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Date: 9/17/2011 9:29pm Whois Name: Dustystar502 (324)
Delete Subject: I came here once a couple months ago
There were 3 dancers on duty a grandmother, a young overweight latino girl, and a smoking hot goth chick with dyed black hair
Attitude 2.5

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Date: 9/14/2011 10:41pm Whois Name: Tamera (New)
Delete Subject: Gotham
I remember the good old days of Gotham. Best Bitch (sweetie) in the world: Velvet. Leah, Felicia, Natasha, best girl in the world! China, you beautiful one! Kathleen, you are a sweetie! Red! You Rock!!!! Nickie you little sweatheart...And if anyone remembers Diamond the stupid fucking whore that ruined the $ for the rest of us cause she was a prositute! Can't believe you got away with the shit you did while actually in the club. No wonder the club went nude!. Hope all of my girls are doing well. I love my girls of Gotham, well except for the sluts that gave the club a bad name!!!! For the rest of you hope the world treated you right and you are rockin on!!

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Date: 3/1/2011 4:02pm Whois Name: Mr_Reindeer (64)
Delete Subject:
baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low...

- DJ: hey! that was song #1

Oh, oh, oh, Jamie's cryin...

- DJ: hey! that was song #2

I was made for lovin' you baby, You were made for lovin' me...

- DJ: hey! that's song #3, song #4 commin up!

Girls Girls Girls...

- DJ: hey! that was song #4, remember to tip the lovely "ladies"...

Dancer: hey baby, want to get another 4 song special?

PL: Dayum! didn't we just sit down like 30 seconds ago?

Dancer: so, you want another set or what? (DJ in background: hey! that was song #1)

PL: was that really 4 songs? (DJ in background: hey! that was song #2)

Dancer: the songs are fast but MY dance is totally worth it (DJ in background, hey! that was song #3)

PL: nah, I'll just head up the street to Xposed (DJ in background, hey! that was song #4, remember to tip the lovely "ladies"...)

PL gets up to leave. (DJ in background, hey! that was song #1)

PL starts to walk for the door. (DJ in background, hey! that was song #2)

PL exits and hears the DJ as he's walking out the door. (hey! that was song #3...)

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Date: 2/13/2011 8:04am Whois Name: godfather_elite (4)
Delete Subject: Yes Sir!!!! No Ho Godfather is doing it. : )
Oh Boy! We ARE indeed being heard out there- thanks for all the support- I don't hide the fact that I dj at Godfather in NO HO because I am PROUD of the awesome improvements that have been done to the place- ( as we all know- this place was "Desires" and "Silver Reign"and "Pink Diamonds " before that- I can't speak for them- but I can speak for self-

We DO offer great lap dances.

We DO offer a GREAT SHOW.

every FRIDAY and SATURDAY We ARE open til 6am-

That's Right WE FUCKEN ROCK!!!! Yay US. : ) Haters- Come get a lap dance-

We'll win you over. : )

Yay all the cool people that have come to visit us- Muchas Thank yous-

YOU start visiting - Then MORE GIRLS start visiting


Last night was off the chain!

Had a kick ass line up-

over a dozen girls at halftime- Not Bad for my second weekend there. : )

some of our regulars









and a couple other bumps on logs ( how do I get rid of those?) lmfbao!

If I Rock it- Then they'll come.

NELIA SPOTTING!!!!!!!! That's RIGHT!!! One of my FAVORITE girls EVER!

Sexy Nelia - AT GFNH - and she'll be there Sunday Night. That alone is worth

the visit. Hot Sexy Curvacious Latina ****** Beautiful NELIA*****

What a woderful weekend indeed. : )

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Date: 2/4/2011 1:45am Whois Name: godfather_elite (3)
Delete Subject: The NEW Godfather in No Ho
Word. North Hollywood's naughty little secret.

I have a kick ass rotation tonight- my third week here djing night shifts here at GFNH - getting into the swing of things-


Dayshift FREE ADMISSION with any pass it's ONLY $5 for the drink

Nightshift FREE ADMISSION with any pass it's $15 for the drink ( Yeah I agree - trying to change that to $10 asap )

Tonite's Rotation:

Diamond - you may recognize her from Xposed and when I was at GF in Canoga Park back in the days

Alana and Synn - Two hotties from out of town visiting us for the weekend

Bella- One of my favorite stage shows
kick ass personality

Hypnotic - sexy stacked with cakes

Pandora - I call her the rookie of the year- smokin' hot
with a kick ass personality

Arianna - a crazy, sexy, horny white girl that you may recognize from my days at the ViP.

btw- shout out to sexy little Missy at the ViP - still my favorite lap dance ever- wish we had her here at GFNH. Last night I got to visit her. : ) oh boy.

like I said before- I'm not just a strip club dj - I'm a strip club fan and customer.

Shout out to Spawn - come visit me again yo- you know how I do.

Changing the game - OPEN til 6am Fridays and Saturdays
Who else does it like that? GFNH. That's who.

Youtube teasers coming soon.

kick ass / Cheap ass FULLY NUDE lap dances
3 for $40 / 4 for $50 / 5 for $60

----4 for $40 lap dance specials EVERY hour ----

15 minute vips ONLY $120 / 30 minute vips ONLY $200

thanks for the positive feedback and support-
Keep it rockin'.

peace, love, and lap dances from the new kids in town.

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Date: 2/1/2011 7:45pm Whois Name: kobe88 (720)
Delete Subject: NHGF
Admission price?

Accept passes from other clubs?

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Date: 2/1/2011 7:18pm Whois Name: THE_WIZ (469)
Delete Subject: GFNH
Kobe88, I'm sure you've read our buddy LouASS Trip Report on the Desire board aka Godfather's NoHo. He's a reliable/reputable poster and of course had nothing good to say about that place. What do u think it says about the place? Also Mr Goodnight didn't say anything good about the place either


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Date: 2/1/2011 6:17pm Whois Name: kobe88 (718)
Delete Subject: re:godfather_elite
It would help (or hurt) your NoHo club if you could get Z to get rid of that damn Desire Gentlemen's Club Board in NoHo since that club is history.

Maybe an E-Mail to him and he can be convinced to change it to GFNH. I would love to see Trip Reports regarding your NH club by reputable posters.

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Date: 1/30/2011 5:16pm Whois Name: Cognoscente Z-VIP Member (707)
Delete Subject: ?

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Date: 1/30/2011 9:15am Whois Name: godfather_elite (New)
Delete Subject:
There's a new Godfather Gentlemen's Club in North Hollywood - NEW management - NEW djs - NEW girls - Oh Boy! dj jack skills back on the night shift dj team- the j team out in the 818 doing that black and yellow street team promotion- youtube teasers coming soon! Big Changes coming in 2011 - Changing the game one strip club experience at a time- I love the strip club life - so I personally promise every single one of you out there in Z world my best effort when you come visit us- and yes! Please go on here and put us on blast if we don't live up to your expectations- that's the only way we'll learn to make you happy. i personally promise longer songs and the best effort on my part - Rome wasn't built in a day- with your support - GFNH will be a success - Yup - in No Ho - right around the corner from 100s of beautiful girls and 3 fugly ones- Holla at cha boy - we're waking up the neighborhood. : ) - and Yes- We ARE the ONLY Fully NUDE club in town OPEN til 6 in the morning Fridays and Saturdays. Changing the game- again - That's What's Up.

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Date: 11/8/2010 9:37pm Whois Name: pandabear12 (2)
Delete Subject: club report
hey guys have you heard about that club in pomona?
bare n legal showgirls

they are having a party this weekend for a re-grand opening. they say they promise new girls, free food, free to get in, and like a raffle or something for free dances.
it seems like its going to be a great day and the flyer has some pretty great deals on it.

monday and sun 2 for 1's
tuesday 3 nude songs for $40
wednesday half hour nude for $130
thursday 5 song vips for $70

i dunno about you guys but this club is doing something special for us and im gonna take advantage!

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Date: 6/14/2010 7:24am Whois Name: ANTHONY_BONES (New)
Delete Subject: SAT NIGHT
Club 3 Dancers 3.5 Attitude 2.5 Nasty Factor 2.5

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Date: 1/29/2010 12:36am Whois Name: Mr_Goodnight (55)
Delete Subject: GF2 = Thirsty's
Thanks for the info pole...

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Date: 1/26/2010 1:32am Whois Name: pole_position (1)
Delete Subject: Goodnight
The reviews for the Van Nuys Godfather's are under Thirsty's, which is the old name of the club.

Been thinking about stopping by since I haven't been there in ages, so some current info would be cool.

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Date: 1/23/2010 10:35pm Whois Name: Mr_Goodnight (53)
Delete Subject: Godfather on Sepulveda
I haven't found a board for the Sepulveda GF. The place is small, but I found it to be pretty cool. More to come if a board actually appears.

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Date: 1/4/2010 9:49pm Whois Name: sexysable (12)
Delete Subject: dancers making extra cash
Hi girls...I am an ex dancer who is now in the business world and I have an exciting part-time business opportunity for those of you who would like a business you could work at your own pace on the side. It is dealing with the best super-food around...Healthy dark chocolate with acai berry (seen on Oprah) and energy drink.
We have a FREE meeting and sampling this Thrusday 1/7 in Tarzana(the Valley). Come and bring your friends.
CALL ME for details 818-599-9797

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Date: 11/9/2009 2:29am Whois Name: Addict Z-VIP Member (280)
Delete Subject: re:
....but you will be disappointed with just about everything else!

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Date: 11/2/2009 2:59pm Whois Name: dirkdiggler69 (1)
Delete Subject: Sexy Nelia
Came here on saturday night with a couple of friends and got a couple of VIP's with a Sexy Latina Dancer named Nelia. This girl is SMOKEN HOT with a perfect "10" body. This hottie can also turn the place out when dancing on stage, especially while up on the pole!! I asked her when she dances and she said she will be here on the weekends at nightime. If you're into Latina dancers, I highly recommend Nelia, you won't be disappointed.

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Date: 8/7/2009 11:38pm Whois Name: blackwind Z-VIP Member (275)
Delete Subject:
Deja vu industry home of the 10$ dances

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Date: 7/1/2009 1:06am Whois Name: louis (5343)
Delete Subject: Don't Waste Your Time Or Money!!!!
I came with a friend of mine here Friday on 6-19-09. We arrived around Midnight and my First Impression was WTF? WTF? WTF?

$20 bucks is the admission price and we saw a total of 11 dancers and only 6 PL's 2 of which were us as we just got there WTF?

They have some pretty big dancers but not the good solid kind that we tend to like.

One dancer I can't remember her name as it's been 11 days ago was very much wasted as I could smell it on her breath. She is a White chick very big boned but was rather funny with all she had to say really had me cracking up as she made no sense at all.

Dance prices go for 1 song=$20 Nude

3 songs=$40 Nude
4 songs=$50 Nude
5 songs=$60 nudes

I mean its not such a bad deal with those prices, But Man that DJ really cuts the songs rather short on purpose of course even when no PL was even buying dances. Most of the dancers look rather bored but can't blame them as it's a dead club.

So I was looking for this IVY girl that HOtShot has posted about but she was not In. I know my good friend Spawn has told me the same nice good things about her and wanted to see her for myself but oh well another time, But I know for sure I won't be coming back here at this dump.

The dancers here though are rather friendly and will sit and chat you up, My friend gave a couple of dancers back massages but had no intentions of buying any dances as he rather feel them up without paying for it LOL.

So after 45 minutes of really no action here, We decided to go check out Exposed as it's only 5 minutes away from here.

My ratings below
Club 1 Dancers 1 Attitude 1.5 Nasty Factor 1

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Date: 4/5/2009 10:54am Whois Name: HotShot (40)
Delete Subject: HotShot ChocoHoLic says:Mighty Fine MILKY dark chocolate

Here is the prose i wrote on Ivy:

"...once ya gone this quality black...ya cant go back... to the rest! "Closer the bone, the sweeter the meat" and "blacker the cherry, the sweeter the juice"...this girl is TOP MODEL quality...better get there for someone discovers her and whisks her away!ANd she has a body to rob 7-11's and banks for...exercise your will power..."

She is pure poetry in motion...

HotShot ChocoHoLic says:Mighty Fine MILKY dark chocolate...

Dark Milk- Gorgeous- and assembled parts to die make that to live for...and work for...T & A and everything connecting!She is a stimulus package to the senses!

I S--t you not! Been all over the planet...had many beautiful girls...numerous models and model quality...this girl is too fine. But dont tell her...too often or much...cause she still has a great attitude & outlook and personality...dont want it to go to her head.

I odnt want to say too much more...if she reads this board...she may realize i am enamored & addicted...and work my wallet wiling to the bone...instead of just my body to the bone....capiche?

Just tell her a big birdie told ya...or a secret admirer!

No air dances here...except you may lose your breath during her dance....take yer heart pills 1st!As log as ya got good hygeine and attitude yerself...and of course spend yer monies...she will treat ya like a King...or at least youll feel like it, just by having access to this Nubian Princess.

Hey I dont go for ugly-fat-old (UFO's) broads of any color...if i am payin especially or even if they are...and not of every/any girl of any color/flavor gets my grip...not in these times especially. Plus i am used to getting alot more for the money in my 3rd world i dont take many dances unless the quality is too hard to resist.

Believe me...this one so hard to extract yourself from...if ya try it...ya will succumb...if ya got intelligence and good taste and experience with fine wil love her ambiance...the sight... the scent...the....etc etc. SOme guys,any guys are afraid of black girls....even sweet beautiful not afraid...she wil be gentle on the uniniciated!

Dont say i didnt warn ya!

She used to dance at Thirsty's...I went out of the Country for awhile and lost her...did some PI work and found her again...and that is someting i never bother with...too many fish..and enuf fine in the mix in the sea. But this one...well she hooked me...gotta go to rehab now...catch ya later...

The club aint great...but aint bad....and there are a few other pretty good lookers here....when i was there...some specials...and your thing! DJ's are DJ's...theyre all idiots...and cut songs everywhere....which is why i usually go where there are machines (esp DVCOI)...but some things are worth the chance/dance....some PYT's that is!

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Date: 4/4/2009 6:20pm Whois Name: Spooky (529)
Delete Subject: HotShot
What does Ivy look like??

light chocolate or milk chocolate?

pretty face?

nice boobs and ass?

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Date: 4/4/2009 12:49pm Whois Name: HotShot (39)
Delete Subject: Hot Chocolate
Holy Smokin Hot Chocolate! This girl IVY is a real beauty...and a sweet treat ya cant beat!

I think i am in chocolate fetish fantasy girl.

CAUTION: Yoy will NOT be able to easily escape with your wad intact (either wad)...she will coax your dinero outa your pants...and you will love it!

Cash your paycheck...and sell your stuff before you come...but its worth it. I almost woulda had to call Obama for a bail-out before it was over....but i loved it. HARD so HARD to say no to her or leave....I think she does some kinda BLACK MAGIC on ya! Go there if ya dare! I snuck out while she was busy...whew!

Anyway, I will be back...once ya gone this quality black...ya cant go back... to the rest! "Closer the bone, the sweeter the meat" and "blacker the cherry, the sweeter the juice"...this girl is TOP MODEL quality...better get there for someone discovers her and whisks her away!ANd she has a body to rob 7-11's and banks for...exercise your will power...carry a pic of your mom =to break the trance!

OK enuf...if i keep thinkin and talkin/typin about her i will be goin back today and every day...addition confliction!

This is my drug of choice what a high...

Better take a priest with ya...she will cast a spell on ya!

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Date: 12/27/2008 11:47pm Whois Name: DC_Comics (1)
Delete Subject:
First impression was very bad.

Bad area, parked on a side street behind the shopping lot.
Right when we got there we saw 2 fat white chicks were a 2.0 to be nice (I was actually disgusted).

There was no time to get settled in, it's an extremely small interior (like 2.5 kitchens) and right when we sat down 2 chicks (one a 1.0 and the other a 6.5) sat next to us for lap dances.

Me and my friend were literally the only customers in there for 75 minutes (other than 2 other dudes who came and left in a 15 minute stretch). Then a high rolling middle aged man came in and tipped like crazy till we left. So about 5 people, including us, in 2 hours.

The girls (average: 4.5) were casually chilling and mingling by themselves in place of customers if they weren't on stage. The best looking one there was a hispanic chick wearing red who I'd rate an 8.5.

However, she warned me twice that if we don't tip or buy drinks they'd kick us out of the club (not in a nice tone). My friend got a lap dance prior to these warnings and he liked it (touched everything away from crotch). I promised her I'd get a lap dance later on in the night but blew her off after she Lied about the admission cost ($20) not including a drink.

If you're looking for a random time, filled with ugly desperate chicks who WILL talk to you and 1-2 good looking ones...come here. If not--Don't.

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Date: 11/10/2008 1:35am Whois Name: louis (4941)
Delete Subject: Friday Night 11-07-08

I haven't been to this club in 2+ years, But decided to see new Fresh Meat and check out the talent here. In total I saw about 9 dancers 6 Latina, One White blonde gal,One Afro-American and the last one I believe she might be half Black/Half White.

In total about 8 customers at 11:30PM Friday night and no one was buying dances. I stayed for like an hour and you guys are so right the DJ was cutting the songs way too Fucking short not sure as to why he cuts them if no one was buying seeing how it is a complete rip-off. Some of the dancers were rather bored just sitting by themselves it was really depressing in there. I saw one Indian guy using the ATM machine to take out only to leave 1o minutes later without spending a penny.

The cover was $20 bucks with one Free Drink. The club inside is really small and the stage was as well. I saw each dancer go up on stage once and some were pretty good dancers and a few PL's were tipping.

They did announce only one time a 4 for $40 dance but didn't see anyone good to my liking. Only 2 dancers approached me before the special in between. One was this half White/Half black chick who was rather tall but Man did her breath stank so fucking bad I almost threw up right in her face. I don't know what she had maybe a rotten tooth inside her mouth but had to excused myself and headed to the restroom to get away from her.

Some of the Latina's have that plain jane girl next door look just nothing outstanding but nothing ugly. The blonde chick was rather chubby but didnt have a booty to my liking as she was sitting next to some poor sap the entire time.

So I think a couple of dudes did get the special and I timed it was no more than 3 minutes the 4 for $40 MAN WHAT A FUCKING SCAM THEY RUN HERE!!!

If I had my way I would have wanted my money back. Complete waste of time. Not sure how the hell this dump manage to buy The Gentlemens club and Nicola's with the bad customer service they are running.

Also on the small tables they have dance specials(If you want to call it that) which are one song for $20, 2 for $30, 3 for $40, 4 for $50 and 5 for $60 now this would be a great deal if they just wouldn't cut the songs so short. Also half hour for $170 but reading below here how that one Gentlemen posted about being rip-off as the DJ told him the VIP was over at 20 minutes while he had timed it this nothing more than a SCAM club. Stay far away probably one of the worst clubs in the San Fernando Valley as they running a big Scam here. Also the Fucking DJ who does speak good English would talked more in Spanish rather than English. Come on man, This isn't Mexico or El Salvador.

A couple of White dudes who showed up a little later than me came in and after 15 minutes walked out of there. I soon left as well and headed to Exposed as I couldn't take the BS that is going on here.


Stay far away Men, This club just isn't worth a
Club 0.5 Dancers 1 Attitude 0.5 Nasty Factor 3.5

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Date: 10/2/2008 9:27pm Whois Name: SC_Tipper (4)
Delete Subject: Check it out
Come check out Platinum Gentlemen's club L.A.'s newest up scale Gentlemen's club. Right off of the 101 and Alameda. Low dances prices and low flat rate payouts. 710 E. Commercial St. Los Angeles 90012 tel. 213-213-1112

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Date: 9/7/2008 4:21pm Whois Name: Spawn (481)
Delete Subject: Asian Babes
Do_Man you will find Asian dancers at the Century Lounge right next door to the Hilton hotel by LAX on Century Blvd.

If not your liking, go south on Airport Drive down to Imperial there is the Wild Goose, they always have Asian dancers.

To find Asian dancers in the Valley I think Deja Vu North Hollywood, they come in late!

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Date: 9/6/2008 8:28pm Whois Name: DO_MAN (New)
Delete Subject: Asians Dancers
Any Asian dancers here?

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Date: 8/8/2008 10:33am Whois Name: TaosHum (141)
Delete Subject:
what the hell? I've read the same exact post from a "happy dancer" before, now it appears again today?

No, the customers are NOT happy with the BS four dances for $40 crap they pull here. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the songs last a minute or less and the dancer starts trying to sell you on another round before your time is up you are MUCH BETTER OFF going ANYWHERE else.

Believe it or not, the friggin Spearmint Rhino and Rouge are a better "deal" than this place. At least there you know what you are getting for your $40 and the quality of the girls is much higher there.

I don't know what this place is thinking. Some hole in the wall on friggin Sherman Way with no parking should be offering DEALS not SCORCHED EARTH POLICY concerning new customers. I guess you guys figure we're never coming back anyway so you might as well hit us as hard and as fast as you can while we are still there. UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE!

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Date: 8/8/2008 7:47am Whois Name: dance4life (1)
Delete Subject: Its great over here!
I am a dancer and have been enjoying every minute I work here. You don't worry about the songs they are cut after 1:20 but if you do the math they charge $40 for 3 songs, thats about a 4 min dance. Other clubs will charge the same price for 1 song or about 3 to 3.5 mins so its a better deal here. The dancers usually only do the 4 songs for $40 special anyways so it is actually 5:20. I though some idiot thought it would sound good to advertise this "great deal" but, never thought that people were just going to feel ripped off when they found out the songs were cut. When I started things were good everyone was happy and they still are today. The owner is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. There are some excellent choices to do lap dances with like Diamond, Alexia, Camie Brookland, Crystal, Nelia, Kenya, Rose, Angelica and Georgous. They have a new DJ who isn't rude like the last guy and Vicente is the best manager this company or any company has ever had.
Club 4 Dancers 4 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 6/5/2008 11:47am Whois Name: TaosHum (128)
Delete Subject:
Oh my God!!! a Godfather's post! it's still alive! it's still alive!

Unknown fact:

Did you know it took me LONGER to make this post than one actual song LASTS at Godfather? Did you? Now you know!

Whoops! I guess song 3 would be starting up about now... it took me almost 45 seconds to make this post, I'm fairly sure that song 2 would be long over by now...

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Date: 6/5/2008 12:58am Whois Name: Otiso (4)
Delete Subject: Favs @ Godfather
Who are people's favs here? I've only been a couple of times so I haven't seen much of the selection I think. A few rather attractive & friendly ladies, but not sure who's a good one to get a dance from. Any suggestions of who to spend some time with?

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Date: 5/16/2008 6:28pm Whois Name: el_tecolote (183)
Delete Subject: Re: Mileage
For all of the bad things that have been posted about this club, the mileage is often very high though there are plenty of dancers who are less friendly then others - so you have to probe and be selective. According to the reports the VIP may be a ripoff and is no different from the small curtain booths used for the regular nude dances. But if you let it be known that you're a player in this club, you will find a good hookup. Everything should be negotiated up front or you may be ripped off.

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Date: 5/16/2008 9:17am Whois Name: JohnnyDoh (9)
Delete Subject: mileage
How are the VIP's here? I've driven by a few times but these reviews certainly paint a bleak picture. If the VIP milelage is decent tho, I'm interested in giving it a chance.

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Date: 5/12/2008 2:55pm Whois Name: bored (1)
Delete Subject: info
Thanks for the info on DVCOI Addict.

Just sorry I didn't read your reviews before I stopped by. It's about 3 miles from where I live, pass by it every day, so I figured why not.
Exposed is about 4 blocks from where I live, but the reviews don't look any better.

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Date: 5/10/2008 10:43pm Whois Name: Addict Z-VIP Member (248)
Delete Subject: good move
hey bored... good move leaving & going 2 COI!

Currently the best valued club out there is DVCOI. I was going Thursdays ($100 1/2 hours), but the crowds have gotten krazy. I think Sunday is my new trip day...with 33% longer. that + a 2-4-1 dance special...nice length! don't b 2 cheap, be sure 2 tip da girl when ur getting that kind of value.

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Date: 5/8/2008 5:09pm Whois Name: bored (New)
Delete Subject: Gone in 60sec
I decided to stop by here this past Saturday night 10:00pm. $20 cover gets you in that includes 1st drink. Place was dead, about 10 girls mostly latin a few black no white or asian, 2-6 range, most were on the thickside. 14 customers 6 of which where kids that looked like they were still in HS. Girls looked bored just sitting around, I usually sit at the stage to check out the talent.

It took about 10min to finally call the 1st girl and I decided to not sit at the stage as well as no one else, I did tip each girl and I was the only one. Alot of 4for$40 offered to bad the songs ranged from 45-75 seconds. I did take part in 1 special and the girls was a 5, OK dance very mechanical.

One girl the 6 asked if I wanted a dance I said sure, we're walking into the booth I asked her if it was a 4/$40 she said "no but a 3/$40 I'll wait for the special I told her. She says the 3/40 is better the songs aren't cut like the 4/40" (this made me laugh) I told her with this DJ they are all cut. She walks out of the booth to talk to the DJ as soon as she walks out, the DJ is looking over and say "whats wrong" over the mic so the whole club hears, and everyone looks over at us(because of this it killed my buzz). She walks up to him and they talk I can't hear anything comes back and says OK it will be 4/40 she starts to close the curtain and tells me it will be $40 she wants me to pay her 1st, ROB pops into my head I told her forget it, (the only time I've payed 1st is at DejaVu for the machines). She's says "OMG are you kidding me" acting as if she went all out of her way to change it to a 4/40. Of course when we step out of the booth the DJ says over the mic "NOW WHAT?" what an ass. I left and drove 45min to COI.
Dancers 1.5 Attitude 2 Nasty Factor 2

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Date: 4/25/2008 1:10am Whois Name: el_tecolote (179)
Delete Subject: Music
Then this club must not have a set music policy as some do - just go with the DJ's preferences. The last couple of times I was in I was really surprised that the DJ was playing mostly classic rock, including some fairly obscure stuff from an era that ended before most of the customers were born...not just the 25-35 year old songs that have become strip club standards (e.g Motley Crue, AC/DC, Guns & Roses). Once in awhile he threw in some latin pop stuff like Alejandra Guzman and Shakira. Nobody in that club other then me could be familiar with most of what he was playing.

The longer classic rock songs made the absurdly short song timings all the more obvious. Again, they'd win more customers just playing the songs twice as long and charging $20 per. And they'd win more customers yet by playing them twice as long and still charging $10 per (in the 4 for $40 format).

There is no other business where customers are treated like crap so consistently - it isn't just GF, its everywhere in the SC universe. So clubs fail and dancers complain about low money. Never occurs to them to just work a little harder and give us a little more for the substantial bucks they want to remove from our wallets.

So I guess what I'm saying is that GF is no crappier then anyplace else in the greed/stupidity department, but also delivers some opportunities for good times.

I don't think there's been a well run SC in the L.A. area since the days when Zboner Chokemaster took a shift a few nights a week managing the Jet Strip - but of course he turned out to be a hitman!

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Date: 4/24/2008 10:45pm Whois Name: ratdude246 (1)
Delete Subject: great clarification
yes el tecolote -- your explanation is right on. $10 for a drink and the chance to see totally naked women seems pretty fair to me.

the other thing i didn't mention was that 95% of the music was pretty hardcore rap/hip-hop. i wouldn't have been upset if there had been a little more diversity to the music.

bottom line: great mileage for a pretty good price.

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Date: 4/23/2008 6:30pm Whois Name: el_tecolote (178)
Delete Subject: One slight clarification
Believe me, I don't mean to defend these idiots who are busy screwing up what could be a great club out of pure business stupidity. But one simple clarification of the free pass problem is that just like every other SC which puts out coupons for free entry, they don't include the required drink. Its a scam for sure, but every club does it. DejaVu puts their free coupons out every week but still charge $10 entry for your bottomless drink. Same with every club I've ever entered with a coupon but the drink price varies.

The woman who works at night basically doesn't speak English and doesn't know what to say when dudes complain that they have a free coupon.

I've gone about 4 times and they always accepted the coupon but charged me the drink price. I was even surprised that I didn't get any flack when I presented another club's coupon that they say they will accept on their L.A. Weekly coupon. You need to do that after 8PM or 9PM when the free coupon no longer applies - so you show them some other L.A. club's coupon and they don't charge the cover.

Also, once you get over the scam aspect of the song timings you have to acknowledge that if they are as addict reported below, and average of 1:15-1:30, that getting 4 $10 songs is like getting 2 $20 laps at another club. Considering the high mileage and privacy, its not a bad deal necessarily, just badly done.

If the songs are 45 seconds, well fagetaboutit. I don't know if there is an average. The last time I was there it didn't seem like the songs went more then a minute, but the time before that my buddy timed 2 different 4 for 1s at better then 8 minutes.

Maybe just pass some mota to the DJ so he can get down with the music!

TaosHum, how's the mileage at Xposed these days.

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Date: 4/22/2008 4:06pm Whois Name: TaosHum (117)
Delete Subject:
I gotta agree with the latest reviews. I printed out a coupon for their website which says the word FREE on it... and I went there around friggin 7:30 at night, even standing out front I could tell it was empty the way the sound was echoing off the walls and they still tried to charge me $10! WTF? I'm standing there with $300 bucks in my pocket and they chintz me on the friggin entry fee?

I get inside and there were, count them FOUR PEOPLE in there and they're busy screwing me on the entry fee... then I figured I'd just get a dance and go so I got the great 4 for $40 deal with some girl, I don't remember her name and I swear to God, song one was like:

I heard the news baby, all about your disease
Yeah you may have all you want, baby, but I got somethin' you need
Oh yeah, ain't talkin' 'bout love
My love is rotten to the core
Ain't talkin' 'bout love...

Ok, that's song #1, here's song 2 and it was just as short and then 3 seemed even faster and 4 must have been 45 seconds max.

I just paid, shook my head and went up the street to Xposed... haven't been back since...

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Date: 4/22/2008 12:40am Whois Name: ratdude246 (New)
Delete Subject: recent visit
i am surprised at the negative write-ups regarding godfather. yes the song lengths are short. but the mileage at his club is first rate.

i am a bit shocked that people are not more appreciative of this club. i wish i lived closer so that i could visit more often.

unfortunatly i do not remember the name of the attractive lady i lapped with, but i found the experience to be a good value.

my friend had a similar experience with another attractive lady. there are a variety of attractive women at this club.
Club 3 Dancers 3 Attitude 3 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 4/21/2008 7:47pm Whois Name: lucky4nick (1)
Delete Subject: 1st Trip
I made my first day trip to Godfathers last week. The place is pretty small but clean. There is Public parking near by with 25 cents per hour on the meter. The day cover was $10. They do have online coupon which takes off $5.

Stage is round with two poles but no dancers were dancing. There were three dancers in the room that I saw and all were 6 or 7s, slim with natural breasts.

The lap booths have a semi transparent curtain for some privacy. I had 2 4-$40 laps and both were dancers were friendly and willing to please. The song length is shorter than DejVu but longer than SR. I will go back at least one more time.
Club 3 Dancers 3.5 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 3.5

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