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Dancer of the Month For 1995
Pulp Fiction My pulse quickens every time I enter a new club that I have never been to. The unknown factor. I quickly scan the room.

Sometimes it's just plain infatuation. Other times, it's a more deep kind of schwing action going on. It can be her looks. It can be her brain. It can be a smell. It's never the same twice. On ASSC, it's called the X-Factor.

Whatever the magic is, some dancers just catch my fancy (and other things too). When this happens, I try to get brownie points with her by telling her I'll make her the dancer of the month.

For December 1995

Anna at Gentlemen's Club

AnnaFun loving, sassy but sweet describes this buxom lady that has a heart of gold. A friend of mine calls her a Piranha but another would mortgage his house for her. She can push anybody's buttons when she wants to, but will make it up with a hug. Don't ever "dis" her or she'll knock you out with one blow.

Don't think she's just so nice and cuddly, because there are very few true exhibitionists like her. She's been known to flash her top at a drop of a hat, making for interesting trips to Disneyland. But that doesn't make her bad. She's just drawn that way.

She can dance and do pole work as well as most dancers. She can do naughty privates and shower dances too. But only when she wants to. She's more likely to sweet talk you out of your money than actually do a dance for you. But you'll still be smiling. That's how she is.

She asked me to put her quote in here for her:
"I'm not a heart breaker. I'm not a faker. I'm a real true love maker." If the glove fits. Hey, that's her quote, OK? I'm not sure what it means.

She usually works on Wednesdays through Saturdays, but you might want to check by calling first. Surprise her and ask her what the heck her quote means.

Update February 1997:
After much debate regarding her picture, she decided she didn't like the unrecognizable version that was here in 1995. This picture was taken when she was around 18, before her boob job.

Update February 1996:
Anna is no longer working at the Gentlemen's Club.

For November 1995

Tristan at Spearmint Rhino

Classy looking is the way I describe this dancer. She's about 5' 7", natural blond, and has the kind of very curvy figure that I can't get enough of. She reminds me of the Playboy centerfold turned actress Dorthy Strattan with a dab of Heather Locklear. Here's another dancer that proves that looks and bains can, and do mix together sometimes. But don't let that fool you. She can lap like there's no tomorrow. I'm not talking about a boring no brainer hard grind. I'm talking about that hard to find, seductive, sensual, "oh my G**" type dance.

Tristan always wears a long sexy gown on stage. She can do pole work but says she's "fallen and hit her head before" so she's a little shy on it. She's been known to do contests at Bob's, and Bare, so watch for her there too. She also has a friend that works there. I've gotten "double trouble" from them as well as my personal favorite, the good ole "girl on girl" lap dance. Oh, I'm starting to feel faint.

In her free time (what free time?), she likes to read (has her own library in her house), go shopping and go out with friends. "I just like to have fun." Don't we all.

If you're nice to this lady, she will show you what "nice" really means. Find this classy lady on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. If you like classy, it don't get much better than this.

Update December 1, 1995:
I have been told that she won the contest at Industrial Strip on November 28. Congratulations to one of my favorite dancers!

For October 1995

Tyler (was Jesse) at Star Strip

5' 10" but looks taller, slender, light brown reddish long hair. Light top, medium bottom. She can cop a 'tude now and then but if you talk to her for a while, you'll see that she actually has smarts. She can talk your head off about any subject matter. Don't get her started on OJ, the law or the system.

Tyler only does table dances at the Star Strip. However, she told me she is thinking about doing laps because "the nasty girls are making all the money." I think she will do shower dances. She says she likes to ride horses and loves dogs. She lives in the Valley and stays at home a lot. Check out this tall beauty on Wednesday thru Sunday. But better call first just in case.

Update October 1, 1996:
Her laps are getting up there with the rest of them.


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