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Date: 12/12/2011 3:00am Whois Name: Otiso (7)
Delete Subject: >_<
Damn, I wish I stil lived in LA instead of San Diego. Miss the LA club scene & Nelia in particular. (>_<)

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Date: 12/11/2011 9:16am Whois Name: Manual (997)
Delete Subject:
thanks wiz.

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Date: 12/10/2011 9:58pm Whois Name: THE_WIZ (1143)
Delete Subject: Owners
Yup same owners

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Date: 12/10/2011 8:32pm Whois Name: Manual (991)
Delete Subject: owners
are these two godfathers on the board the same owners for the defunct godfathers by the vu noho?

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Date: 10/29/2011 3:00pm Whois Name: Drip (New)
Delete Subject: Weak
My cousin and i decided to go to a strip club at 2am. we were going to go to Xposed at first but once we got there at 2:30 they warned us that they close at 3 so instead of staying for half an hour...we checked out Godfathers (closes at 4 during the week). cover charge for the 2 of us was RIDICULOUS..$50. but i was drunk and wanted entry so i paid. once we were in there it was dead. i seen 4 strippers. only one dancer danced on stage while we were there for the hour and a half. probably my fault for going late. i don't remember her getting taking off her clothes either..i got a $20 lapdance which went by pretty quick. the dancers were very nice tho. BUT id rather go to Xposed.
Club 1 Dancers 3.5 Attitude 3 Nasty Factor 2.5

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Date: 10/27/2011 3:49pm Whois Name: Chicago_Bear (114)
Delete Subject: Louis
I'm not gonna lie, the club itself is still terrible. Song length is still 1:30 and most of the girls here are still some of the worst lookers. My review was based on Unique as she is as good as they come, a flower in the Godfather wasteland of a club. I will return but only for her, otherwise stay away as they charge Ferrari prices for a Corrolla experience.

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Date: 10/27/2011 1:58pm Whois Name: louis (7065)
Delete Subject: Re: Chicago Bear?
You must have not read my post dated 6/17/11 & 6/18/11 regarding this club. If not please read & scroll down below regarding this place.

By the way how was the song length on the songs during the dayshift when you went? Do they CUT'EM extremely short like they do at Night?

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Date: 10/26/2011 2:28pm Whois Name: Chicago_Bear (112)
Delete Subject: Unique
Thought I would stop by today around 1pm and to my surprise Unique is here. I'm sure you guys have seen her dance at Synn. She's by far the cutest girl here and her dances are even better. She has a great ass a thin waistline. Just the way I like them. Finally a reason to come to this place. Hope she sticks around so I don't have to drive to City of Industry to see her.

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Date: 10/15/2011 11:43am Whois Name: blueboy818 (90)
I stopped by this club around midnight on a Friday night.
The place was dead. I should have know better,
I entered with a coupon but the girl at the front still charged me $15.00 to enter. PLus drinks were #5.


There were only 7 girls. All og them were fat and old. I don't get it how this place stays in business. Every aspect of this club is designed to rip off the customer. The songs are about 80 seconds long. And the VIP specials are really expensive. They charge $150 for 15 mins and $250 for 30 muns. The management has no clue on how to run a club.

Club 0 Dancers 0 Attitude 0

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Date: 8/4/2011 7:03pm Whois Name: Grindmaster (281)
Delete Subject: 8/6
tag your it

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Date: 6/23/2011 6:51pm Whois Name: sal_acious (1126)
Delete Subject: Re: Two things
What KIND of Import/Export biz are the Godfather owners in???
Probably the business!

You know what? MAYBE reloader is right. MAYBE! I highly doubt it though. But if what Spawn heard is right - that they own a club in Orange County, then that would mean that there USED TO BE 7 clubs. The only club that I can think of that would be the 7th is that FUCKEN MAJOR RIP OFF club in Costa Mesa/Santa Ana with the OUTFUCKENRAGEOUS PRICES ($50 for ONE nude dance!) But like I said, I don't think so. I think that shithole club is independently owned by the same owners (Over 20 years) ever since it was called PADDY MURPHY'S. I'll check into it and try and find out fer y'all.

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Date: 6/23/2011 2:37pm Whois Name: louis (6792)
Delete Subject: Re: Two Things
Thanks for the explanation on how the GodFather's owners make their Cuz IT SURE AIN'T ON RUNNING THESE STRIP CLUBS!!!

The only one that does well is Nicola's but other than that one, 2 have gone out of business and the other two (Canoga Park & Glendale) are hanging on by a small thread but for how long will they last?

Reloader, No Harm-No Foul. I'm usually RIGHT on these things, But thanks for admitting you made a mistake and no need to apologize to me. I hold no grudge against you as that is not my thang to hold grudges.

Peace Out!!!

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Date: 6/19/2011 11:15pm Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (2826)
Delete Subject: Two Things
#1) God Father owners are in the Import Export biz + they have a club in Orange County I've heard.

#2) Club Blush on Woodley is history and now is called Club PINX AND the whole building has been painted pink! Whether it's NUDE or Alcohol have no idea.

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Date: 6/19/2011 5:35pm Whois Name: have20s (57)
Delete Subject: Old Sugar Walls
The Godfather Club in Long Beach has been closed for a while. At least the few times that I drove by that area, it was closed. No cars in the parking lots and their were no lights on the sign. It looked like it had been closed for a while. The last time I drove by was at the beginning of this year. I was gonna check it out, but it was closed. I just ended up driving down Anaheim Blvd. and going to Cabaret in Wilmington.

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Date: 6/19/2011 5:03pm Whois Name: reloader (226)
Delete Subject: I stand corrected...they are shrinking

You are right, and I am WRONG. FYI, there were supposed to be a total of 6, but I guess they no longer need to launder so much cash.


I meant no disrespect by my previous post.

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Date: 6/19/2011 3:22am Whois Name: TAI_PAN Z-VIP Member (1472)
Delete Subject: Re: Old Sugar Walls
I wouldn't go to that hole club if you paid me, it's located on the west side just past Santa Fe Ave aka hole area of LB....especially after sunset.

If you believe Mr knowall reloader, I've got some prime swampland to sell you....CHEAP!


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Date: 6/19/2011 2:11am Whois Name: louis (6780)
Delete Subject: Re: Sal
The 6th one would be Nicola's they bought 2 years ago, But that is like the only one that does good business for them.

Only reason it has done so well was not because of them, But from the previous owners the way they had it run beautifully for several years. I guess they just wanted out now(maybe to retire?) and decided to sell it.

I will say the GodFather's owners do have very deep pockets, But don't believe it was from running strip clubs, But some other business ventures they were Involved in. (Maybe Real Estate 1990's?) who knows how they made most of their money, But sure wasn't for running these strip clubs.

Still can't believe though that the GodFathers in Canoga Park is still around? Now that place is DEADER THAN DEAD In comparison to there Van Nuys one. I remember they bought it from Gotham City some 7 years ago and really wonder when will they decide to close that piece of club down too.

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Date: 6/18/2011 6:18pm Whois Name: sal_acious (1112)
Delete Subject: Wrong! they keep shrinking

As far as I know there are only 5 clubs that are owned by Godfathers. Where's the 6th one??? AND I heard the one down the street from DVNH went belly up OUT OF BUSINESS. So sorry dude, this club chain is actually shrinking - just like MNRES TITS.

Let's take a closer look at the Godfather chain of clubs:

#1 Canoga Park - Fucken SUCKS the BALLS of all the Horses that are on their walls.


# 3 North Hollwood - Stick a fork in'em, they're DONE. Couldn't compete with DVNH so they went Out Of Business.

#4 The Gentlemens Club in Glendale - DEAD! Does anybody even go there? I was actually there about 2 months ago and all the chicks were ugly. It was me and one other dude.

#5 Long Beach - Its the old "Sugar Walls" club. What's up with this place??? Anybody know??? I heard they were gonna open and I haven't heard anything yet. Hey TAI_PAN can you check it out since I know its near your hood. I wouldn't be surprised if it also DIED just like No Ho.

#6 ??????? - Where's it at Reloader???

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Date: 6/18/2011 5:06pm Whois Name: reloader (225)
Delete Subject: they keep growing

Why are you so surprised with their business tactics? If you recall, Godfather's Gent. Club started with the one club in Canoga Park (always got bad reviews...short songs,pricey laps,ROB,etc.), and now, they OWN 6 clubs, all over the SoCal area.

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Date: 6/18/2011 2:28pm Whois Name: louis (6779)
Delete Subject: Add Insult to Injury
So this is the 3rd time they have raised VIP prices in the past year and a half, But what gets me is the dancers here are declining nothing hot(mostly FUGLY Chicks). Most are way below average than before. If anything they should lower the prices not raised them on us WTF?

At least the JET has some privacy, This club doesn't anymore. The curtains are no longer available to cover your dance so anyone can see what is going on just walking in on you or hanging out close to the bar area to watch over you.

Songs are clip so short to try to get you to buy more dances, But this will only BACKFIRE on them as most won't be returning. It is only a matter of time & I give it no more than 2 years that this club will go out of business or sold to another Sucker.
Club 0.5 Dancers 0.5 Attitude 0.5 Nasty Factor 0.5

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Date: 6/18/2011 1:07am Whois Name: sal_acious (1110)
Hey Whoa Wait a minute LouAss and my tiny little Dirtbag "Hero" buddy EL WIZ!!

Those are actually some GOOD VIP prices!

Just ask all the MORONS/BORDERLINE RETARDS over at The Jet Strip! Those CHODES used to pay THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ($350) for a half hour of TOPLESS! YES TOPLESS!!! NOT NUDE!!!


Thankfully, THE of BIG NATURAL RACKS (me) burst onto the scene and Saved the Day!!!

So now, because of me (I take full responsibility) the Topless Vip at The Jet Strip has been permanently Lowered to the Outfuckenrageous price of $250.

Yeah I know what y'all are thinking......That's still OUTFUCKENRAGEOUS!!!!

yeah I know. but now its a little bit less outfuckenrageous.

EL OutFuckenRageous of BIG BBYS!

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Date: 6/17/2011 7:46pm Whois Name: kobe88 (905)
Delete Subject: re: Louis
As always, good info. I guess that makes one less club for "EL WIZ" to hit on his Van Nuys hole tour.

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Date: 6/17/2011 3:48pm Whois Name: THE_WIZ (798)
Delete Subject: Pricing Gone Up Again......OUTFUCKENRAGEOUS
LouASS buddy thanks for the heads up on this place. I was actually thinking about rolling through one of these days just to see how things are doing here but after what u just said HELL FUCKEN NO not anymore

El Wiz

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Date: 6/17/2011 3:31pm Whois Name: louis (6778)
This is probably one of the WORST Run clubs now.

I came by here a Month ago only to find out the Lap Prices have been RAISED ONCE AGAIN!!!

Admission at the door is $20 but with the coupon from the L.A. Weekly you only get $5 off that. WTF? With coupon I STILL PAY $15 AT THE DOOR!!!

Ok here is my main beef I have with this club.

I had my watch with me and most of the single songs were being played between 1 minute 20 seconds to 1 minute 40 seconds & sometimes an even 1 minute each. MUCH WORST THAN the Spearmint Rhino's are notorious for.

So when the Lap specials are announce over the Mic. by the DJ those would go for less than a minute each song, some I timed at 45 seconds only & the dj then announces Song 2. THIS CLUB IS BASICALLY A MAJOR RIP-OFF NOW!!!

The prices are still:

1 song=$20 nude
2 songs=$30 nude
3 songs=$40 nude
4 songs=$50 nude
5 songs=$60 nudes


I was looking back at some of my past postings of this place.

on 1/30/2010 I posted the VIP Prices were:

15 minutes=$90 dollars(fully nude)
30 minutes= $150 dollars(fully Nude)

Then on 6/11/2010 If you check my post on that date the prices got raised to this:

15 minutes=$120 dollars(fully nude)
30 minutes=$200 dollars (fully Nude)
1 hour = $300 dollars (fully Nude)

So a Month ago I showed up here and with the short cut up single songs playing between 1:20-1:40 each(those do not go for the special lap specials they cut them much less to 45 seconds each when you buy in multiples(dances).

VIP Prices a MOnth ago are NOW AT:

15 MINUTES= $150 DOLLARS (nude)
30 Minutes= $250 DOLLARS (nude)
1 HOUR =$400 Dollars (NUDE)

I don't see how they justify these new higher prices with the economy the way it is. Not only that THE CURTAINS ARE NO LONGER IN USE TO COVER YOUR PRIVACY FOR LAP DANCES!!!

With those prices any smart guy won't spend on that and would settle for a call girl for the FULL HOUR at $150 then pay $150 for 15 minutes with NO PRIVACY at a strip club!!!!

Just avoid this place fellas, Trust me on this!!!


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Date: 3/11/2011 6:08pm Whois Name: sal_acious (915)
Delete Subject: Re: BAD News
Damn Louis that IS bad news.
Even though I never got the chance to hook up with her, I still feel a sense of loss. Being able to find the girls with the Really BIG ones is starting to become harder and harder everyday. And the ones that I do know, either quit (Hennessy of SJP fame) or very rarely ever show up to dance anymore (Genavive of DVO fame). And when I do find one that I haven't seen in a long ass time (Kendall of Babydolls fame) - Her tits have shrunk!

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Date: 3/11/2011 1:57pm Whois Name: louis (6536)
Delete Subject: Bad News
I came by this club last week over the weekend and come to find out that MONROE & her large Natural is no longer with the club .

I was told by another dancer who knows her well when I asked for her. So I went up to the Bartender older lady who also knows all the dancers Including her and she also confirmed it for me.

MONROE got fired 8 Months ago for fighting with another dancer, But it was at Godfather's Canoga Park not at this one.

So I asked if she was allowed back to dance here again, But was told she Isn't allowed to dance in any of their clubs chained.

(Godfathers-Van Nuys, N.Hollywood,Canoga Park,Gentlemen's Club in Glendale,etc.)

As far as I know she Isn't dancing anywhere as she rarely work anyway do to having a major drug addiction shes got that she is trying to stop.

I also did a VIP dance with one of the dancers, But the curtain had to remain half way open. WTF?

No longer fully covered so I don't know now if FS is possible here anymore

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Date: 11/3/2010 6:43pm Whois Name: azesus (54)
Delete Subject: looking 4 my atf
is there a mixed half asian/white girl dancing here?

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Date: 10/30/2010 2:04pm Whois Name: HotShot (208)
Delete Subject: Holy Smokin-Hot Honeys!
I was there last night and there were at least 20 dancers, probably half & half hot choc-ho-licks and other half vanilla, red,brown, yellow (gold?)..and most were Hot hot in all flavors. Hardly any Pl's..and the babes were hot to trot & please!

The dances here ,with some privacy, beat those at VIP all to hell...and prices are in same vein (4-4-$40).

Only bad part is $20 at door at night after 8, $10 during day...but had good to grea experiences on both shifts, wht few exceptions. Best broads & values seem to be there when Moe is managing (usually otherwise at Canoga club?) and Carlos is on DJ.

There were some Playboy & Model quality ones there last night. One tall albino amazon (half black half russian) and here white/latina side-kick both top sexy a few of the choc-ho-licks that could grace any top adult mag...damn!

And yes there are a couple of pretty hot asians who roam thru too.And some sexy latina, and cross-mix breed combos (red-yellow-black-white-brown ..all flavors <of those who are qualified as hot-young-curvy-clean-lean> are pink and precious at close-range sight/scent...and worthy goin down...

Since there were hardly any Pl's there I dont know how many of these babes will keep cum'in here...some I have seen pretty regular over time though, and they will find out the hard or easy way, that most all the clubs are slow so..they will cum and go, go and come.

They need to drop the damn door charge back down to 1/2 of $$ now like before...and/or create a VIP card/pass web/text coupon or something! Will check with Moe on new special deal for Z-Boners!!?!?

I was at the VNSR before goin here, and there were a few Honies there too...this club just seems more free/relaxed...and a bit cheaper...and still has good % of quality and more flavor! I did though get in for free, not even a drink charge, at SRVN with text coupon...but dances cost more and less private.

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Date: 10/26/2010 11:26pm Whois Name: Runningit (13)
Delete Subject: Asian girls?
Any hot Asian girls at this club anyone can recommend? What days and times does she work?

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Date: 9/16/2010 1:16am Whois Name: louis (6196)
Delete Subject: Re: HotShot
Please read my post along with Floppybitz over at VIP Showgirls regarding ClubHush.

It's very much like Vintage Industrial Strip. NO CUstomers, No Hotties,Bad Location, only Crickets chirping in the background.

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Date: 9/16/2010 12:15am Whois Name: HotShot (204)
Delete Subject: New club nearby $10 dances!!?
New or RE-Newed club in SFV= HUSH

Subject: Local Competition? Hot CHoc? AMerican Owners/Managers?
Dont know if this new club HUSH will be any good under new mgmt/ownership or not...will have to check out and report back!?

Nearby competitor club= Thirstys/Godfathers on Sepulveda often has some hotties (HotChoc-ho-licks) and some ok privacy for dances. But idiot fur-in-ears owning and runnin it aint got a clue about girls, customer service, common biz courtesy, value or NADA! I think maybe they are just runnin a clean-the-green machine at their chain of clubs they buy/fix-up and then proceed to run like maybe...its just to provide a store-FRONT hmmm....?? No se, para que? .JOSE (Hose-A)oh say can u see. Sometimes some real hotties work here, and YMMV but should be real good with the right pick! Stage is up-close and Barriers like LA ghetto clubs etc..But idiots increased the entry fee during this great depression they DOUBLED IT TO $10day $20 nite..go figure? And they have the SHORTEST SONGS IN LA= 1 MIN TO 1.5 BECAUSE THE OWNER TOLD THE MANAGERS AND DJ'S TO DO THIS!? WTF IS HE THINKIN? STINKIN!

Subject: Hush Gentlemen's Club, San Fernando Valley, CA


Coupon/ Grand re-Opening= (see free street-copies of la weekly or online search advertisers index= hush)FREE ENTRY!!

Hush Gentleman's Club NOW OPEN
$10 Dances
15832 Stagg St.
Van Nuys, Ca 91406
Join us for our VIP party!
Friday - Saturday 17&18th
with adult star JENNY HENDRIX.
Call club for details (818) 781-8121

Text= "HUSH" to 84444 for updates & specials

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Date: 8/24/2010 8:10pm Whois Name: DoctorFeelgood (3)
Delete Subject: Mnre
Well that sucks to hear about Monroe's shrinking boobage. On the other hand I can skip making a trip I didn't really want to make anyway.

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Date: 8/23/2010 1:52pm Whois Name: sal_acious (396)
Delete Subject: star2010

First of all dude, if you want some info, you gotta EARN it!!
Man who da fuc are you demanding a FULL RUNDOWN?! Nigga PLease!
I know Louis and I are tired of all these punks just asking and
Never GIVING! Why don't YOU hit up a coupla clubs, find sum
Big Naturals, post some good trip reports and then MAYBE I'll
hook you up.

Come on dog, put in some work!


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Date: 8/23/2010 12:34pm Whois Name: star2010 (New)
Delete Subject: BIg Naturals?
Hello all...I am brand new to this board (as well as this city,) and would like the FULL RUNDOWN on "big naturals" girls in and around LA. This Alizya (sp?) intrigues me...where does she work now?
Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Date: 8/22/2010 5:30pm Whois Name: louis (6127)
Delete Subject: Re: Sal
I haven't seen Alizeya for several Months, But she probably has the biggest Naturals as far as I can tell. Maybe slightly bigger than Melina's.

Monroe is probably half her size in the breast department now. Yes they are still Big, But I think she's lost half her current size sad to say

I first told you about her in January and it's now 8 Months later and you still haven't gone to see her. WTF?

I also told you about Lace at Bliss Showgirls and you still haven't gotten back to me on that one. I think Lace might have quit, But not sure. I posted a message there and so far no replies if she is still working there.

I know when you tell me about new Big Bootys you see I try to go in A.S.A.P. to see these babes as you never know when they might moved on or quit the business altogether.

Remember try calling before you head out there, That's what I do if I want to see a parTITcular Babe.

I was going to try Monroe Friday Night, But finding out the Owners were running the club that night(walking in & out of the lap room WAY TOO MUCH) I went I didn't expect I could get the same type of Mileage out of her so I declined a dance from her.

I forgot to mention in my original post, One of the dancers told me they added 2 curtains( could be she is lying to me as I didnt confirmed this) in the vip room. But that is only for the 30 minute VIP of $200 and the other $300 for 1 full hour nude.

So Sal Hopefully, you don't Blow your chance of seeing her, As I Know I did Blow, But it was Blown in her Direction from my erection .

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Date: 8/22/2010 4:20pm Whois Name: sal_acious (393)
Delete Subject: BBW
MAN! I've never even seen this chick before and now I'm feelin
all depressed! You don't even know how RARE that is for me to
find out about a thin girl with Huge Naturals. And now Louis
just dropped a on me that they've SHRUNK.

Maybe Benn can help a brutha out by baking her sum PIES!

I think I saw that chick Mylani, Butt yeah wasn't interested -
No tittys.

Don't know about Jennifer, hopefully she gots Boobys to match that
Big Rump.

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Date: 8/22/2010 10:54am Whois Name: BBWLover (1478)
Delete Subject: Sal/Lou/Monroe
No surprise here. Sal I thought you are a mammary DOKTOR? Boobs are about 44% fat. So when they lose weight the BooBs also shrink. Tell her to plump up. Give her some of your milk,LOL. Go there and show her some Benjamin and tell her that you reserve them for her when she plumps up.

Sal, On a side note I was in Anaheim yesterday for a meeting and swung by ITA and saw Mylanie the day booty contest champ. Well, thats all she has... Booty. Up top she is no bigger than my manboobs,LOL. If she fattens it might be Bs and a bigger Booty to boot. I have not seen the night Champ Jennifer yet. Have you?

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Date: 8/22/2010 12:26am Whois Name: sal_acious (389)
Delete Subject: Monroe
GraciAss brother Lou for that great Trip Report. You always
Cum thru with the intel. Yeah you truly are an ASSet to the
Z Posse.

all Bummed out Big Time! She needs to get off that stuff. So
how is her face lookin? I hope she didn't turn into a Butta Face
like Isis over at Rouge VN. lol

Next you're gonna tell me that ALIZAYA's have shrunk too!
I don't know if I'd be able to handle that. I'd be CRUSHED!!!

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Date: 8/21/2010 10:53pm Whois Name: Cognoscente (310)
Delete Subject: Louis
I agree with all your Buds, you are invaluable.

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Date: 8/21/2010 4:39pm Whois Name: louis (6124)
Delete Subject: Good News, Bad News
First the good news, Sal, I happen to see Monroe in the house last night. So yes she is still around. At first I didn't recognized her since she now sports short dark hair no longer Blonde.

NOW THE BAD NEWS!!! I haven't seen her since last April and her keep shrinking once again

Yes they are still Big natural , But nothing near like I first remember seeing her in January of this year. For a thin chick they used to be the same size as Valene's I couldn't believe it. NOW THEY ARE WAY SMALLER!!!

I think she is still using Dr____s if you know what I mean

Remember last time I told you she had been losing weight because of what she takes, But those are losing too

I was going to dance with her, But talked to one dancer who told me the Owners(Armenian guys) were running the club tonight as I guess another set of Managers have been fired once again. What else is new? LOL

Anyway, They were walking in and out of the lap area way too much, So didn't expect I could get the same Russian Titty type action with her so I declined a dance. I did see her though take a White dude for a 1 hour VIP(yes they have those at $300)

The place was rather Packed with PL's and about 15 dancers in attendance.

I notice another Big Natural Black dancer going by Cinnamon. She is BIGGER than Monroe, But I don't think you want to hit this one up with your .

At first I didn't recognized her from a far distance, Then when she got up close to me I remember her as the Old skool dancer when this club used to be known as Thirstys.

Yes those babies look good for Pumping, But that Cinnamon chick is FUCKING FUGLY!!!

I suggest you get a big Ralph's brown paper bag and place it on top of her head if you need to go there . Trust me you don't want to look at a Gorilla ape while you play with the she might gross you out.

She is a medium to Fat build rather short and just looks dirty(never showers) IMHO.

She reminds me of a younger version of "Aunt Esther" if you ever watch "Sanford & Son" show. About 30 years younger version of her, but also has that angry look to her. Not sure the mileage and didnt see anyone else trying her out.

For HOTShot, They do have a nice looking Black Sista that you might like. Thin girl, Looks very pretty. Goes by the name of Sa-Fire and she told me she's been here for a Month. Drives all the way out from Lancaster.

Spawn, Your Ex-ATF was in the house in Nelia. I thought she quit. I have not seen her in over a year.

By the way Is she racist? What is it with her avoiding all the Black dudes in the house and only Approaching Latino PL's. Doesn't she know Black guys are into Big Booty stippers? She should know by now as she's been in the game for a long time.

lap prices are:

1 song=$20 Nude
2 songs=$30 Nude
3 songs=$40 nude
4 songs=$50 Nude
5 songs=$60 nude

15 min. VIP=$120
30 Minu. VIP=$200

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Date: 8/5/2010 7:04pm Whois Name: Rot009 (39)
Delete Subject: Monroe
Sal, I'm still working on getting over there but when I do, Monroe and her 411 is top priority unless someone else beats me to it.

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Date: 8/5/2010 2:49pm Whois Name: sal_acious (363)
Delete Subject: MNRE
Have any of you guys seen Monroe? I live about an hour away so its
kinda hard to "just stop by". I hope she didn't quit!

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Date: 6/21/2010 4:57pm Whois Name: biddyman (8)
Delete Subject: RE: boobyman
Sal, no problem. Yeah, I'd appreciate receiving any "research" you might have into busty dancers in the area. My job usually takes me to the LAX and areas south of there but I do get up to the Burbank/NoHo area on occasion.

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Date: 6/21/2010 4:16pm Whois Name: sal_acious (295)
Delete Subject: boobyman
Hey biddyman thanks! Let me know and Ill share sum of my BUSTYS
FAVS with you too.

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Date: 6/21/2010 1:50pm Whois Name: biddyman (7)
Delete Subject: RE: Sal / Monroe
Sal, I caught Monroe on a Thursday night. Like most girls she was a little tame at first but she got more into things as I continued getting dances (nothing crazy though). I didn't ask what nights she normally works because I am not a local who visits the area often and because in my experience the answer you get to that question is rarely accurate within a reasonable margin of error.

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Date: 6/19/2010 6:44pm Whois Name: sal_acious (294)
Delete Subject: Have20s
Try this: click on the lil "?" next to my handle. You can use your
Yahoo or Hotmail acc.

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Date: 6/19/2010 6:12pm Whois Name: have20s (12)
Delete Subject: Sal
Hey Sal, I am glad that I could help you out. As for your question, I don't really consider myself to be a BBL. I tend to go for girls that have a beautiful face with a great personality. It doesn't really matter to me if they have small or large breasts. If they have them on the bigger side, I do tend to favor the natural ones because they feel so soft. But they should have a somewhat nice ass. It doesn't matter if it's not that big, as long as they are not flat. I only went to this club once and I don't know if I will go again. I have been to probably at least 25 different strip clubs at least once. I don't always get a dance. I go just to check out the scene. The one club I used to frequent before it closed down was ISP. The one I go to now more often than others is Paradise in La Puente.

P.S. I tried to email you, but the email failed to deliver. I think it's because I am not familiar using outlook.

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Date: 6/19/2010 4:39pm Whois Name: sal_acious (293)
Delete Subject: have20s
Thank you very MCHO that! So are you a
BBL(Big Boob Lover)too? The number of guys
on Z that are willing to help a brutha
out are getting less and less. Tell ya what,
shoot me an email(just click on my handle)and
I'll hook you up with some BIG NATURAL !

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Date: 6/19/2010 3:50pm Whois Name: have20s (11)
Delete Subject: Monroe for Salacious
Hey Sal, I came to this club a while back. I did see a Monroe working the night I went. It was a Saturday. I didn't see her when I first got there, but did see her after a while. I didn't know who she was until she went up on stage and they announced her name. I would have gotten a dance from her, but she never came up to me. I would have flagged her down, but she asked this other customer and he right away took her. I didn't see her after that.

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Date: 6/14/2010 9:00pm Whois Name: sal_acious (289)
Delete Subject: biddyman/MNRE!
Which day of the week did you go? Was is during the day or was it
at night? MAN! I'm sooooo HAPPY to hear that she's still working there.
I've been trying to get with her for a loooong assss time! So how well
did she treat you?

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Date: 6/14/2010 8:17pm Whois Name: biddyman (6)
Delete Subject: Monroe
Had the pleasure of getting dances with Monroe a week ago. I highly recommend her for you boob luvers out there. Very user friendly during private dances.

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Date: 6/14/2010 10:17am Whois Name: jose_cuervo22 (New)
Delete Subject: lovely ladies at the GF
I was there Friday around midnight and there were alot of hott girls. This club is really getting a finer class of ladies!
The ones that stood out from the rest were

Nelia a latina with a beautiful body
Devine a white girl with a nice bottom
Kaylani has a beautiful upper body
Coco can dance and she has sexy eyes and shes fun to talk to.
My favorite was Kay shes a gorgious lady with long brown hair and she has those sexy bedroom eyes that u can play with all night, her breast are a real DD, her ass hips and theighs are nicely shaped for pleasure and she loves to use them! On stage shes a hardcore dancer but when she talks to you, you know shes a sweatheart. When shes in the back with u shes a freak oh ya and very sensual, she uses every part of her body!
I am definately going back to see her!!!!!!!!!!VIP

There was one girl that i would like to see gone!
A small spanish girl who you can't understand so i dont know her name but she came over to me and started rubbing herself on me and i told her to relax and have a seat next to me she wouldnt stop trying to kiss on me (her breath was making me sick and shower is truly needed). please look into a different profession (i heard the vallerita is hiring!)
Club 2.5 Dancers 3 Attitude 3.5 Nasty Factor 3.5

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Date: 6/11/2010 9:52pm Whois Name: Rhino_Poop (82)
Delete Subject: Rhino Poop Award
Godfather's Van Nuys:

For raising your Prices AND cutting your song length short,
YOU Godfather's are the winner of the:

Rhino 8 Poop Scoop Award!

Just Dropin My Load
Rhino Poop

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Date: 6/11/2010 2:47pm Whois Name: louis (5977)
Delete Subject: Prices Have Gone Up Here WTF?
I read HotShot's comment of addmission price for dayshift has gone up, WELL guess what, IT ALSO HAS ALSO GONE UP FOR NIGHT SHIFT TOO!!!!

You would think with the economy being down the way it is and with so many clubs Hurting(lack of business) and many clubs close by to this one, They would keep their prices in tact.

Not sure what the new price is on the dayshift here, But at Night the admission price is now $15 to enter which includes one drink but the waitress never came up to me to asked what drink I wanted so I was still out of $15 as its paid in advance. Before this club used to be $10 no drink minimum required, Unless you wanted to fork more over for one.

My biggest beef though is THEY HAVE RAISED THE VIP HALF HOUR Prices from $150(Nudes) to $200. WTF? I could understand if this club had plenty of space but it's all cramp up in there with not that much room space to make it feel like a real vip dance if you know what I'm saying.

I have no Idea if they still have the Mini-VIP room dances as I know they used to be $90 for 15 minutes, But the DJ NEVER mentioned these like he normally does. The only thing he kept promoting was those half hour one's for $200 WTF? I wonder if they have taken those Mini-VIP room option out now?

My Main reason for showing up was to see Monroe and her Huge Natural in Snake fucking action with my gameboy, But sadly she wasn't in the house

The had a couple of thick big booty white girls(Look to be sisters) but wasn't feeling either them. I quickly bounce never spent anything other than the admission price.

My visit was a coupla weeks ago, And am not sure if I'll ever go back here with the way this club has started getting greedy with their prices. Big Thumbs down!!!!
Club 0.5 Dancers 0.5 Attitude 0.5 Nasty Factor 0.5

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Date: 6/8/2010 12:00pm Whois Name: HotShot (188)
Delete Subject: Pro's (lappers) and Cons (owners/Mgrs)
Ok...the good news is they often have some real hotties (not all the girls for sure)of all flavors, and a good % of Hot Choco-licks at this club. Lap Dance/ VIP sessions area is a medium to good privacy area.

Bad news is the owner (David?) evidently told the DJ's to cut the songs as short as his and their sex acts...1 minute to 1:30??! Un-fu---n real! Multi-song specials dont mean S--t with the shortest songs in LA. DUH! WHy do idiots have money for opening clubs...its gotta be "funny money"...and they dont know S--t about this biz or women or Pro-Lappers!

Damn what otherwise could be a great so many other fur-in-ears owned and operated clubs in LA= No CLue..just money-to-burn (er wash?)!!??

Also ,tell the managers and door guys to quit lying about how many dancers they have= we hate liars...and once we get inside now we are pissed off so we will spend less you dumb-az dippos!

Also tell staff to take a shower at least once a week...I know some cultures dont have much water or like bathing..but those of us who do dont want to be passin out form them stench when we pass by! Youre in USa now boys & girls...clean up yer act!

S-O-A-P...and W-a-t-e-r...does wonders!

If ya keep tryin to rip-off customers and lie to wont have any repeat biz dip-s--ts...just an empty laundry room,,,maybe that is all that ya want?

Get the song length even on specials or multi-song package ,up to snuff 2.5 min or more you knuckle-heads! And drop the door fee back to $5...the economy is still f---ed....but maybe illegal biz is boomin so ya dont notice?
Wash-e wash-e...clean green?!

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Date: 5/13/2010 6:05pm Whois Name: sal_acious (270)
Delete Subject: Lou / Ripple
OF COURSE!!!! They have ALL the Fine Top Shelf Alcoholic Beverages for your enjoyment:

Thunder Bird

Night Train

Mad Dog 20/20


Old English "800"

St Ides

Colt 45

Schlitz Malt Liquor

Country Club


Miller High Life


And my personal favorite.....KINGCobra!

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Date: 5/13/2010 3:11pm Whois Name: louis (5929)
Delete Subject: Re: Sal
I saw your trip report over tha Hood. Do you know if they sell ripple over there? That's my favorite drink

By the way I got some news for you that can't be posted on Zbone. This is something that will bring such a big smile on your face .

Trust me you will be so happy. Just don't post this on Zbone.

I'll Shoot you an Email right now.

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Date: 5/12/2010 8:27am Whois Name: HotShot (181)
Delete Subject: Thirstys/GodFathers inporving or what?
Heres the good news: went there yesterday day-shift and found a great selection of slender hot babes, and of course, that also meant alot of Hot Chocolics!

Bad news: they raised the daytime entry fee, though the ads the run are stating otherwise, so they still have a problem with the truth...and dont have the biz sense to realize the economy and all strip clubs being slow still, doesnt make sense now...duh!?!

Also put in new bench seating that looks good but sucks for comfort!!/ WTF?

The dance area does allow for some somewhat relaxed privacy, so...

But idiots stil cut the songs way too much especially onso-called "specials"...

Ohh well..what ya gonna do? I should open or take-over a club and show all the dipshits how to do it right...but got too much on my plate and the present economics are still sketchy.

Yet i am sure i could steal most all the girls and customers to beat the band from all the dipshit "me-too" clbs...which is all of em..all doin the same similar crap to girls and customers...idiots with "money-to-burn"..or is it "money -to-wash"...idios in charge all over? aarrgghhh.....

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Date: 5/10/2010 3:19pm Whois Name: Miltee (136)
Delete Subject: Posters

The old members posing as newbies are just posting shit everywhere to get their post counts up so that they dont look like newbies. Some of them are so stupid that they even use the little z moticons in a post. Most new people cant even figure out how to find the boards let alone how to use the accessories.

Post count or not., if anyone wants to see if someone is new just click on the little question mark next to their name , it will show you how long they have been a poster on these boards.

Nothing wrong with new people. Nothing wrong with someone using a few different handles, but pretending to be new is lame

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Date: 5/10/2010 1:34pm Whois Name: sal_acious (265)
Delete Subject: Busty Monroe
Hey fnj6,

Louis is a highly experienced, seasoned veteran, and a very busy man, much like myself. Now, having said that. We normally dont mind giving out the info. BUTT, what we hate is dudes that come on this web site and JUST ASK and Never CONTRIBUTE/POST TRIP REPORTS. Sooooo.... why dont YOU do all of us a favor and hit the club up yourself and find out! I personally want to know when she works so I can get a piece too!

Louis, I got ANOTHER BIGG for YOU!!!! I'll post a trip report later on!!!

The of BiGG NATURAL !!!

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Date: 5/10/2010 12:25pm Whois Name: fnj6 (17)
Delete Subject: Louis On Busty Monroe
Hey, Louis -

How busty is Monroe at Thirsty's? Like, a 36C? 36D? 36DD?
38DD? 38E?

Thanks in advance,


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Date: 5/9/2010 10:45pm Whois Name: scheisthausen (43)
Delete Subject: mazda WTF?
mazda what is up with going from board to board to board asking questions especially ancient ones? You damn well know that Alicia Rio hasn't worked here for over 10 years, yet you talk like a newbie! Give it a break!

I'm sure you can do things much better positive with your time than ask lame questions on each board. Your a long time poster with a new handle, those of us that have been on this board can spot one, especially this Alicia Rio dumb question!

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Date: 5/9/2010 9:29pm Whois Name: mazda (9)
Delete Subject: alicia rio
does alicia rio still dance at this joint?
she's a former pornstar

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Date: 4/27/2010 2:14pm Whois Name: HotShot (178)
Delete Subject: Liars & cheats-si...and english spoken= not !
They are a bunch of liars and cheats here, and all the clubs they own. Probably gangsters, just using their clubs as a front, cuase they always run customers away and their clubs into the ground, yet keep buying more clubs!? These "Fur-in-ears" are mafioso and their extended "family".

Yes they will screw you here on the # and length of dances, so watch out even if you pay cash! The idiot DJ's cut the songs so short, it must be based on how long it takes the weak ass mreicons to have sex= 30 seconds?

The managers lie whenever you call th club, cause gthey are too lame to post an rtrc and probably cant read or write english or use a computer anyway. They will lie about the number of dancers or variety/flavor and refuse to give dancers names unless you ask about a specific one,and will lie about her too!.

When will the fuckin no-brain idiots learn that this pissees off PL's and keeps em from returning! Is it just to get the $5 entry fee while the PL ,pissed and disappointed spins around and leaves? Or do they justify a claim of money taken in, you know as a front, based on entry fees?

Better to get more girls and tell the truth you idiots, and not piss off a PL forever, but have him cum in when ya got some talent there.

Too bad cause they have had sum real hot chicas dancin here on and off, til they learn there aint much money cause they chased all the PLs away, then its bye bye to the babes, and only heffers stay...and the lyin ,cheatin ownwers and managersand idiot fur-in-ear dj's!

Maybe the owners will get busted for their other real makin activities, and the clubs will cum back into real American hands, who know how to treat customers and girls and make money on the clubs legit?! Soon I hope? comn feds, why ya slackin? Its so obvious a blind man culd see waht the club chain (chain gang?)is doin!

And get sumbody on the phones that not only tells the truth but can actually speak clear english eh?! Imagine that?!

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Date: 4/22/2010 8:22pm Whois Name: Just_Saying (17)
Delete Subject: Rip Off

You can dispute the charge with your credit card provider. Most cards allow you to do it online, so you don't even have to call. The bank will withohold payment until the vendor provides proof that the purchase is valid. Hopefully, you did not sign the receipt. Either way disupute the charge, you have nothing to loose, and as the other Wise Voices, have said, never use plastic in a strip club.

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Date: 4/22/2010 12:23pm Whois Name: Jimmy_the_Saint (769)
Delete Subject: Thank You Panther
Ok! I am there! Thank you for the advice. I will try them all! Who is with me???

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Date: 4/22/2010 12:07pm Whois Name: Panther007 (14)
Delete Subject: try paris house
Paris house is where you should go. Pay cash and leave happy. Private rooms and hot girls. Different girls do different things. Try them all.

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Date: 4/19/2010 8:09pm Whois Name: BBWLover (1075)
Delete Subject: charging for nothing?
Is that not stealing, a criminal offense? I would file charges in court and get back my money Plus BIG PENALTY FOR UNDUE STRESS, lol. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE.

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Date: 4/19/2010 3:52pm Whois Name: BuddyX (17)
Delete Subject: RE: Rip Off !!
When it comes to dances (or anything else you buy at a strip club, for that matter), you should ALWAYS pay cash. In my case, I do it so club charges don't show up on my bank statement for the significant other to see. But regardless, NEVER drop plastic in a strip club. Stick with nothing but mean green. Otherwise, you're just asking for trouble. Sorry you got burned, but hopefully you'll heed that cardinal rule next time.

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Date: 4/18/2010 10:03pm Whois Name: dennis1 (New)
Delete Subject: Rip Off !!
Went to this club on saturday night for my first time. I was having a good time and was checking out the hot dancers. Got a couple of 4 for 1's from a beautiful black girl, don't remember her name, but she was hot! Then got a 4 for 1 from a hipanic dancer and paid the female bartender with my credit card since I ran out of cash. The Bartender did not give me a receipt. After my lapdance, I asked the bartender for my receipt and she rudley walked away and ignored me. I then asked the dancer who just gave me the lapdance to assist me in getting my receipt and she also walked away from me. The next day, I called my bank since I did not get a receipt and to my suprise I was charged $160.00 instead of $40.00, an overcharge of $120.00. I tried to get in touch with the owner of this club but was unsuccessful.
I can't believe this is how this club does business and I urge other customers to check with their banks in case they've been overcharged also!
I've been to numerous other clubs and this has never happened to me.
After this experience at this club, I will never come back to this club!

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Date: 4/14/2010 1:13pm Whois Name: BuddyX (16)
Delete Subject: Visit on a Friday afternoon
Showed up at around 5 pm-ish, place was essentially dead. About 3-4 girls were there, with a couple of them sitting on couches solo, arms folded and with that "i'm-beyond-bored-please-get-me-the-fuck-outta-here" look on their faces. One girl was an anti-social J.Lo wannabe, one was an obnoxious black girl with the intellect of a fourth grader and the third was a short chunky Asian girl who was about a 5 at the most. A red-hot latina with blond curly hair, tattoos all over her back and huge bolt-ons sat at the bar chatting with the manager and didn't seem to want to be bothered. I left after about 30 minutes. I really need to get more asshole-ish with some of these women who cozy up to you for dance specials and don't get the hint that you're not interested. Or maybe management should create an "i'm just here to watch and nothing more" section for those of us that don't want to be hustled by skanks. We're there for hang time at a strip joint, not volunteer work at a fucking soup kitchen.
Club 3 Dancers 1 Attitude 0.5 Nasty Factor 0.5

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Date: 4/14/2010 8:45am Whois Name: Meet (6)
Delete Subject: Tues TR
Uh... Rolled in around 930 last night and bounced by 945. There were lots of dudes but the girls were all 5s or below. Too old, too fat, too ghetto. Take your pick. I was digging the round stage made out of wood though. It has a rustic feel. LOL.

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Date: 4/12/2010 3:57pm Whois Name: louis (5854)
Delete Subject: Mission CUM-PLetion
I came by over the weekend. The club was packed no where to sit other than the tip area. I had to wait to get a seat.

The girls here are pretty much not my cup of tea well except MONROE's Huge double cups.

I decided to do a VIP with Monroe. She is a blonde Latina chick with HUGE natural (You reading Sal?)

It didn't start off right once I did the 3-fer for $40. She basically sucked had no energy whatsover. So once done, I had a little talked with her what I wanted in the VIP and realized what was going on with her. I wasn't pissed, But knew something wasn't right.

Anyway She agreed and took her back there for some REAL FUN!!!

It was rather cheap, But a bit cramp up in there.

I manage to AcCUMplished what I wanted in the end and left happy. I can't get into Juicy details here, But SAL I'll send you an email what happen.

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Date: 3/18/2010 8:30am Whois Name: Miltee (134)
Delete Subject: Better
Is this club on the upswing, I need to try something new

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Date: 3/17/2010 6:35pm Whois Name: kobe88 (394)
Delete Subject: re:sal_acious
Sal, thanks for the quick response. I need to check this PLace out I guess. As always, the of Big and the of "Big Booty" spending are informative.

Maybe I'll see you at VIP again sometime too.


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Date: 3/17/2010 5:53pm Whois Name: Aaoverkk (89)
Delete Subject: asian girls
hey any asian girls working here?

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Date: 3/17/2010 5:36pm Whois Name: sal_acious (190)
Delete Subject: kobe88
The cover charge here is $10 and includes your drink. Not sure if there are any coupons available. Check out my post on the Bare Elegance Valley Board for more info.

Not only are the "ladies" here Nascar Certified, butt they are also AAMCO Certified!! They specialize in STICK shift transmissions!!

of BIG

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Date: 3/17/2010 5:03pm Whois Name: kobe88 (393)
Delete Subject: cover charge
Anyone know what the cover charge is here and if there is any coupons available? You can't seem to navigate to the website for such info.

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Date: 3/4/2010 4:26pm Whois Name: Mr_Goodnight (62)
Delete Subject: Honey
I know this will probably fall on deaf ears...but does anyone (Bueller...Bueller) know where Honey went? or if she is still here? I heard she had a lil incident and might be gone. Any news?

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Date: 2/26/2010 8:18pm Whois Name: BuddyX (15)
Delete Subject: Trip Report
Went by earlier this week to check this place out for the first time. Liked the interior upgrade a lot. Only about 5-6 girls there. What I HATE more than anything else at any club is when you have options walking around and ONE dancer sticks to you all night like flies on shit. Especially when she isn't the prime choice there at the time. Tall, black girl (Lady?), sorta Rihanna-ish looking, would not stay the fuck off of me and kept hitting me up for dances nonstop. Did a couple dances w/her and she was just OK. Then Gabriela, a hot curvy latina came up to me and was all over me. Did a 15-min VIP with her and it was a hot, very high mileage dance. Firm, curvy body, nice nipples and a hot round ass. She's highly recommended.

Overall, good time was had. I'm sitting at the stage next time to keep the clingy ones away.
Club 3 Dancers 3 Attitude 2 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 2/19/2010 10:06pm Whois Name: sinister632 (52)
Delete Subject: nevah
Does she woks here??

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Date: 1/30/2010 7:45pm Whois Name: sal_acious (133)
Delete Subject: MONROE!!!!
Cant wait to read all the juicy details!

Thanks DR. LouAss!

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Date: 1/30/2010 6:50pm Whois Name: louis (5755)
Delete Subject: SAL, I GOT ONE FOR YOU!!!!!
I was at Thirstys(ooops I mean Godfather's) last night and saw this Latina going by MONROE. She is Blonde has short hair, BUT HAS HUGE NATURALY I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

And she is not Fat at all, She's on the thin to medium built side. Her ASS is sort of thick but very flabby needs to work out to toned up. She isn't big at all, But she has some very nice ample size breast so decided to take her for a spin.

The VIP's here are 15 minutes for $90 or 30 minutes for $150 fully nude dances.

The other prices I found out haven't been here in a long time is:

1 song=$20

2 songs=$30

3 songs=$40

4 songs=$50

5 songs=$60

All of these are Nude dances, Don't think they have topless dances, What sucks is the songs are cut-up short which is my main beef with the place.

Admission is $10 at the door NO one drink requirement at all and they no longer charge PL's into parking their car on the lot THANK GOD!!!

So I took this chica MONROE for a spin. She wanted me to do 4 songs for $50 and told me she's worth it.

I decided I'll do 5 songs for $60 and all these are paid off in advance by the bar area.

She was good, But wanted me to take her up in the VIP with curtains closed that she could do more.


Anyway I wanted more titty play, But she was doing more grindage than anything and wasn't really attracted to her ass its like whatever to me. I just wanted to play with those HUGE Natural . She did allow feeding of the twins and when I suggested she place those babies on my gameboy toward the last song she instead used her thighs squeezing on my while placing those boobs for me to feed off more.

I don't think she would do TittyFucking for $60 which I paid in advance doesn't want me to CUM yet so I would spend more in the VIP area.

Anyway I was going to take her back there later as I had my eye on a coupla other girls to do dances with.

She did hit me up for a tip after we were done, So I gave her $4 dollas which she was cool about.

So I ended up dancing with a coupla other Bitches and will tell you whats up with them.

BY THE WAY HOTSHOT, I saw a coupla CHOCOLATE BUNNIE'S that might be to your liking.

They are petite Black Chicks on the thin side with cute faces.

One goes by Millie and other dancer is going by the name Paris.

I didn't see IVY there. Not sure if she still works here like I said I haven't been around this club in long time.

SPAWN, I got'cha back just in case you ever decide to make a long awaited return trip here. Your ATF Nelia was in the House and yup she was kicking ASS like usual.


And Sal hit me up, I'll give you more details on this chick MONROE.

Peace Out!!!!

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Date: 1/6/2010 8:27am Whois Name: HotShot (131)
Delete Subject: Update & Upgrades !
Yes! I wewnt back the other nite ,and the dance areas have truly improved, so there is a bit of privacy , a bit for regualr nude dances and VIP moreso. Better privacy than clubs like VIP etc, unless ya go to the over-priced upstairs Champagne room . HMM...

Also, when i went there wernt as many big porkers proportinally...nor were they as BIG as in the past...thank god..i hope they have gotten smarter.

Looks like they may have changed managers too, hopefully, since the recent past dip-s---s were just that. Dont know how to treat customers or girls in this country...still had the " old Country" (Armenia? Ukraine? Iran? Iraq? Russia?) mafia mentality.

Gotta go back again and see if the hotties like IVY are stil there and what other fresh meat and hot chocolic is avail! There were a couple of possibilites on days but i didnt stay for nite shift...which is usually better in quality and quantity...but not always!

Dont need a coupon 1 drink on entry=free refills $5 total.Theyre gettin smarter...even them fur-in-ears can learn better ...eventually....imagine that!

Now if the Destiny club Players and Vintage would get smarter or change hands...the Valley may be in Play again!? Fat Chance eh?

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Date: 12/23/2009 6:42pm Whois Name: HotShot (128)
Delete Subject: Curtains?
Heard from a dancer at VIP that used to work here, who said she came by the other day and they had put the curtains back up on booths in the back lap-dance area. Can anyone confirm or deny this dancer source rumor?

Without those this dance area maybe they got smart & bold...or desperate..or all!?!

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Date: 12/21/2009 7:23am Whois Name: HotShot (127)
Delete Subject: Privacy?

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Date: 12/1/2009 10:13am Whois Name: lbdeez (63)
Delete Subject: nelia
Yeah nelia is great! I've hooked with her often in private she's all business but provides great pleasure.ill have to go see her at god's. But now the place to go is VIP wow what a selection of fine asss bodies!!!

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Date: 11/23/2009 10:06am Whois Name: dirkdiggler69 (2)
Delete Subject: Sexy Nelia
Went back to Godfathers this weekend to see the Lovely Nelia. Eventhough she was very busy, we did a VIP and two dances which were Amazing!! Not only is Nelia the Hottest Latina, she has a wonderful and friendly personality. Once again, I highly recommend Nelia for dances, Especially VIP's. Nelia told me that she will be at Godfathers every Thurs-Fri-Sat night!!

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Date: 11/9/2009 9:10pm Whois Name: Spawn Z-VIP Member (846)
Delete Subject: Nelia
dirkdiggler69 - Nelia! Been There Done That!

The sad part is she is really intelligent but chooses to put her panocha in your face for ! Have you tried her sister Kenya? After she comes back from dating her 3 boyfriends, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Hennessy and some guy named Captain Morgan her dances are off Da Hook!

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Date: 11/2/2009 2:25pm Whois Name: dirkdiggler69 (New)
Delete Subject: Sexy Nelia
Went to Godfathers (Canoga Park) on Saturday night and got two VIP's from A sexy dancer named Nelia. This sexy Latina has the hottest body I've ever seen. Her dances on stage were very sexy and sensual!!
Nelia said that she will be at Godfather's Canoga Park on the weekends during the night time. If you like seeing hot ass Latinas, then Nelia is a "must See".

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Date: 10/24/2009 8:39am Whois Name: lbdeez (60)
Delete Subject: godfathers!
Stop here on our last stop with my bachelor party!
This place has a chance to be a real nice chill spot. It had about 12 girls, all with good attitudes. Here is a little recap.
4 for 40 nude all night!(Til 6am)
Ivy beautiful chocolate princess good mileage and wonderful attitude.
Sandy not a looker but very high miles(english is a problem)
Desiree stunning short latina with beautiful t and a.
Mirage about a 9. Was busy all night.
Roxy stunning asian latina mix. With a bangin booty.

Nice club, friendly management and good miles but pick the right one and its very high miles!!!
Peace out
Lbdeez in your mouth!!
Club 3 Dancers 2.5 Attitude 3.5 Nasty Factor 4

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Date: 10/18/2009 6:03pm Whois Name: flava (30)
Delete Subject: Claudette
Claudette has the runs, she's at my joint drinking pepto bismo. When she's not taking a shit, i'll tell her you said hi.
This club is such filth and disgusting. Is the same lame ass gangsta runnin' this shit hole? I believe he's from Russia. His girl works the drinks.
Bad club, bad ownership,bad neighborhood,ugly ass girls.
To the manager/gansta, I'll see you in hell bitch. You can kiss my black ass kraka.

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Date: 10/16/2009 10:31pm Whois Name: theman10 (New)
Delete Subject: Claudette
Anyone know what happen to claudette who worked her back in the day

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Date: 9/23/2009 9:31pm Whois Name: CougarXR7 (671)
Delete Subject: Diamond / Heaven
Those are good reports on the "new" Thirsty's so far. All we need now is for Diamond and Heaven to come back and that'll be the icing on the cake.

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Date: 9/4/2009 11:44pm Whois Name: kobe88 (321)
Delete Subject: ?
Anyone been here lately that has anything good to report ?
I was just wondering if it's got any better of late.

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Date: 8/14/2009 2:24pm Whois Name: Bigperrodog (68)
Delete Subject: Kenya
how does kenya look like mt friend?

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Date: 7/19/2009 9:02pm Whois Name: Matt_Tracker (21)
Delete Subject: Susan
She worked there for a pretty long while. Mary & her used to call each other cousins even tho they really were not.

Thanx for the info on Khalia. Ur the man!!!!!

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Date: 7/18/2009 9:44pm Whois Name: louis (5382)
Delete Subject:
I don't know who Susan of the VU is as I haven't been back there in a long time to remember her.

Kahlia is ok if you like thick girls. Just don't expect any high nasty factor out of her. She does give decent grindage but that is about it.

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Date: 7/18/2009 8:09pm Whois Name: Matt_Tracker (19)
Delete Subject: Louis
I heard that Susan former waitress from the Vu works here now. Did u see her there to confirm?

Kahlia sounds hot & tempting.. Do u recommend her Loius?

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Date: 7/12/2009 5:30pm Whois Name: louis (5379)
Delete Subject: Friday Night
I came by last Friday night and it's true big Improvement with the new remodeling of the club. Doesn't really have that dive feel like it once had. I was told they plan to expand and make the club even twice as large with much more room space with all that dirt land area In between them and that animal valley hospital. They are in the process of getting a license permit with the City In order to start expanding the club to make it more larger.

These Owners must have really deep pockets as they seem to be in competition with the Rhino/Deja Vu chains. First off they owned Godfather's in Canoga Park, Also the Gentlemens club In Glendale as well as that topless club known as Nicolas.

This one is a new edition they just recently bought a few months ago, And also a newer GodFather's is in the works to open up very soon in Long Beach.

Dancer quality has Improved a lot here in comparison to the Old Thirsty's. It was rather slow Friday night about 20 PL's in attendance and about 12 dancers.

I saw my good Friend SPawn's ATF girl in Nelia in the house. She was looking good. She told me It was first night back here in 12 Months and likes the new Improvements this club has made. The strobing lights though did bother me a bit as I could do without that.

I ended up doing a 4 for $4o special with Kahlia. She is one of two dancers I remembered when this club used to be thirstys. She is a short latina girl with thick booty and very thick legs. NFZ up top, But gives pretty good grindage on the gameboy.

To the end my hour while I was there I then ended up trying this blonde Latina going by Shantel. Very thick thighs and curvy waist. She was feeding herself on her and wanted me to try them on too. Plenty of good contact and she was alright but not really hard thick body that I would have like. She told me she used to dance at VIP for 3 weeks but didn't like it there as Management was rude with her there. She just started dancing here a couple months ago she told me.

I finally saw IVY. Very nice looking black girl has that magazine centerfold type body. I would have taken her for a spin but she was just too thin for my taste as I prefer more junk in the trunk. She was busy though as I did see some guys taking her to the back for some specials.

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Date: 7/1/2009 8:15pm Whois Name: swagfather (1)
Delete Subject: kenya
hell yea my favorite girl is bak at my favorite place dam how i missed her for those of you who dont kno kenya is the baddest girl i ever got a dance from i remember her from th gentlemeans club in glendale but lemme tell u sumthing id follow her to kenya this is one bad bitch and neone thas seen her b4 can agree neways i went into thirstys godfather watever u want to kall it on monday rite wasnt it my lucky day cuz it was her first onne back here newayz yea check her ouyt man shes bad just wish shed hook it up with frequent flier miles u kno

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Date: 6/19/2009 1:00pm Whois Name: HotShot (86)
Delete Subject: New and true worth the trip to view
Went in to old Thirsty's the New Godfathers last night for some nice surprises. CLub finally done remodeling apperently, looks good, comfortable couches all around main rooms, much better "close-up" (in -ya-face?) style stage, and new much better Lap with big "Bench" booths with sides (sit-stand-lay ....dancer or customer or both?= versatility & utility= capiche?!)... a bit more comfort & more privacy. Good to great changes & improvements. Much better than the other Godfathers in CP...also in management/staff and dancers too!

Ok now to the really good part: the dancers! Good variety & quality overall...mostly slender,yong attractive and sexy (NOT all of course!).

The best part: Three hot chocolate sweet treats! A little spinner "Secret" fine all over and friendly sweet & sexy as can be! Then the classic tall voluptuous model type "Ivy" was back..mmmm good.GOD what a two-some for a 3-SUM!Oh to be the middle , of them all creamed up, of that Oreo!

There was another pretty hot one whose name escapes me...since i was mesmerized and busy with the 1st 2 (cant be too greedy or it will bite ya= jealousy & greed only goes so far!). I think her name started with a "P"?

They have some real good dance prices....all are nude= 1-4- $20, 2-4-$30, 3-4-$40, 4-4-$50 specials. VIP's are "pricey"...and in same lap area!?!?@#$

More probably came in later too...I had to roll....just there from about 7-9:30...cover goes up at 8 pm (coupon in LAW)and "forced Valet" (bullshit= why? Trying to employ more illegal alien relatives or what?).

ALl-in-all worth a few roll thru and repeat reviews, compared to the rest...the Rouge nearby can sometimes be rel good(Monday 1/2 price) at nite...and SR-VN has a good crew , with better dances in the daytime...i think.

The rest of the clubs in NH & VN usually suck lately...YMMV...girls and the venues too (lap dance areas etc)...always each can occasionally have/be exceptions to the!

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Date: 4/25/2009 9:34pm Whois Name: Spawn (545)
Delete Subject: WTF Went on at GodFathers last night! & Nelia
My friend and I were going to go to Godfathers last night around 10:00PM DUD there were 8-10 police cars and 2-4 under cover cars - YIKES! Needless to say we said ADIOS!

Maybe they had a Grand Opening party and someone wasn't invited and then came the party crashers! Not Good!

JustChilln - Funny you should ask that, I've been going thru Nelia with drawls too!!! As soon as I finish typing this E-mail I am going to see her at VIP Gentlemens Club in North Hollywood! She will be there Mon & Tues Day and I think she said Saturday Day & Nite next week, she went back to school!!
Club 0.5 Dancers 2 Attitude 3 Nasty Factor 0.5

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Date: 4/24/2009 11:48pm Whois Name: JustChilln (1)
Delete Subject: Where's Nelia?
Anyone Know where Nelia is at? Havent gone by the club since renovation. Is she still there, Missn that girl.

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Date: 4/21/2009 12:58pm Whois Name: scheisthausen (31)
Delete Subject: Took One for the Zbone Posse
Well fellow PL's, went in Sunday night for the first time since it was called Thirsty's, man what a change...

First off, the interior decorator only knows one color - BLACK! Ceiling is BLACK - Walls are BLACK, it's so damn dark in there it's a major adjustment for your eyes! Another major adjustment was the Fuggly Uggly Dancers! I don't know what management is thinking, but these girls where a joke! The funny part was the few dancers I did talk to, thought they were all that and then some! - PLEASE! Please bring back some of the babes that used to work there!!!!

I didn't have a coupon so $20.- to get in + $5.- for a drink!
The lap prices are:
1 Nude dance for $20.-
3 Nude Dances for $40.-
5 Nude Dances for $60.-

They still have those CRAPPY chairs that used to be at Thirsty's (common management, put a little money into this club, it might turn out to be nice).

This club has a ways to go, to make it a fun club to go to. Put some color on the walls, get some new chairs and most importantly HIRE SOME GOOD LOOKING BABES!

No Scheist About it!
Club 2 Dancers 2 Attitude 3.5 Nasty Factor 0.5

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Date: 4/12/2009 2:38pm Whois Name: HotShot (47)
Delete Subject: Ivy timing...
Not sure exactly...she has always been a night -shift girl as far as i have experienced.

Call the i did...and see if she is scheduled...or has called in on a day off i

Get the GF coupon in the LA Weekly normally...get in before 8 i think..its its just $5 for a drink no ya got more to spend on the spinners!

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Date: 4/9/2009 9:18pm Whois Name: luvhotchicks (116)
Delete Subject: Ivy
any idea when this Ivy works?

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Date: 4/8/2009 10:09am Whois Name: Spawn (543)
Delete Subject: What's Up with this club?
Has anybody gone to this club since it changed names and owners?

They told me they were going to remodel the inside, so I just figured to wait for a while before going in. I've been going to Thirsty's for over 25 years, now this?

The mandatory Valet parking can my !!!

It better be smoking hot with babes inside to be paying Valet!

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Date: 4/5/2009 6:59pm Whois Name: HotShot (43)
Delete Subject: hot choc-o-lic
DOnt know if this club is better or worse yet. The cover charge increased i think...we will see.

But what i do know, is one of the hottest if not the hottest girls who evcer worked works at the other Godfathers.Uri shoulda never lost her...mighta saved his club?!

see my review of her at the other Godfathers (in CP) board.Its worth a trip there just for her...get the coupon in LA weekly for that Godfathers...then ya just pay $5 for the 1st drink during the day. Call first...make sure she is there working ...come before 8 and stay after...check the coupon cuz!

Save yer money to spend on IVY...and other ok girls at that club. Maybe she will work back here sometime...and maybe other hot girls will be here....but she is worth the ride....if ya know what i mean...both ways...both any ways & means...go get that lean clean muff machine!

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