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T-Bob's Texas Strip Club Reviews

T-BobHi, Iím Texas Bob (T-Bob for short), Z Boneís Texas correspondent. Iím here to provide you with the entire inside scoop, gossip, customs, traditions and reviews of the topless scene in Dallas, Texas.

As time progresses, I expect to cover all of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex and maybe other parts of Texas as my travels allow. So keep checking this section for new information to come.

Iím sure you already have a few questions. If so, read my FAQ first. If you still have questions, send your email to

[Note: T-Bob's opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Z Bone.]

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Important Information
For a number of years the City of Dallas used various zoning and permitting ordinances to harass and force topless clubs into certain sections of the city. After they were compacted into small areas, the city changed the ordinances mandating that sexually oriented businesses could not be within so many feet of each other. Naturally, the toads at city hall then declared numerous topless bars as non-compliant and refused to renew their licenses.

Several months ago a City Councilman was on trial for accepting bribes from a Taxi Cab company owner. During the trial it was revealed that a topless club owner may have also made payments to the Councilman along with the Police Chief.

No charges were ever filed but the cops immediately began busting everything and everyone in sight since the chief had to prove he wasn't in the club owner's pockets, so to speak. Raids occur almost every night somewhere.

The city is trying to pull the permits of a number of clubs while implementing new ordinances with even strickter guidelines making it almost impossible to get a new license.

God help us the narow minded, pea brain puritans have taken over.

Therefore, as long as the current reglatory climate exists, I will not give a "Nasty Factor" rating. Also, as I update reviews I will remove the existing ratings.

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