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Wilmington Reviews

Nude Cabaret Gentlemen's Club

2523 E. Anaheim Street, Wilmington (near Long Beach)
Exit 710 Fwy at Anaheim West, continue to E. Anaheim.
(562) 432-3810
Sun: 5pm - 3am, Mon - Thr: Noon - 3am, Fir - Sat: Noon - 4am
Opened: 6/2002
Last review: 8/2002
Last visit: 8/2002

This club is located in a very industrial looking part of Wilmington/Long Beach but it looks like it might have been a restaurant at one time, but I'm not sure. I recognized one of the owners of the club. He used to own Star Gardens and also was associated with the The Gentlemen's Club many years ago.

The valet parking is to the left of the building but there is also free parking to the right of the building. There are parking lot attendants at both parking lots. As you enter from the front, there is a box office to pay your cover charge. Next, entering the club proper, the bar is to the left and it's pretty fancy for a strip club bar including an aquarium behind the bar. The bartenders are very attractive and caught my eye right away. There is a pool table to the right, then the DJ booth.

There are 2 stages connected with a rock-wall and fireplace. I have been told that this will soon be replaced by a waterfall. The stages has a small runway which ends in a circular area. During the day, only the stage closer to the bar is open (stage 1) but on busy nights, both stages are open and the dancers do one song sets and move to the next stage. The dancer on stage 1 picks the music for both of the dancers.

VIP fishiesBehind the rock-wall is the regular lap dance room containing about 9 or 10 booths with chairs in it. They are regular chairs so it's not super comfortable. Past the lap dance room are the bathrooms and ATM machines. To the right of that is the VIP lap dance area. The regular lap dances are $25 and the VIP lap dances are $30. The VIP lap dance area has comfortable soft couches and there's another aquarium in there.

To the right of the stages are tables and chairs to sit and watch the stage show. Near the bar, there are 2 couches and a comfortable matching chair around a coffee table so you can sit and chat with your friends or dancers. It looked like the regulars like to sit there with their favorite dancers. I found it to be just far enough from the stage so that you didn't feel like you needed to walk up and tip, but close enough to see if you were interested in the dancer or not. A good place to scope out the action.

There was no big push for drinks and I didn't have one waitress ask if I wanted to "buy the lady a drink." That alone made my experience pleasant. On a Saturday night, they had about 25-30 girls, and most of them were attractive to very attractive with only a few exceptions. For a new club, I think the talent pool here is exceptional.

If you like young (she just turned 18) red-heads, take a look at Alyssa. If you're into skinny Asian dancers (who does a lot of laps), see Jade. If you like the young Latin flavor, you might try Karina who is Internet enabled. But frankly, IMO, the standout at the club was Sunny (aka Sunshine) who has small pert top but the kind of ass that I love, not to mention her eyes that will stare you down to submission.

A special shout-out to the manager Al and the day DJ, Big-Tiny. He's a really cool dude and showed me around the club. If you visit the club during the day, be sure to say "hello" for me.

In summary, I liked this cozy club that almost feels like it's not a nude club. Between the friendly dancers and the pool table, it almost feels like a topless club. Plenty of young dancers to enjoy on stage and in the lap rooms.

Expert customer hint:
In the VIP room, sit on the couch next to the aquarium because there is a window that allows the dancer to see when other dancers or the floater is coming to the VIP room.


3.0 Very cozy and gave the warm and fuzzy feeling.


3.5 Very good for a brand new club.


3.5 Every dancer I talked to liked the club and was very personable.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Normal nude level, nothing crazy going on.

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Nude Dreams

811 Cristobal Ave., Wilmington
Exit 110 S @ Anaheim St, left on Figueroa Pl, left on W. Anaheim St, left on Cristobal.
(310) 830-6760
Web site:
Sun: 5pm - 2am, Mon - Thr: 12pm - 2am, Fri - Sat: 12pm - 3am
Opened: 1996
Last review: 8/2004
Last visit: 8/2004

This is a local club that's been around for a few years now. It's off of Anaheim Street and Cristobal Avenue is a small street with no traffic lights so you might miss it if you're not paying attention. There is what I assume is employee parking next to the building and a customer parking lot across the street. There is ample street parking and most of the time, you'll be able to park right in front of the club.

Enter the club from the front and pay the $15 ($10 cover, $5 drink) at the box office in the lobby area. With the Z-VIP card, it's only $5 to get in with bottomless drinks inside. For a nude club, that's a pretty good deal.

As you enter, the bar is on the left, the stage is against the front wall on the right and the bathrooms and dressing rooms are also against the same wall. The lap dance room is on the far right side in a separate area. Past the lap dance room is another entire billiard hall (about the size of the nude club), with about 16 full sized pool tables and video games. On some nights, you get free pool just by paying the cover for the nude section.

The lap dance area is painted all black and is kept very dark. The lap dances are $20 bikini, $40 topless and $50 nude. The dancers are average looking for the most part but the bartender slash waitress is hot. Unfortunately, she charges $60 for her lap dances. However, I saw some takers for her laps, so it might be worth the price.

All in all, this looks like a neighborhood club with regulars hanging out, relaxing and chillin'.  If you like to play pool, this is definitely the nude club for you.


2.5 Large with billiard hall next door.


2.0 Hit or miss depending on the night.


3.0 About average for nude.

Nasty Factor

3.5 Nude laps in the dark.

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