one in Oxnard. If anybody remembers my old reviews about that club, you know how much I liked it.

This club is upscale without being big or glitzy. The design of this club is fantastic. There are little mini booths that are open to the club but very private. When I say booths, I don't mean the type at Industrial Strip or Bob's. I mean the type at restaurants, except they are embedded into the wall. ALL the chairs are the expensive, rollable, soft types of chairs. Since the club is brand new, everything is brand spanking new. The couches feel like leather, although it's probably imitation leather.

StageThe stage is very large for a small club. It just about takes up all the room. The floor is similar to the stage floor at Olympic Gardens and is really shiny and might be marble. There is a couch in the middle of the stage. This couch looks better than any couch I've ever owned. I wanted to go on the stage and sit in it myself. Actually, it looks good but it's probably not that comfortable to sit in. Who cares, it just for show.

Enough bull about the look of the club. When the club first opened, the quality of the dancers were top notch. It has gone down a bit since then but the lap mileage and stage mileage has gone way off the charts. You have to balance everything and that's what they have decided to do.

The topless laps are $20 and the nude ones are $40. When they first opened, the laps were only $15 but I knew that wouldn't last forever. They also have weekly features from Thursdays through Saturdays. On the nights with big name features, be ready for wall to wall, standing room only action. Since the club is so small, they need to really pack it in to pay for these expensive features.

The dancer tipout is a little like filling out your IRS forms. Dancer keeps $13 from $20 for topless and $24 from $40 for nude. They also tip the DJ 10%, 5% to the floater and 5% to the doorman. The house tipout is $80 with 6 drinks minimum ($100 house tipout and 8 drinks at night). Don't make me repeat that.

My fave dancer at this club is clearly Yasmine. I've been told that she now works at Rhino Rialto. If you want to see what I like, physically, just take a look at this dancer. For those hating enhanced tops, you might be disappointed. I don't care. They all taste the same to me. But be warned. This gal is not a nasty dancer. She's just grown that way. I tried to break my 48 record but alas, they had to close down the club... and unlike the Jet Strip which stays open as long as you want to do laps, they close at 2am. Actually, they closed at about 1:45am. They have 2 for 1 but the songs are cut. Oh well, can't have everything. My only other complaint is all the Rhinos have very limited selection for drinks, unlike Bob's.

One other factor to consider when visiting this club is that it is located in what I would call a sex mall. If you want a drink, you can walk to Mahoney's (which also has male dancers on some nights). If you want to watch pornos, you can visit the Rhino Adult Bookstore in the mall. This bookstore also has glory holes in the booths. You can use your own imagination on that one. If that's not enough for you, you can go to the VIP hostess club a few doors down and sit with a girl for hours for not much money. Unlike other VIP clubs, I've watched customers take the girls from the hostess club outside to the bookstore. What more do you need?


4.0 Good looking club.


3.0 Some lookers mixed in.


3.0 So far so good.

Nasty Factor

4.0 Off the scale.

Nice looking club with high nasty factor.

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Nude Synn Gentlemen's Club

(Formerly Exotica)
15619 E. Valley Blvd., City of Industry
60 East, exit Hacienda, left on Three Palms, left on S. Hacienda, right on E. Valley Blvd.
(626) 968-4434
Web site:
Sun - Wed: 11am - 3am, Thu - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 140
Renamed to Synn: 2005
Review: 8/2005
Last visit: 8/2005

Previously Exotica, and located in the strip club capital of the Los Angeles area, the newly named Synn Gentlemen's Club has joined the rest of the City of Industry clubs.

There's ample parking in the strip mall where the club is located, including another lot nearby if the main one is full.

As you enter this sister club of Paradise, there is a adult bookstore section (see picture), a small lobby area, and the actual entrance to the main club (see picture).  This is where you will pay your $5 cover charge (plus $5 for 1 drink) during the day, or $10 cover charge (plus $5 for 1 drink) at night (after 7:30pm).

Adult bookstore with DVDs, magazines and toys.  There are also video arcade private booths with doors.

Once you enter the main club area, you will see the bar to your left, then the restrooms, some sitting area booths, the dressing room entrance, followed by the DJ booth, then finally the stage on the far side, with about 10 seats.  To the right is a separate room for VIP lap dances, and another VIP room with a stage, which is perfect for private parties.

On the opposite side of the room are the ATM machine and a small bench seating area.  Behind this seating area on a higher platform is the main lap dance area.  This area is behind a low wall and people in the main room cannot see the lap dances.  Also in this area is another tiny VIP room with a comfortable lounge chair.

Entrance to the club area from the lobby area next to the adult bookstore.

As for lap dances, they are $20 for topless and $40 for nude.  The VIP rooms are $150 for 15 minutes and $300 for 30 minutes.  Currently, there are 3 areas where you can receive VIP dances but look for more areas coming soon after some remodeling.

There are a wide variety of dancers here from small petite girls to tall girls and everything in between.  For the most part, the quality is above average to good and there are enough of them to satisfy most customers.  Lap dance mileage is above average to very good but not insane like some of the other Industry clubs.

At the end of the day, this remodeled version is more upscale, has upgraded their dancer roster and management and is ready for some prime time action to take on the rest of the Industry clubs. 


3.0 Remodeled and more to come in the near future.


3.0 Variety.


2.5 Average for nude club.

Nasty Factor

3.5 City of Industry. Need I say more?

Exotica - 1995, 2002

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