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Nude Spearmint Rhino, Santa Barbara

(Formerly 101 Cafe)
22 E. Montecito St., Santa Barbara
(805) 568-1620
(805) 568-1622 FAX
Web site:
Sun - Sat: Noon - 2am
Last review: 1995
Last visit: 8/1995

I have been told recently that this club has been renovated but I have not seen it yet. This review is based on my visit before the facelift. This club is owned by the same owner as the Oxnard Rhino.

Took the time to go all the way to Santa Barbara to check it out. This club is about 75 miles from LA. Checked out both day (approx. 5 girls) and night girls (approx. 12 girls). It's advertised as the ONLY nude club in Santa Barbara. This is probably true because not much else is there.

It's a converted restaurant with very small stage with 2 poles. The club layout is strange with a wall on one side of stage which means you have to be on one side of the club to see the stage from off the rail. Laps are slightly better than Oxnard Rhino (more Stevie Wonder action) and much more relaxed atmosphere than Oxnard. Same format as Tropical Lei / Rhino with $4/$8 drinks for girls. This is good for customers who like to chat before laps. There seems to be a lot of young college students trying to make extra money working here.

If you like stacked blonds who gives relaxed but sexy laps, try Ruby (night).


2.5 Clean but small and hack job.


3.5 Young and willing.


3.5 Very good.

Nasty Factor

3.0 Can be good if you choose right.

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