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Nude Deja Vu (Union Station)

(Formerly Platinum, Little Tokyo Showgirls)
710 E. Commercial St., Downtown LA
Near Alameda and 101 Fwy
(213) 213-1112
Web site:
Sun: 6pm - 3am. Mon - Sat: 6pm - 6am
Room capacity: 300
Opened: 5/2007 as Little Tokyo Showgirls
Renamed and Reopened as Platinum Gentlemen's Club: 8/2008
Renamed Deja Vu: 6/2010
Last review: Coming soon
Last visit: 8/2008

Deja Vu has taken over this club as of approximately June of 2010. This club is located near L.A.'s historic Olvera Street, Little Tokyo and Chinatown, across the street from the 101 freeway.

The club features free indoor parking, ATM machine, a very large main stage, and several Plasma screens for watching sporting events.

As of October 2011, they have two for $40 nude lap dances, which is a great deal. Since they are open to 6am, it's never too late to check this place out.

Little Tokyo Showgirls - 2007
Platinum - 2008

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Nude PlayPen

1109 S. Santa Fe Ave., Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy at Santa Fe, north to Sacramento
(213) 489-2000
(213) 614-9911 (Payphone in dressing room)
Web site:
Sun - Thr: 11am - 2am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 176
Opened: 2/1998
Last review: 5/2002
Last visit: 8/2004

FrontThis warehouse converted club is located in a very industrial part of downtown Los Angeles. What used to be a separate business is now a large office area. There are rehearsal studios and tow yards near by as well as a small Mexican bar across the street.

This club is owned by several owners. There is parking on Sacramento next to the building but the on-sight parking is in front and inside the building behind the club and is used only for dancers and valet parking. Cover is $10 all the time with a 2 drink ($4.25 each) minimum paid at the door.

As you enter, the VIP lap room is to the right, the bar is straight ahead, and the bathrooms are to the right behind the VIP lap room. The stage is against the far wall with 3 runways coming out of the main section. The actual shape of the stage is very odd and hard to explain. On my last visit, the dancers would do 2 songs on each stage starting with the one closest to the bar and move to the next stage. There are also a few TVs with adult movies playing on them.

The DJ booth is now on a higher platform behind the stage. The dressing room is to the left of the stage. The dressing room contains a payphone which allows callbacks and there are some lockers and hanger poles in there as well. House tipout is $25 per shift plus tipout to DJ.

Now for the good stuff. Since my last visit in 1998, the lap prices have gone up by $10 each. They are now $30 bikini laps in the lap booths, $40 topless and $50 nude laps. However, what used to be sitting booths are now all lap dance cubicles with see-through curtains. This means higher mileage, in case you didn't understand. They also seem to do a lot of 2, 3 and 4 for 1 dances but the songs are cut as you would expect.

On some nights, they have an after hours mini-rave with a live DJ. On these nights, it's a strange mix of nude dancers, rave partiers and customers. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the girl is a dancer, raver, or both. On other nights, they are open until 4am or until there are no more customers. The lap dances seem to get a little wilder after hours with less inspections by the floaters. Since the cubicles are pretty private, a lot can go on with the right dancer. The mileage is a lot higher than before.

All in all, if you want to see nude and you are in downtown, this might be a good alternative to the Rhino. You have to look hard but there are some really good looking, young Latina girls working here. The day shift is pretty busy for a nude club due to the fact that many downtown workers probably get to go on a break during the day.


2.0 OK inside but iffy 'hood.


2.5 More dancers than last visit.


2.5 Usual lap selling.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Can even be higher.

PlayPen - 1998

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Nude Rio, Downtown

(Formerly Ultimate 10 Showgirls)
1501 E. Washington Blvd., Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy at Central, right on Compton, right on Tarleton, right on Washington
(213) 747-0410
Sun - Wed: 11am - 2am, Thr - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 202
Opened: 6/2005
Name change to Rio: 8/2009
Last review: 5/2006
Last visit: 2/2006

The following review is from 2006 when this club was Ultimate 10. We will be re-reviewing this club in the near future.

Photos by Saxbeat
This club is located in an industrial area of downtown on the very busy street.  There is ample free secured and gated parking at the club, especially at night when they take over the parking lot of the other business next door.  There is also plenty of indoor parking available.  Valet parking is provided on Friday and Saturday nights.

Enter the building from the east side where you will pay the cover ($5 day, $15 after 6pm).  There is a mild dress code requiring clean collared shirt, and no gang clothing.  Dress shorts are acceptable along with any casual attire.

As you enter, you'll notice the high ceiling and the stage in the center of the room.  The DJ booth, bar and dressing rooms on the side of the entrance.  Past the bar on the left is the rest rooms and ATM machine.  Past that is the VIP rooms.  On the right side are higher level seating for better views from afar.

Stage view from upstairs VIP balcony.  Lights were turned up for photo.
The lap dances are $20 for topless and $40 for nude.  The VIP rooms require a minimum of 3 songs, but you can continue one song at a time after the minimum.  The VIP rooms have very comfortable couches and are well worth it if you know you are going to do more than a couple of songs.

This club is still somewhat new so there aren't tons of dancers, but the ones that are there are friendly and more than happy to try to please the customers.  This place is overlooked and if you find a dancer that you like, could be a great find for you.

Expert customer hint:
Find a dancer that you like and go to the VIP balcony upstairs.


3.0 Spacious and new.


2.5 Not many but friendly.


3.0 Friendly for nude club.

Nasty Factor

3.5 VIP balcony upstairs rates even higher.

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Nude Rouge, Downtown

(Formerly Silver Reign)
1616 E. 15th Street, Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, north on Alameda, left on 15th
(213) 748-8099
Web site:
Sun - Wed: 11am - 2am, Thr - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 368
Opened: 1/2003
Renamed Rouge: 10/2006
Last review: 2/2007
Last visit: 1/2007

This club has closed as of approximately 2/2010 and is now a regular night club. The review below is from 2007 when it was a strip club.

Photos by Paul Hart
The conversion to Rouge is now complete and the remodel has created a plush European style gentlemen's club in downtown Los Angeles.

Located only a few blocks from their sister club, Spearmint Rhino, this club is larger and now has a large parking lot next to the building, as well as overflow parking half a block away.  You can valet park or pay and park yourself.  There is also street parking available at night. Check the street signs if you're parking during the day.

As you enter from the front door, there is a small lobby area with a cashier who will take your $5 cover charge, before 6:30pm, and $10 cover charge at night (Z-VIP members get a free lap dance with paid admission).  There is a dress code, so don't come dressed like you came from the gym. Enter through the left side, then walk to the right through to the main club area.

Main stage
Main stage with bar to the left, VIP room to the right,
The bar is located in front on the right, the stage is in the center of the room (with 2 poles), tables and chairs are located throughout the club. The DJ booth and VIP lounge are located towards the left side.

There are 3 sitting booths in front of the bar, close to the stage.  I like these booths because it's very comfortable, but you are still close to the action.  If you don't mind being further away, there are 2 raised large VIP areas that you can sit together with your friends.

If I remember correctly, I think the bartender was topless behind the bar. I'm not sure if this is only for special events or all the time, or wishful thinking, or I was just hallucinating at the time

The topless lap dances are $20, and the nude lap dances are $40. The nude lap dances are done in a different lap dance alcove located on the right side of the DJ booth.  The topless dances are done in 2 different areas, one on the left and one on the right.

VIP stage
VIP room: Entrance on the left, bar center, stage on the right.
In my opinion, the big attraction here is the ginormous VIP lounge, which is larger than some clubs and contain a stage with a pole, a bar, an ATM machine, restroom, and lap dance areas.

This room is perfect for private parties, bachelor parties, and celebrities who want to be left alone. For private parties, you can park in the VIP parking area behind the club, then enter from the back entrance straight to the VIP room without even being seen by anyone.

Once there, this room is a stand alone club with all the necessary amenities. Not only can the party goers enjoy stage dancing, but the lap dance areas are private so your buddies won't be watching to see what you're doing.  Normally, I recommend getting a suite at a hotel for bachelor parties, but this is the perfect solution to preventing dancers from not showing up to your party.  By using this setup at the Rouge, you can be sure you will have access to all the dancers available at the club.

Many of the dancers from Silver Reign have returned, and with the relaxed scheduling, they have managed to bring dancers from many of the Rhino clubs to work here as well.  Although they are still building up their roster, for a relatively new club, they are doing well.

All in all, with the VIP lounge, this is a great place for a bachelor party, and it's plush and nice enough to bring your wife or girlfriend. It's positioned as being more upscale than the Rhino down the street so be sure to dress the part.

Expert customer hint:
There is a niche inside the nude lap area, but more importantly, there is an almost hidden lap niche in the VIP lounge, near the entrance. It's a little claustrophobic but that keeps the dancer from getting too far away.


3.5 Plush with VIP room. Would be a 4 if located elsewhere.


2.5 In the process of building up their inventory but some lookers available.


3.0 Good for a nude club.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Higher possible with the right selection or in VIP lounge.

Silver Reign, Downtown - 2003

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Topless   Sam's Hof Brau

1751 E. Olympic Blvd., Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, north to Olympic, turn left on Olympic
(213) 623-3989
(213) 623-3922 FAX
(213) 622-8848 (Payphone outside)
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Room capacity: 140
Opened: 1/1995
Last review: 10/2008
Last visit: 9/2008

Photos by Paul Hart
Interestingly, downtown LA has become the new hip area of the city, with brand new expensive condos and artists' lofts.

Mixed in with this new hype is Sam's, what Los Angeles Magazine calls the best strip club in Los Angeles.

The best strip club label is arguable, but this is certainly one of the most relaxed, low pressure strip clubs in Los Angeles. This is one of the few strip clubs where you can bring your female friends and co-workers for a drink.

The neighborhood is typically industrial downtown, and the building is older but it's got a nice and cozy atmosphere inside. The customer base is mixed with some white collar types during the day, but mostly blue collar types at night.

The club has a large gated parking lot with security cameras and guards to watch over the cars.  There's street parking available but be sure to read the signs during the day.  At night when it is busy, they have valet parking for $5.

Enter the club through the front entrance on Olympic.  Unlike almost all LA clubs, there is no cover charge to enter, day or night.  This is great for people who just want to stop by and check things out without having to pay up front. The security at the door will check your ID (must be 21+) and take away cameras and weapons.

As you enter, the DJ booth is at the entrance.  The bar is to the right, where they serve full alcohol. The chair dance area is near the front of the club (to the extreme right). The one large stage is in the center of the club with plenty of brass poles (vertical and horizontal), but the infamous spinning ring is now gone. The stage seats about 30 customers. The bathrooms, kitchen, payphones, ATM machine, 2 pool tables, change machine and dressing rooms are toward the back of the club.

Bar to the left, stage with poles in center of the room, lap dance area on far side
As of October 2008, the club has updated their menu with more food choices, including a 12" pizza made to order.  I like their BBQ chicken with no cheese.  They also have a free buffet during happy hour.

They've recently added a bunch of flat screen HDTVs and a large projection screen for sport fans, making this a lot like a sports bar.  They have specials on some of the days, including on Monday and Tuesdays, a $2 Coors and Coors light special, all day and all night.

As for the chicas, there are about 8-25+ dancers during the day and 12-40+ dancers at night. It's a mix bag of all types of dancers, from seasoned pros, to brand new girls who have never danced before.  Looks are from skinny white chicks to booty-lishous Latin girls.  Some of the good lookers work at night. However, if you like quantity, this club probably has more dancers during the day than almost any other clubs in LA.

Table dances are $20 at your table in a g-string, or chair dances (with shorts) for $10. The dancer keeps all the money so the dancers seem happy to be there. As in most topless clubs, don't expect crazy mileage but pick the right girl and get your money's worth and more. This is the place to come if you love Latin dancers. Unlike most nude clubs, many of the Latin dancers really dance on stage and work up a sweat.

All in all, this is a place to come with your buds to drink, play pool and get some cheap lap dances.  If you like booty, especially Latin booty, you've found the right place.

Expert Customer Hint:
Although the chair dances can get hot for a topless club, for better results and a close up view, try getting a table dance at one of the booths.  Use booth #5 near the exit and sit against the wall in the corner of the booth.

Look for Bridget, Kira, Bella (DOM for March 2002), and Siara (DOM for October 2008). Be sure to say hello to the bartender Rachel.


3.0 Cozy setting.


2.5 Plenty of chicas with booty.


4.0 Find the right one and talk and drink with them all night.

Nasty Factor

2.5 Varies greatly from girl to girl, day to day. Usually higher during the day.

Sam's Hofbrau - 2002

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Topless   The Score Club

2065 S. Santa Fe Ave., Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, south to Washington, left on Washington to Santa Fe
(323) 588-8898
Web site:
Mom - Fri: 11am - 2am, Sat - Sun: 6pm - 2am
Room capacity: 331
Opened: 2/2002 (Grand opening 3/1/2002)
Last review: 4/2002
Last visit: 6/2003

Update 12/2010:
Here's more updated info provided by the club.
The club is now topless with full alcohol and restaurant. They have happy hour from Monday through Friday from 3pm to 6pm with half price appetizers and $3 glasses of wine. 11am to 8pm weekdays, all beers are $3.

They have $10 bikini "air" laps anywhere in the club or $20 laps on the "Score Couch" with some contact and privacy. More privacy in the "Starlight" room for 4 for $100. If you want to go longer, checkout the Champagne Suites for $150 for 15 minutes, 30 minutes starting at $275, and 60 minutes starting at $525.

Update 6/2010:
This club is now topless with alcohol. The review below is from 2003 when the club was nude.

OutsideThe rumor on this new upscale club is that about $800K was spent on this building so far. The club is in the industrial part of downtown, about 2 miles from the Staple center, and is a little hard to find. If you are going south on Santa Fe, when you get to the "bridge" at Washington, don't go on the bridge. Go to the right side of the bridge but don't turn right and keep going to the club, which will be on your right side.

Once there, you'll see a large 2 story sized building with a large sign. You can valet park for $3.50 and although I didn't check carefully, it didn't seem like there was any legal street parking available. There are classy double glass doors leading you into the lobby section of the club where you pay your $20 cover (which includes 2 drinks) to a lovely cashier girl, who sits behind a hotel like counter, right down to the flat screen monitor and computer printed receipt. The manager told me that they are trying to keep this place very upscale, as the cover indicates.

Walk to your right through more double doors into the main part of the club. This section is very large and the ceiling is all the way up to the roof. The bar is to the left, and the stage is basically in the center of the room with 2 high poles going all the way to the ceiling. The stage is oval and has stairs going up to it, and a nice stylish couch in the middle like at most Rhinos. There are the usual stage lighting above the stage. I was told that only R & B and rock music are played and no hip-hop or rap are allowed.

The basic interior reminds me of the Rhino style stage and similar lap areas behind the walls, and also VIP alcoves which can be rented for $500 for the entire evening, with hand picked dancers assigned to your alcove. Although the club is dark, it is not quite as dark as the Rhino and you can actually see the dancer on stage. A waitress will come by and ask if you want your $5 drinks. They have a variety of soft drinks, including Snapple and Red Bull. The waitresses were very friendly and on my first visit last month, Gina the bartender was a looker.

The bathrooms and DJ booths are further to the left past the bar. For some reason, there are 2 men's bathroom doors. At first, I thought it was just the doors that went into the same room but actually, the door to the right goes to a room with only 2 stalls, while the room to the left goes to one with 2 urinals and one handicap accessible stall. There is the required bathroom attendant sitting inside the left one only.

The entire giant room contains little tables with comfortable chairs with the Rhino-like candle-type lights on each table. On the far side of the stage, there is one white couch which seems to be the VIP couch for the big spenders. It's large enough to seat 3 comfortably and is great for talking with your favorite dancer. There are also soft bench seating against the walls on 2 sides which allow for similar activities.

Currently, the female restroom is also used as the dressing room, as well as one outside the building in a patio area, which I assume could be used for smokers. There is also a special dressing room upstairs for the feature dancer, who happened to be Felicia during the grand opening. The owner tells me that he wants to basically build a huge area for the dancers to workout, tan, get manicures and facials, as well as shower and get ready for work. Since the building has 22,000 square feet and half of it is currently unused, there is plenty of space for just about anything in the future.

Lap dances are $20 for topless and $40 for nude. There was the usual 2 for 1 specials and sometimes 3 for 1. During the grand opening, there were about 80 dancers on Friday and about 40 dancers on Saturday. That should be enough to please anybody. I saw a great variety of dancers, from average to great looking but I did not see any stunners, which will probably improve over time.

For now, the dancer gets to keep all their lap dance money and do not have to sell drinks. That seems to have attracted dancers all the way from Rialto to Orange County. I've never seen so many dancers from so many places. Many dancers said that it was still slow during the week and they are waiting to see what happens before deciding to move to this new club. All seemed happy about the management and the upscale look of the club. The dancers were all talkative and very friendly. Although the lap dances are not crazy, there is plenty of mileage to please the regular club goer.

If you like the very friendly talkative type, try Kitty. She's the self appointed social coordinator of the club.

Update April 2002:
Starting May 7, 2002 and every Tuesday after that, The Score will have an amateur dance contest with $1700 in cash prizes.


3.5 Large, new, upscale, except for location.


3.0 Plenty and I predict will get better.


4.0 The most friendly nude dancers in LA.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Higher possible.

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Nude Spearmint Rhino, Downtown

2020 E. Olympic Blvd., Downtown LA
Exit 10 Fwy on Alameda, north to Olympic, turn right on Olympic
(213) 629-9213
(213) 629-9214 FAX
Web site:
Sun - Wed: 11am - 2am, Thr - Sat: 11am - 4am
Room capacity: 71
Opened: 3/2000 (Grand opening: 5/2000)
Last review: 5/2006
Last visit: 5/2006

Photos by Paul Hart
According to John Gray of the Rhino chain, they have spent over $1M on this property. The outside looks like a Vegas strip club with palm trees in the parking lot and a fancy sign. Since the club is 2 stories, you can see their sign on the building from the 10 freeway.

Currently, you can park in the front or back lots, which are well lit for $5. During the busy hours, you can valet park right near the front door. There is a dress code so don't come here wearing tank tops and flip flops. Enter at the front entrance into a small lobby area to pay the cashier. The cover is $15 or $20 depending on the day and time, and the drinks are $5.

As you enter, you will notice the signature look and feel of the Rhino chain throughout the club, starting with it being super dark. The actual club area is about the same size as Van Nuys but there is no fancy bar/stage. The DJ and dressing room (upstairs) are to the left past the bar. Since this is a nude club, the bar only serves soft drinks. If you need to get alcohol, go down the street to Sam's (w/ no cover) then come here.

The stage is in the center of the room towards the right with the Rhino couch. The signature fireplace is to the right of the room with private areas for laps all around the club. This club continues Rhino's tradition of upscale gentlemen's clubs, with fancy seats and romantic lighting, even in this 'hood.

Medium sized stage with couch for up close viewing.
The bathroom is in the hallway as you exit the club and is still new and clean looking. The waitresses and bartenders seem to interchange their jobs and all were friendly and not pushy.

On the weekends, this club gets really busy and full, like standing room only, so come early. On the weekends, they stay open late and many customers stay until closing. On the busy nights, you will find 20+ dancers, and several are very good looking. The hiring practice seems to be consistent and you won't find any dogs here.

As for the lap dances, topless dances are $20 and nude is $40.  There is a big mixture of different mileage from one dancer to the next, so pick carefully.  The mileage here seems change like a roller-coaster, but it's never low.  Sometimes when there are features, the audience interaction gets to be pretty entertaining.  Read my review of Alisha Klass when she featured here. Of course, not all features are this wild, but one can hope. Once in a while there will be a girl/girl show, which is the as good as any I've seen in LA.

Checkout Sugar, our DOM for March 2006 from this club.  There are plenty of other ones to check out here.

Expert Customer Hint:
The club offers a "deal" at the door where you can pre-pay for your lap dance and get a discount.  If you know you are going to do lap dances, it's a no-brainer to save some money.


3.5 Standard Rhino high rating, except for location.


3.0 Some real hotties here.


2.5 Normal nude club level.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Higher mileage possible with right choice.

Spearmint Rhino, Downtown - 2000, 2002

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