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Date: 10/16/2011 10:38am Whois Name: badbadboy Z-VIP Member (24)
Delete Subject: Palms Visit
Went to this place for the first time on Friday night and there were too many LARGE dancers for me. The cheese factor was outta hand. Pushing for drinks and "buy me a drink" high pressure to the point where we left and tried the new Library club in Westminster ( only about 15 minutes away ) and found my new home. Really nice and friendly dancers, no pressure selling and fine women. Full bar drink prices were not unusually high and the place had an ambiance about it that I really liked. Everyone seemed happy. Excellent place with fast freeway access.
Club 3.5 Dancers 3.5 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 3

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Date: 10/13/2011 12:34pm Whois Name: Johnny_C (15)
Delete Subject: Halloween Party at Holiday and props to fallen angel
Have'nt been to your club yet, but I've checked out the billboards. Pretty cool. Your reviews seem good too.
Anyway, if your looking for an awesome strip club halloween party to come to, check out "Holiday", on norwalk on the 26th. There going to do it up, with a pro make-up artist and a sales rep from Legs Avenue to get the girls to there scariest. And these girls travel too, so you might see them working at your club on certain occassions.

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Date: 10/13/2011 12:00pm Whois Name: freemason Z-VIP Member (505)
Delete Subject: 2nd Visit Ever
...occurred last night. The crowd consisted of a few older cats and a few crews of Jesse James lookalikes equipped with they muscle cars to boot. Ti was preety full becasue I guess their special is Coronas for $3 bucs on Wed. Not bad...even though I don't really like Corona! :-) Anyways, chatted up this tall curvy caramel girl, I didn't get her name by I remember she told me she was Morrocan/French with the cutest accent. The only girl that stood out to me was Bella. This cute white girl with tats and short reddish.brown hair was banging! Tipped at the rail and that was about all. I guess the owner of this place is the same owner as Cabaret. Recognize this dude...The place inside looks the same (first visit was a little after they opened) Not bad...not sure I would make this a regualr place though...

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Date: 10/12/2011 7:36pm Whois Name: Delta Z-VIP Member (1739)
Delete Subject: Palms day shift
I have been in LB often for the last month. I have tried this place weekend nights and weekday days. The waitresses on the weekends are unbelievably hot.

The dayshift girls are mixed but I have found two that keep me comng back. After being a 4Play regular, I am wonderng why I spent so much money at 4Play. Makes no sense in retrospect, but how is aguy to know? Longer dances here, girls who don't count the dances, just as hot as 4Play, more fun.

It's alcohol so no nudity but do not let that keep you away during the day shift. I repeat, do not let that keep you away during the dayshift. Do you need it a third time?

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Date: 9/26/2011 7:14pm Whois Name: tevez (13)
Delete Subject: Great times
Hey if you check this place out you need to get dances from Malibu and Erica..They rock!!

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Date: 9/18/2011 5:20pm Whois Name: Dustystar502 (338)
Delete Subject: Palms
Don't mind if I do...
Attitude 3.5

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Date: 7/31/2011 11:14pm Whois Name: Whooosthamann (New)
Delete Subject: The Palms
I went in to this place on Friday night and was highly impressed! This place looks like a warehouse from the outside, but is surprisingly upscale once you're inside. The girls were attractive, but it was 2 of the cocktail waitresses that really caught my eye. I really wanted to get a dance from one of them, Jessica, but she said no. Why are the hottest girls here the one's not getting naked? You think management does this so the club makes more money on drinks? I know I spent my fare share. I want to go for my birthday, but only if I can get Jessica to serve me and my friends in a bikini!
Club 4 Dancers 3 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 1.5

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Date: 7/3/2011 8:52am Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1529)
Delete Subject: LBC shithole clubs
With a private room for boudoir sessions, this place could be the of all the shithole clubs in LBC.


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Date: 7/3/2011 1:10am Whois Name: sal_acious (1156)
Delete Subject: LBC Shit Hole Tour - Stop#2
Up in dis bitch rite now!

This club is much better than that other shit hole that's just down the street - The Fantasy Castle. They got about 10 girls up in here rite now with both stages goin on. There's a coupla Hottys runnin around here. Just got a 2 for $20 with a short little STACKED Curvy chica with a Crazy Ass to Waist ratio going by the name of MERCEDES! It was pretty good. But sad to report, the lap dance area is still the same with not much privacy. I thought they were gonna build a Vip room? I guess not.

Gonna finish dis drink then, I'm Outta Here!

ps Hey gigante, how's RENEE doin?

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Date: 4/22/2011 4:18pm Whois Name: onefallenangel Z-VIP Member (33)
Delete Subject: checked out the palms
the place has pretty good parking and was kinda tucked away but it looked nice, However I wont be appearing here just yet. Maybe in the weeks to come whenever I am in town again.

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Date: 4/22/2011 1:02pm Whois Name: onefallenangel Z-VIP Member (32)
Delete Subject: I'm a little curious
I'm thinking I want to try this club out. I will go by today to check it out. No promises whether I will work tonight here or not but I will keep everyone posted. You can view my latest updates on twitter @ Feliciaupdates or visit my site at:

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Date: 1/19/2011 4:28am Whois Name: peaceout (5)
Delete Subject: asian hottie
Was there Sunday night, saw a hot little asian girly, didn't get her name or have a chance to talk to her. Any 411?
Club 3.5 Dancers 3

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Date: 12/18/2010 9:28pm Whois Name: djpushplay18 (16)
Delete Subject: R/C Saturday night

Tiffany Lee

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Date: 12/16/2010 1:21pm Whois Name: DJROCKS (New)
Whats up fella's come join us today at the Palms. Free Pizza til 2 p.m. and plenty of beautiful girls. Here is todays day shift roll call.


Don't hesitate participate gentle.

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Date: 12/3/2010 5:50pm Whois Name: sal_acious (659)
Delete Subject: djpushplay
Has the club made any changes to the lap dance area to make it more private and not so bright?
Inna the manager also told me that they had plans of building a VIP room, has it been built?

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Date: 12/3/2010 4:27pm Whois Name: pokerboyAA (1)
Delete Subject: stephanie
Anyone know where Stephanie went to work at? petite latina, tattoo that says stephanie on her back and another one on her wrist that says beautiful. Her sister also used to work here. thanks

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Date: 11/14/2010 2:03am Whois Name: djpushplay18 (15)
Delete Subject: Palms
Hey guys comedown to the palms

Free buffet from 11am -3pm Monday-Saturday
Dances are 20 bucks
(but the songs are 3 Minutes 30 seconds)
So well worth the price !!!
Drink prices are resonable no specials just yet , but it's getting there

300 dollar bottle service comes with 5 free lapdances
( So good deal for the dollar)

Hope to see everyone there soon

Post any info you guys want to know !!
I'll be sure to give you the 411
Club 4 Dancers 4 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 10/27/2010 7:09pm Whois Name: sal_acious (578)
Delete Subject: $10 Topless and $20 NUDE
Sup BigPerroDog!

First of all, let me just say I like this club. I've only been here once
and it was on opening night. It was Rockin! Lots and lots of Hot Beautiful
Women! And what made it an even Better, was that the DJ was throwin down
2 for 1s ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Since then, this board has DIED! So I got no idea what's goin on in the club.
Have you been in lately? Let's us know what's up if you have.

Before I let you know where to get "More BANG for your "
let me tell you which clubs to AVOID!

$20 Bikini
$30 Topless
$15 Nude AIR dance(Complete Waste of !)
$350 1/2hr TOPLESS (NOT Nude!) VIP "The Premier Lounge"

$200 for 4 TOPLESS (NOT Nude!) VIP
Some of the girls refuse to get Naked even on stage!

DAY time prices:
$31 Topless
$41 Nude
$83 for 3 song Topless VIP
$103 for 3 song Nude VIP
NIGHT time prices:
$41 Topless
$51 Nude
$103 for 3 song Topless VIP
$133 for 3 song Nude VIP

DAY time prices
$21 Topless
$35 Nude
$50 for 3 song Topless VIP
$90 for 3 song Nude VIP
NIGHT time prices
$25 Topless
$35 Nude
$60 for 3 song Topless VIP
$100 for 3 song Nude VIP

$50 for ONE nude dance!

OK here it is:

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Date: 10/27/2010 5:36pm Whois Name: Bigperrodog (73)
Delete Subject: SAY WHAT?
"$20 for a LM bikini lapdance is way too high when you can get a more private HM topless or even nude lapdance elsewhere for only $10.
Need cheaper beer during happy hour between 4pm-7pm even the watered down coke is $5".

Tell me my Brother, Where do I find this club were you can get as you say "Topless or even Nude lapdances for $10.00? I need to know where it's at.

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Date: 10/23/2010 4:30pm Whois Name: huggybare (8)
Delete Subject: Fri nite TR
Rolled in about 8pm good # of Dancers bout 15.
took my buddy for his B-Day. watched the stage show
for a while, then Meleaha took the stage, she had me at
hello. As she danced on stage leaning on the pole she
lit her nipples like birthday candles, Craziest thing
I ever seen. Lapped with her the rest of the night, had
a party vibe all night with my buddy and other Dancers.
Will be back again to Party, and lap with Meleaha.

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Date: 9/14/2010 9:48pm Whois Name: sal_acious (444)
Delete Subject: palmsmgr

That's exactly what we want=MORE Tits and Ass for LESS $$Money$$!

I Love it!

I'll add the club to my Master List.

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Date: 9/14/2010 3:05pm Whois Name: palmsmgr (2)
Delete Subject: No Daytime Cover
An update for you guys:

There is no cover charge from 11 am until 7 pm daily.

We have 2 for 1 lap dances all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

We still have an a great free lunch buffet from 11:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday.

Ask about our Limo service, and VIP packages!

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Date: 9/9/2010 8:28pm Whois Name: Sex_and_Candy (14)
Delete Subject: Comedy Show
I hope you'll join us. We have strippers and comedy... you can't go wrong!!! Our awesome line up will include

Erin Hart ~ Host
Ted Twyman
Chris Strait
Phil Mazo
Jonathan Zadok
David Rosenberg
Nick Petrillo
Erika Callahan

The show starts at 8 pm but doors are open at 7 pm. $7.00 cover and no drink min. Free parking.

Come down and laugh your ass off!!!
5205 E. PCH
Long Beach, CA
September 29 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Find us on facebook and twitter

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Date: 7/24/2010 10:41am Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1033)
Delete Subject: Cover Charge
FYI, there is a $7 cover charge now but there's a coupon in the LB Press-Telegram for free admission.

$20 for a LM bikini lapdance is way too high when you can get a more private HM topless or even nude lapdance elsewhere for only $10.
Need cheaper beer during happy hour between 4pm-7pm even the watered down coke is $5.

Nice club but not enough dancers or specials to entice me back to become a regular.

Also daily RTRC and a private VIP room will definately help business......Good Luck!


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Date: 6/15/2010 7:29pm Whois Name: sam666 (63)
Club 4 Dancers 1.5 Attitude 2 Nasty Factor 0

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Date: 6/12/2010 1:32pm Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1019)
Delete Subject: RTRC
Thinking of rolling tonite......but with NO RTRC here, having second thoughts.

Here's The Palms phone# for those wanting to check on who's working (562) 427-9200.


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Date: 6/11/2010 7:03am Whois Name: palmsmgr (1)
Delete Subject: Parking
You may park in the indoor garage, it is not reserved for staff. Please join us for our expanded happy hour buffet on Fridays. We will have a free food from 4-7 at the bar.
Beer is always $5, Lap dances are $20.
Bottle Service, and VIP reservations available...

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Date: 6/6/2010 3:49pm Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (1599)
Delete Subject: Parking
have20s -

A) ask there OR call the Telephone # and ask

B) Just before you get to the club on your left will be a big parking lot for a company, you can park there.

C) Park in the garage and ask!

Hope this helps!

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Date: 6/6/2010 2:19pm Whois Name: have20s (6)
Delete Subject: Parking
Does anybody know if the parking garage is only for dancers and employees, or can customers park in there also. I wanted to try out this club last night, but there was no parking left in the parking lot. The only parking that was left in the streets were restricted to one hour parking. Any information would be helpful.

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Date: 6/1/2010 6:10pm Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1012)
Delete Subject: Re: Lou (I) / Palmsmgr
Wazzzzup Louis!.....I'm NEVER ever going back to "Nightmare Castle", it's full of Lezbo's, midgets and 400lbs dancers!!! LOL.

I like the vibe at Palms, the staff is real cool but they do need a lot more dancers and a private VIP room for me to return on a regular basis.
Let me know when you decide to roll to the new DV Downtown, topless is good but nekid rules.

Palmsmgr, keep up the good job, just need more dancers and start doing RTRC on a daily basis....need to know when Cameron is working again.


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Date: 6/1/2010 2:24pm Whois Name: palmsmgr (New)
Delete Subject: The Palms is looking for beautiful & talented ladies
The Palms is looking for a few good women.
Auditioning from 11-3 for dayshift,and 7-10 nightshift. There is no payout for dancers right now, & we are not charging entrance fee at the door (for you guys)as we are working to build our business. Come down and experience our all new club in Signal Hill.
Full bar, toless dancers, pool, and big screen tv's. 11-2 7 days a week.
Oh, and did I mention FREE LUNCH Monday-Friday 11-3!!!

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Date: 5/31/2010 2:16pm Whois Name: louis (5962)
Delete Subject: Re: Tai_Pan
Sorry didn't reply sooner. Nice report my friend. I remember the last time we hang out in this area that 450lbs. bohemoth was Feature dancing. Man, I still have nightmares to this day, I can't believe Management could book such a beast hahaha LOL.

Looks like another Deja Vu is opening up this time in Downtown L.A. which used to be Platinum. Might be worth taking a look?

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Date: 5/19/2010 7:43pm Whois Name: freemason Z-VIP Member (356)
Delete Subject: First visit...not bad...
...I love the decor of the place. It's a decent sie and I like how they have two dance stages, similar to The Cabaret in Wilmington. The bartenders were really cool, especially Bekah who hooked me up with a Michelada...thanks mama! The dnacers were all 8's...a few blondes, mainly brunettes. I chatted with Gia (of ol Century, JS and SR Torrance fame) and she explained to me the price breakdown. She is cute but not really my type. Bought her a Corona and when she went on stage I just moved to the bar. I do have a few suggestions, mainly for the bar. You guys should put in stools instead of chairs. Also, you should get pint glasses. Lastly, pleae get ripe limes. The ones put in my drink were all dried up. Aside from this, the place rocks. I love how the attendant guided me in and the floor guy when I wasn leaving hoped I woudl come back...I like it so far...

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Date: 5/15/2010 10:08am Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1010)
Delete Subject: FNL
Rolled in last night after the Padres/Dodgers game....dam Tony Gwynn jr just missed catching that two run homer by an inch!

Nice club but was smaller than I expected, friendly staff and Cerahas woud have loved the clean bathroom but not much room for him to pace around. lol.
There was two round stages on one side and the bar on the other side, the dj booth was on the left as you walk in with the lap dance area at the other end next to the pool table.
Around 15 to 20 dancers and 20 to 25 PL's roaming the hunting grounds.
Dancers were mainly Caucasian, a few Latinas but didn't see any Asian or Black dancers.....sorry Lou but NO BIG BOOTY
Presently no cover charge, beer $5, hard liquor $10 and lap dances $20....beware it's not a topless dance but a bikini dance and NO private VIP room.
Did a 2 for 1 which lasted about 5 mins with full contact and her flashing the goods once in awhile but did not KMSO.

Didn't expect too much so all in all I had a good time but nothing beats the Darkside for mileage and bang for the buck

Will definately go back to chill out but not a place for the mileage hound, my ratings are down below.

Club 3.5 Dancers 3 Attitude 3.5 Nasty Factor 2

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Date: 5/13/2010 6:09pm Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (1507)
Delete Subject: Venuzuelean Babe
Sal - I wish i could of got her name, she was all over me by the bar, unfortunately she needs to learn a bit more ENGLISH! So if your Spanish is up to par then your going to have a fun night. Brunette, 5'4", No Tat's, after market bolt-ons (nice not huge)and just plain sexy!
Don't need English to lap dance, just to get there! LOL!

There was another babe, Melissa, man made my gameboy go into overtime! Blonde, 5'6" DD's (natural), beautiful smile, and yeah I even saw the color of her eyes - Blue!

Vanessa was my girl for the evening! She is the girl I wished I met 20 years ago! What a bod, what a smile, what a pair of Bodacious NATURAL Tata's, What a personality and yeah What a lap dance! She said she used to work at some club in City of industry called "Kitty's" Topless club.

We (Robert and I) might go down again on Wednesday to play in the tournament. There aren't many PL's, so the girls pay absolutely 100% attention and kick back with you (ofcourse hoping for some dances!) One dude bought a champagne bucket, it goes without saying the babes were all over him! The club had all kinds of new babes!

As for Nikita and Anastasia, have no clue, I'll try to get some intel, you know some dancers are like sheep, keep moving to where the grass is greener$$

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Date: 5/13/2010 5:12pm Whois Name: sal_acious (269)
Delete Subject: Spawn/Hot Babe from Venezuela

Did you catch her name? I gotta come back here, hopefully Inna will start posting RTRCs.

So what happened to Anastacia and Nakitta at VIP? They havent been on the RTRCs for over a month?

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Date: 5/13/2010 3:42pm Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (1506)
Delete Subject: Pool Tournament
I would like to thank Inna for starting up the Pool Tournaments. Want to invite all you pool players to come on down to The Palms on Wednesday nights, rumor has it that the tournaments will start between 8-8:30pm. FREE to play $100 First prize winner takes all!

Last night we had 7 guys and one cute babe playing to make up an eight person tourney. Yes this babe (customer not a dancer) knew how to shoot, so you couldn't play her lightly. Kirby and myself represented the Old Skool players! Some of the rules were enforced, mostly there to have fun.

Some of the dancers became Cheerleaders for their favorite players, Vanessa was in my corner and I couldn't be happier.

There were a lot of new dancers from what I remembered from Opening Night, some real smoking hot babes like Vanessa and this one babe from Venezuela WOW! SAL-acious would be doing a dance marathon with her.

In the end the two Old Skool players got into the finals to do battle. We both got down to one ball and neither Kirby or myself could hit 2 straight shots in a row. LOL! So after 3 times around, Kirby went from coast to coast with his shot, which set up the eight ball and Spawn ended up 2nd. Oh! Well next time.

So to drown my sorrows, I took Vanessa for 2- 2 for 1's, laid my head between those beautiful bodacious Tata's and went home a happy man! I certainly will be back to spend time with Vanessa and hot blonde named Melissa!!!

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Date: 5/13/2010 2:00pm Whois Name: badbadboy Z-VIP Member (16)
Delete Subject: Palms
Really nice club and close to me. No more Fantasy Cesspool for me. This is the spot. Congrats to getting this by the city and keep up the 8+ hiring policy. Soon, you should be the only real game in Signal Hill.
Club 4 Dancers 3.5 Attitude 3.5 Nasty Factor 2.5

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Date: 5/7/2010 7:22am Whois Name: Cognoscente (102)
Delete Subject: Recon please
Tony - brunette, pleasant - worked opening night. Did she stay here?

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Date: 5/6/2010 1:09am Whois Name: sal_acious (263)
Delete Subject: Lou
You got mail

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Date: 5/3/2010 3:18pm Whois Name: louis (5912)
Delete Subject: Re: Sal
Sal, Shoot me an Email. I'm still waiting for the private Info.

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Date: 5/3/2010 2:52pm Whois Name: sal_acious (262)
Delete Subject: Fakeduffy
This place is New and is Topless Only with a full bar. MOST topless joints tend to be on the LOW mileage side. So just keep that in mind. BUTT, this place has LOTS of potential! Have you ever been to Nicolas? No? Well, let me just say this.....Get your Ass down there! You'll leave a happy boy!
Club 4 Dancers 4 Attitude 4 Nasty Factor 2

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Date: 5/3/2010 2:37pm Whois Name: fakeduffy (1)
Delete Subject: nasty factor
can anyone fill me in on the nasty factor for this place???

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Date: 5/2/2010 6:22am Whois Name: Ed_Hazard (72)
Delete Subject: Opening Night
Well still recuperating from all the fun.
Not really gonna comment on the club itself, its very swank and classy. Definitely going for the Vegas look.

The service was excellent, waitresses were attentive but not pushy. And a big ups to the security staff, very helpful and courteous. Yes they are some big fellas but all very professional and dapper in the suits.

This club has some serious potential and can only get better. With Inna as manager it will. Even if they only do half the stuff she has planned, such as expanding the dance area and adding the specialty booths this club will be off the hook.

The ladies were lovely as was to be expected. A good selection for all tastes. Kinda hard to really lock it down as their should be some flex in the lineup for now.

Al in all a great time was had and the club is slammin.

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Date: 5/1/2010 2:35pm Whois Name: louis (5908)
Delete Subject: Re: TP
It wouldn't be a true Kodak moment, It would have been my Final days on Earth buried underneath that Bohemoth . Thats why I had to reject your in that photo op. as hell, I WANT TO LIVE!!!!! Not die.

If you go to this club let me know how it goes. Just tell the dark-side girls be careful soliciting new potential customers outside the club as you never know undercover sometimes go incognito waiting to bust on a new club for prostitution.

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Date: 5/1/2010 8:27am Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1006)
Delete Subject: Kodak Moment
400lbs Caviar on top of LouASS !!!.... a true Kodak moment, I would have paid more than $20 for that photo my friend.

A couple of girls from the Darkside texted me about working at the Palms, so I'm gonna roll this weekend and check them out.....SJP like DVNH is way too far for moi but will roll again if you do for our ATF's.


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Date: 5/1/2010 1:24am Whois Name: louis (5906)
Delete Subject: Re: Sal
Shoot me an email when you are ready to share the juicy details. I'm well aware of Jaylene Rio's reputation inside and outside the club LOL.

Tai Pan, Please don't remind me of that 400lbs. Gorilla they had over at Fantasy Castle LOL. If anything that club was a total nightmare that I couldn't watch her on stage. You know I like BBW's, But even I couldn't stomach her as I was litterly sick I had to look the other way the entire she was on stage. I still remember you were offering me $20 to take a photo op. with her, But I couldn't do it as I'm totally scared of getting my crush to death.

I now have much more appreciation on Women 150-220lbs. but anything over that I don't think I can go hard over LOL. Weird I know LOL.

I think you remember that same feature dancer I believe her name was caviar performed also at DVNH of all places in 2007, I couldn't believe it.

Even Booty_SHIll(Oops I mean, Booty_Call) was pissed and wrote a negative review to Management about her being there LMAO.

Anyway talk to you later. It looks like your girl Envy still kicking it at da Joint. Maybe we'll hang over there. Not sure when I'll go to Signal Hill pretty far for me and like Spawn posted NO VIP rooms here yet. I need privacy as you know for FS possibilies. Out in the open is hard when they have 6'4" 260lbs. bouncers wathcing you LOL.

Peace Out!!!!

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Date: 4/30/2010 6:33pm Whois Name: sal_acious (261)
Delete Subject: Trip Report (the short version)
There was actually a line to get in when I showed up. Damn! I thought I was walkin into a regular Nightclub. The place is very Vegas-esque. With a a bunch of Palm trees lining the long driveway up to the club. The security dudes were so Big they made Spawn look like a little kid. Just kidding.LOL They were cool though. Anyways I had a Damn GD Time! Total party atmosphere!!
LOTS of Bodacious TaTas and Juicy Culos!

So after about 20mins, I finally run into Spawn & Wingman. You're right Benn, Spawn is a CHICK MAGNET! He literally had a line of HOT Chicks forming to the left, just to get hug from him!

Daylene was LKING GDDD while she sat on my Throne! I AM The ya know! She lks even better in person. Lou, I'll send you all the salacious details later.

I'll be back!

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Date: 4/30/2010 4:51pm Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1005)
Delete Subject: LouASS
Hey Louis, I hope this club is better than the last one we rolled together to in Signal Hill....I'm still having nightmares about the freak show featuring the 400lbs stripper and the Midget!!!

Let me know when you decide to roll.


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Date: 4/30/2010 4:31pm Whois Name: BBWLover (1131)
Delete Subject: re: Spawn
Yeah I was drooling reading your TRs. This time 2 BBW lovers missed out on the fun LOL. I could not get there early enough. We are doing concrete work in the backyard. Though late I went out and got me a Big BTY treat at SJP. This one almost look like Jasmine except bigger and all natural. She squashed me, OUCH! but I lve it LOL.

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Date: 4/30/2010 3:12pm Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (1455)
Delete Subject: Jalene & This and That
OOpps! I meant to say Jalene! Yep those pictures are one in the same babe that sat on Sal's Game Boy! I had Kiara sitting on my lap and Jalene's Tata's rubbing my right shoulder, EAT YOUR HEART OUT BBWLover!!!!!

It was kind of funny, with all the heavy hitters () there last night, Sal Robert and myself end up with BOTH Features at our table sitting in/on our laps!

The door man inside the front door by the DJ area and his twin brother as a floater in the lap dance area were at least 6'4" around the 260 - 280lb area, they just moved from New York and worked the clubs there, really nice guys, just wouldn't want to piss them off! LOL!

For those who are not the Valet type, there is huge lot maybe 50 yards south of the club with lots of parking if the street around the club is full.

The restrooms are Las Vegas style, BIG, lots of marble, big mirrors, and yep a dud handing out towels! The one major No NO for me is if you sit near the bar (South side of the room) in the round tables area, the smoking area is just outside that door, every time they open the door, you got blasted with either cigar or cigarette smell!

Again I want to Thank Inna for the invite and wish The Palms much success. We checked the mileage, from the 405 / 101 interchange to the club 38 miles straight down the 405 frwy. Going home 10:30pm no traffic was 45 minutes!!!

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Date: 4/30/2010 3:07pm Whois Name: Benn Z-VIP Member (2078)
Delete Subject: North and South
Cogn. has found out what I have been saying here for months. Spawn is a chick magnet. All you have to do is sit in his chair and you will get action. Thats why I hang out with him at VIP. He attracts women.... only the hotties at that.

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Date: 4/30/2010 2:09pm Whois Name: louis (5901)
Delete Subject:
Nice trip report Cog.

Sounds like a club I will definitely check out.

Spawn, Are you sure Sal didn't mean he prefer seeing Tom Cruise walking in that door rather than ME? WTF?

I notice you posted the name Jolene Rio a 2nd time? Are we talking the same stripper/Porn Star?

I;ve known her going by Jaylene Rio not Jolene. I wonder if she change her porn name a slight bit.

Is this the same girl that you guys saw last night check out her website. Her photos might be a bit old, But was this her that featured?

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Date: 4/30/2010 1:30pm Whois Name: Cognoscente (81)
Delete Subject: more
I sat in Spawn’s chair while talking to Sal_acious. Out of nowhere a bikini I actually liked jumped on my lap, told me to give her my phone number before the end of the night, reached over and gulped Spawn’s drink in front of me. Spawn returned in time to see her and took it well.
The Palms is Vegas inside and industrial warehouse neighborhood outside. Do not be surprised. The line-up might be fluid for awhile until the dancers figure out what they want to do about working there. They do not have a break room as of yet it seems.
Side note: For those of you who have a hair thing going, Tony, who normally is at CGAnaheim, has a very sensual dance style and comes with long, dark, beautiful (to sight & touch) hair. Chest men…not your style but then no cottage cheese either.

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Date: 4/30/2010 9:30am Whois Name: Cognoscente (79)
Delete Subject: ...and then some
Being of sound mind and body (because I left at 9:00PM) I remember some of last night.
First…THE mural…
having been around the block somewhat, participating in a club on Valley View Boulevard in Santa Fe Springs - around the time the Supreme Court first uttered the phrase “knowing pornography when we see it” as it was legalized - a place that had beer, several nude dancers up on stage simultaneously, and the projection of the new full-on hard core movies on the wall behind the dancers (off their faces and bodies, as well), I was still taken back by the mural pointed out to me by several of the dancers at the Palms. As you enter the club by the dj booth on your left, there is a 15 foot by 15 foot mural on the wall directly opposite of a nude upper female torso and a foot about to go into her mouth. She’s suckling toes obviously. I like it, just taken back.
Cognoscente arrived at the club at 7:30 and immediately thought, “Wow, a lot of security and guys with walkie-talkies standing around just watching.” Had no idea about the movie crew until I did read it here.
I saw the cameras (NOT the Cruise crew) at the front door and figured that was Inna (Eenna, don’t make my mistake) being interviewed so I headed for the valet garage to get out of the wind until the camera was shut off. In the garage a gaggle of suits pointed me to the entrance. I replied I was avoiding the cameras.
“Please, follow me I will let you in over here. My name is George. I am the owner.” Well, that was a good start. What I missed was the foyer into the club through glass doors where ID will be checked and entrance fee proffered. The bathrooms are to the right. One (1) urinal, two stalls. There was an attendant for opening night.
“Badges, you don’t need no stinkin’ badges.” It was quite apparent who security was in their black blazers. The badges were unsettling. Their offensive line averaged 6’3” 260.
The stages are on the left of the entrance with very comfortable chairs. The railing is high enough I had to stand to put money down – no, I did not pick up the guy’s rain and take it to the rail as my own.
Some things I would tweek if I were King…the lap area is too bright (No Very Private area yet)….there are two sections adjacent to the lap area that have a 4 foot railing around them that blocks the stage view….the words ATM on that machine are backlit WAY too much, ruins the ambiance of the club.
There were gals from many other clubs who came to participate and that was fun. Everyone was friendly. My taste runs to females that would not give me the time of day in the real world, not body types. A gal I’ve known came to say hi so I bought her and two friends a Patron shot as we sat at the rail, gave them each 20 bucks, and tried out the lap area with each of them for the next 6 songs.
Then I left, but not without meeting Sal_acious and Spawn.
There was an amusing end to my night too. I sat in Spawn’s chair whil
Club 3.5 Dancers 3 Attitude 3.5 Nasty Factor 1

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Date: 4/30/2010 1:25am Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (1454)
Delete Subject: Louis
Hey Louis, we had a blast! Wished you could of been there, Sal wanted you to walk in the door!

No it wasn't Tom Cruise, this was dud (Latino), who was having a really fun time. Man talk about making it rain! Rumor has it, he was once at Nicolas doing the same thing.

I'm sure our man Sal will inform you of his informative as well as erotic time with Jolene. Shall we say she had HUGE Tata's and a really YUM I want to cuddle Booty! As for her side line activities Sal has all the intel on that!

Kiara made me a very happy person to, she moved from Downey to the Valley, real close to where you even live!!! She might even try out VIP to work at! Yeah! Yeah!

No they don't have any VIP area as of yet, plus the lap dance area is a bit in the open area, which I hope will change in due time.

As for who owns the club I have no clue, there was a nicely dressed dud, Inna from Nicolas is the GM and place looked absolutely beautiful, real classy, and comfortable

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Date: 4/30/2010 12:51am Whois Name: louis (5900)
Delete Subject: Nice Report, Spawn!!!!
Wished I coulda gone, But was busy with work.

Do you know if the PL who was shelling out thousands of on stage wouldn't happen to be Tom Cruise? Sometimes these stars go Incognito (Fake Mustaches,Use Wigs,) you know secret disguises so they don't get notice?

It wouldn't surprised me after filming that might have been him or one of the other cast members coming in after a long day of work.

By the way Jaylene Rio is the Infamous "Daylene" a long time ATF of Chili Palmer as she's a regular house dancer at Spearmint Rhino Industry, But think she relocated to Hawaii-Theatre.

Besides doing Porn she also escorts on the side and usually has her ads on

I haven't seen her in person for a year, But rumor has it she's gotten bigger?

Do you know if Sal Lube up his Dodger Dog and took her in the vip to play on em ?

Do they have VIP's at this place?

There is another Palms Gentlemen's club over at Arcadia. They took over for Taboo as the Owner sold the place last year. That one is Nude on stage, But lap dances are bikini only do to the city Ordinance they have there.

By the way do you know if Palms is corporate owned with GodFatthers or are they separate?

Anyway thanks for the report Spawn, Sounds like you guys had lots of fun.

Peace Out!!!!

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Date: 4/30/2010 12:02am Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (1452)
Delete Subject: It was Off Da Hook Grand Opening Party
Thank You Inna, Thank You The Palms, man there were girls coming out of the woodwork, Big BOOTY and Bodacious Tata's everywhere and then there was Kiara Mia and Jolene Rio the two features.

In attendance representing Zbone Spawn, MacMan, Sal_acious, Ed Hazard and Cognoscente! Girls from Nicolas Lil Devine, Connie and Evelyn, maybe a few others who showed up around 10:15pm when we were leaving.

We fought the 405 frwy for 1 hour to get to the club around 6:30pm, only to find a film crew across the street from the Palms filming with Tom Cruise! Drove into the lot, Valet was waiting and so was Inna, greeting everyone as they were arriving.

Security was a bit over kill, smartly dressed security guards with blazer jackets and security badges very visible. When you walk into the club the only word I can come to is WOW! All the walls have beautifully painted murals, lots of marble columns, even Palm trees inside. Two beautiful round stages, lap dance area (lap dances are $20.-) a nice bar area and plenty of seating everywhere. For the Grand Opening dances were 2-4-1 ALL NIGHT!

DJ had a clear voice and played 3 minute songs give or take. Since it was the first night, with that many dancers, he had to get to know who was who. Food arrived around 7:45pm (Sushi, Deli flat bread rolled sandwiches, BBQ Chicken etc.). Drinks range from $5.- to $10.- same price structure as Nicolas.

The highlight of the evening was this dude, making it rain $1.- bills all over the club, he would just walk around the club and launch $100.- of singles in the air and would rain everywhere. He would do this at least 4-6 times and then again about 1 hour later. Thank You who ever you are, you paid for our drinks! LOL!

Kiara Mia ( made my night, she came over and sat with my Wingman and myself for a long time, then she went to pick her music for her feature in the mean time Sal_acious got the other feature Jolene Rio (BBWLover, you missed out on this one) to sit on his lap with us. Kiara came back and sat in my lap, so we had both features sitting at our table. It couldn't get better than this!

Earlier I did dances with Connie, then she found some dud, that had her on permanent lock down! Just before we were to leave, Kiara came over to me and asked if we are going to do some dances, took my hand and off went to lap dance land with a BIG SMILE! Gave her a Kiss goodnight, found Inna, gave her a Kiss Goodnight and to make sure it was a Trifecta saw Evelyn and gave her a Kiss Goodnight.

My Wingman and I went home happy and content! Just wished it wouldn't be so far to drive!

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Date: 4/29/2010 8:39pm Whois Name: momagic Z-VIP Member (34)
Delete Subject:
So how did the grand opening go? any info

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