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Topless Fritz, That's It!

9747 E. Artesia Blvd, Bellflower
Exit Bellflower off 91 going south, right on Artesia
(562) 925-2308
Sun: 2pm - 2am, Mon - Sat: 11am - 2am
Opened: 5/1974
Last visit: 11/1998

Update 3/2008:
This club is closed.  The review below is from 1998.

If you want to drink and get mild lap dances in LA, come here. The cover is $10 after 10pm, $7 before 10pm. As you enter, the bar is to your left, the stage is in front of you and the bathroom is to your right. Big club with big parking lot but on busy nights the lot can get full. On site ATM, pool table, vending machine. Dressing room is large and is upstairs (with microwave). 2 stages with up to 4 dancers going simultaneously.

Dance contest on Monday nights. It's supposed to be just a bikini contest but lots of topless flashing to win. Total prize money is $300 and 1st place gets $150, 2nd gets $100 and 3rd gets $50. Dancers must get there by no later than 9pm to enter. If you place, you have to tipout $20. Therefore, 3rd actually only gets $30. Probably not worth the drive for most dancers.

They hire just about anything so you got 1's working along side 9+ lookers, from 21 to 40++ years old!

Topless, 6 feet away on stage or up close while they have their top on. On busy nights, expect 50+ girls so you may never see your favorite dancer on stage. Floor shows are not allowed here. Best bet is just stop her if she ever walks near you to go to the bar. The good looking ones can be busy for hours. Some pros here for sure. During the day and some nights, if you find the right girl and tip the right amount, hand sitting is possible during "lap" dances. Otherwise, slight brushing possible if you sit with your hands and arms in the right place and mild Stevie Wonder (no nipples). Dancers' schedules are so flexible, many only work a few days per month so it's very hard to keep in touch.

If you like black girls with back and 'tude, try out Chaz. Checkout my Dancer of the Month, Monique.


2.5 A bit old even with recent fixups.


1.5 Can be just about anything from 0 to 4.


3.0 Some long talks between laps.

Nasty Factor

2.0 Can vary greatly. Down since busts.

This is what they mean by girls, girls, girls!

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