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Dancer of the Month
Dancer My pulse quickens every time I enter a new club that I have never been to. The unknown factor. I quickly scan the room.

Sometimes it's just plain infatuation. Other times, it's a more deep kind of shwing action going on. It can be her looks. It can be her brain. It can be a smell. It's never the same twice. On ASSC, it's called the X-Factor.

Whatever the magic is, some dancers just catch my fancy (and other things too). When this happens, I try to get brownie points with her by telling her I'll make her the dancer of the month.

For June 2009

Natasha From VIP Showgirls

Photo by Paul Hart

Outgoing and fun is how Natasha describes herself. She's also flirty and seems to enjoy dancing.  In her spare time, she likes to travel, relax and go shopping. She also likes to go clubbing with her friends and party in Vegas.

Natasha likes Hip-Hop, and Pop music and likes to dance to Britney Spears.

You can find Natasha working day shift during the week and the night shift on weekends.


For May 2009

Poison From Skin Gentlemen's Club

Photo by Paul Hart

Colorful and playful are two words that come to mind when describing Poison. This SoCal artist slash DJ slash designer slash dancer, has a lot on her plate.

Poison is known as "Lady tV" as a DJ in the Break Beat music world. She also likes to DJ to Rock and Hip-Hop.  At work, she likes a variety of music, including Hip-Hop, and even Bjork.

Poison also likes to design and make one-of-a-kind purses, party wear, sexy wear and costumes.  If you might be interested in something from her, just ask.

In her spare time, she likes to read, run, and go to "Burning Man."  She also likes to eat sushi and work on some interior design.

You can find this eclectic artist at work at Skin or on myspace at Poison works on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights.


For April 2009

Claire From California Girls, Anaheim

Photo by Paul Hart

Down-to-earth yet crazy, spontaneous, with a dash of weird. Those are some of the words that describe this interesting mixture called Claire.

Originally from Alaska, Claire loves to dance and is currently going to school, majoring in Photography.  In her spare time, she likes to practice Poi (the art of fire-dancing), read, snowboard, shoot pool and go clubbing.

Claire say that music is her life.  At work, she likes to mix it up with a wide variety but mainly rock and electronica (mainly house music).

At home, Claire listens to everything from the Beatles to LMFAO to Buckcherry .  Her favorite movies are Fight Club and Moulin Rouge! and her favorite book is Ender's Game .

Claire likes both men and women and her ideal person would be able to handle all that she can dish out.

Claire's current schedule at her club is from Tuesday, Thursday through Sunday evenings, 6:30pm to 2am. You can contact her via her myspace page at:


For March 2009

Felicia From Deja Vu, Ontario

Photo by Paul Hart

Felicia describes herself as a "wannabe grease monkey," and enjoys track and road racing motorcycles. She even has a scar from her first motorcycle wreck, and maybe she'll show it to you if you're nice. She's currently restoring her classic Ford Mustang.

When not working, Felicia goes to school and is majoring in Kinesiology and Nutrition and hopes to have her own fitness and wellness studio to "help people become sexy and fit." Sign me up. To keep fit, she enjoys kickboxing and karate.

When it comes to music, Felicia likes, "anything and everything." What she dances to at any one time depends on what makes her feel sexy, which can be anything from Sade to System of a Down. Some of her favorites are Bjork, Monochrome, Portishead and Lil' Wayne. When she's on her own, she listens to a lot of Spanish music on the radio.

When Felicia has free time, she likes to watch movies.  Some of her many favorites include, "Boondock Saints," "Talladega Nights," "South Park: The Movie," and "Orgazmo."

If you are thinking of going in to see Felicia, she says her lap dances are "unregrettable." She adds, "I never get any complaints, and I get a lot of repeats. I'm always real, and treat them well."

Felicia has her own website at, or you can visit her at her club on weekend nights (Fri - Sun).


For February 2009

Monique From Silver Reign, West Los Angeles

Photo by Paul Hart

Monique calls herself a social butterfly. She likes to go clubbing in Hollywood and network while she's there.

In her spare time, she likes to cook Mexican food and write poetry.

Monique loves to watch comedy TV shows like George Lopez and Will & Grace.

AsAs for movies, she likes Will Smith and her favorite movies are "Braveheart" and "Gladiator."

Monique loves all types of music, including trance, rock, Hip-Hop, Latin, and Reggaeton. U2's "With or Without You" is one of her favorite songs.

As for who turns her on, she says she likes both men and women. She thinks J-Lo and Carmen Electra are hot.

Monique normally works on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday nights.  You can call the club to see if she's working.  When you talk to her, be sure to ask about her myspace page.


For January 2009

Kitty From Deja Vu, City of Industry

Photo by Paul Hart

Kitty is a PC gamer as well as a Guitar Hero player on the PS3, not to mention being a hot dancer.

She says she plays World of Warcraft and her character is a Blood Elf named Dionysia. In case you're not familiar with WOW, it's a online role playing game where you can team up with others to finish quests.

Kitty also creates websites and even has her own at where she does live webcam shows.

If those credentials don't make her a geek's wet dream come true, I don't know what would.

 When she's not working or gaming, she likes to oil paint. Kitty likes Italian food, watches "Family Guy," and her favorite movie is "Harry Potter."

At home, she listens to House and Techno, but at work she dances to slow and sexy music.  She looks very innocent but she says, "I may or may not be as innocent as I seem."

Kitty usually works at nights at the end of the week (Thr-Sat) but sometimes comes in during the day or early evening shifts.  You can contact her via her website for her current schedule or call the club.


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