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Topless Angel's, Long Beach

2310 W. Pacific Coast, Long Beach
Exit CA-1/PCH off 710 Fwy
(562) 435-7320
Sun - Sat: 1pm - 2am
Last review: 1992
Last visit: 1992

Update June 24, 2000:
This club is now closed. The following is the original review from 1992.

At one point, this club was not too bad but it has really gone down hill. The club itself was never much. It's large but very old and dirty looking. They used to have oil wrestling (like Tropicana), but not anymore. The format of the wrestling was exactly the same as Tropicana. Even some of the M.C. lines are the same. This is one of the few clubs in LA that's owned and operated by a woman (ex-dancer).

They have pool tables to the left of the room as you enter. The bar is pretty large and there is a DJ booth. The "stage" is square and is setup so they can wrestle there.

There were a few good looking girls there and they used to perform the same type of "round girl" type flirting as Tropicana for a buck. However, there is no table dancing or laps. The round girl activity consists of the dancer touching you and flirting with you but the customer cannot touch the girl.

Last time I was there, I bid on a girl and she was not happy with the bid and let me know it. The M.C. (who was a woman), came to me and apologized for her attitude but when the wrestler came back out, she was still in a bad mood.

But overall, if you want to hang out and drink with your buds, it's OK. But you can do the same thing elsewhere and see more pretty girls.


2.0 For size only.


2.5 Gotta look hard for a good one.


1.0 No money, honey.

Nasty Factor

1.0 Forget it.

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Bikini Fantasy Ranch Gentlemen's Club

2688 South Street, Long Beach
Exit 91 Fwy at Paramount, South on Paramount, right on South St.
(562) 633-2811
Web site:
Sun: 4:30pm - 2am, Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 2am, Sat: 4:30pm - 2am
Opened: 8/2001
Last review: 2002
Last visit: 8/2002

Update December 2006:
This club was closed in May 2005, and reopened as a Copa Cabana (non strip club) in May 2006.

SignThis new club is located near an industrial area but is actually next to a mini shopping mall with a huge parking lot. Just self park next to the club or at the mall lot at night. The outside of the building looks renovated, including a nice canape at the entrance.

There is a bouncer who checks your ID and checks for weapons. As you enter the club, there is a cashier cage to your left where you pay your $5 cover at night only. The DJ booth is near the entrance, the full bar is in the center of the room, the stage and dressing room are to the left, and the VIP dance areas are to the right. The bathrooms are on the other side of the bar and are large and clean. There are several aquariums in the club, including one near the bathroom which was a very classy touch added to this club.

ExteriorThe stage is a medium rectangular shape with a curtained entrance from the dressing room behind the stage. There are poles that go up really high in case some of the dancers want to venture up. There is also a shoe-like couch on the stage for dancers to play with. I saw one dancer basically do a demonstration of a full grind lap dance on it. I really like the setup of the dressing room, similar to the Wild Goose where the dancer can come directly from the dressing room right to the stage. I think it looks more professional than other clubs where dancers must travel long distances to the stage from the dressing room. There is a house mom who takes care of the dancers.

On the far side of the club are bench type seating for lap dances which are $10 per song (dancer keeps all). It is out in the open. If you want more privacy, you can go to the VIP room on the right side of the club, which is a separate room with more comfortable couches for $20 laps. Frankly, the nasty factor does not change all that much but you are paying for the privacy. There are also small private rooms inside of the VIP area for even more privacy. But don't come here for lap dances unless you like it mild. This is a place for drinks and stage tipping.

If you're here to drink, you might find that the drink prices are a little pricey but remember that you are in a strip club, and not just your local bar. All in all, a nice clean but friendly place to hang out and relax with your drink, while watching some great dancers.

One last note is if you were a regular at Angel's, you'll be very at home here because Doreen is the manager and there are other Angel workers here. You'll also see some Fritz people here too.


3.0 Large, clean and new.


2.5 Good for a new club but expect to see all types.


4.0 Very friendly and no high pressure.

Nasty Factor

0.5 Come here for the drinks.

Fantasy Ranch - 2001

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Topless Platinum Showgirls

(Formerly Paris, Flamingo Theater)
2421 E. Artesia Blvd., Long Beach
710 South to 91 exit towards Riverside, exit Cherry, right on Cherry, left on Artesia.
(562) 251-9000
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 12pm - 2am
Reopened as Paris Showgirls: 3/2008
Flamingo Theater closed: 10/2006
Last review: 10/2008
Last visit: 10/2008

The review below is from 2008 when the club was Paris.
Photos by Paul Hart
After being closed for a few years, this club has re-opened as Paris Showgirls with new owners.  As of October 2008, the club is now topless on stage with alcohol (beer and wine).

Paris Showgirls is located in an industrial area in a stand alone setting with a multi-story parking structure behind the building.  The entrance is located in the back of the building so you can walk directly from the parking area to the entrance.  There is a turnstile at the entrance where they have a $5 cover charge after 6pm (free during the day).

As you enter, the bar, DJ booth and bathrooms are on the far side of the room. The stage is on the right and the lap dance area is near the front.  There are tables and chairs in the middle area for customers.

Bar and DJ booth on left, stage against far wall, lap dance area on right. Club shown with bright lights for photo presentation.
Drink prices vary but are generally from $4 to $6 for beer.

The club offers a $2 Tuesday special for beer and a Sunday $3 Corona special.

As the waitress for their current special on the day that you visit the club.

There's a nice mix of dancers here for your viewing pleasure on stage and in the lap dance area.  Single song bikini lap dances are $15 and $50 for 5 songs, which is a good deal if you already know you're going to get multiple songs with a particular dancer.

All in all, a great place to relax and get a drink while enjoying the dancers with your buds.


3.0 Still looks fairly new and clean.  Plenty of parking in the back.


3.0 Decent selection and mix.


3.0 Relaxed atmosphere and low hustle.

Nasty Factor

1.5 Enjoy the eye candy. Not the place for hardcore stuff.

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Pasties Sugarwalls

1811 W. Anaheim St., Long Beach
Exit 710 Fwy at Anaheim St. West., go one block passed Santa Fe Ave.
(562) 590-5620
Web site:
Sun - Sat: 4pm - 2am
Capacity: 76
Opened: 12/2004
Last review: 1/2005
Last visit: 2007

Update 11/2007:
This club is closed.

When a lot of people were buzzing about this new club called Sugarwalls for years, I thought it was some sort of urban legend.  Once it really opened, I continued to hear a lot of buzz.  I fully expected to see the same old upscale strip club look, but I was very surprised at what I found.

This club looks more like an night club in Vegas, with a stage instead of the usual strip club look.  If you didn't know better, by looking at the outside of the club, you'd think it was a night club like the Key Club.

The sign on the building is classy and does not say "Girls Girls Girls" or anything like that. It's just the name glowing in red lights with a silhouette of a girl bending down. The entrance doors are frosted glass and exude mystery and excitement.

Even before entering, I could already tell this was not going to be the usual club that I'm used to seeing these days. The owner calls it "Next Generation." No, not like in Star Trek.  All I can say is, if this is next generation, then I'm all for it.

As for the interior layout, there's a box-office on the left to pay the $10 cover (free with Z-VIP card), woman's restroom and dressing rooms are to the right.  As you walk straight ahead and turn left, the stage is on the left (the side of the street and entrance) and the bar is on the right. The offices and men's restroom are on the far side of the room. The woman's restroom is lit in all red and the men's restroom is all blue and can be seen via the frosted glass doors.  In the main room, the ceiling is high enough for a second story area which may become a VIP area in the future. For now, just the DJ is up there.

The bar has a wall of alcohol that has a magenta glow behind the wall, and a gi-normous aquarium that goes almost halfway to the ceiling. There's also a plasma screen for people wanting to catch the latest games on TV.  The stage takes up a good portion of this main room and has a chrome colored pole that goes all the way to the ceiling.

Drinks start at $4.50 and go up, served by some good looking waitresses. There weren't tons of dancers here but except for one, all the dancers were good to great. More surprising was that they were all young with natural tops. I'm used to topless clubs having a lot of fake boobs so this was a nice change. Lap dances are $15 and are about as good as alcohol places can deliver. In fact, they allow the dancers to stand on the couch, which even some nude clubs do not allow. Nice.

On weekends, this place gets pretty busy and there were some "ballers" in there throwing money in the air like it was confetti. As a matter of fact, when I stood up from my couch seat, there were about $4 in singles behind my back because there was a lap dancer doing one next to me, and a guy just threw about a $100 above her. The stage sets went from no tipping to crazy $500 in singles tipping. Interesting stuff to watch.

There were an unusual number of groups of female customers and couples. The people sitting next to me were 2 couples and the 2 girls started to make out with each other, then started lap dancing for each other. There was also some really hot chicks hanging out near the bar.

Executive summary:
This is a great place for young people to hang, drink and look hip. Not the place for crazy mileage. It looks and feels like you're at an upscale hip-hop dance club.


3.5 Next generation strip club.


3.0 Not many but young hotties with natural tops.


3.5 It's a party!

Nasty Factor

2.5 Pick properly and it's about as good as it can be with alcohol.

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Topless West 9th Street Bar and Grill

1600 W. 9th Street, Long Beach
Exit 710 South at Anaheim St West, left on Santa Fe, left on W. 9th St.
(562) 901-9639
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Opened: 4/2001
Last review: 2001
Last visit: 12/2001

Update 2/2003:
This clubs is now closed.

As the name implies, this was, or is a bar and grill which was turned into a topless strip club. The club is located in a very industrial part of Long Beach which probably keeps the cops away. You would never accidentally find this place. It's a very small bar with a small parking lot on the left side of the building. Although there is street parking, I'm not sure what the parking situation is during the day.

The entrance to the club is on the left side of the building, almost to the rear. As you enter the bar and grill portion of the building, there are 2 pool tables and seating all around with a large bar in the center of the room. The bathrooms are right at the entrance to the right. You can tell that this place has been around for a while and it shows. The club portion is to the right (towards the street side of the building), and there is a $5 cover which is paid to a guy who checks IDs and give the money to the cashier. The cashier booth is connected to the DJ booth.

As you enter the club section, the small bar is to the left, and the small stage is against the wall on the left, with about 10 seats. There are about 7 or 8 seating booths and tables around this tiny club and the "private" dance area, which is basically a couch sized area, is towards the rear of this section.

The stage is too small to have a 6 foot area so the dancers wear pasties on stage. There is one pole and one ring for the dancers to play with. There was also a chair on stage which one of the dancers used to lean on so that she could do some interesting standing moves with her legs. For such a tiny club, the stage area is actually fairly nice with lighting and mirrors. This area looks much newer than the rest of the building and stands out. The ventilation is poor and some people might object to the lax rules. Frankly, I had a difficult time myself.

The lap dances are only $10 but the dancer can charge more if she wants to. Although the "private" area is separated from the rest of the club, there really is no privacy and anyone in the club can see what is going on. Amazingly, there is what appears to be a floater or perhaps a security guy standing at the lap area. There is at most enough space for 2 or 3 lappers in this area, but 1 fits more comfortably.

As far as I could tell, there were 2 waitresses which seemed like a lot for such a small place. Both waitresses seemed to be competent but not young lookers like at some nude clubs. The beers are $5 and soft drinks are $3.50.

All in all, it seemed like a regular hang-out type place for blue collar and biker types. The atmosphere was friendly and there was no pushing for dances or even drinks. People seemed to be just happy having a beer and watching the dancers on stage.


1.0 Tiny. Club area new but rest old.


1.5 Very few and mostly average.


2.5 Considering everything, friendly.

Nasty Factor

0.5 Come here for the beer.

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