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Date: 11/21/2011 3:20am Whois Name: DUSTY_STARS (31)
Delete Subject:
Attitude 3.5

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Date: 9/20/2011 3:07am Whois Name: Dustystar502 (379)
Delete Subject: Cool
Story, Mike...

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Date: 6/16/2011 2:43am Whois Name: Mike_Lowery (45)
Delete Subject: Mini Review 5/20/11
While I'm up and before I forget, I want to write up A mini review here when I went here A couple weeks back.

After fails at King Henry and First King(Imagine That), I've pressed my luck and decided to go here around 6. Cost $10 to get in(and that doesn't include the drink). Haven't been here since 08, and it looks the same. It was Very empty with Supposely 7 dancers, but they where all in the back because no costomers. Saw A cute girl on stage with an cool size ass and I was ready to get a dance from her, until one came out the dressing room and um..... I was desperate. Got a dance from her:

Forgot her name, but she was alright. The grind was great, but it was just she didn't have enough ass for me to get it right.

Safe to say, I will not come here anymore, as I'm use to the 21 & Over clubs.
Club 3.5 Dancers 2 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 3.5

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Date: 6/4/2011 8:36am Whois Name: freek818 (New)
Delete Subject: Would be a good club without the scallywags
Ron need to cut down on quantity and focus on quality. There are way way to many mud ducks in there. You gotta wait for 6 show filler to tip a girl that is worth tipping. I understand that every girl can't be a 10, but every girl in a strip club gotta be at least 7 or better.

* There is a big yellow dike girl. She has a gang of tattoos and is well past her prime. She might be pregnant.

* There are a couple of skinny as charcoal, crackhead looking girls that need to stop coming to work forever.

* He even got a straight up retard in there. She is OK looking in the face, but she was either born with a strange walk or she got messed up in an accident.

Ron please let go of the girls that need to be let go and focus on bringing in quality girls. It'll hurt the bottom line in the short term, but it'll be a great investment for the mid to long run.

I personally hate trying to ignore the low quality girls that ask for dances. So much so, that I leave early or don't go because I'll have to turn down three quarters of the dancers.
Club 2 Dancers 1.5 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 3.5

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Date: 5/18/2011 10:44am Whois Name: sevenkings711 (41)
Delete Subject: Response to Hot shot
Hot shot,I'm about to chew you up and spit you out.I don't know anything outside of LA.Hot shot I'm not from LA fool,so much for that misinformation that you gave everybody.You can tell me about the Sting in Detroit,Pure Passion in Memphis,or Magic City in Cleveland since I don't know anything outside of LA.As far as taking anything home and playing with it dude,that catch phrase died out 50 years ago,now you can have it back.Who that say's what,that says the info you just gave has been dismantled,dispatched and now is laying at your feet face down,next time I'm going to take your cartoons catch phrases wrap it around your $10 a-- and make a withdrawal.Dude you spent half of 2010 on BC privacy,get gully and move to the next subject.Well if you can get more privacy in the COI clubs,which I highly doubt,since a couple of regulars already been there and said it was sh--,then maybe you should stay out there.If you can run BC better,then buy the club or find investors who is willing to buy the club,provided the owner wants to sell.I'll be at the BC this weekend,there is girls there that are willing to do their thing,privacy or no privacy,stop complaining and enjoy yourself.

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Date: 5/17/2011 6:12pm Whois Name: Mike_Lowery (37)
Delete Subject: Question/Booth Problems...
Well, I only had one dance here back in 2005(other times I went, the girls were tripping and was not asking for lap dances). But I did A lot of stuff with the dancer I was with. The thing is my dude, You gotta do your thing and don't care and don't worry what anybody has to say. If the girl is with it, then it's ok. But I do agree it does need more privacy, last time I went it look like A living room with about 8 leather couches.

Now, how is the daytime shift? With my recent visit to First King being weak, I wanna see how it is here. I really don't want to pay to get in, but I have never visit here in the daytime, so I wanna see what's good.

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Date: 5/15/2011 10:20am Whois Name: HotShot (224)
Delete Subject: Seven Queens
Listen Seven QUEENS, I dint know who you think you are, but you are nobody, comprende? YOU DONT CONTROL AN OPINION BOARD, AND YOUR OPINIONS ARE ABOUT AS USELESS & BASELESS AS THEY COME!

You dont know diddly about this business outside of LA or around the world, or evidently outside of the wonderful areas of Gardena & Hawthorne!

You certainly dont know how to treat women, or have any game, or know what a real player, PL (Professional Lapper) OR MONGER is AND HOW TO BE ONE, or you would get much more value out of the Deja Vu's, especially in the COI club. If you cant get value out of COI clubs, give it up, stay home and play with it!

RBC has the absolute worst, piece of crap dance area of any club in LA,if you cant see & admit thaT YOUR DEAF-DUMB-BLIND TO what everyone with basic common-sense and experience says about it, and why that dont come here!

I could bring alot of players to this club to spend money, from long distances, cause many of the girls are real hotties, but they wont come with no privacy. Simple divider curtains or booth dividers, we aint talkin private rooms dippo.

Just look at the other clubs in the area- KH8, Starz, FK, and even Charlies have better dance areas. So whats the owner/mgmt afraid of? These change could be done for a few hundred bucks and in a few hours. WHy Not? All he does is sit home and watch the cameras to see if he can find some slight "violation" of his rules, so he can fire or fine the girls? How stupid/sick that is!

Even the "Fur-in-ears" idiots runnin other clubs into the ground in LA, at least have more sense about this simple fact with profound profit results...DUH?!

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Date: 5/13/2011 4:55pm Whois Name: Joe_Mamma (63)
Delete Subject:
Anyone know what time RBC opens for dayshift? I've heard 3pm, and somewhere I also saw 11am, but the times I've been in the area (usually at FK) in the afternoon, it always looks like the parking lot is empty.

Also, anyone seen Apple dancing there recently? Thanks.

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Date: 5/13/2011 2:11pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (40)
Delete Subject: Hot shot please
Hot shot you practically spent all of 2010 complaining about BC's lack of privacy.If you're going to do that save a post and please go somewhere else.If I remember correctly,according to you at this time last year,DejaVu in DTLA was suppose to wipe the strip clubs in Gardena off the map.How's that working out for you?I've been to DejaVu in DTLA plenty of times,and I can honestly say that I can a better high mileage dance at BC than I can at any of the DejaVu chains.I think a girl reminded you last year,if you don't like the booths at BC don't come here.Take that complaining somewhere else.The next time you do a review of a club in Gardena,how about describing the girls that you dance with or how they dance,something that somebody can use.I've gotten plenty of high mileage dances from my girl Star at BC,if I do at DejaVu what I get from Star,I can expect a visit from the bouncers,so don't go there with the booths.I don't know about you,but I can get what I want within reason booths or no booths at the BC,and I as I said before at bargain basement prices.The mileage you will have to pay for at DejaVu-High maintenance.You was promoting DejaVu over the clubs in Gardena last year,you should stay there.Yes I will take the old fat & ugly at BC,before I will spend a dime at High maintenance,over priced,no action club like DejaVu.

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Date: 5/9/2011 2:57pm Whois Name: HotShot (223)
Delete Subject: Hot Choc Galore
Was here the other night (Sat), Baby-Momma's eve (Mothers day eve). There were quite a few, fine friendly felines with sexy attitudes and actions. Yum Yum!

I just wish these guys would fix the dance areas, absolutely NO privacy, and Owner watches from home on cams while he masturbates i guess, so girls afraid to give much mileage or they be fined or fired! Total idiocy!

Wonder if this guy would sell out or lease out, and let someone who knows how to run clubs (American not the c=screwed up fur-in-ears ruining all the LA clubs)take over! Pray for change! or at least curtains or booths for privacy!

You could up the game here by many multiples with simple changes. Hot girls, dances only $10, but blue-balls are your cheap reward! AArrgghhhh...

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Date: 3/18/2011 1:25am Whois Name: milk Z-VIP Member (753)
Delete Subject: Cog
I'm pretty sure Lingerie Dreams might've gone the way of Eye Camdy Showgirls which is now a Linder's Furniture clearance center. But there are plenty if other spots on the itinerary like King Henry VII and the Goose. Maybe even Exotic City. Stay tuned.

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Date: 3/17/2011 8:46pm Whois Name: Cognoscente Z-VIP Member (828)
Delete Subject: UR D MAN
milk....would u mind dropping over to Lingerie Dreams for us real quick?

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Date: 3/17/2011 4:30pm Whois Name: milk Z-VIP Member (751)
Delete Subject: RTTR
I'm up in this bitch right now.

Stop #2 on the South Bay shithole tour. This place is fully nude. Only 3 girls working. Black and not thick. Not bad looking. Old school wood paneling. Pool tables. 5 customers. I'm the only one not wearing a baseball cap. Laps are $10. Sodas are $5. One tv thats showing the xgames. Not the tourney. Guy working the door and the bar is very nice. For all I know it's Ron.

I'm a bounce out.

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Date: 2/25/2011 6:03pm Whois Name: LUVGHETTOCLUBS (5)
wtf went in the bc the night and was mortified.some pregnant chick that was obviously wasted keep buggin me for a dance, i couldnt believe what i was seeing.i think he had taken a dump bfore comin out and didnt wipe properly.and apple use to be a delight to watch on stage, now she looks like a washed up old crackhead its really sad to see how she let that lifestlt take over is that pink shit in her hair, the manager should not let her work lookin like that, its scary.then some young tender dark skinned girl who i thought was cute from the stage got off and i hve never seen a weave that atrocious.that should be illegal.why would the owner let them work his establishment lookin like gonna have to find a new black girl club because i was completly turned off with the lack of class in there

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Date: 11/3/2010 2:13pm Whois Name: LUVGHETTOCLUBS (4)

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Date: 10/15/2010 2:31am Whois Name: yada (New)
Delete Subject: lil mamas
are there any short thick ones in their that can really work their hips,forget about the linky tall ones

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Date: 9/19/2010 5:09pm Whois Name: gulable_me (New)
Delete Subject: the RBC hoes
star the badest one at rbc becasue she a bomb as performer she can dancce her ass off and she got the body of a goddess and her tatt game is ohhh so sick they got 1 chick named apple she got azz she not ugly but WTF! was she thinkn when she shaved her head a dam fool LMAO
Dancers 3.5 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 8/26/2010 1:50am Whois Name: Mike_Lowery (17)
Delete Subject: (The Person Below) Just answered my question...
I was about to ask if Apple still danced here, but look like I've found the answer. I think she has that type of attitude because she use to do porn. Saw her OnionBooty scene and damn, I need to see that in person. What time does she usually work there? Is she A night time girl?

Also... man, don't be giving of who do the extra's out. People be looking over these boards.

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Date: 8/22/2010 1:32pm Whois Name: mrwill_blow_it (New)
Delete Subject: straight perv
yo boy went to check out the coast about three nights ago, and it was cool. had a girl named apple she was in there doing her thang,mad booty skills on stage i wanted a lap dance from her but she was acting kinda stuck up. it was another girl kinda young she gave some good dance's with some head in the park n lot man bomb straight becky i gotta go back she had a pink 2 piece bikini on and leather boots but the thing that tripped me out was the skinny ass bartender with the hat he was a pervert getting dances from the girls and shit how u work there trickin off all yo money for lap dances on some trickin who does that how do u get dances from bitches you suppose to be in charge of and u see them dancing on ppl laps every night some suck n fuck n he still on them ughhh! but every night lol
Club 1.5 Dancers 2 Attitude 1.5 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 8/20/2010 3:19pm Whois Name: kisses__1_fan (New)
Delete Subject: best lap dancer @ the coast
man i went to the coast last night a bitch name kisses gave me a lap dance o.m.g she was kinda dingy and shy but man that bitch took me to the booth oh my god she was dancing in a way where every movement struck my dick it felt like real sex i had started touching her down there she moved my hands but man i swear she was wet as hell i played it off and smelt my hand when we was done to see if she was fresh man her pussy smelt bomb but word is she got a man... i am going to come Friday night tonight and get another dance she freaky but not too freaky i kept askin her to let me fuck or take her out on a date she was like no i don't do that lol she's the best flawless reminds me of her too but her dances aren't like kisses its 15 to get in and 10 for a dance she do deals too 2 for one if she likes you (flawless)
Club 2.5 Dancers 4 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 7/22/2010 12:31pm Whois Name: STICKS (335)
Delete Subject: 4 IN THE BOOK[TAYLOR]

AND SO THE WORD LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!





4 THE THUNDER IS LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!



SO SHALL IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Date: 7/19/2010 3:40pm Whois Name: Derrick_91 (New)
Delete Subject:
They really have some good looking females in there. I always like going during the day because you actually get to talk to the girls without someone asking for a dance. Just wish I could contact the girls to ask them when are their shifts. Lol overall this a cool ass lil spot.

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Date: 7/16/2010 3:08pm Whois Name: Damn_Right (320)
Delete Subject: bc
went by the coast and it was lonely as fuk up in there. the parking lot was crowded but the cars must've belonged to the hoez working there and they was all in the back. like one crack head looking beatch came out and asked me if i wanted to dance. i just shock my head and kicked it for a lil while longer to see if any other girls would come out. i bounced when nobody came out. barbary coast is sorry ass fuk now. few years ago it was poppin. how they even stay open now?

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Date: 6/19/2010 11:00am Whois Name: deejay (17)
Delete Subject: Friday Visit
I went there at about 4pm on Friday and there was about 4 girls working and maybe 6-8 guys there, mostly playing pool. I saw that it was only $10 to get in before 7pm, and they didn't sweat me for a drink, so I went in. Peeped a good looking young lightskinned girl named Honey. She said she works the daytime shift everyday. I ended up getting like 6 dances from her. She was very cool, good attitude, kind of shy. Her skills were pretty good, not great, but not bad at all. She did get the job done though, and wasn't restrictive about alot of touching.

I'd def recommend her.

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Date: 6/17/2010 10:02pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (22)
Delete Subject: @ deejay
I feel wht you sayin but like said b4 I go 2 other all nude strip clubs n they make u buy your juice up front, I been 2 1 club like 2 years ago they made me n my date buy 4 drinks all at onces, I was dam, Thts how club tht don't drink make there $$ bcuz I was around a lot when Big Rob had 2 get n customers face 2 buy a drink,when at the front door say 2 drinks, but they only ask u 4 1 drink

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Date: 6/12/2010 11:56pm Whois Name: deejay (16)
Delete Subject: RBC $15 at the door.
@Makeroom. To be real, the $15 at the door alone is a turnoff. I can get into Starz for free with no drinks to buy. Why I'mma throw $15 away like that? For $10 at the door, I probably would go to get them $10 dances. But all in all, At Starz the girls be gettin it crackin a lil more in the far corner booth.

RBC was my spot for years. It's funny that the last time I was there, there dances were $15, thats the reason I went to Starz in the 1st place.

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Date: 6/11/2010 11:26pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (31)
Delete Subject: Amen Penetrate
Penetrate you're on point again.Here's something that Hotshot doesn't know.Half of the girls that work in the Gardena scene live in the City of Industry area,and most of them used to dance at the DVCOI,and they pretty much confirmed what Damn Right said.They left DVCOI to come down and work in Gardena because they wasn't making any money at the DVCOI,and Hotshot actually thinks that DVLA is going to be that much better.Hotshot get this point,nobody who goes to the Gardena clubs posting on DVCOI board begging them to come to Gardena,if Deja Vu is that much better,why are you posting on the Gardena scene asking us to come there?Why would girls leave a place like the DVCOI which is 5 to 15 minutes away,which has plenty of customers,clients and all this money that can be made & go dance in Gardena which is an 1 hour away,where there is no money to be made?Hotshot,the girls who are from the COI& dance in Gardena have already dissed DVCOI,now go mark that word.

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Date: 6/11/2010 10:51pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (109)
Delete Subject: Hotshot is wrong

Hotshot doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

He's talking about Coast girls going to work at Deja Vu and other dumb shit. What he doesn't know is that Deja Vu and other clubs usually DO NOT HIRE BLACK GIRLS. Or they have a two black girl limit. And the black girls they do hire are usually very skinny to fit the taste of the white male consumer.

So Hotshot you should go post somewhere else because you don't have any business posting on this board. You are not even a real customer. I would insult you more but ZBone takes down my post when I insult someone.


Alright I got what you're saying. Sorry for insulting you before.

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Date: 6/11/2010 4:41pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (30)
Delete Subject: The real reality
Hotshot all you have done is repeated something you've said 20 times already.We already know that you don't like old,fat and ugly and don't do anal.SO WHAT!I've already posted who to go see,and if you haven't that's your loss.I went to the nightshift at KH a couple weeks ago,and saw Secret,Niko,Minx and Buttercup,none of those girls are old,fat or ugly,and I don't drink,so I don't need alchohol to make them look better.Again I don't know what you're looking at.The strippers who are at the Gardena scene are making offers that I haven't heard from DVCOI.What is routine in Gardena isn't even talked about at DVCOI,when that happens at the DV club chains,get back to me.The strippers at the Gardena scene are going to do what they do whether DVLA is a success or not,now mark my word.Since Damn Right and others have already said that DVCOI wasn't sheit,after a guy posted about the same $10 dances you're now talking about.DVLA isn't going to be better than Gardena,until I hear about some OTC,now as Jim Rome said ''Rack him''.

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Date: 6/11/2010 10:11am Whois Name: HotShot (189)
Delete Subject: RBC and the PL reality
Makeroom- I may not have clearly seperated my comments about the Gardena/Hawthorne clubs: RBC, 1st Kings, Starz & yes even Charlies.

I havent been to any of the clubs a tremendous amount of times, as i have better venues and menus to go to, like DVCOI.

RBC has had the best overall consistent quality, if not quantity of dancers,and i havent even been on a busy night so i am sure i have missed sum goodies!

Hazel is as fine as ever,I didnt ask her for anything but dances,so there was nothin to get dissed on. I think she is too good for the club, since it has few clients,and a s----y
dance area with No privacy, so its hard to get dances,even as fine as she is!

Yes the song length and $10 dance price are great, but without a good dance area, its kind of a moot point!

DVLA, which used to be Platinum club, Has $10 topless, in a semi-private booth, and $100 1/2 hr VIP on Thurs,plus other specials. And my buds went with a stop-watch and the songs are 3 min long...$10 Topless..Privado. Its a nude club, which i prefer cause i dont drink much or often, and hate being around drunks & other idiots (Gang-bangers etc).

Out of the other clubs, ONLY Starz has had a fair number of dancers who were not UFO's (Ugly-Fat-Old)in one part or more! probably cause they have the upstairs nude with no booze, so sober clients cum to see the straight up p---y.The other clubs need alcohol, to help make the girls look better as the night progresses .

I am a choco-ho-lic addict, so i gotta have flava besides vanilla! And if i wants to see a fat arse, i will check my own I dont do anal so i gots no reason or understandin of why guys like big huge cheezy a--es? It must be an anal lovers thing?

The only reason i even bother with any of those clubs is i needs me some fine flava, and most clubs are lackin it. Dont like fake tits either, which is more prevalent in the vanilla club line-ups, and so are big vanilla girls these days. aarrgghh

What i was sayin is as soon as the fine dancers at RBC, FK, Starz and Charlies find out that they can travel a little further and find a club to work that will have more clients than any of these clubs, and better set-up venues,and great dance prices, they will be leavin these clubs, if theyre aware and smart, to go where they can make more, and have a classier atmosphere. Mark-my-word.

So if RBC would get some game, it would do much better. All other things stayin the same, with just a better dance area, and your biz client regulars list would at least triple. Build it, and Z-Boners and other dedicated, addicted PL (Pro-Lappers) will cum and cum again.

Dont do it and youll say in now...barely...sue will.And if Ron ever wants to sell this little gem, it will get him alot more money if its actually got!

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Date: 6/10/2010 9:26pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (21)
Delete Subject: Yall
@ penetrate , reason why my name is MakeRoom bcuz I make room I'm a bodyguard tht been around these clubs many years go back til 91 when there wasn't a starz ,

@Hotshot , dude at 1 point of time u were talkin good about the ladies, but I see u dissin why is tht, did Hazel turn u down, r any of the other ladies,bcuz we kno tht there aint no big girls at BC homie,somebody had 2 make u mad, but hatin is good, The BC will always b around trust me,take alook at your strip club history , BC been here while other strip clubs go under, so Ron must b doing something right, same go 4 sammie she must b doing something right

N some yall keep talkin about the $$15 Why is $15 a big deal, u buyin a drink up front,when u enter those other club u hav 2 buy 2 same stuff u get at the BC! N lapdances here b dam near 4 minutes long , not tht bs 2 minutes standing 2 feet away, u yall talking about $5 buck ok

Well tht all I guest b free 2 reply

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Date: 6/9/2010 1:40pm Whois Name: bendover656 (11)
Delete Subject: DVLA
Hey, I've got no skin in this game. I could care less if you decide to try out DV or not. I was merely adding to the discussion and offering my personal opinion (just as you do). I'm the farthest thing from a shill for DV but I have solid opinions based on a lot of experience.

I really like Starz, KH and RBC. I've had some awesome experiences at all of those clubs. There is not a better place to view black pussy than upstairs at Starz IMHO. I'm not Black (pretty obvious probably) but I do love chocolate women and Starz is the mecca for beautiful Black women. If I lived closer to LA I'd probably go to the Gardena clubs more often.

If DVLA becomes a popular club it will only pressure other clubs to up their game (attn: RBC). Competition is good for everybody and it will keep prices and club policies reasonable and good for customers. Where I live in OC, some clubs are actually lowering their dance prices to compete in this economy.

It's all win-win for us (the customers). More clubs mean lower prices and dancers who are more willing to make their customers leave happy!

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Date: 6/9/2010 11:59am Whois Name: sevenkings711 (29)
Delete Subject: Thanks Penetrate
Penetrate,I couldn't said it better.Your boy Damn Right already put DVCOI on blast saying that it wasn't sheit.I check out all the message boards on the strip club scene in LA,when it comes down to milelage,extras,OTC action,the clubs in Gardena is always being talked about,I've never read anything on OTC action from DVCOI.Apple from RBC & Nautica from Starz does porn.Anybody know if any DVCOI strippers doing porn?Hey Hotshot & Bendover,if you want to recommend any of the Deja Vu clubs,go to the one in Highland Park,Michigan outside of Detroit,that one is all black,but I'm not going out of my way to go to DVCOI or DVLA anytime soon.

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Date: 6/8/2010 5:57pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (108)
Delete Subject: Game recognize ...
To All:

Peep game muthafuckaz. Hotshot and Bendover obviously work for DVDT or DVLA. They are getting on here trying to pump up those bullshit clubs like we about to see Nikki Minaj or Lil Kim dancing in those spots. They getting paid to pump up the club, they must be working there.

The customers that go to The Coast or Starz like certain types of women and a certain type of atmosphere. We only get that at The Coast, Starz, First King or King Henry. Not those other clubs with all the white chicks and Rock music.

So Hotshot and Bendover, you two muthafuckaz can bounce. You are not real customers anyway. How many other blogs you been on pumping up that bullshit club. Nice try.

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Date: 6/8/2010 5:50pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (28)
Delete Subject: To each his own.
Bendover,I will keep an open mind,but a couple of guys posted months ago that DVCOI didn't do nothing for them.I will take a stab at DV in dowtown LA next month,and report back then.As far as DVCOI,Damn Right said it wasn't sheit putting it mildly,but I'll try to get to both DV's and see for myself.

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Date: 6/8/2010 3:34pm Whois Name: bendover656 (9)
Delete Subject: DVLA comparison
Just wanted to chime in on the discussion. I've been to clubs all over the southland (including KH, Starz, RBC) and my go-to club is still DVCOI. It offers the best bang for the buck.

Not to take anything away from the Gardena clubs. They have a great party atmosphere and, of course, mainly have fine chocolate ladies. But for privacy, value and mileage you can't beat DVCOI.

I don't know if DVLA will be as good as COI but I'm willing to bet it will become a solid alternative to the Gardena clubs.

Competition is good and it will tend to make all the clubs better (or they will die). Keep an open mind regarding the new VU club and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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Date: 6/8/2010 1:16pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (27)
Delete Subject: Hotshot
Hotshot,check the past posts from a few months ago.There was somebody on this message board trying to prop up the DV,from the City of Industry,bragging about the same $10 dances you're now talking about.Damn Right went to the DVCOI and reported that it was a waste of his time and his money.So if the DVCOI is the same management that's running the Deja Vu in downtown LA,then that club will never be close to Starz.The DVCOI has already been labeled a total flop,and I doubt that it's chain in downtown LA will be that much better.I'm going to always stick with the Gardena scene.They offer more extras,and unlike the Deja Vu chains,I can get them at bargain basement prices.Gardena extras = easy access baby.The extras you get from the Deja Vu,if you get any will come with a hefty price No thank you,you can have that.

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Date: 6/7/2010 9:12pm Whois Name: HotShot (186)
Delete Subject: New Sheriff in town...all bets are off...
DUde..Deja Vu the best club chain, just took over the Platinum club downtown last week. I believe the manager from DVCOI Sherri is at least part in charge, and therefore it may become sorta like that, which is the best club, all things considered anywhere in LA!

They just need about 4-6 weeks to staff up and change the venue a bit, and get a good selection of Hot Choco-licks.

hey have $10 topless, and at least semi-private booths. Plus a VIP real privacy area, and $100 1/2 hr on Thurs. Soon ,with slight set-up change on venue, they will have seperate private (semi?)Nude laps too ($20)...and they run real specials with set-times on songs. Free indoor valet coupons in La weekly and on internet

I hope some of the real hot young slim Hotties at the Ghetto clubs in Gardena/Hawthorne, including RBC find out about this club and switch over. It will kick all those clubs asses and many more around...soon..Mark My Word.

Let Ron and the rest continue to provide less...and hassle his dancers for what he thinks he sees on his voyeur cams from home...he and his club are fu--n dinosaurs...history bro...thats what i know. Oh sure, theyll stay barely in biz ,with some old giz...gangsters and the likes...and big ass UFO's or girls and customers that dont know no better goin there.

I wasted my breath on a dead horse...adios...asta la wega...

I will be bettin on and goin to the DVLA/ DVDT instead and recruitin girls with other choco-ho-licks for there...the venue is already right to sample the menu in relaxed comfort!

I dont drink alcohol and dont care to be around drunks or gang-bangers and my chocolate addiction is better served in better!

$10 topless, with semi-private wide booths and no threats of firing and fines, not even Starz will be able to cum close...capiche?

DejaVu is NOT a "fur-in-ears" or other idiot run club, or all the other near downtown clubs...and its better than the SRLA in many ways, which is the only other decent club form time-to-time. All clubs vary of course by Stripper Staff quality and quantity at any given time..but DV and SR have many clubs to draw staff from and other brand-name draw power.


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Date: 6/7/2010 4:11pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (26)
Delete Subject: Private booths
Hotshot is leaving the RBC alone.I wouldn't do that if I was you Hotshot.The RBC is going to be what it be,but fun can still be had in there,with the right stripper.I went to the FK last Friday,I got a little extra from 2 girls & the FK don't have privacy booths either,but I still got what I want for the most part with more available to me and even more being offered.With the economy down,it comes down to are these girls hungry,or do they want to starve?Star gives pretty good laps,I got a little extra from her and she wasn't concerned about private booths,but Star is a girl who is hungry.Apple does porn,go to her and start making offers Hotshot.The rest of the girls at the RBC aren't that hungry,but they may have to be,because of the economy,if not as Damn Right said ''let the welfare feed them.As I said before,go to Starz,check out Deja,Jasmine,Manhattan & Kristi on dayshift,check out Black Diamond,Seduction,Luscious on night shift,and go from there.

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Date: 6/3/2010 10:02am Whois Name: HotShot (185)
Delete Subject: RBC aint gonna get with the times & market-so go elsewhere!
I have kinda given up on RBC actually changing anything for the better, and only count on them havin the youngest/hottest dancers quality wise...if not quantity-wise!

I heard that Ron is a white dude? Or a Latino? Asian? Anybody know if that is so?

Whether white or black or red-yellow-brown, he is stuck in the past and in a comfort zone, so he sees no need or desire to change the dance areas for more privacy. Oh well...there are plenty of other clubs Ronnie boy...we will all be at them instead! yee haaa

Ron- you dont have to put in full closed booths if its the vice or city pricks youre scared of...just use some curtain dividers within the dance area to divide it up a bit, and do a better job of fixin the outer curtains so they actually close and keep cheap voyeurs from watchin our dances instead of gettin their own! An dont scare yer girls with threats and fines as you watch those cameras from home, just for doin up-close and personal lap-dances...comprende?

Deja Vu has taken over the Platinum Club downtown LA, i want to say Hooray! Yet we willll see how they improve/change it. I am expectin that due to DT locatin there should be sum hot choco-licks there soon!!??

Any intel on the Lap-dance privacy and other mucho importante info is appreciated!

I will go soon and report back here on this new venue and the new menu, just trying to give em a little time to advertise/recruit and build up sum dancer RC' i hope!

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Date: 5/30/2010 9:58pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (25)
Delete Subject: Friday visit
Hit RBC Friday,I will say that RBC has still the best young looking girls.The private laps argument is something I can take it or leave it.Even though I don't drink,they might need to get their liquor license back.I have no problems at RBC,except for the DJ constantly telling customers to throw dollars on the stage when the girls were getting dollars.Got laps from Ya-Ya and a new girl named Tiny.Both girls are smoking hot,but you can tell they're young and not hiungry.Of all the Gardena clubs,Ya-Ya is the best looking girl I've seen,her body is clocking the jizz.Tiny is also hot.These girls might have to go to Starz to get some real cash.The dances I got from each was nothing special,but next time I work something in for them.Apple is still looking good,but why did she shave half of her head?Apple does porn as some of you know,and I seen those videos,nothing special.Nautica from Starz & Eunique from KH8 do everything in their videos,so they have my complete attetion.My experience is when a stripper is doing porn,TO outside the club is available,I don't if that's true with Apple,because I never gotten a dance with her.

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Date: 5/27/2010 1:09pm Whois Name: Tanfan40D (33)
Delete Subject: Club Policies
There's been a lot of debate about the need for the Coast to serve alcohol, so I asked one of the dancers why
not. Her answer was that the club had tried to get its liquor license renewed, but other entities have a say. It's not just the ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Commission), but also the Gardena City Council and the city's police force.
My guess is that the latter two have a "let's leave well
enough alone" attitude. Bottom line, I don't see RBC having a liquor license any time soon. As for booths being
added to the lap dance area, that's unlikely also. Why not?
Well, two or three years ago another club had private booths, with walls blocking the view from the main area.
At least two dancers offered me a BJ. I went back a month
or so later and the walls had open doorways cut in them. That ended any real privacy and no more BJ's were offered.
My conclusion is that all clubs listen to their customers, but they have rules and laws, written and unwritten, to obey.They get caught breaking too many rules and they wind up closed down. Or, having to pay a lawyer to fight this
or that charge. Besides, $10 lap dances are hard to find
anywhere else. And I, for one, am happy with RBC as it is.
Club 3.5 Dancers 4 Attitude 3.5 Nasty Factor 3.5

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Date: 5/12/2010 11:34pm Whois Name: bendover656 (2)
Delete Subject:
I'd like to chime in here on the recent discussion. I believe Penetrate deep does speak the truth from a customer's perspective.

We like RBC because some hot dancers work there and we can watch nude stage dances. But we don't like the higher cover charge and the lack of privacy in the dance areas.

Obviously, it's the club's right to do business however it wishes. It would be smart, however, to listen their customers and try to make them happy. For every customer that takes the time to comment and make suggestions there are a hundred of unsatisfied customers that will just go somewhere else.

Having to pay $15 to get in is a barrier but would be OK if the experience inside the club is worth it. Bikini dances in the open are not as attractive to customers as dances with some degree of privacy. It's just that simple. It's our hard-earned money we're spending and we want an awesome experience to show for it.

It's really simple in that if you offer customers a good value and a good dance experience they will spend money and make return visits.

Now the management of RBC may just be content to do the level of business that it currently does. But if the club wants to make more money they should listen to some of the suggestions that have been offered.

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Date: 5/12/2010 8:02pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (107)
Delete Subject: Response to make room and seven
Make Room:

I would insult you but everytime I insult someone ZBONE takes down my post. Like the one he took down a couple days ago when you called me cheap and I responded to you.

The Coast serves no alcohol. As soon as they start serving Vodka I will buy drinks.

You must work at The Coast. Who are you? Are you a bartender, dj, dancer, security, what? And why is your name Make Room?


The Star that works there now probably is not the same one from 8 years ago. This one is pretty young. She's got a pretty face and a bunch of tattoos from her thighs up to her neck. And based on the way she acts, I'm sure she's got to be a good fuck.

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Date: 5/12/2010 4:44pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (20)
Delete Subject: the $15 at the BC
It cost $$15 to enter the BC

$$10 -to come in
$$5 - for any drink
Equal-$$15 at the door

Penetrate_Deep if you don't won't 2 pay 4 a drink , you don't have to come 2 the BC, u crying over a $$5 please

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Date: 5/7/2010 5:14pm Whois Name: deejay (15)
Delete Subject: Dancer Named Star & Booths
Is this the same Star that used to work at RBC many years ago? I mean that must have been like 7-8 years ago or so.

I used to be soley an RBC guy myself but the $15 door charge and lack of Booths compared to Starz makes this club a no go nowadays. If they installed booths I'd definitely come back just to check the club out.

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Date: 4/30/2010 1:06pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (18)
Delete Subject: RBC
I went to RBC 3 days ago for the first time in 2 months.Now Hotshot,the dances I got from Star is what I'm talking about,and she didn't need a private booth.A private booth doesn't matter to me one way or the other.Girls at RBC I like,Star,Baby,Cocoa,Peaches,Kisses & Ya-Ya is super cute with a banging body to match.I still love my girl Monique,but she told me she doesn't dance at the RBC as much as she used to.A lot of guys there,but they wasn't spending much money.Can anybody give me some info on Star,Kisses,Baby & Ya-Ya?

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Date: 4/16/2010 11:43pm Whois Name: BBWLover (1056)
Delete Subject: re:Hotshot/P_Deep/Alora
I am glad Alora came to her senses. She started it all. She threw a tantrum just because a PL made a reasonable suggestion about privacy but without intent maliceLOL.

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Date: 4/16/2010 12:19pm Whois Name: HotShot (177)
Delete Subject: Peace & Prosperity & pleasure pointers
Alora- Yes we can make peace and get off the obsession.

I suggest you offer someting SPECIAL to the Professional Lappers on Z-Bone...the re-introduce the club and get their (our)

1)Discount coupons of free passes for Z-boners

2) and/or sum 2-4-1 dance specials when z-boners are present. The girls got to wokr a little harder, but are likely ot get tips too...

3) A Z-CON gathering, with special aspects goin on...can be on a slow-day or nite...

This would be smart/savvy, while we is waitin on the booths/curtians to be built /installed Ho ho Hooo

Just make sure there are plenty of hottie spinners on hand for any event/specials...of your normal overall UFO's (Ugy-Fat-Old) just to get quantity, no skimpin and skimmin on quality..ok?!

Note: So if we cant expect to fuck or suck in the dance areas, even with booths, can we at least lick sum pussy and slurp sum tits on stage? Bwaa haa just kiddin (NOT!)...

"Why cant we all just get along"...?!

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Date: 4/16/2010 11:27am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (103)
Delete Subject: Response
Alora and Makeroom:

The entry fee is FIFTEEN dollars. Don't try and sell me that bullshit about $10 + $5 for the drink. What happens when I don't want the drink, I STILL GOT TO PAY $15 to get in.

And I like RBC, I was just saying how it can be better.

You are right that the hostility is unnecessary, but when a BITCH like MakeRoom starts talking shit, I got's to come back at his punk ass.

BBWLover: Thanks for the shout out.

Girls at RBC I want to fuck: Baby, Tiny, Flawless, Apple, Tropical.

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Date: 4/16/2010 9:50am Whois Name: BBWLover (1051)
Delete Subject: RE:Penetrate_D
I wonder why Zmod worry about talk like this. It is not real but entertaining though. Me twisted humor? Whatever!

I "listen" when Penetrate_D talks. He is the "Merrill Lynch" of SC,LOL. He is vulgar and very frank about his opinion. You have to be familiar with him so as not to hate. Looking forward to his posts at STARZ,LOL.

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Date: 4/16/2010 9:36am Whois Name: alora (2)
Delete Subject: last post










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Date: 4/15/2010 10:29pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (18)
Delete Subject: Penetrate_Deep
Dude u got 2 b a no getting pussy guy real talk.

I can tell u why Ron might not get curtains bcuz of fools like u tryin 2 do 2 much n the lap dance area.Trust me if BC get curtains u b the first person getting toss out by whoever is running the club

Trust me its going take sometime 4 the BC 2 get some curtains bcuz customer talk a lot bout the other clubs sucking n fuckin n the lap dance area. But 1 thang BC has is great cameras 2 were they can see it all if they ever get them

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Date: 4/15/2010 9:38pm Whois Name: alora (1)
Delete Subject: Seriously




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Date: 4/15/2010 8:41pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (101)
Delete Subject: Alora & Hot Shot
1. I agree with Hotshot, RBC does need some booths.

2. There is no way in hell RBC is worth 3mill. What the fuck are you talking about Alora.

3. Hot Shot. Why do all your posts have to be so damn long? Your posts need to be HALF the length they usually are.

4. RBC needs a lot of changes. #1 is TURN THE FUCKING MUSIC DOWN MR. DJ. It is too damn loud in there.

5. $15 entry fee need to drop down to $10.

6. If a girl picks a wack song to dance to DJ don't play it.

7. Some girls get on stage and don't get completely nude. Or turn the lights down so its too dark. SHOW SOME PUSSY.

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Date: 4/15/2010 5:45pm Whois Name: HotShot (176)
Delete Subject: Hmmm...hit a nerve ...finally!?!
Alora- whoever are with the club...youre should not change or improve one thing..keep it the same as the last 30 years for the next 30-60-90 years. I MEAN WHY SHOULD YOU..want to keep up with the trends...and the Jones'? Continue to be the ONLY club in Gardnea /Hawthorne, or all of LA for that matter, without lap dance privacy! Thats a great sellin point! Bwaaa haa

In case u aint noticed, I am the "ONLY one Obsessin" on this board about it, cause i am the ONLy one here other than shills from yer club! Haaa hooo... Who KNew?!

There is NOBODY here...until I reviewed and revived the board there hadnt been comments here since 2002...hoo hooo

SO , I like yer club, and the type ,style, flavor of many of the ladies i saw there, or i wouldnt give a s--t.

If i want a whore house i take an easy ride to TJ...its legal,easy and cheap.

Nobody is suggestin or requestin illegal acts in the club, only dancer and PL can relax and enjoy up-close and personal dances.

First Kings, Starz and King H-8 all have booths, with more privacy. SO maybe you aint payin off the local constabulary properly if they are? They can but you cant? Hmmm...Ron got no juice...after 30 years? hmmmm...

For $3 Million I could buy a great club in Las Vegas right now...this is 2010 remember? And the market sucks for all the clubs,as well as RE values...get real!

Oh well...keep it a hardly visited Hobby-club..nobody gonna take much interest unless you get up with the times.

WHen times is tough...the tough get real,get goin and get with the program. Drastic times call for drastic measures...

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Date: 4/15/2010 9:44am Whois Name: alora (New)
Delete Subject: hotshot
What is the deal with u being OBSESSED! with curtains and/or boths?? First of all this is a strip club not THE BUNNY RANCH R A WHORE HOUSE! The lapdance area provides more than enough privacy for the dancers and customers. But if u have 3 million u can buy RBC and put boths and curtains any and everywhere u disire. RBC has been in business for over 30 years WITH OUT BOTHS R CURTAINS, and trust me it will not be closing anytime soon. And from reading the reviews on this website YOU r the ONLY person that is constantly nagging about boths & curtains WHY????? Again even if we had boths r curtains u would still get the same kind of dance that u would without them; there would still be no Fucking, Sucking r etc. So if that is ur agenda sorry to crush ur dreams but its not gonna happen. I see u have alot of free time on ur hands, so take a trip to the Gardena Police Dept. r Gardena City Hall, ask them what it takes to open,operate, and maintain a strip club in their city trust me u have no clue. As far as dayshift every club has a limited selection during the day time. FYI alot of ladies have other JOBS and responsibilites during business hours.

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Date: 4/14/2010 8:42am Whois Name: HotShot (175)
Delete Subject: Priorities vs. profits?
So you allow a cat fight to go on uninterrupted in your parking lot,and manange to get it posted on the net...but you cant get some simple curtains or booths installed to boost the dancers income, the clients pleasure, and your club income?

Hmmmm...are you sure you WANT to make money here..or is it just a (store-)FRONT or Hobby club...and ya make all the money elsewhere?

Or Is Ron just tired and retired? DOes he want to SELL this club? If its reasonable, I got buyers...who wanna do it up right!

I call the club to see if booths or curtains are in...nobody knows nuthin about it.

There are never more than 2-3 girls during the day. WHy? Because they cant make any money, cause the PL's cant have any loose the FUN-ds...due to No friggin privacy on private dances! DUHH? Waht is it about that basic factor that nobody here gets?/! Simple Solution...Just do it= booths or curtains or combo!! DUHH?!

You would kick all the other area clubs asses...even without or especially without a liquor license, without changing anything else youre doin right and better than them!!Damn shame...waste of what could be a great club...with hot nubile spinners all makin money and shakin the money maker...up close & personal private dancers...DUHHH. This would be the simplest and cheapest makeover of any club in LA...only one thing to change, all else is fine...yet they cant get er done!?

I got some unemployed or under-employed construction guys who can come give an estimate and get it done cheap...its a simple simple job. In fact they might even trade the labor portion out for dance time in the new PRIVATE or more private resultant area. Is that what yer lackin? Anyone who can or will do the work? Or the small amount of cash it would take to do it? TIME TO SELL the club!

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Date: 4/8/2010 11:48am Whois Name: HotShot (173)
Delete Subject: WTF?

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Date: 4/8/2010 3:41am Whois Name: meme (5)
Delete Subject: bianca and toni fight

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Date: 4/7/2010 4:03pm Whois Name: meme (4)
Delete Subject: bianca and toni fight

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Date: 3/31/2010 3:47pm Whois Name: HotShot (165)
Delete Subject: Still the same, no game?
Well, it seems we were mis-informed, still no booths or curtains so no , no Dancers or PLs or biz!! When will they learn to earn by givin value for which we yearn!?

BOOTHS/Curtains privacy in dance area is all you need here RON to kick all the other area clubs ASSES...and dem is big boned B--- asses...compared to the spinners who could be winners here!

Are you sure this club isnt owned by sum uh dem "fur-in-ears" just usin it as a front, like so many other foreigner owned LA clubs?

NO?! Then why dont you do this simple & cheap change to get all the biz!?! I and others will cum...and send you other PL's and even send you hot chocolic and other hot spinner dancers, if we could enjoy the (privacy dance)venue with a good menu!

Again, you could even increase the dance price, if the value was there...cant relax & enjoy, up-close and personal dances without it! ALL other clubs have a better lap-dance set-up! But not better selection of girls or prices or full-length songs,so fix the dance area and youll get all the biz!

"Build it and they will cum"- booths of dreams...

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Date: 3/10/2010 8:22am Whois Name: HotShot (162)
Delete Subject: DVCOI or RBC top for slender hot babes and value
Where /who are Skinny /Petite hot girls WHo DO work for their $$ ?
Quotes:From Los Angeles Strip Club sections

Originally Posted by Gent45
"I've been to both also. The one thing I dislike about the strip clubs is that it's hard to find the skinny/petite ones. If they are indeed there. They don't seem to want to go to the VIP room and do extras.

I remember once at SR, I asked one girl if she would and she said no but she knew somebody that would. She brought her over. Yikes! Freakin' amazon woman. She wasn't bad looking though but just too large for my taste. Probably like 5'8 or 5'9 and 140. I prefer around 5'4 and 105 pounds".

Quote response Cunnah
"Try the DVCOI (Deja Vu City of Industry) and RBC (Rons Barbary Coast- Gardena) for slim hot babes that provide value. Only the DVCOI has the right venue to sample the menu.

RBC has hot slender sweet babes, but their dance area (SUCKS) is not private and hard to convince girls they wont get in trouble (fired or fined by the owner watchin cameras).The word is that the owner is gonna stop that shit (firing and fining for friction ) , except for outright sex/prosti maybe,and is gonna put in booths or curtain seperations for more privacy, real soon!Lets hope so, or this club is history...slowly slidin into oblivion, or quickly back into Outstandin Opportunity! IT STANDS OR FALLS ON WHETHER THEY INSTALL CURTAINS AND/OR BOOTHS FOR DANCE AREAS, NOT WHETHER THEY GET THEIR LIQUOR LICENSE BACK...PLENTY OF TOPLESS CLUBS WITH LIQUOR...GOT IT?!

At RBC (Nude club, No alcohol, Bikini dances only) & DVCOI (Nude club, with topless or nude dances & nude VIP room)you can "test run" as bikini & topless dances, are just $10. Only continue or upgrade if ya perceive value.

DVCOI DJ's run 2-4-1 $10 dances Occasionally, and all dances and specials at DVCOI are run by machine timer so U get a set time not DJ cut short BS.

RBC has full length (unheard of?) song dances from a juke-box in the back, during the days. Some Nites they have DJ's but i am told they dont cut-short the songs (Imagine that?) , theyre still full-length,unlike all the gip joints in LA run by idiots!

I prefer Chocolics, and RBC is almost all ebony honeys, and DVCOI often or usually has a real good % and selection compared to most of the all plain Vanilla clubs.

Didnt see any fat girls at RBC yet, unlike ALL the oter Gardena/Hawthorne ones (DOT Trucker scales in interview/audition rooms evidently?) and DVCOI has rid itself of most of the whales or cellulitic deposit excesses, unlike most clubs now with Weight Watcher & Biggest Loser program drop-outs!

SO its a matter of where you are in relationship to these locations, once the booths or curtains are in at RBC, but until then I would make the drive to COI.

Or if ya wanna take a drive for max value, Its Hong Kongs in TJ for a putang binge where almost anything goes, legally! Live sex on stage, in booth or in room! Hard to beat and beat to hard."

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Date: 3/7/2010 7:55am Whois Name: HotShot (162)
Delete Subject: Booths or curtains? No action?
Well c'mon MAKEROOM or RON, or Maangers at RBC, waht ya goona do to get more customers and keep em? The ONLY way to do it is to imprvoe your lap-dance area with seperate booths or curtains or whats it gonna be? Si or Nada?

Its either get curatains for privacy or its CURTAINS ("THE END") for the club, in this economy especially ! PL's gotta get value for spending their hard-earned or hard-found cashola...period! Clubs that aint providing that are dying left & right, no matter how hot the few dancers they keep are...

This is not like re-constructin the Twin Towers..its a simple little bit of re-decorating, especially with ceiling hung curtain seperators on a grid. The Term "booths" is a loose term meaning simply seperate & more private dividers or any reasonable & logical sort, so some other dipshit aint viewing another patrons dance for free when real PL is payin the fee.

It is So "up close & personal" lap dances can take place whenre & when both the dancer and Pl can relax and enjoy the moments and feel good about money spent...and spent...and spent! It aint "rocket-science" or major construction guys, so lets "get er done" asap...please.

Again, you could even increase the dance fees to $15 with bikini, especially on certin Nites (Fri-Sat) if their was true at least semi-privacy. And just run $10 specials or 2-4-$20 specials(2 full lenght songs, not the cut-rte BS of other clubs).

I and many other PL's will drive long distances on reg basis thru all kinds of weather and economic climates, only if the VALUE and fun is there. Otheriwse it will just be the local gangsters who dont really work for their money patronizin yer club...and they will switch to local street girls who will do it all for a rock in the pipe...versus the fine sweet good girls in the club just givin a good rub...comprende?

Do your selves, the girls and all of us a favor to go wht the fine feline flavor...and "get we done" and get the word up here, and we will get the word out and ourselves out and at the club!

1st Kings, KH8 and Starz will keep kickin yer azz until ya dont need an Alcohol license you ONLY needs booths and the Dancers andPatrons will come again and again...and stay and pay-to-play day-after-day!

What are ya waitin for ? The end-of-the-world a we know it...12-21-2012? The next shoe to drop economically, harder and lower than now? Get it while ya and markets are short...

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Date: 3/2/2010 12:02pm Whois Name: HotShot (160)
Delete Subject: Stay on it, and on save & stir the RBC
DeeJay- We both know their dance area is the worst in LA, and they need booths with dividers or curtains or both to make this club happen ,and girls and customers Happy again to draw and keep them in!

I think MAKEROOM works there in some position and communIcates with Ron the owner,whom I havent met nor do i know how to reach him.

all club managers always block someone who knows the biz better than they do from getting in touch with Managers Owners to protect their jobs...comprende?

So unless Ron reads the boards, and pays attention and takes action...and or contacts me directly (, we will have to rely on MAKEROOM (Dj?),or some other voyeur here who knows him, to confer with him.

MAKEROOM said in a recent post that Ron was seriously considering adding booths (dividers or curtains or combo?) if we thought it would bring or keep more biz. THERE IS NO QUESTION...IT WOULD..ITS A NO-BRAINER!

No reason not to add at least the level that the other Gardena clubs or Hawthorne clubs have, whatever the local Vice and City Council fools will allow, or get tough and fight for "free-speech rights" of interpretive dance (Contact lap-dances) provide, which has been upheld by the courts! Fuck the Coward CC's and Cops...let em go fight real dangerous crime and criminals,not dancers and PL's which are harmless fun!

Let the other area clubs keep their alcohol flowing cause most of their girls are so UFO (Ugly-Fat-Old) ya need to get drunk to think otherwise!

This club needs to be known for the beauty-slender-young-hot-sweet spot for nubile ebony babes.

And for having price and value (Privacy on dance= nuff said)advantages.

Also he needs to quit threatening the girls with firing and fines for just giving a good full contact dance, and only scold em or more for outright sex/prosti...which should not be allowed..capiche?

I also promoted the RBCclub @ under LA Strip Club section, cause everyone on there was promoting all the other clubs and not giving this club a chance or even a look. Once the privacy/booth issue is fixed, they will start cumin here again...and again..and again. But right now, the other clubs all have better lap-dance areas (privacy).

All require Bikinis to be kept on during dances (City or Cop rules? BS anti-freedom of speech= as I read pussy lips!)

All other clubs charge $15 for dances versus $10 that could be kept as an advantage promo during the days, or off nites, but prices could be raised on Busiest nites to $15 with bikini,and higher if they could take it off! Then run DJ specials on those nites, whenever dances got slow (i.e. 2-4-$20).

They also need to keep the full-length songs, even on any 2-4-1 specials.

With these things changed or added, and keeping the quality of girls high compared to the rest, and quantity will increase naturally as the club will be crowded and girls and club will make cake !


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Date: 3/1/2010 9:02pm Whois Name: deejay (14)
Delete Subject: Private Booths?
Are private booths really coming to RBC? I hope so, I'd definitely come back to this club if that ever happens. I used to be a big RBC guy, but the open lap dance area is pretty lame compared to Starz.

Props Hotshot for reviving this board from the dead, I was beginning to wonder if anybody even went to this club anymore. So who are the best chicks to get dances from nowadays here?

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Date: 2/23/2010 6:30pm Whois Name: HotShot (159)
Delete Subject: MAKEROOM (DJ?) and/or Ron (Owner),or other Manager
MAKEROOM (DJ?) and/or Ron (Owner),or other Manager:

Are you really going to install booths? Either wooden and or Curtain dividers and maybe better (bigger) chairs or couch or full-function benches in the Dance /VIP room? How soon?

Thats when you will really get and keep many more clients and dancers at your club!!

If so, let us know...and we will be ready to go (to the club) or to sho!! If not, biz aint gonna pick up much or stay up...

You dont need a liquor license, you need booths or curtains to divide and privatize the sloppy ass wide-open half-ass dance sho!

Also, DId you ever find HAZEL or she find u again? Is she ok? Is she back? She was the finest u had, so i hope u sent someone to retrieve her?!

Keep the quality of girls while you gain the quantity that willl come with adding the booths..and you will expand or explode! The RBC will really truly be back as the club to be at! Hot Chocolic central!!

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Date: 2/22/2010 9:45pm Whois Name: awholeheap (19)
Delete Subject: friday
went to the barbary coast on friday night and got there a little early. IT WUZ POPPIN. by me saying that you guys know apple wuz there and did her thang. it was a lot of girlz there some new and some regulars but all wuz lookin fine. the place wuz packed everybody had a good time. THA BARBARY COAST IS BACK
Club 2.5 Dancers 3 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 3

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Date: 2/19/2010 8:03pm Whois Name: HotShot (157)
Delete Subject: RBC comeback? Go check it out, help make it happen!!
Ron's Barbary Coast (RBC)
14320 S. Western Ave., Gardena
Exit 105 E @ Crenshaw, left on W 120th, right on Crenshaw, left on W 135th, right on Western.

(310) 532-3406 (Live answer !! If its a will be live !)

Sun & Mon: 7 pm till 2 am
Tues - Sat: 3pm (to be safe...later in year by noon) - 2am

$10 entry in daY...$15 AFTER 7 PM I THINK (OR 8 PM?)

$10 full-length songs! WOW! Sure its bikini officially but...ya know how that can work in Gardena, where all clubs mandate bikini in privates...


And it sounds like there will be dividing booths and or curtains installed soon with more privacy & comfort...will keep ya posted...

Treat the girls right...we wanna get a good to great group reputation and resulting treatments for Z-Boners and USASG Mongers & PL'

This could become the newest and best playground if we work it right together! Chocoholics unite...for sweet hot chocolic delites every days & every nites!

Take- outs are an individual matter...maybe yes ,or maybe no ...YTOMV...your take outs may girl, day, time, economy anywhere else!

[QUOTE=Baldy Cruiser]I may check it out. Haven't been there in years, but I love the young nubile li'l things.


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Date: 2/19/2010 2:07pm Whois Name: HotShot (157)
Delete Subject: Gardena or Hawthorne all clubs comparisons?
This info/review below is from the website under La Strip clubs, where PL's is pitchin and bitchin comparin their fav clubs, and sharin some useful intel too:

RBC still a mystery to you all...your loss...why prejudiced against?

So still no honorable mention of the RBC (Rons Barbary Coast) when critiquing all the other Gardena/ Hawthorne clubs? Whats the problema? You guys only like the UFO's (Ugly-Fat-Old) types or sunthin?

Was at the RBC again recently, and the % of dancers who were young, slender, pretty hot ,and had great attitudes ,and paid attention (came up to thank and talk) was 80-100% ! OK you cant get drunk here 1st to make the girls look good, but you dont have to resort to that here...they look good naturally= sober!

Ok, there are a few real hot lookers sometimes at Starz, and i am sure there are a few here and there at FK AND KH8. But my exprience has been it was hard to stand watchin and dealin with all the UFO's long enuf and often enuf to find any...sorry guys...i dont like my girls by the pound...even if theyre offering More beef for the buck!

Well, its no skin off my nose if youse guys dont even check it out and lose quality experience if not losing on quantity ( esp POUNDs wise)..but there are some nice hot Mamas...little young nubile nubians, hot chocolics, here and i know they deserve more clientel and cash!

I also heard from the ZBone board, that after I proposed that they get More privacy via booths and or curtains or both there to add Value to the dances and to all involved, theyre about to do so!! Then it will for sure be hands down way above the others ,way beyond Gardena's boundaries alone!!

And remember: its Just $10 a dance and they dont cut songs at all! Unheard of in LA or most dipshit DJ controlled and Foreigner controlled clubs! I loves my HotChocolics, so more for me if you guys dont wake up...your loss!

If u check it out, share honestly what u see ,feel, smell or taste there...and if ya can look us in the eyes and say it aint better...your deaf-dum-blind...or gettin paid/comped by the other clubs to promo them ...blindly obviously! Put a scale in them clubs,and see who passes muster. I gotta have under 150 lbs of tight young fresh fine on my lap...or i get hives & welts! Bwaaa haaa

Good lick with all that weight liftin at the other area clubs...too many calories for my intake or output menu! bwaa haaa

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Date: 2/18/2010 10:27am Whois Name: HotShot (153)
Delete Subject: YES put in curtained booths!
Your lap dance area does not even have outside walls or curtains that close properly and completely, so you have cheap ass PL's hangin outside as voyeurs to get cheap thrills,and NOT taking their own dances! This happens at any club that doesnt have the savvy set-up to prevent that!

You will get and keep more hot girls and higher end customers, cause they will buy more dances...girls will make more money,and so will club. So unless this is just a "hobby" for Ron, or he has other purposes to just use this as a "Front" like most of the Fur-In-Ears (Foreigner= Armenian, Russian, Iranina, Ukranian,etc) run clubs in La,Vegas and elsewhere,then he needs to change it ASAP,and announce it!

You could also, with the booths, raise prices per song on the busy days/nites (i.e. Thurs-Fri-Sat) to $15 a dance, IF and ONLY if you keep the quality, quantity of the girls up like now (better than area clubs overall) or increase it (Naturally will increase and maintain quality & quantity if girls make more money).jUST RUN SOME 2-4-1'S WITHOUT CUTTING EACH SONG WHEN ITS SLOW TIMES ON THOSE NIGHTS , COMPRENDE? Or 2-4-1 all-the-time. Topless= $20, nude $30 !

If AND ONLY if you keep the FULL-LENGTH -SONgS , EVEN ON 2-4-1'S! PL'S,including me and much bigger spending mongers, will drive long distances thru all kinds of traffic and weather and crime, if the deal is right,and better combined factors than the rest,GUARANTEED!


I used to run,and own part of some clubs in Amarillo Texas for a number of years. A town of 1.5 million with Gent clubs, and ALWAYS kicked ALL their asses...foreign and domestic of all colors,period! How? I always treated the girls better with their splits and all other factors within reason,and always gave the Customers/Clients better deals and greater service than the rest! It aint rocket science, but looking at all the clubs in LA all doing the same S__t, it sure seems like it!

"BOOTHS" can be just curtain rods interlocked in squared-form hangin for ceiling supports ,for side-back, frontal privacy (closable if possible is best). As long as you put a comfortable two-seater counch/chair in girl can sit or stand while customer is on it seated). You could even take two of the semi-good size & comfort seats/chairs u have in ther now and put em along side each other! You dont need to be lavish or luxurious, just comfortable nad useful! Happy PL's will camp out and blaze trails to get there and stay there!

Of course, both girls and customers need to be clear that nothing illegal (like full-on sex) is condoned or allowed (simple sign statement,and girl training). But you gotta stop frightening away the girls and customers with threats and acts of FIRING and/or FINING them,except for outright full-sex/ prosti?!

Ask Ron if he would be willing to meet me at the club,for more assist?!

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Date: 2/18/2010 12:28am Whois Name: MAKEROOM (17)
Delete Subject: lap dance
Question were do u go n buy lap dance booth at bcuz I think ron is thinkin about puttin some n N u think tht tht would bring more customers back

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Date: 2/13/2010 2:34pm Whois Name: HotShot (148)
Delete Subject: 2nd visit...
Stopped in during the day after 4 pm this last Thurs. 4 girls and all were passable on the: age, weight and proportion and looks critera.

50% were real hot, 25% pretty hot, and 25% sorta hot!

Unfortunately my Fav, Hazel was mssing in action ,and has been for days. No car and lost her phone i hear?! Well send somebody to check on her and pcik her up DUH..since she is the hottest and sweetest thing here by far! Let me knw if and when she shows...please!

Lets see the other 2 hottest there were called...uhhh... hmmmm...Fancy or Fantasy and Menage (as in Menage y twa- a 3 sum...hmmm...).

$10 dances with full length songs ,played on juke box when there is no DJ during the day! GREAT value., but no damn privacy in dance area and bikini dances only. Management needs to ease up and at least put a few dividers in...girls are nervous when theyre dancin about doing something the hypocritical managmenet thinks is wrong and "fining" them !?! BullS--t...stupid!Fix this s--t, keep the quality of dancers, and many PL's and hot dancers will cum!

Let me know when they get smart and fix this dance area, and quit screwin with girls just trying to give sum good sensual up-close and personal STIMULATION OF PACKAGES...AS OBAMA WOULD HAVE IT DONE!

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Date: 1/22/2010 11:38pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (16)
Delete Subject:
Yea on sunday n monday they don't open til around 7pm no day shift
Besides all tht suckin n fuckin n some strip clubs n gardena the coast girls r cool n lap dancin U get a whole song no matter if the dj is there playin music , lap dances $10

The day shift is cool its very slow with like 4-5 girls Hazel is like there a lot with a couple of new girls if u like it 2 where its just u n the lap dance area its all u

You ask about outside stuff well just say anything is possible lol

Let's see its friday nite n its lookin good n here

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Date: 1/21/2010 8:26pm Whois Name: HotShot (137)
Delete Subject: I shall return & report, with discretion...
FK711, I have only been there once, as again i live ALL the WAY up at Magic Mountain, where there is almost nothing but conservative religious hypocrites besides one wild man= me!

No strip clubs, no pot clubs, no real night clubs..not many hot wild single babes...and virtually no Black girls...aarrgghh.

Yet i will be moving soon ,to open a new business,asnd before the end of next year, i plan to open or buy-out a Strip CLub and do it right, like i did before in Texas! All the clubs pretty much suck here, so you gotta find the lesser evils!

Once the rains clear, i will do some more recons to RBC both day & night shift. I want to see waht fine dymes i have missed, and make sure my one visit where the fine babes were in good % wasnt a fluke!

Day-shift i hope has no DJ to frig up the length of songs and talk a bunch of stupid S--t,as in all the other clubs that have them. If Makeroom is the DJ (which is my guess...or another employee) hopefully he isnt like that or has or will get the message. A crap DJ can ruin a club, and a great DJ can make it...other than the dance talent of course...since nothing can make up for a s__t line-up...

I like DVCOI partiALLY because they have the machines in dance areas that have set times for money inserted, so they cant mess with the song length to cut it short, only to add extra time for specials,which is sweet.DVNH and others have machines too, but management and lack of stupid rules and workers are much better at DV-COI! Plus always a nice choco-lic assortment especially at nites! Just too friggin far away in La traffic to make it there too often.

I dont drink alcohol anymore, hardly ever and hardly much at all, so i hope they dont get alcohol back as i hate drunks and other idiot actions it foments!

Pussy is mt drug of makes me so high...fine young slender hot beauties ...breast milk & pussy juice diet is my addiction. I am used to beingin countries with unspoiled girls and where everything is legal, so its hard to deal with the BS here...but i am stuck for i gotta make the best of it somehow, somewhere, someway...or i will be TJ'n it constantly. Now that is long drive...but worth it! Try Hong Kong and you cant go wrong...check = and check Tijuana menu...

Only problem again, very few chocolics,but pink is pink if it dont stink! Its legal and its 200 pesos if ya know some spanish...and got a bit of skills ya can get extras and discounts form there! Hard to beat, little brown treats at $15 a pop! And ya can do so much in the clubs like HK for $1 tips and more for a drink. Ya cn do take out, or take in there...its Ho Ho Ho heaven!

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Date: 1/21/2010 5:49pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (14)
Delete Subject: Hotshot
I agree let's have fun at the RBC.My favorite girls at RBC,Monique,Baby,Apple, (I don't know why she shaved half of her hair)Cocoa & I'm starting to feel Star and will start giving her dances.I don't know any of the girls on dayshift at the RBC,so if have some info,share it.I will make my daytime trip sometime in February,I'll post and let you know.RBC needs to get their liquor license back.That will definitely bring back business.

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Date: 1/20/2010 6:03pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (13)
Delete Subject: Hotshot
Hotshot,I'm not LE dude,and I didn't name names,because you don't put girls on blast.I don't ask anybody on this post on what girl is doing what,it's called doing your home work,and if you read my last post,I never asked Makeroom what girls on the dayshift at RBC was doing TO,only what girls looked good.You see I never been to RBC during the day.You yourself put out info on usasexguide site,so if you read any of the posts as I did,I already know who's doing TO.Hotshot a lot of posts on girls from KH8,FK & Starz,very little posts about the RBC,there is a reason for that.Yes there is some girls at Starz that are good looking,you have no choice but to admit that.That's game,set,match,exclamation point take that noise somewhere else.

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Date: 1/20/2010 11:32am Whois Name: HotShot (136)
Delete Subject: SC Ettiquette /manners and street-smarts
FK711,Are you LE or wanting to draw LE to RBC? Or are you a shill for Starz, since you make statments to draw heat to their competitors FK & KH8?

Surely MakeRoom wont be rude ,crude or brain-dull enuf to name names about Outside or illegal action...not good manners. You didnt name names on your exploits i noticed!

You should know that the coward LE's lurk these boards and the clubs using tax-payer monies to bust Strippers illegitimately since theyre not the hero types that go after real dangerous criminals like the jail-fag butt-pirate black bang-gangs and Mex Mafia bitches all around who are murderous and well-armed crims.

You gotta wonder why the Vice aint bustin the Gay clubs constantly, is it because thats where they like to hang or theyre politicallyto powerful?

I think you need to stick to the UFO (Ugly-Fat-Old) Hos at FK, KH8 and Starz for extra action for low dollars as theyre much more desperate, or should be.. by the looks of most of them.

Again, Starz i will admit has some hot young slender sweet lookers, but its a small %. And the other two FK and KH8 may have 1 or 2 ocasionally that are passable on a non-truckers scale or can look in a mirror without crackin it, or who aint on Sc Security...but not many and not often.

Cum enjoy the hot girls at RBC but dont try to F it up for all..ok?! "What happens at RBC stays at RBC" except for Fine young hot sweet babes can make monies without goin that far...

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Date: 1/19/2010 5:16pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (11)
Delete Subject: Makeroom
Makeroom,I did find out that BC didn't open till 7:00pm yesterday.I did stop by Starz & KH8.I hate to say this,but I got OTC action from from a couple of girls from KH8.As I said before are the girls at the RBC that hungry?I can't speak for day shift girls at RBC,because I haven't met any of them yet,but I hope they're hungrier than their night time counterparts.I will visit a day shift at the RBC soon,and share the info on my visit.Is there any girls on the dayshift I should be looking for?

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Date: 1/17/2010 12:30am Whois Name: MAKEROOM (15)
Delete Subject: 7king
I believe on mLK day they don't have a day shift bcuz of the holiday I think big rob if he work will open club around 7pm mosto f the ladies start fallin in b4 10pm

Yes Raven was my homie n still is she alway hittin me when she n town shit

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Date: 1/16/2010 2:28pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (10)
Delete Subject: Makeroom
Makeroom,I have no doubt you know what you're saying.My girl Monique started at the BC,went to Starz and is now back at the BC,and it wasn't due to problems with Roc.Another girl Raven started at BC,went to Starz,left LA for Vegas,had a baby & came back to the BC.I believe you bro.I have a question for you though,I know a Jazmine that's works day shift at Starz,is that the same girl you're talking about?I also know Odyssey.I saw Chyna for the first time last night,that's a cute girl.I'm going to the BC on MLK day during the day shift to see this girl named Hazel that Hotshot keeps bragging about.Any other day shift girls at BC worth mentioning?Will also hit Starz and KH8 during the day shift.Thanks for the info,keep it coming & I'll do the same.

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Date: 1/14/2010 9:14pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (14)
Delete Subject: Girls n starz
7King the reason why u don't see ladies from starz r any of sammie clubs is bcuz tht G String wearin dude roc b hatin n tellin the ladies if here them workin at bc they get fire from wht they use 2 tell us outside on the street

Here more ladies tht from BC tht at starz
Browie ( she has a sister them finese dnt kno her stage name)

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Date: 1/14/2010 8:15pm Whois Name: RicoSwank (23)
Delete Subject: Remember 2
Slim Goodie(real thin, real hood, wore glasses)
Lucious(light skinned, thick, best dance ever)
Hollywood (Older light skinned lady, moved to New Orleans)
Mahogany (Brown skinned, wound up doing porn)
Carribean (thicka than a snicka, I believe dances at KHVIII)
Rain (thick, brown skinned, never smiles but is fine in the face, dances at KHVIII?)

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Date: 1/14/2010 9:18am Whois Name: tha_wood (23)
Delete Subject: Remember
Remember girls-

I do.

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Date: 1/14/2010 1:18am Whois Name: MAKEROOM (13)
Delete Subject: girls
Girls tht came from BC first then went 2 starz

Odessie( think thts her name)
Her light skin friend
Carman N browie ( the sister 1 name is finese)
Paradise ( Chyna)
Jazmin ( Paradise)
Trinty ( syrenn)
Miliah ( yall favor stripper back then)
N there more tht came n went
Boss I been around these clubs 4 over 20 years

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Date: 1/13/2010 6:02pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (9)
Delete Subject: Makeroom
Makeroom,I'll take your word for it.But I've been going to the RBC since 2002,there's not 1 girl that's currently at Starz that I've seen there,now I don't know about the day shift girls,but I've never seen any of the night shift girls at Starz at the RBC,but for a fact I know 3 girls at the RBC at night just came back last month from Starz,and I know because I get dances everytime I go the the RBC.Thanks for clearing that up for me.The bottom line is the girls at the RBC need to be more hungry,that's all I'm saying.

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Date: 1/12/2010 11:30pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (12)
Delete Subject: BC
Naw u wrong there homie half of the ladies at starz came from the BC u better ask somebody They started BC first bcuz they wasn't old enough

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Date: 1/11/2010 6:08pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (8)
Delete Subject: RBC
I know you guys are trying to bring more business to the RBC,but the RBC has seen it's best days.Now Hotshot,I don't know what you be looking at,but when it comes to Starz,I want you to look at Black Diamond,Luscious,Candy,Jade,Deja,Jasmine,latin girl Vanessa,and the new Asian girl Gigi and tell me where you see fat.Those girls are banging.Hotshot what you don't know,is that some of the girls at RBC on the night shift used to work at Starz,they came back to the RBC,because they couldn't outdo or outwork those old fat &ugly girls at Starz.Those are facts.Now I haven't been to the RBC during the day,but I will check out this girl Hazel that you're bragging about,I will be there on MLK day,so we''ll see what she looks like.On the night shift,Monique is the only one I will spend some serious money on.But tell your girls at the RBC to get hungry,with escorts & porn stars dropping prices,those strippers are about to become obsolete.That means Shucks motel is right down the street.I've had my share of girls from the RBC,but those girls aren't there anymore.

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Date: 1/10/2010 8:11pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (11)
Delete Subject: hotshot
I'm real good friends with Big Rob he up runs the club when his not out of town bodyguardin.I'm sure I could run tht by him n he could tell Ron the owner 4 some lov r something Becuz the reviews can promote the club n ladies it might work. If.kno Big Rob he probably tell me 2 tell u , tht he let n maybe 3 but each person have 2 buy a drink N the songs will never b like those other clubs 130 second tht shit sucks at the BC u get a real lap dance whole song thts why I like it 4 $$ 10

Bcuz the ladies not on schedule n its no tellin when they come n but they hav 2 b there b4 10pm but hazel from wht I here is always on day shift

Sunday with dj nites r good with the ladies
Monday r up n down
Tuesday r cool lots of ladies bcuz starz b actin hollywood on who they let n
Wednesday up n down
Thursday with dj its cool
Friday with dj ladies
Sat with dj

N to b real it don't b like tht gangs in there most of the week there's arm guard at front door , other clubs b havin more shit then the BC

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Date: 1/8/2010 2:41pm Whois Name: HotShot (133)
Delete Subject: RBC vs. FK & KH8 & Starz
You can go to this other more explicit board on all sex related subjects, and find input or output on some of theStrip Clubs, esp in this (Gardena / Hawthorne etc)area.

Go back a few days and see reviews of all 4 close-area clubs, just for more info comparison.

I personally will be going back to RBC soon, to check the rest of the line-up and my favs...and hopefully the experiences will be consistently good to great to rate!

But i would like to see some other good PLs come on down and check it out there are good girls who deserve some credit...some$...some attention...and i dont want the club to lose them for lack of to them...capiche?

And though i dont need a crowd, or the wrong crowd (Gang-bangers & other least no drunks here, unless they sneak in that way)I dont like to be the ONLY one in the place, as its too much pressure to spend on the girls i really dont have an interest in...and to spend more on the ones i do have interest in cause i am the only "target" shallow pockets avail!! Comprende?

So hopefully, MAKEROOM, or someone from the club, will come back and offer specials for the Z-BONERS...and maybe soon we will hold a Z-CON event

Heres hoping that the owner /managers keep
the biggest-oldest-ugliest (UFO's) girls out like they have recently...and sends them to FK and KH* and Starz where they belongs.

ANd keeps the Juke Box or whatever it is, for the girls to pick &play the music/work it, with no dip___t S--t talkin Dj's to screw up the mood and cut songs all the other idiot Dj's do at all the other clubs!

So cum-on guys, hot -young-slender fine Dimes and nice girls, NUDE on stage, that know how to work Poles... who thank you for tips even on small stage tips, with good attitudes...$10 dances with all longer annoying & song cuttin' can ya go wrong?!

Hazel Baby...its the big one...I iz a cumin back ta C ya..and the other often. Just gotta finish some work projects first, and i gotta Cum all the way from Magic Mountian to get there...till i move closer soon! Keep it cool for this smitten fool...then make it hot for this Chocoholic lovin connoiseur! MMMMMMMMMM............

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Date: 1/7/2010 4:33pm Whois Name: HotShot (132)
Delete Subject: RBC Passes. coupons, VIP...zb card?
So MAKEROOM,you an RBC Owner, Manager, DJ or other employee?!

Anyway, you got the authority to offer Passes, Coupons or other Specials to get the Z-bone crowd to come back and take some test-runs at RBC? No players, will mean no girls...which leads to no players etc...draw the crowds!?

Who do we ask for or what at the club for Z-Boners Special deal? Free entry? Free drink? Free dance or extras?

Also, I prefer your club when i was there cause there was no DJ talkin shit and cuttin songs short. Can we count on no DJ all the time..or when should we stay away...when do they work?

Which days and nites have the best dancer line-ups? Standard Fri-Sat or any other times with speicals that draw dancers?

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Date: 1/7/2010 11:10am Whois Name: Damn_Right (310)
Delete Subject: okay hotshot
somebody just posted that it's not the same hazel. the one i'm talkin bout had a big azz big shoulders like a female body builder. but go head and do you hotshot even if it is the same one. cause yo azz soundin like you tryin to cut in the front of the line just to trick off on that beatch. but since i ain't tryin 2 save 'um guess somebody gotta do it

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Date: 1/7/2010 1:31am Whois Name: MAKEROOM (10)
Delete Subject: BC ladies
The BC still got ladies n a$$ don't get it F up
Roll call 4 BC ladies
Apple (come watch tht a$$ move)
Poison(the body n a$$)
Ya Ya( sexy a$$ body)
Baby(tits n a$$)
Sincere(tight with a$$)
Barbie( tall model type)
Lavander( choco tall model)
Monique( a$$ n tits n choco)
Ty( body A)
Desire( short hair body dam near 10)
Hazel( sexy choco body nice)
Flawless( very nice a$$)
N many more just like all clubs we hav r second team The club is slow some nites NO alcohol

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Date: 1/5/2010 9:00pm Whois Name: MAKEROOM (9)
Delete Subject: hazel
Not the same 1

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Date: 1/4/2010 8:52pm Whois Name: HotShot (130)
Delete Subject: Your delusional D wRong or confused?!
Maybe there was another dancer named Hazel youre speaking about or youre just a jealous hater employed by the other clubs too maybe?

She is drop-down & DROOL gorgeous and sweet as can be, and a scent so fine it will make ya drunk like wine.

Ive dated and done many of the hottest models and strippers etc on the planet rosco....this girl is so fine...a real fine its almost a crime!

The women at the other clubs around here, FK and KH8 are 90% or more fat,old ugly ...especially compared to this girl ...and a few others at RBC. Only a SELECT FEW occasinally appearing at Starz are even close in quality.

So you must like big ass for anal ,and your Honeys by the pound...or with High-Mileage on and in em... if you prefer those clubs!?!

Sorry ,for you, and others who evidently like that too and fill those clubs.

But i gotta have young, hot, slender ,sweet clean and lean and not too mean...if i am gonna spend money. Those others would have to pay me, to even watch their fat-cheezy cellulite gang-tattooed-up asses on stage...uggghh...

Way too many fat-old-ugly girls at too many clubs these days...its sad...real sad... times is many of the hottest girls went to straight escortin or some other professions.


Couple other hotties here too....maybe not the quantity (numbers and pound wise) of the other clubs in area, but far superior averaged out quality!

But thats guys stay in those other clubs with all the porkers...i will stick alone wit the pure USDA beef t-bone steakers!

" The closer the bone, the sweeter the meat"

I dont do anal so fat cheezy asses are repugnant to me...I like them spinners they is winners!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Date: 1/4/2010 11:43am Whois Name: Damn_Right (309)
Delete Subject: hotshot?
dayum hotshot! u must be one of those white boys that like pain and torture sheit cause hazel be smellin like 4 bags of BACK THA FUK UP. er'body know that cause that's what she known 4. next time u in there, just turn to someboddy and ask um about hazel and they gonna look at u like u just sheit on yaself cause that's what she be smellin like. but u musta caught her on a day when she was messin with soap cause that beatch be musty as fuk. if u really wanna fuk with the coast, fuk with apple. i ain't been there in a minute, but if she still dance up there, she'll do you right. FOE REAL

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Date: 12/31/2009 12:51pm Whois Name: HotShot (129)
Delete Subject: How wrong and how long...can they be wrong?!
WOW...i had biz in La near LAX done about 3 pm...roads AND WEATHER i decided to head over and check this club out for myself.

Holy Clit! It was slack on PL's(who cares?...well the club and girls do..but better for me not to have a bunch of wankers or bangers around!)But out of 7 day-time dancers (some disappeared for awhile (big girls went for din-din= go FIGURE= PUN INTENDED)5 were passable as slender, young ,relatively hot...and two were drop-your-wallet , your jaw AND YER PANTS drool-in-a-pool GORGEOUS (7.5 to 8.5).

DIDNT LIKE THE STAGE SET UP, but its the rule/standard in Gardena from what I have seen..keeps the PL's at a distance!?! Anyway, dance area is OK...better than the others I have seen in this Gardena enclave.No VIP room, again like the other ghettos-of-Gardena clubs.

Had dances with a few, all good value. Danced with this sweet-enuf-to eat as a daily treat hottie named Hazel...Oh MY God...I think I am in Luv...or sort of!

Her and one other girl had PERFECT BODIES IN ALL ASS-PECTS...AND FACES OF ANGELS-SIRENS NATURAL (little-to-no make-up and all nat full perfecto bodies) BEAUTIES!

I didnt get to try the 2nd Gorgeous one (her name escapes me for now...),but will later, thats if i see her here again when Hazel aint around or avail...cause its HARD to tear away from her! Hazel has a Great personality to go with the great looks ,adn can hold a decent conversation= imagine that!!!

All the ones I talked to seemed pretty sweet or at least nice enuf, but Hazel esp was a keeper! All girls came around to thank for tips and ask for dances...unlike many clubs and girls now!

Then i broke away during the shift-change dinner-time almost no -Pl's-for-dances or stage-tips (cept me) lull, and went to check the KH8 and FK...holy shit...lone big- boned (HUGE)fat-ass girls...ONLY...ok maybe wrong days wrong times...but they would have to pay me to watch them on-stage, much less take in the back. ONLY one skinny woman (all older girls...just women)at FK who looked like she was on crack-ho recovery program Missing teth and other signs).There have to be better days and girls sometime at these places, but nothing i saw or felt would make me wanna go back! Not impressed with the dance areas either...

Ok so i missed going to Starz in the daytime to check it out, and have seen a number of honies there at nights (i dont really drink so Nude is my pref)but too many older, fatter girls for my Tastes there too.

Oh and RBC was $10 to get in before7 pm, and just $10 dances...while all the rest have dances at $15.Plus the RBC songs are longer as the girls put the songs on themselves in the back, either on a juke-box or other auto-play system (?),so no annoying dip-shit song-cutting shit talking DJ's to contend with (Hoo-ray)!

Do the Math...Quantity and quality-wise and value-wise...I am gonna stick to RBC as soon as i move closer or whenever i am in the area,or drawn by the scent/savor of hot choc!

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Date: 12/10/2009 1:23pm Whois Name: Damn_Right (306)
Delete Subject: hotshot
stay tha FUK away from the barbary coast if this is your first time going. it used to be the bomb back in the 90s and early 2000s but it has fallen OFF over the years. nobody really goes anymore. only reason why you'll see people in there from time to time is cause dudes get tired of going to starz all the time and want something different. but when you go to the barbary coast and sit down in that mutha fuka, you like 'WHAT THA FUK AM I DOIN IN THIS WHACK AZZED CLUB?' then you get tha fuk up and head on over to starz.

the coast USED to have the best hoez around but now it's just a bunch of high school lookin hoez beggin you for money when you just tryin to chill at the bar. and i don't mean they askin for dances. they like 'can i have some money?' those hoez have NO game

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Date: 12/8/2009 2:43pm Whois Name: RicoSwank (22)
Delete Subject: Lap Dance Prices
The dances are still $10. It costs $10 to get in during the day. After 7pm(I believe), it costs $15 but it includes a non-alcoholic drink. I like the day girls because they don't have the same elitist attitude as the night girls. Just like at any club, there is more fun to be had at night.

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Date: 12/8/2009 12:22pm Whois Name: deejay (11)
Delete Subject: Current Lap Dance price
Do they currently have $10 Lap dances at the Coast? I know it changes sometimes.

Also what's it looking like nowadays in there? Is it dead?

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Date: 12/7/2009 8:45am Whois Name: HotShot (124)
Delete Subject: Pink posse power
I always go where most white boys fear to tread, especially if theres hot black girls there to tread-mill with, so let the fraidy-cats stay away...more chocolics for me!

How does this club compare to Starz for example?? Starz has some hotties, but most i see there have asses too big and cheezy for me...I do doggie but not i like em fully round but not round-fully! I eats dat posse too...if it looks-smells-and tastes good enuf...but fat girls can smother ya and often are a bit musty..lose my appetite!

Waht i wanna know is if its worth cumin here for the quality and quantity of dancers? I am not into UFO's (Ugly-Fat-Old) of any color! So wahts the skinny on this...girls here?

ANd waht about the club stage show and the private dances...are they nude, topless, bikini or waht? Starz is the lame-ass bikini bs little or no touching and privacy (Zero) dances! What about here?

What about price of entry?
Drink mimimum and costs?
Dances costs?
Any multiple dance specials (certain days times)?
Dance areas Private?
FURNISHED HOW? Curtains? Chairs? Couches? Booths? beds?

ANy other things that make this club,AND DANCES/SHOWS HERE, speCIal...worth going to? And make it any better than Starz ..or RBC? OR NOT? (BETTER OFF AT STARZ?)

Thanks in advance for the 411...curious and courageous white boy cracker-jacks want to know!

Looks like Z-bone was too scared to go here and do a review...the intro info dont tell ya shit! And there aint many reviews posted for this club, which makes me think the club aint too good, or the clients aint got internet or desire to share info (keepin it secret?)???!Whaz-up?

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Date: 12/7/2009 6:03am Whois Name: Damn_Right (304)
Delete Subject: white boys?
did this dude just ask if white boys are welcome in the club? hellz no! if i EVER see a white boy in the club, i'm bangin on um ON SIGHT! fuk outta here white boy!

lol! naw, jus' kiddin. that was such a dumb question, figured i'd give you an answer you were lookin for from the sound of that question anyway. nobody sweats white boys in the club. they welcome long as they don't trip, and i never saw a white dude trip at the club. they ain't all up in there tryin to 'act supa cool' or impress anybody. all the ones i see lay back in the cut and hollah at the dancers. they get um upstairs, drop some cheese and do their thing

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Date: 11/7/2009 8:04am Whois Name: The_X (139)
Delete Subject: Welcome?
If one more white dude asks if they are welcome at the club I'm gonna send you an e-mail bomb;)! If you hadn't noticed, it's your world, homie? Am I welcome in Forsythe County GA? Not! How about parts of Mississippi? Nope? Some parts of Europe and Asia or Australia? My map is HELLA limited. So please grow some nuts and come down to the clubs. We'll welcome you with open arms cause that's how we do. And just cause you're white most of the gals will assume if you have the nerve to come to the hood, then you're alright. Booty is booty no matter what.

The X(tra sensitive to race issues)

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Date: 11/2/2009 4:33pm Whois Name: Tanfan40D (32)
Delete Subject: Are white guys welcome?
To Dain,
I agree with RicoSwank....the club's customers are multi-
racial. Moreover, the girl's only care about the color of
your money! If you've got the green for a lapdance, they've
got the time! As for the efficacy of showing your business card..I'm inclined to think it would have no appreciable
effect. Let me put it another way. spent $15.00
on having some business cards printed. And, therefore,
what? Also, keep in mind, dancers on average are an attractive group of women, hence, they get hit on a lot, both in the club and out. My point is, they're not easily impressed. Still, give the business card gambit a try and
see what happens.
Club 3 Dancers 3.5 Attitude 3 Nasty Factor 3

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Date: 10/24/2009 1:09am Whois Name: Dain (136)
Delete Subject: Post below
Thank you, RS! How about "business" cards. if you catch my drift.

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Date: 10/23/2009 8:10am Whois Name: RicoSwank (19)
Delete Subject: Welcome?
Dain, I've seen people of all races, and genders in this club. I would not, however, show a business card to the girls.

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Date: 10/23/2009 1:07am Whois Name: Dain (135)
Delete Subject: Welcome?
Are white dudes welcome here? Do the girls respond to business cards?

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Date: 8/20/2009 3:04pm Whois Name: Lucas (8)
Delete Subject: Test

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Date: 8/8/2009 12:01am Whois Name: blackwind Z-VIP Member (307)
Delete Subject:
Deja vu industry home of the 10$ dances

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Date: 6/25/2009 6:28am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (73)
Delete Subject: Top 3

Who are the top 3 strippers in this club?

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Date: 6/2/2009 9:59pm Whois Name: RicoSwank (14)
Delete Subject: Gay Female Strippers
I wouldn't care if the dancers were gay, I'm talking about the butch squad that sits in the club not tipping. Go on a Friday or Saturday night, and you will see what I'm talking about

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Date: 6/2/2009 1:42pm Whois Name: Wheels_2 (945)
Delete Subject: Gay Female Stripers In Clubs
Not only is that nothing's an immaterial subject. Empty clubs are just plain boring!

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Date: 5/29/2009 6:16pm Whois Name: RicoSwank (13)
Delete Subject: Alyss
If the club is empty, or full of gay females. Is it me, or does it seem that there are more gay females in these clubs than anywhere else.

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Date: 5/29/2009 11:55am Whois Name: Wheels_2 (942)
Delete Subject: Alyss
Stopeed in for the first time ever...and I got two hot dances from her back on the 16th of this month. And she appeard to be the only girl that was actualy willing to work for her weather or not she got any. Then's got to be hard to become motibated to dance on stage when the club is empty!

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Date: 5/1/2009 4:57pm Whois Name: JIZZY_B (2)
Delete Subject: FREAKY
Is Freaky out of this club and at Starz?

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Date: 4/29/2009 11:52am Whois Name: DarthRaider666 (743)
Delete Subject: Re: Penetrate Deep
Yeah, will then if Milan is at Charlies, I guess I won't be seeing her any time soon. Charlies used to be a gangtas paradise. No cover, alcohol and while it was officially "topless" if the dancer didn't show any pussy, she didn't make any money so guess what, the dancer showed the kitty kat all the time. The only only negatives about Charlies were that the dances were out in the open (but if you got the right dancer, she didn't care if YOU didn't care) and you might get shot (THAT was a pretty big negative though, I always sat next to the door).

These days, it's bikini, no kitty kat, $20 out in the open and now they have the nerve to charge a cover charge too. Oh well. Good luck to you Malaysia, I always appreciated your style.

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Date: 4/29/2009 9:23am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (62)
Delete Subject:
Darth Raider,

Milan works over at Charlie's and I don't know if Malaysia is still at the Coast or not since I haven't been in a little bit.

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Date: 4/27/2009 11:02am Whois Name: DarthRaider666 (739)
Delete Subject: Malaysia and Milan
Hey, are Malaysia and Milan still working at RBC? The last time I saw Malaysia was when she and Alex double teamed me for a few dances, it was nice, VERY nice!

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Date: 4/19/2009 8:42am Whois Name: STICKS (285)
Delete Subject: DEMURE & APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NO FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I"M ALWAYS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



IS SOON 2 BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



THEY KNOW HOW 2 ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN MAY U ALL SHALL KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



SO SHALL IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date: 4/17/2009 5:15pm Whois Name: VeryCockyNoHomo (6)
Delete Subject:
Oh wow, are you girls hating on each other? I mean everytime I go to a strip club (not that often) I find that the girls there have MULTIPLE problems with each other. Fuck it, I guess I'll just focus on the ass next time instead of actually talking with you.

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Date: 4/17/2009 3:20pm Whois Name: pezzie (6)
Stop by the club last weekend and seen DEMURE still dancing, she was on stage AND made 3 DOLLARS. Sad Sad Sad SHE USED TO BE HOT, DA BUSINESS GOT HER CAUGHT UP (CRACK KILLS). Looks like you will break candies record (She knows who I am talking about). Oh well another stripper bites the dust should've played the game right trick. CAREER SUICIDE.

COCO another 10 plus year vet, body use to tight, has broad shoulders, looks like a man, cheap weave, cums off as if she ballin. NEGATIVE, DID YA pay 4 ur AUTO TAGGS YET? Oh I forgot u sell houses (excellent career choice in this economy, you'll be stippn 4 life (candy#2)

Last but not least APPLE DA PORN STAR, seen u 2, your wgt goes up & down all the time, you might wanna get tested.
lil sumthin to think about it, ur still strippn and doing movies, w/ phatty girls tated on butt, not a good sign girl ma, DUMB MOVE. CAREER SUICIDE.


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Date: 4/15/2009 7:53pm Whois Name: VeryCockyNoHomo (5)
Delete Subject:
Nah I don't think she works there anymore. Next time I go I'll ask.

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Date: 4/14/2009 9:41pm Whois Name: BlackSol (New)
Delete Subject: MIA
Does anyone know if MIA is still working here...young cutie?!?!

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Date: 4/14/2009 6:53pm Whois Name: VeryCockyNoHomo (4)
Delete Subject:
Best lookin girl by far here is a chick named BABY. Cute little dark brown skinned chick. Fyi for anyone who still visits this place.

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Date: 3/28/2009 7:07am Whois Name: STICKS (280)
THE STICKS ARMY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

& U KNOW WHO U ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE ROCK STAR HERE 2 SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BEYOND THE SKY'S LIMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE COMIC BOOK & TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IN MAY U SHALL KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





SO SHALL IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!


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Date: 1/19/2009 11:13pm Whois Name: fnj6 (4)
Delete Subject: Bustiest @ Barbary Coast
Hey, guys - who has the biggest boobs at Ron's?

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Date: 1/2/2009 2:31am Whois Name: Damn_Right (245)
Delete Subject: hazel
anybody know if hazel still dance at the coast? what nites?

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Date: 12/13/2008 5:47am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (59)
Delete Subject: New Booty???
To All:

Any new booty up in this club to make it worth my while to go? If so then what is the girls resume? What she look like and how she do them lap dances.
Dancers 4 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 12/2/2008 4:50pm Whois Name: freaky (7)
Delete Subject:










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Date: 11/9/2008 8:36pm Whois Name: exkhdj (1)
Delete Subject: Freaky
All right let me set you straight. Freaky is one the nicest, smartest and sexiest females i have ever known. She takes great pride in her hygiene. SHE DOES NOT STINK!!! Freaky stays smell good. Take this from someone who has actually worked with her. She takes good care of herself. If you want to say she stank, obviously you have never been anywhere near her pussy. So lay off of Freaky until you figure out what the truth actually is. And i seriously doubt she'll let you anywhere near her pussy.

FREAKY: Love you to death. Take care Be Safe and Stay sexy as hell.....

See you soon.

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Date: 11/8/2008 4:28pm Whois Name: LET_THE_TRUTH_B (4)
Delete Subject: FREAKY LOVE
I was at A FREAKY party last night and her pussy smelled just like mountain fresh sping water. It was so good i am going again 2nite.

how she does a hand stand and keep C-walking i don't know but she earned the xtra hundred i gave her for it.

She was great and the only problem was the haters(who must have snuck in cause i know she don't invite NO HATERS)

2 haters had the never to start talking that "IF I HAD SOME MONEY I WOULDN'T GIVE THE BROADS SHIT" crap. The key word is "IF" you had some money.

if you feel that way then don't sit you 19yr old ass at the stag blocking the view when I try to throw something on stage i could see way mo' ass if you was at home.

some of the ladies were hatin too. Freaky hosted the party so folks was breaking her off but two of the other girls had there arms folded frowning.

i took'm to the lap dance area and tried to cheer them up.

all in all it was a great party and part two (THE SEQUEL) will be better since they are having a raffle.

I just wanna know what or WHO are they raffling off. Either way i gotta buy tickets.

I'll c-y'all there

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Date: 11/8/2008 11:23am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (57)
Delete Subject:

Lady you need to take some Pine Sol to that pussy. Until you do I'm a call you Mary Jane Rotten Crotch. And just because I asked you some questions don't mean I want to fuck. And I was never on the King Henry board.

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Date: 11/8/2008 8:45am Whois Name: John_Cena (65)
Delete Subject: Freaky/Penetrate_Deep/TheSO
But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you

Matthew 5:44

A second likewise is this,'You shall love your neighbor as yourself

Matthew 22:39

The second is like this,'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these

Mark 12:31

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Date: 11/8/2008 5:23am Whois Name: LET_THE_TRUTH_B (3)
Delete Subject: A FREAKY PARTY
Went to A FREAKY party Fri night at the b-coast.

loved it!!!!! and i don't know what you guys are talking bout cause she was the baddest bitch of the night.

Yeah apple, baby, eboni and a couple others were looking good but FREAKY was, is, and always will be the shit.

best part they gave a free lap dance for every hundred you changed into singles.

when they closed the club we stayed in the lap dance area until the kicked us out.

i loved it and i will be back tommorrow for part 2 (the sequel).

folks I go to the club to spend time w/the ladies have a good ass time

you cats who only get on-line to talk trash about the girls are missing out.

learn to love the ladies.

it's easy and LOTS OF FUN.

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Date: 11/7/2008 5:05pm Whois Name: freaky (6)
Delete Subject: I taste so good u want the recipe!
thank God 4 psycology! i guess your waiting for me to cuss you out, and degrade you so you can bust all over yourself. WRONG i've been doing this shit for to long, plus no one would believe your dumb ass anyway. grab your note pad and take notes juvenile, since your begging for guidance. i will cure you from your dumb-a-ni-o-sis, mef. 1. you cant ask me how i fuck,and then say my pussy stinks. makes no sense, that means you never smelled it or you liked the fact it smelled so bad you were interested in smelling it again,and again,and again. because you supposedly bought multiple lapdances. hum fellas would you guys do that i think not! that definately proves that this is a fag trying to play straight or a stripper scorned bitch dressed in neggas clothes either way it's a BITCH
2. why would you attempt to try to clown someone that's not clowning you, i dont fuck with the handicap or mentally challenged. so i would never say anything about you or your mother that fucked her brother and produced you. get clowned on every reveiw STARS, KING HENRY'S, and the BARBARY COAST. i reckon you either have down syndrome, been dropped on your head once 2 many or you see dead people. none the less your fucked up in the head, especially trying to ruin my name girll!
4. if any of that was true you would have said it before i fucked your head up for the second time. I know go head and run to your room and the slam door. you want to cry it's ok you can cry on this funky cock you love so much. oh dont act brand new your used to pussy in your face. that's why you stay in the strip clubs, o by the way when i do my dances i stand on the chair and i shove my pussy so far in there face they feel like they in it ha. so if you did a danced with me and my pussy stink its all on your face. haa pussy juice smeared all in you weave, on your eyebrows, shit your lipstick on my see through bottoms. yep you liked it,enough to write about it.
5. if you were trying to make me look bad, you shouldn't have spent so much time trying to ride my g-string. now everybody knows your hater,now their curious. they want 2 no who your hating on now (i love it). Shit I no Lucky happy than a muthafucker she was already doing her thing, you your hating tripled her status, neggas got 2 make appointments 4 her dances . Not to mention all the girls at Starz you hating on. thank you for making me your new #1 i love you man i mean woman. shit. i didnt mean to tell you that now your gonna stop dissing me, and the guys wont dance with me again,& again. kind of like what you did even though my pussy smells so bad. was it my pussy or the smell of ur breath on my pussy
6. I know you still mad at me for putting your mama on fig, but the neggas loved her cause she didnt have no teeth. if it wasn't for crack she'd still be my hoe, shit as a matter of fact im waiting on you to finish that bottle of penicillin so i can put you back in hollywood. we just ran a train on u SWO-OOP.i still want sum head

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Date: 11/6/2008 10:50pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (56)
Delete Subject: Freaky I tried to leave you alone

Listen up you trifling ass bitch. I tried to leave you alone but you want to keep fucking with me. So let me tell you what's really up.

As far as you telling me to fuck with you, I will NEVER give you another dolla. I did a couple dances with you before and your pussy was FUNKY AS A MUTHAFUCKA. Stank tramp I hope you have learned to wash that monkey because its funky. Change your name from Freaky to Funky.

You need to go ahead and contact TheSO because you two dumb ass bitches deserve each other.

What you SHOULD do is come on here, promote your weak ass party, and go away. But no, you can't do that, you got to try and talk shit like a nigga. You ain't a nigga, you a FUNKY COT BITCH. So stay in your fuckin place and you'll be alright.

You need a pimp to keep you in check because your reckless ass mouth is going to get your dumb ass in trouble.

If you want to hear some more about your Second Class Janky Ass keep talkin shit.

*** Now I'm going to leave this up for a day or two so you can read it then I'm going to take it down because I really don't want to embarrass you. But if you talk more shit then I will leave it up plus I got some more shit to say about you. So it's on you babygirl.

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Date: 11/6/2008 5:50pm Whois Name: freaky (6)
Delete Subject: woooow
this is so high school, it's unbelievable. S-O dont even

respond to this shit. it's obvious penetrate trives on

shit. it's probably jacking off or finger banging this

very moment. i understand this i not my beef but every

chance you get you manage to fadangle me respectfully. all

i want to no is why, you could be fucking yet your online

creating ruckus. your not going to do anything but run to

your laptop and cyberbang. what the fuck is that! for the

record S-O was not apoligizing to me he had no reason to,

yet he was man enough to realize he was being sucked to a

realm of bullshit. stop provoking people online, i work in

a strip club but i smell more pussy coming from your

emails than i do in there. knock it off if you need

something to do pay a fee and come fuck with me otherwise

make your time worth while and clean between your

crevices. now im apoligizing because im secure with

myself, you bring people out of there character. honestly

you could probably make money off letting people vent

there anger out on you. your a natural.


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Date: 11/6/2008 11:56am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (55)
Delete Subject:

You posted that bullshit on Nov. 4th. I was out partying for Obama and didn't read your bullshit. Although I couldn't vote b/c my legal situation I was still partying.

Do you really think I'm going to show up at your house where you got the upper hand. You were probably having an orgy with all niggaz and no bitches anyway.

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Date: 11/5/2008 8:17am Whois Name: TheSO (34)
Delete Subject:
now i'm done ...your not worth my time...another no show...B

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Date: 11/4/2008 1:15pm Whois Name: TheSO (33)
Delete Subject:
check this out now you pissed me off bitch im gon make this easy fag i live at 1444 w 218th st torrance ca come holla at me hoe

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Date: 11/4/2008 3:08am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (54)
Delete Subject:

You are so fucking hard you just got put in check by this young lady Freaky. Talking about you apologize. Your pussy hole is showing punk.

And why do you need Freaky to tell you about black unity, you didn't already know that you stupid piece of shit. You a fucking joke. You CLAIMED you didn't cyberbang but you the one calling me blood and talking about Blk Wall St and making threats, then WHEN SHIT GOT REAL your bitch ass was nowhere to be found.

I told you I would be at Starz from 10-12. Now you claiming you got there at 12:30. You didn't want none buster ass nigga.

Stay in the house and braid your boyfriends hair or wash out his drawls.

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Date: 11/3/2008 6:15pm Whois Name: TheSO (32)
Delete Subject:
your right im going to chill i was wrong and i apologize...freaky hit me when you get some time

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Date: 11/3/2008 4:55pm Whois Name: freaky (4)
Delete Subject: Put me in the middle, I'll work wonders for both.
S-O and Penetrate

Fellas what is wrong with you'll, this is definately a

negga moment. We're are about to receive our 1st black

president, and you guys are arguing over bullshit.All of

this because of one person's choice of questions is it

that serious, cant you figure out a more civil way to

resolve this matter. Neither one of you have to prove

anything to the other, and you both have the right to

your own opinions. You guys are feuding frivalously, why

skinheads seek our future presidents life. Continue

aiding in black genocide! I dont know what's worst our

black women killing our next generation of leaders, or our

black men killing our only source of reproduction. A-N-D

you wonder why so many women are voting no on prop 8.

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Date: 11/3/2008 2:37pm Whois Name: TheSO (31)
Delete Subject: yeah yeah
nigga i told you where id be... you didnt show and i came to starz around 1230 didnt see your bitch azz at all(la white fitted) i even had jay bird call your punk ass out on the mic so im gon end this now your a bitch your always be a bitch ill see you when i see you.

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Date: 11/3/2008 2:12pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (53)
Delete Subject: Message to Freaky

Yo, so your party is on the 7th AND 8th??? Is there a difference between the party on Fri Nov 7th and Sat Nov 8th?

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Date: 11/2/2008 2:41am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (52)
Delete Subject: Freaky and The SO

That fake ass TheSO didn't even show his bitch ass face. He must of been washing out his boyfriend's drawls. He was talking all hard but turned out to be softer than a wet pussy hole.

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Date: 11/1/2008 10:50am Whois Name: freaky (3)
Delete Subject: z-bone is for MENS XPRESSION'S of Dancers
SO be the man u are, Penetrate act you age

By no means was i offended, it is what it is. the men have

commented on the severity of questions, but yet on everey

board you do the same thing. regardless of how you feel

about us as dancers this is a business we provide services

for those that enjoy our entertainment no matter what the

club. it's obvious you dont like strippers, exotic

entertainment or the men we entertain. other wise you

wouldn't post comments asking do we fuck, how we fuck

where we fuck for the world to see. go to rude. com im on

there you can be as explicit as you want to be. this site

is for guys and girls to express how they feel about the

dancers, and the club there in. i hope that SO doesn't

waste his time trying to find you because that will make

him as childish as you are he can spend that time dancing

with the woman of his choice and not stooping to your

level. you seem like you might be a very nice person

regardless of gender you just need to find some other way

to spend you idle time. please stop asking what we do so

openly look at the other post and be a little more

discreet, especially since your not spending money on any

of us. by the way if you dont fuck with the coast why are

you inquiring about me and what i do? im sure your a

civilized person email your answer to

this board is to enhance the business of the club and

personel. so with that being said have a nice and please

try to be civil. leave the violence in the ultimate

fighter ring, not to mention Rock will have your ass

thrown out the club before you can say bj. S-O dont fall

for the banana in the tail pipe.

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Date: 10/31/2008 3:40pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (50)
Delete Subject:
Fuck you bitch ain't nobody backin out nigga. Bring your ass to STARZ. I will be upstairs from 10- 12. I told you I don' fuck with the Coast.

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Date: 10/31/2008 3:22pm Whois Name: TheSO (30)
Delete Subject: hahahah
dont back out now bitch you know where ill be wall street red fitted la hat making it rain nuff said

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Date: 10/31/2008 2:11am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (49)
Delete Subject:

I give you props because that shit was funny. That was comedy. But I don't know why you acting offended, your name is FREAKY. So I want to know what freaky shit you do. If I wanted to dis you there is a lot worse shit I could say.

By the way, how much pussy did you eat in the Pen?


Bitch you ain't from Black Wall St. If you from Blk Wall then why the fuck you at the strip club on Friday night. Ain't The Game on tour or in the studio.

And you are stupid. You start off your post saying you DON'T cyberbang then you say you going to knock me out. Why are you saying you'll knock me out if you don't cyberbang.

But if you really mad about me talking about your stank ass TWO DOLLA HO of a mama then you can find me this Friday at STARZ. I don't fuck with the Coast. The girls at Starz look a lot better. I will be wearing a white LA hat. I will look for you.

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Date: 10/31/2008 12:19am Whois Name: TheSO (29)
Delete Subject: checkmate
gggggeeeettttttuuuummmm freaky

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Date: 10/30/2008 7:45pm Whois Name: freaky (2)
someone please come get your kid! dont you have some

homework or something.

greetings, i wish i was still in the Pen!

i've had all the things that have been done to you, done

to me for a small fee. transvestite! i agree with the guys

on the starz board your definately a BITCH or BITCH ASS

Nigga or both. probably someone i did a porno with, yeah

your the one that left shit on my dildo. when hey did your

surgery they forgot to wipe the nutt off your chin. fuck

it this ones on the house you get all lowercases. it's

obvious you like attention, you must be a washed up ex-

stripper. with 2 much time on your hands or dick is to

small to fit in your hands. one thing i can say your clit,

and dick is definately bigger than your brain . im not

using spell check, because i think your dumb enough

to understand this i am making an attempt to speak your

language.thank God i run across dummies occassionally, and

i consider myself to be a dumb-ologist. the intellectuals

have tried to reason with you, and you just dont get it. s-

o-r-r-y you were born with both a uterus and testicles

(small ones i assume) but it is not our fault. they're

people that can help you with your little dick

syndrome,dont waste my time. there will be no response i

charge $100 a insult, nothing in life is free not even me.

your the reason why everyones voting yes on 8, regardless

of what if your old enough vote OBAMA! no hard feelings,

but you asked 4 it.




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Date: 10/30/2008 3:16pm Whois Name: TheSO (28)
Delete Subject:
hahaha your a child how bout this ill make this easy for you i dont cyber bang ill be at the coast friday night around 10 im going to wear a red LA fitted and my black wall street chain step to me and ill knock ya bitch ass out. ill be making it rain while you spend about $40 then go home broke

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Date: 10/30/2008 1:11pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (48)
Delete Subject: response to SO
The SO:

As long as your momma is given it up for $2 I can get ass. Now shut the fuck up and go back under a rock punk.

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Date: 10/30/2008 9:45am Whois Name: TheSO (27)
Delete Subject:
u say alot of stupid shit....i bet you dont get no ass

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Date: 10/30/2008 2:52am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (47)
Delete Subject: Message to Freaky

Have you ever been Triple Penetrated? You know a dick in your mouth, ass, and pussy at the same time.

Also, do you swallow?

Have you ever had a vibrator up your ass?

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Date: 10/28/2008 5:37pm Whois Name: freaky (1)
Delete Subject: PrettyBoi
hi PB this is freaky thank u for inquiring im at the coast fri-sat after 9pm Coco & Baby are still around but you'll have to catch up with them to find out when they work. Passion is a guest dancer for my party Nov. 7-8

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Date: 10/12/2008 4:45pm Whois Name: Maddy1 (33)
Delete Subject: Dancers
I stopped by the Coast last week and had a very good time with the ladies. The dances are $10 and this is the best bargain in LA.......I shall return.
Club 3 Dancers 3 Attitude 3 Nasty Factor 3

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Date: 10/1/2008 6:11pm Whois Name: freaky (New)
Delete Subject: THE COAST

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Date: 9/30/2008 4:13pm Whois Name: STICKS (241)
Delete Subject: TAYLOR!!!!!!![UR]

SO BE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

BE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMILE 4 THE WORLD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U KNOW U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!



SO BE IT!!!!!!


THE K.O.W.H ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!


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Date: 9/28/2008 7:45pm Whois Name: tha_wood (13)
Delete Subject:
does anyone whats up with baby

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Date: 9/24/2008 8:38pm Whois Name: PrettyBoi (New)
Delete Subject: Where they at?
Aint been to the coast in a cool one. Is Playmate, Passion, CoCo, BabyPhat, YaYa, Kristy, or Freaky still there?

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Date: 9/24/2008 5:57pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (2)
Delete Subject: I found her
Hey penetrate,I saw Monique last Friday,thanks for the info.Baby girl is slamming.

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Date: 9/17/2008 6:50pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (1)
Delete Subject: Lately
Hey penetrate 26 what days does Monique work?Does she do early evening?The reason I'm asking,because I went to the Coast on 15 & 16th and she wasn't there,unless she does weekends.Thanks for the info.

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Date: 9/12/2008 3:00am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (26)
Delete Subject:
Seven Kings:

Monique is back at the Coast.

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Date: 9/10/2008 4:32pm Whois Name: altimaman (10)
Delete Subject: sparkle
does sparkle still work there. she use to be there in the daytime?

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Date: 9/10/2008 3:27pm Whois Name: sevenkings711 (New)
Delete Subject:
Does anyone remember what happened to dancer Monique?I go to the Barbary Coast every other week,but I haven't seen her since July.She had the prettiest face with a body to match,from head to toe.If anyone has info let me know.

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Date: 9/9/2008 10:51pm Whois Name: tha_wood (8)
Delete Subject:
who r ya top 5 in looks, dances, and attitude at this club.

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Date: 9/9/2008 2:05pm Whois Name: Vegas (New)
Delete Subject: Lauren
Anyone see a dancer named Lauren lately???

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Date: 9/9/2008 10:21am Whois Name: Damn_Right (221)
Delete Subject: hazel back?
last time i saw hazel she was serving drinks. she back up in the club dancing? must be missing her cause i ain't seen here in there like that

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Date: 9/7/2008 3:09pm Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (25)
Delete Subject:

Try Malaysia and Sincere for lap dances but as far as I know they work at night.

And yeah, that dancer Baby still works there and is looking good.

As far as Apple not "throwing that ass" in the porn videos. Hey, a lot of them women with fine bodies like Apple think its good enough you are fuckin. And don't think they got to put in any work. Maybe she needs to look at a couple Nautica videos to see how true humpin is done.

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Date: 9/7/2008 2:01pm Whois Name: tha_wood (3)
Delete Subject:
how was the club last nite. didnt get a chance to go. went during the day 4 a minute. meet chocolate she has a nice ass. but didnt get freaky enough 4 me. which of the girls give the best dances

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Date: 9/1/2008 8:55pm Whois Name: tha_wood (2)
Delete Subject:
i see that apple has done some movies. do u know anyone else who has done some from this club

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Date: 9/1/2008 7:11pm Whois Name: King_Gheedora (2)
Delete Subject: The Coast has ladies
The last time I went Baby worked there and she was stilling looking good. Classy is sexy as hell. I want to fuck her. Crystal is another thick ass honey that I'd love to fuck. Hazel is another sexy one. There is something about her walk that makes me want to bend that ass over. Apple will always be sexy and I wish I could fuck. Sincere can get it too.

The Coast has ladies the last time I went.

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Date: 9/1/2008 6:02pm Whois Name: tha_wood (New)
Delete Subject:
havnt been there in a while, but what i reminber there was this dancer name baby. she was smokin hot big tits and a nice ass. does she still work there and what do ya think of her.

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Date: 8/29/2008 11:48am Whois Name: Damn_Right (219)
Delete Subject: apple still doin it?
so now that eveybody knows she didn't get beat down, is apple still doin porn? she wasn't really throwin that azz in the vids that i saw. kinda borin as porn goes

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Date: 8/12/2008 9:38pm Whois Name: tony_montana711 (1)
Delete Subject: apple

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Date: 8/11/2008 11:20am Whois Name: Penetrate_Deep (18)
Delete Subject: Apple???

Damn, did Apple get her ass kicked? Anybody who knows this info needs to let us know right now. "Work Hard" what did you hear?


I like Sincere because it's those short thick girls who got the best pussy. I haven't fucked her but I sure as hell want to.

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Date: 8/10/2008 12:08pm Whois Name: workhardlivlarge (New)
Delete Subject: apple bottom
hey i recetly heard apple got her ass kick at the bb cost. Does anyone know what happen? Who she got in a fight with? Also what happen to lovely, i see her coming in an out of the club but never see her shake that bomb ass any more; But i can say she don't look wash up like some of those old girls.
Club 4 Dancers 3 Attitude 2.5 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 8/8/2008 5:11pm Whois Name: Tanfan40D (31)
Delete Subject: Lapdance Area Privacy
To Barrister:

The lapdance area at the Coast has no booths. It is a raised section at the west end of the club. You and the dancer of your choice walk up a two or three steps passed the doorman's booth and you enter an area that is "curtained
in." You can't see out or be seen by those outside
this area. However, the area has two or three cameras.
There are six or seven arm chairs. So, each customer and/or
dancer can pretty much see what the other customers & dancers are doing. It is dark but it is lit by the so-called "black lights." I don't have a problem with the lack of privacy. But, if you prefer the privacy of a booth, the Coast is not your kind of place.
Club 2.5 Dancers 3 Attitude 3 Nasty Factor 3

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Date: 8/8/2008 10:24am Whois Name: Carmen (91)
Delete Subject: RE: Welcome to the Tropics Birthday Party !!!
You are all invited to attend the Welcome to the Tropics B-Day Party !!!

With your host, Starlet !!!

Saturday, August 9th 2008 !!!

From 4pm - until !!!

Showtimes: 5, 7, 9:30, 11:30 & 1 am

( Remember, that you have to show up at the above listed times to see Starlet on stage )

There will be lots of girls, food and drinks !!!

So, bring in those ones and let's have lots of fun !!!

21 and over !!!

Located at:

14401 S. Western Ave
Gardena CA 90249
Club 4 Dancers 4 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 8/7/2008 10:42am Whois Name: The_Barrister (38)
Delete Subject: Lap Dance Booth Privacy
I'd appreciate it if someone could tell if there's any privacy in the lap dance booths. Is it similar to Starz, or better?

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Date: 8/7/2008 6:52am Whois Name: Tanfan40D (30)
Delete Subject: $10 Lap Dances
You're right! Yvette is the total package. Let me add
Sincere to that list along with Yvette. Let me also
confirm....the Coast has gone back to $10.00 lap dances.
And, to my chagrin, I was just at another club an hour earlier paying $15.00 per dance.
Club 2.5 Dancers 3 Attitude 3 Nasty Factor 2.5

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