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Dancer of the Month For 2002

DancerMy pulse quickens every time I enter a new club that I have never been to. The unknown factor. I quickly scan the room.

Sometimes it's just plain infatuation. Other times, it's a more deep kind of shwing action going on. It can be her looks. It can be her brain. It can be a smell. It's never the same twice. On ASSC, it's called the X-Factor.

Whatever the magic is, some dancers just catch my fancy (and other things too). When this happens, I try to get brownie points with her by telling her I'll make her the dancer of the month.

For December 2002

Allie From Spearmint Rhino, Rialto


Allie is out outdoors' kind of girl and enjoys the sun here in So-Cal.  She likes the river and water sports, like jet skiing and sun bathing.

She's not into partying or clubbing, so you won't find her at one of those foo foo Hollywood clubs. She'd rather spend her nights at home watching a great movie with someone special.  She likes actions movies, especially ones with Vin Diesel in it.  As for the type of guys she likes, she likes confident old fashioned men who know how to treat her right. "I like guys that still open a lady's door," says Allie.

She doesn't have a lot of free time because she also goes to school. She is currently in school studying to be a nurse. You can find Allie dancing at the Rialto Rhino.  Check with the club for her current schedule.


For November 2002

Solay From Spearmint Rhino, Downtown


This So-Cal beauty started dancing when she just turned 18, while still a Junior in High School.  She started at the Spearmint Rhino in Upland dancing in a bikini.  She's got a Spanish background and definitely exhibits her exotic look to the maximum, on and off stage.

Solay took a break from dancing while she went to college.  Luckily for all of us, she has now returned to dancing.  She's only 23 but has the style and maturity of a sophisticated woman. She's been back to the downtown SR and now that she's back, she's back with gusto. She says she is one of the top dancers at her club and with the looks of it, will stay that way. She says she loves to dance and she's feels very comfortable on stage.  I guess she's just a natural dancer.

In her spare time, she likes to shop, snow board, shop, travel, and shop. Did I mention she likes to shop?  She goes clubbing with her girlfriends, as well as fun trips to "Vegas, baby!"  "The party always finds me... and I'm always game," touts the lovely Solay.  If you want to join Solay's party, check her out at her club.


For October 2002

Precious From Frisky Kitty


October is Precious' birth month and she will be able to celebrate it legally by drinking alcohol as she turns 21. She's originally from the party town of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Precious got started dancing recently because of a dare from friends, but enjoys the attention and rush she gets from dancing. She is saving her money to go to college to study child psychology.

Precious enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read, go camping and Jet skiing. She has a pet dog who is her "best pal." She hopes to get married one day and have kids.

Be sure to go visit Precious at Frisky Kitty's this month as they celebrate their 2 year anniversary. Mention "Z Bone" for free admission.


For September 2002

Deja From Fantasy Ranch


Tall, statuesque, and raven-haired describes this classy beauty. Deja is her name her at Fantasy Ranch. But she's not just tall, she's got legs that won't quit.

Deja says she loves to take rides on motorcycles, and can sometimes be found at local sporting events. If you are a sports fan, ask her about her favorite teams and be ready for some vigorous sports talk.

As her name suggests, Deja is worth another look. Visit her at her club and get a sensual dance from her or just enjoy her stage dance.

Deja works Tuesday and Friday day shift from 11:30am to 7:00pm, and Wednesday and Thursday at night from 8:00pm to closing at the Fantasy Ranch in Long Beach. You can drop in or call the club to check her schedule.


For August 2002

Jenna From Strip Joint


You might recognize Jenna from her days at Tropical Lei under the stage name of Papillon, or from her adult films she did for Vivid, VCA and Wicked, or from seeing her feature at clubs around the country.

When asked why she changed her name, she replies, "I needed to revamp myself... [give] my personality a boost... kind of a mix of sexy, sultry and sweet." Whatever the reasons, she has the ability to change herself like a chameleon to match whatever fantasy you may have. It might help that she's got that exotic look that people can't exactly figure out. She says she's half Filipino and half German/Irish.

Born and raised right here in SoCal, Jenna started exotic dancing when her ballet dancing career was cut short when she broke her ankle. When dancing, she enjoys high energy music like Disturbed, Saliva and System of a Down. In her spare time, she likes to gamble online, go to restaurants and movies, as well as go shopping.

Jenna's current schedule is Thursday through Saturday nights. She's one of the original girls that started when Strip Joint first opened. If you would like to check with Jenna about her schedule before visiting, you can email her first.


For July 2002

Marilyn From Exotica


Hollywood native Marilyn might look a little familiar to you.  She has also been very busy performing at many clubs in Las Vegas, like Deja Vu, Olympic Garden, Spearmint Rhino and Cheetah's. She's also worked in LA area clubs, such as Spearmint Rhino in Rialto and in the City of Industry. Marilyn is currently performing at Exotica in the City of Industry at least 2 days per week.

Marilyn enjoys dancing because she likes the one on one interaction and her performances keep her in shape. She likes to dance to Rob Zombie or whatever sets the right mood for her stage performance.

She says, "I am a people person. Personalities are what I look at. I believe you can learn so much from each person you meet. All you have to do is listen to them and you can learn a lot from what a person talks about."

Update 10/2008:
Marilyn is back at Spearmint Rhino in Rialto. Visit her online at

Update 8/22/2002:
Marilyn now works at the Spearmint Rhino in Rialto.  See her Yahoo group for her current schedule.

Update 9/2003:
Marilyn has now moved to Flesh.

Update 1/2008:
Marilyn has moved to Tropical Lei.


For June 2002

Hailey From Valley Ball


Click to visit PDM
Photo by Jeff Miller

Hailey is a true Southern Californian girl, living here all her life.  She's your typical gal and likes to hang out with her friends, shop, watch movies, read, and relax when she's not working or going to school. She first got started dancing by doing bachelor parties, then moved on to working at strip clubs. She still does some bachelor parties when she has time.

She is currently involved with a new pro wrestling federation called EPIC based in LA. EPIC's first show is on Sunday, June 16th at the El Rey Theater. You can purchase tickets for this event through their website at Hailey will be the co-host of EPIC's first two TV shows which will begin airing on KJLA (channel 57 or check your cable schedule) on Friday nights at 11pm beginning June 7th.

Hailey got involved with EPIC when she was at a XPW wrestling event and the wrestler in the ring called her to come and join him.  Being the crazy gal that she is, she got up in the ring with him and before you could count to three, she was flashing the huge crowd. The audience loved it and so did Hailey.  At first, she just thought it was a fun one time thing but then she started getting calls from the different federations offering her jobs.  After considering her options, she decided to join up with EPIC. You gotta love a dancer that likes to show her stuff wherever she goes.

You can also catch Hailey at the Valley Ball but her schedule varies depending on her EPIC schedule so you might want to call the club first.


For May 2002

TaiMani From Holiday

TaiManiOriginally from Kailua Kona on the big island of Hawaii, TaiMani moved to South Central LA when she was a teenager and now consider LA her home. She is part Hawaiian, Native American and Italian and usually sports two great big ponytails.

She likes Mexican men, sporting the bald head. She calls it "Thug Style". As for music, she likes all types of music but when dancing, she loves R&B and Hip-Hop. Some of her favorites are Trina, Ice Cube and Mack-10.

In her spare time, she likes to work out, do yoga and anything outdoors. "Take me to the mountains or the ocean and I am in heaven," says TaiMani.

TaiMani says she loves to work at the Holiday because it's fun and laid back. She says, "Dancing isn't just about how much money I can make. It's about having a good time, putting on a fun show and catering to the customers. I want the customers to leave feeling happy and satisfied. If they are smiling and happy that energy makes me happy. I definitely thrive off the interaction. I don't ask for dances. I let the customer get to know me and then they can decide if they would like to spend there time and or money on me." Customer satisfaction. Sounds good to me.

TaiMani works on Tuesdays from 4pm - 10pm and Saturday nights from 6:30pm - 1:30am. You can email her if you want to double check her schedule before you visit her at the club.


For April 2002

Deja From TJ's Theater

DejaMischievous and exotic are the words that come to my mind about Deja. Although she is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, she is half Asian. That's the exotic part of Deja. She also has hair that goes down to her knees. And before you even bother to ask her, yes, it's her real hair.

As for the mischievous part, you'll have to see her at her club and try out her lap dances. She adores dancing on stage and entertaining men in the buff. She wants to get into nude modeling for magazines and has been trained in dancing so her stage shows "kick ass".

You can email her or visit her at her club on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. She will soon have a website where you can see her current schedule.

Update April 2002:
Deja has moved to Sahara Theater and is working Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. She is also working on her website which will be at


For March 2002

Bella From Sam's Hofbrau

Bella Petite with a big bang is how I summarize Bella. Even though she's small, she can shake her booty to hip-hop better than most girls I know. She's the O.B., the original booty.

Bella is originally from Queens, New York and that means she's doesn't take crap from anybody. She's like the mob. She can help you out when you need it, but don't mess with her or you'll be sorry. Yeah, she's got a 'tude but it's attractive on her.

Bella works Friday days and Sunday nights at Sam's Hofbrau but you might want to call first to make sure she's there. If you want to see more pictures of her booty, take a look on the Sam's website.


For February 2002

Sassy From Taboo Gentlemen's Club


Click to visit

Sassy is the petite 5' 3" school girl from Garden City Michigan near Detroit. She got her nickname from her "Grandma" who used to call her Sassy even when she was just a little girl. "I've always been Sassy, one way or another," quips this precocious dancer from the Midwest. "I left Michigan and came out here to Huntington Beach. The weather's much better here." I could tell she was Sassy even before I heard her name. I like trouble and trouble that's Sassy is even better.

Aside from escaping the weather, she came out to California to get into acting, modeling and even nude modeling. "I'll do nude layouts but no porno," says the Sassy one. She wants to be known as that "Sassy little bitch." Somehow, I don't think she'll have any problems there.

As for her private life, although she's bi-sexual, she prefers very young boys as sexual partners. When asked why, she said I was too young to know those secrets and she would tell me when it was time. In any case, I assume I'm too old.

In her spare time, Sassy likes to skateboard and live dangerously. "I don't wear any protective gear. That's for sissies. I'm Sassy." She would like to star in a TV series about skateboarding. "I don't want to be the stunt double. I want to star in the show."

In the club, she's just as Sassy on or off the gentlemen's laps. When asked to comment, she had none, except that they were $15 ($5 to the club) and she wanted to remind her customers that it's okay to tip extra. "Give me a $5 tip and I'm happy," says the Sassy one. Stop by Taboo and check out her school girl outfit and get a couple of her Sassy lap dances. But don't forget to tip extra.

Update April 2005:
Sassy has been working at Imperial Theater on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, day shift.


For January 2002

Nicole From Spearmint Rhino (City of Industry)


Nicole was born and raised in California. That makes her an authentic California girl. She steps up at at 5' 9", and comes in at 38D-24-36. And even though she's a blond, she says that she's a genuine Latina. I know there are a lot of guys out there that love hot Latin girls, like myself.

Nicole has worked at Spearmint Rhino in Industry for the past 5 years. She's the last of the original dancers to originally open the club. You can now find her on the cover and as Miss March in the 2002 edition of the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club calendar. You can purchase a copy of the calendar from Nicole at the club.

As for lap dances, beware to all those men that use frail health or bad hearts as an excuse for not getting laps from Nicole because she is a nurse. So don't worry about a thing. She will definitely get you feeling better after a visit with her.

If you'd like to checkout Nicole, you can catch more of Nicole on her website at See more photos of her and some of her girlfriends from the Rhino on her website. You can also check her schedule at her club and email her from there.


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