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Bikini Fantasy Island

11434 West Pico Blvd., West Los Angeles
3 blocks west of Sepulveda Blvd, near 405 Fwy
(310) 473-5678
(310) 473-0270 FAX
Web site: (down)
Sun: 7pm - 2am, Mon - Sat: 11:30am - 2am
Last review: 3/2004
Last visit: 3/2004

BuildingOnce again, this club has been remodeled in 2003 (since the last review) and has been given yet another new life. It's conveniently located near the 405 and 10 freeways.  As in most West LA locations, there's very little street parking but valet is available.

As you enter, there is a box office with a girl and cash register to your right.  The cover charge is $5 from 5pm - 10pm and $10 after 10pm (or free with Z-VIP card).

There is a micro stage near the entrance, and the bar is to the right. To the extreme right is the pool table and game room. Past the bar is the DJ booth and bathrooms. To the extreme left, is the new Champagne Room for VIP lap dances.  There is another small stage in this room.  What used to be the old VIP room is now normally closed, except for VIP party rentals or when the club is extremely busy.

The main stage is now in front of the Champagne and VIP room and against the left wall.  There is no longer the old runway type stage which creates more room in the back area for couch dances in the open area.

Unlike most clubs, because this is an alcohol bikini club, FI serves "real" food and the menu is pretty extensive for a strip club. It's also a full bar so you can order your favorite hard drinks, or of course, beer and wine are also available. Since they serve booze, the dancers must wear full top and bottom. However, don't worry too much about the clothing.  After a few drinks, they'll all look pretty much close to naked with cleavage and butts everywhere.

The lap dances are $20 in the open area, and $30 in the Champagne room.  You must purchase a minimum $65 bottle of Champagne to enter this room.  Or if you don't have time to drink a whole bottle like me, you can just pay the money and get whatever you want to drink.  There are also 2 for 1 dance specials going on every hour.  On weeknights, there's usually nobody else in the Champagne room so there's a lot of privacy there.  On busy weekends, it can get crowded so it's not as private and you may want to save your money and just get the $20 dances.  For a bikini club, the lap dances are pretty good contact.  You won't get air dances here.

As for the dancers, it's a good mixture of different types but most are good to great looking.  On the nights I was there, I didn't see any that didn't belong in a strip club.  You can tell that some are definitely wannabe models and actresses with hard bodies to match.  Nice to look at and nicer to get a lap dance from.

FI's claim to fame: Because of the location, you may spot a celebrity or two sometimes.  Porn girl Holly Body used to work here, as well as ex-fitness models Tylene Buck and Julie Tawny.   In recent months, Pam Anderson was spotted doing research for her new show "Stripperella" and having some fun too.  I wonder if lap dances are tax deductible for her?

If you want to drink with friends or business associates, this is the right place for you.  Also come here if you want to drink alcohol and get decent lap dances and chat with your favorite dancer.


3.5 Good Westside location.


3.0 Going back up.


3.0 Chit chat all you want if you got the $.

Nasty Factor

2.5 High for a bikini club. Higher possible in the Champagne room.

Fantasy Island - 2001

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Nude 4 Play

2238 Cotner Ave.
1 block east of 405 fwy between Olympic and Pico
(310) 575-0660
Web site:
Sun: 7pm - 2am, Mon - Wed: 12noon - 2am, Thr: 12noon - 3am, Fri: 12noon - 4am, Sat: 7pm - 4am
Opened: 12/1997
Last review: 9/2007
Last visit: 3/2007

All photos by Paul Hart
On any given night, you'll see a bunch of expensive exotic cars parked at this upscale club which is rated the best nude club in Los Angeles by

As you step inside, you'll realize this is not the run of the mill nude club. There is a fairly large lobby area with the box office to the right. To your right, there is a nude modern statue of a hard body woman. The cover is $10, $15 on weekend nights and during the day, it's $5. There is a mild dress code so don't come with beach attire.

As you enter through the door to the main club, the cozy ambiance of the club comes into view. Although the club is fairly large, it does not have the cold warehouse feeling that some clubs have.

The stage is to the right, the bar is in the back left area, the DJ booth and bathrooms are at the end of the club. The restrooms are to the right of the DJ booth. There is a payphone in the men's restroom, 2 urinals, 2 stalls and a very interesting drawing on the wall next to the sinks.

There are about 11 small tables with real table cloths, soft comfortable chairs and a little candle type light. There are also about 5 couches to sit and relax on. These couches are for sitting, not for laps. One TV screen is above the dressing room with sports programs on them. I've been told that the dressing room is very large for LA nude club standards with lockers. The waitresses wear black and brings your $6.50 non-alcoholic drink with a smile and chips or pretzels.

Interior with bar on far left, stage center, DJ booth far top

The stage size is medium with one pole, and seats about 15 on plush chairs around the granite tip rail.  The stage lighting is not too dark like some clubs, but just dark enough to create a nice ambiance.

4 large speakers loom over the stage area only but the volume is kept very low for easy conversations with the dancers. Although the ceiling is high, the club is surrounded by low walls to give the impression of a more cozy atmosphere.

There are 2 separate private dance rooms and a VIP area. One is to the left of the DJ booth with about 9 booths and another room is to the right of the stage with 4 booths. The room to the left of the DJ booth has a booth that is larger than the others. If you want to trap your dancer, use the smaller booths on the far side of the room. However, there are no mirrors in the room so it's hard to see if a floater is peeking into the room. Your dancer would have to keep her eyes open.

The VIP area requires a purchase of a minimum of 5 songs at $29 each for the separated couch (almost fantasy rooms) and $39 per song to use the private stage or bed dances on the fake beds.  There is also a micro-stage in one area which can be used as a private party area.

Frankly, the corner "room" with the big couch seems to be the best setup for a comfortable and sexy dance. However, the big difference is, the bed dances are all the way at the end and nobody will walk past you like the other area.

As for the dancers, there are plenty of them and the quality is top notch. On any given night, you will see some knockouts and Playmate quality dancers. There are also some quality dancers who do pole work, and enough exotic looking dancers to keep any customer happy for hours. The dancer quality here has always been consistent high and I have never been disappointed.  Be sure to checkout Brooke when you visit.

Expert Customer Hint:
Sit in alignment with the bright light on stage and when the dancer does a floor show, you will get a full-on gyno show. Don't come here for nasty laps, come for the company of good lookers that can chit chat with you and help you relax a bit.

Claim to fame: Plenty of celebrities, from George Clooney to Hugh Hefner have visited.


4.0 Good location but street or valet parking only.


4.0 Can't get much better that this.


4.0 Great atmosphere for good attitudes.

Nasty Factor

2.5 Come here for eye candy and not for mileage.

Brings the new European standard to LA.  Best location and high quality eye candy.

4 Play - 2001

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Bikini   Plan B

11637 Pico Blvd.
1/2 block east of Barrington
(310) 312-3633
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 6pm - 2am
Room Capacity: 232
Opened: 11/2001
Last review: 9/2007
Last visit: 3/2007

All photos by Paul Hart
If your "plan" is to find an upscale place to drink while looking at some of the best looking bikini clad women in LA, then make this Plan B your first choice.

The owner of 4 Play has taken the old location of the Gig in West Los Angeles and turned it into a very upscale restaurant and bar, along with what the owner calls "Go-Go" dancers.

If you had ever seen the old Gig, you can forget about it because it has been completely gutted and everything is new outside and inside.

As in most upscale locations, there is only valet parking ($4.50) but there is some street parking available. The canopy and red carpet welcomes the customer to the entrance and box office, where a very attractive and pleasant lady will take your $5 cover charge or use your Z-VIP card.

Photo from micro stage, main stage on left, lap area far top, bar on right

As you enter the club, there's a Champagne VIP area further in the club on the right, a micro stage near the entrance, and a larger, medium sized stage towards the left side of the room.

The club itself is cozy and small, dark enough to be considered romantic, but not so dark that you can't see what you want. There is ample lighting at both stages. The bar is to the right, the VIP seating area is higher and is against the left wall (street side). The couch dancing area is straight in the back area, and the bathrooms, DJ booth, and kitchen are to the extreme back right side area past the bar.

The first thing you'll noticed is the ambiance. It's a new level of elegance for this type of club. It would be appropriate to bring an open minded date or your wife here, as well as having an after business meeting and dinner. This is the true "Gentlemen's Club" that Dallas and Denver tout but have never surfaced in Los Angeles. It's not a wannabe classy club... it is one. Starting with the all leather seating club wide, to the attentive and beautiful waitresses, it exudes a different level of pleasure and comfort.

The menu contains everything you would expect at any good LA restaurant, including Filet Minion and Lobster, but this one is open until 2am. The full bar has a great selection. Beers start at $5 and any drink that you would ask for at a good bar is available up to the most expensive drinks for the connoisseur.

Champagne room
One of the champagne rooms with opening to club area on left

The Champagne rooms can be used for a small private party or for customers who would like a little privacy but still want to be able to see the action on stage. The Champagne rooms can be rented by the half hour or hour.  The one pictured here has an opening toward the main room with stools and counter so that the show can be enjoyed from within.

Next to the entrance, there is a patio for smokers as well as table seating where you can enjoy your drinks and be served with your dinner. This is a nice touch for smokers and outside lovers alike.

Lap dance area
Lap dance area with VIP area at far top

The couch dance area located in the back, is full of individual custom leather mini-couches separated by small dividers. This room is fairly large compared to the size of the entire club and could possibly seat about 20 people. The lap dances are $20 per song.

The quality of the dancers here has been top notch from the beginning. Many are very good conversationalists and will sit and chat with the high rollers.  I've come here with a date to have some late desert to set the mood for the rest of the night

Once again, the owner of 4 Play has raised the standard for LA clubs and this one will be hard to beat for it's location and great hiring practice. This is not the place to look for nasty lap dances. This is the place for drinks while watching elegant women on stage. The perfect place for a wind down business meeting, playful date, or just a great place to relax and have a great dinner.

Claim to fame: Many celebrities have been here including Pamela Anderson who played in the Champagne room.


4.0 High class and upscale that sets the standard for Los Angeles.


3.5 Top notch eye candy.  Some can even dance.


3.5 Wonderful attitudes.

Nasty Factor

0.5 Mild but sensual and sexy.

Upscale is putting it mildly for this new standard for bikini clubs. Come here for the best eye candy and food.

Plan B - 2001

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Nude Silver Reign, West LA

(Formerly Platinum, Savannah, Men's Club, Star Planet, Stars Planet)
11908 Mississippi Ave.
Near Bundy and Olympic
(310) 479-1500
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 12pm - 4am
Opened: 5/1997
Name changes: Platinum in 2001, Silver Reign in 2003
Last review: 2/2009
Last visit: 11/2008

Update: 3/2009:
Silver Reign is offering Happy Hour between the hours of 5pm � 9pm, Monday thru Friday.  There will be a $5 cover between 5pm � 7pm & a $10 cover between 7pm - 9pm which includes open bar.

All photos by Paul Hart
This controversial club in West LA has been remodeled yet again.

The entrance is located on Mississippi, across the street from Staples.  However, the parking lot is shared with a strip-mall on Olympic.  If you are not going to valet park, enter from Olympic and walk through to Mississippi on the East side of the building via a hallway.

The small lobby area has been upgraded a little. This is where you will pay the cover charge of $5 (day) or $10 (night after 6:30pm), plus $12 for 2 drinks.

Enter the club through the door to your left. The club is small and cozy with one medium sized stage located in the center of the room, which takes up a major portion of the club.

Interior with bar on far right, stage center, and lap areas on far wall.

The bar is on the East side of the room, the DJ booth is on the South side, along with the restrooms and dressing rooms in the back area.

There are 4 alcoves in this main room which are used for lap dances.

The club is relatively dark but bright enough to see what you want. The alcoves have low lighting and although not completely private, if there are no other customers there, can provide a certain level of privacy, especially during the day.

Lap dance area
One of the lap dance alcove areas. Lighting turned up for photo.

The quality of the dancers are good and the hiring practice has been consistently good over the years.

The main attraction here is the lap dances and the mileage is high, and during the day, can be off the charts.

However, the songs are cut short, probably around 2-3 minutes depending on the time and DJ.  Some of the dancers will automatically assume you want to do the $40 nude lap dances so you'll have to tell them if you only want the $20 topless dances.  At $40 a song, test driving several dancers can get expensive very fast but worth the money if you find the right one.

Come to this club to see hot nude dancers on stage and to get expensive high mileage lap dances.  If you're on a very tight budget, go elsewhere.


4.0 Very good location and looks fairly new after remodeling.


3.5 Good hiring practice.


3.0 Mix of talkative and cool ones plus lap factory types.

Nasty Factor

4.0 Completely off the charts but can get expensive.

Savannah - 1999, 2000
Platinum - 2002
Silver Reign - 2007

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