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Top 5 Favorite Strip Clubs For 2001
These are the clubs I like to hang out at right now. Read carefully, because my reasons for why I like these clubs may not be what you're interested in. For a full review of these clubs, checkout the Club Review section or just click on the name of the club from here.

5 Plan B Plan B
There is finally an upscale restaurant and full bar with bikini dancers in Los Angeles, that can be recommended for after business wind down meetings and couples to entertain themselves.

The last time one of these existed was before the Body Shop went nude. It's not as large as those in Dallas or Denver but for LA, this is the best we've got and it's plenty good. The best thing about this place is the great late night food and eye candy. This is not the place to come for nasty lap dances.

This is still a new club and I'm sticking my neck out by predicting a winner here. But just like some of my past predictions, I think the location, management, and past history of 4 Play has me a true believer and it will eventually prove me right. Mark my words, this place will become a hot hang-out for celebrities and upscale partiers. Check it out for yourself and you too will make this your "Plan A" club.


4Outside Spearmint Rhino
City of Industry

The Rhino chain has created their empire with a combination of a upscale looking club, and high nasty factor rating. Add to that, a dash of good lookers and you got one of the top 5 clubs in LA.

This one in the City of Industry is Rhino's "poster-club" and represents the club with it's best foot forward. Aside from some lookers, they also have some of the biggest named features appearing at this club. Also, it doesn't hurt to own the bar across the street, as well as an adult bookstore and near a hostess club.


3 Sign Jet Strip
At one time, this club used to have the best booth dances in LA and of course, was my fave club. It's seen some bad times, but it has come back up to a decent level of action as well as being filled with some real lookers.

This club offers a good mixture of hardcore lapping with an upscale look. The manager there is always looking for ways to improve the club. There are always something new along with new recruits to check out here.


2 Bare
Bare Elegance
When the Bare originally knocked down their old cozy club, many of the regulars didn't like the new large format, including this reporter. But as the standards in LA has gone more upscale with the advent of the Rhino chain, this new look has slowly become more acceptable and common place.

Moreover, if you just forget the club, there is still no doubt that this place attracts the best looking nude dancers in Los Angeles. I still go to clubs to be teased by incredibly beautiful dancers on stage and that's exactly what I get here. Bring it on!


Drum roll please...
And Z Bone's Fave LA Strip Club Is...
1 4Play 4 Play
Nobody will dispute that this club is in a good area, but the club itself has a classy look on the inside as well.

What allows this club to be on this list is the hands-on close handling by the owner. This keeps the ambiance consistent and the quality high. His hiring practice is right on the money and unlike the usual clubs, he often hires fresh dancers who are not experienced. Although, sometimes this means the stage work is not polished, this is offset by the fact the many of the dancers there have never been seen before on stage.

Come here for the best quality and quantity of nude dancers. It's consistent and won't disappoint. Don't come here for high mileage lap dances. That's not why this club is on this list.


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