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Dancer of the Month For 2003

DancerMy pulse quickens every time I enter a new club that I have never been to. The unknown factor. I quickly scan the room.

Sometimes it's just plain infatuation. Other times, it's a more deep kind of shwing action going on. It can be her looks. It can be her brain. It can be a smell. It's never the same twice. On ASSC, it's called the X-Factor.

Whatever the magic is, some dancers just catch my fancy (and other things too). When this happens, I try to get brownie points with her by telling her I'll make her the dancer of the month.

For December 2003

Raquel From Silver Reign (Downtown)


Even at 5' 3", Raquel packs a punch and is ready to rock your world with her patented lap dances.  She says she's got 36Ds and knows how to use them.

She enjoys dancing slow and exotic, and usually dances to trance or sexy house music.  She's been dancing for 2 years and loves every minute of it.  Her turn-ons are shy guys, and turn-offs are rude guys.

Her hobbies are sex, partying, shopping, sleeping and being late.  I didn't realize being late could be a hobby.  In her spare time, she likes to have sex, and more sex.  So between that and her hobby being sex, I guess it's pretty much sex twenty four seven.  I don't think she's going to find anybody that'll talk her out of that anytime soon.

Raquel normally works on Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  She sometimes works Friday and Saturday nights if there are no good parties to go to.


For November 2003

Haley From Flesh


Party girl is the phrase that comes to mind when describing Haley. She's buxom, sexy, and loves to have a fun time.  She enjoys her job and wants everyone to visit her for her special lap dances.

Her hobbies are being naked and dancing. So dancing naked on stage is the perfect job for Haley.

In her spare time, she says likes to listen to music, clubbing, being naked, going to the beach, and drinking.  I guess she can combine her spare time activities by listening to music at clubs, while being naked and drinking.  She'll have to visit the beach after clubbing.

She works on Friday and Saturday nights at Flesh. So come out and join her there.


For October 2003

Ling Ling From Valley Ball

Ling Ling

Petite and sexy describes this exotic Vietnamese/Chinese dancer with nice curves.  She's just under 5' tall and only 98 pounds.  She loves to dance and entertain both men and women alike.  She likes giving mild to wild lap dances for couples too.

Ling Ling enjoys all types of music.  She normally dances to Rock and Metal, but also dances to Hip-Hop, R&B, Industrial and Pop, depending on her mood.

Her pet peeves are rude misogynist customers and wants to remind everyone that although she's a stripper, she's a person with feelings.

In her spare time, she likes to go shopping with her friends, and partying with them.  She also loves to model in fetish outfits and makes her own leather goods.  If that's not enough, Ling Ling dances also attends school.

You can email her at to find out her current schedule before you visit her.


For September 2003

Shawna From Hawaii Theatre


If Shawna is what girls from Hawaii look like, I'm there.  Actually, she's one fine California girl.  She's what the Beach Boys were singing about. She's got the grill, the bod and the right attitude to take you on a dream vacation.  Oh, and by the way, she can dance too.

In her spare time, this hot and delicious dancer, likes to watch sports, travel and listen to music.  Any volunteers to take Shawna on a trip to watch the Super Bowl while listening to some sexy music?  I can't ask for anything more.

Shawna works the night shift, but you can check the Hawaii Theater website or call the club for more information.  If you want to see more of Shawna, take a look at her full body shot in the Z Gallery.


For August 2003

Serenity From Tropical Lei


It would not be even the slightest exaggeration to say that Serenity looks like a high school cheerleader. As a matter of fact, she's an 18 year old, high school senior and captain of her cheerleading squad. That's right. A real high school cheerleader.

How she finds time to attend school, study and do her homework, travel and cheer at the school games, and dance, is the amazing part of her daily routine.

In her spare time (what spare time?), she loves to sing and party with her friends.  Of course, she also likes to relax with massages to wind down from her busy schedule.  Any volunteers?

Her favorite bands are Eminem, Metallica and Nirvana.  I guess that's what high school cheerleaders are listening to these days.

Serenity works during the night shift at Tropical Lei.  Visit her and she'll make you her cheerleader.


For July 2003

Coco From Century Lounge


Coco is a Jamaican born sexpot raised in Santa Barbara.  While attending college, she decided to try her luck at a local amateur dance contest, where she took first place.

In her spare time, Coco enjoys working out, bike riding, swimming, dancing, gourmet food, communicating with sharp people, and most of all, spending time with animals. She has danced in numerous clubs in California and Coco takes pride in putting her heart into her lap dances and describes them as ?slow, soft, real and sexy?.

Be sure to visit Coco at the Century, or Ecstasy, where she dances under the stage name "Devin".  Her Ecstasy schedule is available at  She has some hot pictures there for your enjoyment. If you want to double check with her about her schedule, you can email her directly at


For June 2003

Chrissie From Temptations


Chrissie is originally from San Diego so she's a true SoCal girl. She loves to dance and has been working at Temptations for almost 3 years but occasionally travels to Las Vegas and works at the Crazy Horse 2.

Chrissie is starting her new modeling career and has been on the Playboy channel on Casting Calls and Sexy Girls Next Door. She's also on the Mac and Bumble website and recently signed with Mod FX models. She is one of the top 20 qualifiers of the Mystique Model Safari competition. She's hoping to get a model contract.

If you want to see Chrissie live and in person, see her at her club. Her work schedule at Temptations is Thursday through Sunday or call the club to double check. To see more great pictures of Chrissie Collins, visit her at on her Yahoo Club.


For May 2003

Mia Fox From Baby Dolls


Mia Fox is very petite but she packs some dynamite so watch out. She lives up to her name because she's definitely a vixen. She is currently in the May 2003 issue of Hustler Magazine as well as Club Magazine for April 2003.

Mia is doing more nude modeling as well as adult videos. She is in Hustler's Hot Showers #9 and Randy West's Real Female Masturbation. And if you're wondering, she likes men but likes to play with girls too.

Mia is actually originally from Los Angeles and now lives in the Inland Empire. She works at Baby Dolls and dances to sexy R&B music.


For April 2003

Faith From Taboo Gentlemen's Club


Faith grew up in San Diego, California but moved to Orange County after a year of partying at college. When she realized that it was hard to make ends meet, her girlfriend suggested that she try entering an amateur dance contest at Deja Vu, North Hollywood. That was her start as a dancer and since then, has tried dancing in Vegas and other clubs in Orange County. So far she says working in Vegas was the most fun.

Faith is a natural exhibitionist and used to flash the crowds at concerts. Some of her favorite bands are Tool, Adema, Korn, and System of a Down.  She doesn't do crazy pole tricks but likes to be sensual and get really close during her stage show.

Faith is an all-natural girl and don't wear too much makeup or perfume.  She feels that she is the "naked girl-next door."  Sounds good to me.  In her spare time, she likes to take afternoon bubble-baths, or reading a good book.  She loves animals and has a Siamese cat.  She also enjoys nude modeling.  She has been on Playboy TV on "Night Calls".

If you want to see more pictures of Faith, visit her website at or her Yahoo group at Before visiting her at her club, you can email her directly at

Update October 2003:
Faith now works at Deja Vu (North Hollywood).


For March 2003

Alicia Rio From Thirstys


Born in La Capita, Mexico, Alicia was working as a city employee until she decided to try her hand at erotica. Her first appearance was in Ed Powers' "More Dirty Debutantes #12," where her fiery Latin got noticed.

Alicia has been in the adult video biz since 1991 and left the industry in 1994. During her adult industry stint, this raven-haired, olive-skinned Latin beauty has won her many fans as well as accolades from the industry. She brought real excitement and enthusiasm to each scene she sexed in, and loved men and women equally.

To see more of her, you can visit her at her club or visit her website at


For February 2003

Luscious From Nicola's


Luscious lives up to her name in every way. She's definitely got that X-factor going for her. She says, "I'm outgoing. I love eating all kinds of foods. I'm very loving and I like long walks on the beach." Luscious loves the attention she gets on stage. "I love dancing and showing off," she exclaims. She knows how to show off all her assets and she gets plenty of attention when she's on stage.

Luscious wants to be a zoologist and likes to swim, dancing and play pool in her spare time. As for what type of men she likes, she says she likes men that can make her laugh.

Luscious will be celebrating her birthday on February 21, so come by Nicola's and join her for the B-day party. Her regular schedule is Wednesday through Friday nights from 7pm to closing.


For January 2003

Jenna From Spearmint Rhino (City of Industry)


Click to visit

Jenna is a native So Cal girl and she sure looks the part. She says she's a true Sagittarius and is very honest, sometimes too honest but a little clumsy. I've seen her dance and she doesn't seem clumsy to me.

"The very first time I danced on stage, I was so nervous, people in the back could see me shaking," says Jenna.  She's come a long ways since then and now loves being on stage. Jenna has even done girl/girl shows on stage. She's also been in 4 shows for the Playboy channel.

Jenna is from a big family and she loves animals.  She has a Chihuahua and a pit bull, as well as other pets that makes her house like a petting zoo. She will be going back to school to become a High School teacher. I never had a teacher like her when I was in school, but that would be enough to get me back to school. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies at home.

Jenna works on Wednesday through Saturday nights.  Be sure to visit her and check out her stage show as well as her sexy lap dances.


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