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Dancer of the Month For 2007

Dancer My pulse quickens every time I enter a new club that I have never been to. The unknown factor. I quickly scan the room.

Sometimes it's just plain infatuation. Other times, it's a more deep kind of shwing action going on. It can be her looks. It can be her brain. It can be a smell. It's never the same twice. On ASSC, it's called the X-Factor.

Whatever the magic is, some dancers just catch my fancy (and other things too). When this happens, I try to get brownie points with her by telling her I'll make her the dancer of the month.

For November 2007

Ryan From California Girls, Anaheim

Photo by Paul Hart
Vivacious is the word that describes Ryan on and off the stage.  She's Irish and African American and admits that she can be a handful at times.

Ryan just loves dancing.  Even though she is new to dancing, she's very serious about improving her skills. On stage, she likes to dance to everything from Benny Benassi to Kanye West.

In her spare time, Ryan takes care of her pets, both cats and dogs, likes to go to the gym, play water polo, and go clubbing.  She likes to watch sports and says she's a devout Cowboys and Bruins fan.  She's also a PS3 /Blu-Ray girl, so no Xbox 360 for her, I guess.

She likes guys that are strong and secure with themselves.  She has a special spot for the men and women of the Armed forces who protect all of us.

Ryan likes to keep in touch with her friends via Myspace and answers all her messages.

Ryan says, "Please come on down to the club and meet me yourself. I'm confident to say you wont leave disappointed. Thanks for all your support and shout-out to all of the California Girls management that has helped me along the way."


For October 2007

Sandy From Vintage Industrial Strip

Photo by Paul Hart
Ex-cheerleader Sandy was born and raised right here in Los Angeles.  She not only dances at Vintage Industrial Strip, she's also the General Manager and recruiter there.

Sandy has some ballet and jazz dancing background and now enjoys dancing on the strip club stage. She likes mostly Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and especially Prince.

In her spare time, Sandy takes care of her pets, travel and go clothes shopping.  Her favorite activities are sex and eating good food.  She also likes to go to the movies and watch comedies and horror movies, like "Scream."

Sandy likes both guys and gals and currently lusts after Jessica Alba.  Well, stand in line like all of us, Sandy.

Because she's also the General Manager, even when she's not dancing at Vintage, she's probably going to be there anyway.  If you have any questions about the club, or working here, she's the one to see.


For September 2007

Mileena From Rouge, Downtown

Mileena got her name from the video game character from "Mortal Kombat II," so you know she's a gamer and a half.  But she likes old school Nintendo games more than the next gen games.

When she's not gaming, she goes to school full time and plays with her 3 dogs.  Mileena also used to play guitar in a metal band and was the only girl in the band.

Let's review.  Hot, gamer, student, dog lover, guitar player.... oh, and dancer.  Did I mention she's hot?  Where's the line for the Mileena fan club?

On the stage, she likes to dance to Heavy Metal like Rammstein, Rob Zombie and Korn.  At home, she listens to Slayer, Pantera, Six Feet Under and Slipknot.

Mileena has only been dancing for about a year but she already does some expert pole work which she claims that she learned just by watching other dancers.  Don't forget to check out her lap dance work too.

Mileena's schedule varies but she is usually at her club from Monday through Saturday nights but check with the club first or email her at


For August 2007

Natalie From Snooky's, Simi Valley

Photo by Paul Hart
Natalie is an outdoor person and also an animal lover. She loves to take her dog to the dog park, as well as going to the beach, the river and hiking.

When relaxing, Natalie likes to take a nice bubble bath and drink a glass of wine.  She also likes to go out with her friends on girls night out.  She can party as hard as any of her girlfriends.

Natalie likes to listen to Country music, like Garth Brooks, and also some R&B like Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls."

Natalie says that she likes guys that don't play a lot of games and are honest with her and with themselves.

Natalie works at Snooky's on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 8pm to 2am.

You can email her at to find out what her schedule is or ask questions about the club.


For July 2007

California From Body Shop

Photo by Paul Hart
As you may surmise from her name, California is a Nor-Cal  girl at heart, but loves the gorgeous beaches in So-Cal.

In her spare time, California loves hiking outdoors, biking, climbing trees, roller blading and all types of watersports. She digs yoga, massages, dance, working on her flexibility and "curious interior decorating." She plans on going to esthetician and massage school to one day open her own spa and wellness center.

California is a Scorpio, and is pretty much obsessed with sex.  Watching her on stage might give you a clue. She says there is nothing like "getting her lap dance on," and is thrilled that there is a place in the world for wild exhibitionist party-girls like herself. Originally, California was slated to go into the porn biz, but after things falling through, only shoots videos now and then.

California is a self professed "audiophile" and dances to "classic titty bar rock songs", electronica, R&B, reggae, fun 80's stuff, and "music that will give you sexy notions."

California has a myspace page at:

If that's not enough, see her videos at:

She works at the Body Shop on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday nights.

Update 9/2007:
California has changed her stage name to Kennedy Winters.  She will also be in a future Hustler issue, and is currently going to school majoring in "leisure services."  I thought she already had a PHD in leisure services.


For June 2007

Jenna From Plan B

Photo by Paul Hart
Fun and crazy are the two words that describe this Swedish blonde.  Jenna has only been in the States for less than a year but she's having a ball and love the California weather and lifestyle.

Jenna enjoys dancing at work and is very comfortable when she's on stage.

In her spare time, Jenna goes to school and volunteers at the local animal shelter.  Jenna loves animals and helping at the shelter gives her a lot of satisfaction.

Her favorite TV show is the Tyra Banks talk show. As for men, she loves her men to smell good.

Jenna works on Thursday, Friday and sometimes Saturday nights.  Check the schedule at Plan B to see if she's there.


For May 2007

Brooke From 4 Play

Photo by Paul Hart
Seductive is the one word I would use to describe Brooke. She's also impressive on the stage with her pole work and Brooke says that she loves to dance on stage as well as doing lap dances. Brooke describes her stage persona as a "sexpot."

Brooke likes to dance to rock bands like Tool, Muse and Incubus.  "I really enjoy my time on stage," says the seductress.

In her spare time, Brooke likes to read books about Witches and Vampires. She doesn't watch a lot of TV but she sometimes watches "The L Word" and "Dexter."

Brookes likes to keep her private life private but when she's on stage, she leaves her inhibitions behind.  Be sure to see Brooke on stage and in the lap dance areas at her club at night.


For April 2007

Erika From Body Shop

Photo by Paul Hart
Erika was born and raised in Tennessee and says she will always be a Southern girl at heart but now she's a Cali-girl and loves the Southern California life style. Erika is very down to earth and hates fake people.

In her spare time, she likes to swim, watch movies, practice her pole work and play video games.  She also likes to play with her puppies.  Erika likes to listen to country music and Hip-Hop. But on stage, she likes to dance to what she calls "vulgar" songs. She's not sure why but that's when she really gets down to some sexy moves on stage.

Erika says that she's been through some tough times but she's been able to keep her head above water. She likes to hang out with people that are comfortable with themselves, because "if you like yourself, everyone else will too."

You can find Erika at the Body Shop on Tuesdays through Sunday nights, normally from around 9pm to closing.


For March 2007

Jessica From Spicy Gentlemen's Club

Photo by James Solano
Spunky is the one word I would use to describe Jessica.  She is an aspiring make-up artist who likes to just hang around the house in her spare time.

At work, she likes to dance to Hip-Hop and Rock, R&B and loves Snoop Dogg and Kylie Minogue .  At home, she likes to listen to classic rock like the Doors, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

On stage, Jessica loves to do some pole work and a lot of floor work.  I've seen her stage work and girl/girl shows and I can say that she is ultra sexy on stage.  She also enjoys and gives very sexy lap dances.  Be sure to check them out as well.

Visit Jessica at the club on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and tell her Z Bone sent you.


For February 2007

Synthia Slave From Rouge, Downtown

Synthia Slave
Photo by Paul Hart

Sensual is the word I use to describe Synthia. Her English accent just adds to her aura of sexiness. Every time she goes on stage, her appearance becomes a performance.

In her spare time, Synthia likes to see live bands, training in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show live. She loves to play dress up and go to the Renaissance Fair and wine tasting.

She likes Mob related movies, as well as Star Wars and period movies.  She dislikes tomatoes and people who try too hard to impress others.

Synthia's taste in music spans a wide range from Tool, and Clapton, to KMFDM and Etta James.

Other than dancing, she also gives pole lessons and perform in bondage films as a submissive, as well as live bondage performances.

You can see Synthia Slave live in person at the Rouge, Downtown on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 4:30pm, and the Spearmint Rhino, Industry on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm to 4am.


For January 2007

XTC From W Sports Bikini Bar

Photo by Paul Hart

XTC considers herself a performer and has a gymnastics background.  She loves to dance on stage and does a lot of pole work when she's on stage.  In fact, she goes through at least 2 shoes per month from wear and tear.  Remind me not to loan her my pumps.

In her spare time, XTC likes to go out with her girlfriends and just chill at a bar and have some beer.  Sometimes, they go out and play some pool.  She says she's not a pool shark but I'm not going to bet on that.

XTC dances to Hip-Hop and Rock at work. She likes Sean Paul and Beyonce.  At home, she listens to Young Jeezy.

XTC works at night at her club but her schedule varies so call the club first to make sure she's there.


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