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Nude Bliss Showgirls

(Formerly Hollywood East)
13217 Valley Blvd., La Puente
Exit 605 at Valley Blvd.
(626) 369-3475
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Last review: Full review coming soon
Last visit: 7/2007

All photos by Paul Hart
This club is now a sister club to Taboo and is named Bliss Showgirls, and had their grand opening in July of 2007.  It's still basically brand new so this is a preliminary review.

As before, there is a fairly large parking lot where you can park for free.  The entrance is on the West side of the building.

There is now a small lobby area with a counter where you pay your cover charge.  Cover charge is now $5 during the day and $10 from 6:30pm to closing.  No cover charge with our Z-VIP card.  There is a one drink minimum which costs $6.50.

Stage with bar in background. Picture taken from far side towards entrance.
As you enter, the bar is on the left, the stage is in the middle, the DJ booth and lap dance areas are on the far side and right side of the room.  The layout is completely different from before.

Topless lap dances are $20, and nude lap dances are $40 per song.  10 minute VIP lap dances are $150 and 20 minute lap dances are $300, both in a separate VIP area.

Since it's still brand new, there aren't a ton of dancers yet but there's potential for this club because of it's location, so keep this club on your radar.

Hollywood East - 2001

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Nude Paradise Showgirls

14310 Valley Blvd., La Puente
60 East to 605 North, exit Valley Blvd., right on Valley.
(626) 961-6261
(626) 336-1622 (Bookstore)
Web site:
Sun - Wed: 11am - 3am, Thr - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 80
Last review: 2/2005
Last visit: 2/2005

This treasure of a strip club is located in a strip mall that also houses their Lounge with alcohol and an adult bookstore.  That makes this location your one stop shop for adult entertainment. There's ample parking at the strip mall, and on busy nights, they also have valet parking available.

The entrance leads to a hallway.  If you turn left, it leads to the adult bookstore, and turning right leads to the strip club.  At the end of the hall is a turnstile and a guy that takes your cover charge of $5 (until 6pm) or $10 (after 6pm) plus a one drink minimum.

If you're a golfer or gambler, just bring your golfing scorecard or any LA or Vegas casino players card and your cover is waved.  Also, if you work at a casino, you get in free too.  Nice.  So along with the Z-VIP card, I have about 14 ways to get in here for free.

Paradise Lounge with full alcohol bar, couch area, VIP section and big screen TV. Open 11am-2am.

As you enter the actual club area, the stage is in the center of the room, the DJ booth is on the left, the bar is past the DJ booth, and the restrooms are past the bar on the far side of the room.  The club is decorated in a tropical island type of lay out with palm trees.

The regular topless ($20) and nude ($40) lap booths are located on the far side of the room to the right of the restrooms.  The VIP area ($300 for 20 minutes) with 4 cubicles with couches are located in a separate room which is located behind the DJ/bar area.  This area also contains the dressing room, where dancers can get some munchies from a vending machine.

There is a large stage in the middle of the room with comfortable chairs all around and bench style couches all around the stage with small tables. The club is dark but there's enough lighting at the stage to see what is going on.  The music was a little loud for my taste but the party people at the club seemed to be enjoying the pump-up music.  On some nights, they do girl/girl shows on stage which can get pretty crazy.

Paradise Adult Bookstore with toys, magazines, as well as VHS and DVD movies.

The dancers are mostly younger and for the most part, pleasant to the eye. There's a nice mix of ethnicities as well as body types to appease any aficionado.  On busy nights, there are 25-30 girls working.  Checkout Lexi, Alure, Angel and Brianna.

The regular lap dance area is in the main club area but there are walls and cubicles that makes it relatively private. There are equipment at the booth to help the dancer stand up on the soft chair and get really close. It is also very dark in this area. In fact, it was so dark, one of my lap dancers could not find her shoes after the dance and had to get the floater to use his flashlight.  The VIP area have large cubicles with couches for more room to make things interesting.  They are planning on upgrading this area in the near future.

If you're looking for a place for a bachelor party to get some alcohol drinks, then nude lap dances, this is the perfect stop for the party.  You can also pickup some party toys at the adult bookstore too.


3.5 Lounge with alcohol, adult bookstore and nude strip club.  One stop shop for adult entertainment.


3.0 Young, plenty and lots of variety.


2.5 Good for a nude club.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Higher with VIP.

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