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Dancer of the Month For 1996
Pulp Fiction My pulse quickens every time I enter a new club that I have never been to. The unknown factor. I quickly scan the room.

Sometimes it's just plain infatuation. Other times, it's a more deep kind of shwing action going on. It can be her looks. It can be her brain. It can be a smell. It's never the same twice. On ASSC, it's called the X-Factor.

Whatever the magic is, some dancers just catch my fancy (and other things too). When this happens, I try to get brownie points with her by telling her I'll make her the dancer of the month.

For December 1996

Holly at Star Strip

HollyWhat better for December than to have Holly as my dancer of the month. My word for Holly is Classy. She is your girl next door, who needed extra money for college and decided to try dancing. No foolin' this reporter. She really does go to college and is one of the sharpest dancers I have met. As proof, read my interview with her where she reveals that one of her hobbies is playing chess. How many dancers have you met with that hobbie?

Her slender build shows off her long legs and her always present smile. If you're looking for nasty, she's not the right girl for you. If you're looking for an intelligent, elegant and sexy dancer, you found your dream girl. If a witty dancer sounds boring to you, then you are not aware that the brain is your largest sex organ.

Naturally, this dancer is computer and Internet literate and has an e-mail address. Please tell her some nice things and remember you're not dealing with a lightweight here.

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For November 1996

Gage at Cheetah's

GageEnthusiastic is the word I use to pinpoint Gage Vega as a dancer. This 21 year old moved to Hollywood from Stockton 4 months ago to "make it". At 5' 9", legs to kill for and slender, this Capricorn knows how to dance already. She grew up in Cleveland and the Bay Area but says, "I love Hollywood! Here, I can wear whatever the heck I want and nobody cares." And she does have an assortment of some very sexy outfits that those Clevelanders probably can't appreciate.

Gage likes to ride Harleys and works on cars when she can. Her all time fave car is a '74 MG Midget. She loves the outdoors, loves to hunt, fish, swim, snorkel and wants to learn to sky dive. "I'll try almost anything once. But sometimes, I like to be by myself and reflect on life, go up to the mountains and look at the skyscrapers far away."

Gage is currently working at Cheetah's in Hollywood 5 or 6 nights a week. Catch this rising star there, her energy will rub off on you. "Visit me and say hello, I like that."

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For October 1996

Desiree in Key West

DesireeDesiree has lived and worked in Southern California, Hawaii, Texas, Florida and Guam. Before you ask why a dancer in Key West gets to be my dancer of the month, let me tell you that I met her at the Body Shop. Unfortunately, before I could make her dancer of the month, she moved to Key West. It's certainly our loss and their gain.

This 5' 9" beauty likes to work out, ride her bike and go snorkeling. In her spare time, she refinishes furniture, writes children stories and goes to movies. Her favorite movies are Amadeus and Harvey. She collects Disney collectables and would like to publish her children's stories and her autobiography.

But what really clinched it as far as I was concerned was her classic beauty mixed in with her powerful inner strength. One that I have not seen in a few years. There is no way to describe this or show it in a picture. Her life has made her this way, I think. For me, that's as attractive as a g-string.

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For September 1996

Athena at Sam's Hof Brau

AthenaLooks can be deceiving. I'm sure you've heard that before but true for Athena. The first thing I noticed about her was her obvious model-like face (click here for another view). Then as she walked away, I saw her real ass-et. This 5' 3", green eyed beauty is not just a barbie doll. She has a quick wit and the driest sense of humor this side of the Mississippi. As you look at her, please keep in mind that I'm not a professional photographer. She just comes out that way.

Sure enough, she is born and raised right here. Born in Linwood, raised in Hermosa Beach. Being from the beach, she likes to water/snow ski and other water sports. Her favorite food is double chocolate malted crunch ice cream. No dieting here. She doesn't need to. In her free time, she goes hiking and to the movies.

If you can't wait to talk to her at the club, just e-mail her.

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For August 1996

Madison at The Gentlemen's Club

MadisonThe first thing you notice about Madison is her positive vibes emanating as she walks toward you. Yes, I know that sounds like new age garbage, but when you see her, you'll know what I'm talking about. She says she's a "free spirited Gemini... 2 for the price of one." Originating from Cleveland, this blue eyed, 5' 2" dark haired beauty will keep you on your toes. She is one of those rare dancers that combine sensuality with intelligence.

Don't get me wrong. Just because she's smart doesn't mean she doesn't have fun. She likes to swim and rollerblade. She wants somebody to teach her how to surf. Any volunteers out there? She describes herself as an "erotic artist and painter who writes dark poetry." Click here to read one of her poems.

Of course, this hard working reporter had to checkout her private dances. For the Gentlemen's Club scale, it's at the top of the list. But you won't get a mechanical robotic dance from her. She puts herself deep into her dances because she tells me she really love her job. I can clearly see that. Her dances come with a money back guarantee and the hugs are free. I didn't ask for my money back and I got my free hug. Now get ready for this. Before you get a private from her, read her FAQ!

If all that isn't enough for you, she's computer literate, has her own web page, and an e-mail address. Yes, you heard me correctly. E-mail your marriage proposals to her, not me.

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For July 1996

Shane of Shane's World

ShaneShane used to be my fave dancer at the Jet Strip when she worked there many years ago. She's also worked at the Bare. Then she got together with Seymore Butts and became Shane in his videos. Then she broke up with him and now has her own line of videos.

It doesn't matter what she is doing. She's still the same happy-go-lucky, always smiling her ass off girl that I used to know. If you are wondering why she get's to be dancer of the month, she was in a dance contest and won first place. Click here for the gory details in my diary. She's also always been there for me and was the feature act at my friends bachelor party. She's a real trouper. If you want to see more of her, rent one of her videos.

You can reach Shane at her fan club:
19360 Rinaldi Street, Suite 107
Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Also checkout her website at:

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For June 1996

Terri in Georgia

TerriTerri doesn't dance in Los Angeles anymore. So why is she dancer of the month for June? For one thing, I ran out of dancers while I was in a coma. What can I say?

She's worked at enough clubs in LA, in Tampa and Las Vegas to rate being on this page. She's tall and has the body type of a model. She's got the 'tude that won't end. But she can be sweet when she wants to. She has more dancers chasing after her butt than anybody else I know.

She's never been shy to tell you what's on her mind. When she finds a guy she likes, she's very faithful and liberal. But if you're not the right one for her, just walk away. She likes K7, Snoop and mo' rap.

If you see her working in Georgia or Florida, tell her Z Bone said hello and her friends miss her.

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For May 1996

Taylor at Bob's Classy Lady

TaylorIf you've ever wondered how you could combine the look of sexiness with innocence, you only have to take a look at Taylor. Are you into numbers? 21, 5' 9", 34C-24-34. How do you like those numbers? She's a native Californian.

She says:
"In my free time, I like to enjoy myself, pamper myself and go shopping. I like to hang with my friends. I like to go to movies like 'Heat' and 'Casino'. Gambling is fun. I love roulette, slots and drinking when I'm in Vegas. I like to travel but I don't like to fly."

This girl knows how to party. Her schedule at Bob's changes so call and make sure she's there.

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For April 1996

Summer at Mr. J's

SummerCalifornia surfer-girl is the way I describe Summer. [Play "Beach Boys" here.] She's got all the surfer-girl qualifications and much more. If you want to read about my first encounter with her, click here and read my diary from 1995.

ENGNR1 also knows this hot dancer and has posted reviews of her on ASSC. Click here to see his Summer review.

As you can see from the picture, Summer is very playful and likes her girlfriends.

She tells me: "I like to surf in the summer time. Mostly, I like to travel for work, watch some TV and go out on Disco nights with my girlfriends." Of course, like any good dancer, she likes to go shopping too. She's really busy with her schedule and her 2 dogs (Hollywood and Vegas) keeps her on her toes as well.

She just came back from dancing in Japan so she's technically not back at Mr. J's yet. She says she might work at Ecstasy but she's not sure right now. You can e-mail Tbacklady in Sacramento and ask her (nicely) to pass along any messages you have for her.

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For March 1996

Summer at the Deja Vu, N. Hollywood

SummerThe words, "Exotic Dancer" doesn't do justice for this blond beauty. She is a real "performer" in every sense of the word. Always smiling on stage, strutting her stuff and interacting with every customer. Her trademark move on stage is to do a handstand against the pole, then walk on the runway on her hands, do a 360, then a split-fall right to the floor! Don't try that at home.

You can see from the picture, she's a cutie. What you can't see is that she's petite but has an eXtra large top and a back to support it! My friend describes her as "too perfect." Is there such a thing? She is 36DD-23-34 and looks it.

She says:
"I teach gymnastics to kids. It's really fun and I love kids. I like to go hiking and do other outdoor sports including sailing and horseback riding. I love animals and my pets!"

She is on the cover and is the centerfold of the March issue of Genesis Magazine. If you want to see her in her glory, you can get the magazine. But of course, all you have to do is see her in person and you'll see more than what you see in the magazine. Especially if you get one of her ultra-hot laps. Just because she's pretty doesn't mean her laps are tame. But you have to treat her extra nice. She's so popular there, you may have to wait in line. I'm not kidding. She's been known to have 3 or 4 dances lined up in a row and some guys stay in there forever! But the wait is well worth it.

She tells me she's going to be in many other magazines and also is going to start to feature soon. Her shows should be pretty hot because of her stage presence and interaction with the customers. I'll keep everyone posted on her feature and magazine information as it becomes available.

Her schedule changes a lot but for now, she works at the Deja Vu (N. Hollywood) on Wednesday thru Sunday from 6pm to closing. She's going to be working in Las Vegas for a bit so be ready when she comes back.

Update June 14, 1997:
Summer is now working at the infamous Mitchell Brothers in San Francisco.

Update October 17, 1996:
Summer wins Deja Vus Showgirl of the Year Contest '96. She will be touring the US for Deja Vu as a feature starting in November. If you want to keep in touch with her activities, check her website at or send snail mail to her fan mail address at:

Summer Leigh
P.O. Box 310
Moorpark, CA 93020

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For February 1996

Stayce at the Wild Goose

StayceThe girl next door best describes this unassuming beauty. Outgoing, articulate, amiable, sexy, and a little sassy also comes to mind. (Read her flame mail to me in Dear Z Bone.) If you want to see all of her, simply click on her picture.

To top all this, she's also Internet enabled. She even posts on ASSC! What more do you want? I will let her tell you about herself. She sent me some info.

Stayce says:
"I don't have many hobbies except for school, and my computer. I love to waterski, go to the river, and of course shopping and traveling. I actually lead a pretty boring life. I enjoy my work for the most part. I like to party with the girls occasionally."

I don't know Stayce very well, but I do know this. She is very open and honest. She doesn't like to BS the customer. It's very refreshing to see that at a club. She says that's what she likes about working at the Goose during the day. It's very laid back.

I finally managed to find a local dancer who will let me post her picture on my web site without having to doctor it up (like Anna). And boy is she worth the trouble. I don't have to describe her beauty because here she is.

No hype needed. She's definitely worth checking out. Oh, almost forgot to mention that her chair dances are very sexy and hot. Don't get the wrong idea. She's not nasty. She doesn't have to be nasty. Just look at her picture once again. Yup. Looks like it's Goose time again.

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For January 1996

C. C. Overdrive at Tropical Lei

CC OverdriveWith a name like that, what more do I have to say? Only need one word to describe her: "Whaaam!" She's blond. She's tall. She's got back. She's got it all. The only strange thing about her is how nice she is. You'd fully expect a problem of altitude, but she's right on the ground with the rest of us. Oh, and how sweet you ask? The taste is in the puddin'.

She's got a very busy schedule but she still finds time to tan and go to the beach. She's not really big on shopping but I'm sure gifts are not out of the question. She says she just kicks it with her girlfriends and watch movies and videos. Sure C. C., whatever you say.

Yes, she's back at Tropical Lei and she's bad. And when she's bad, she's really bad. And if you get a topless lap dance from her, you'll know why her name is "Overdrive". It's overkill. It's over-the-top. It's just over. Just make sure she doesn't turn on the "Turbo" because you won't be able to take it. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. She loves to lap dance for other girls, especially petite blonds. I've seen her in action. This action boils my brains. Hey come on. What more do you want?

Updated September 6, 1996:
If you want to check her out, she's at TJ's for the Tuesday dayshift and Thursday after 8:30p.m. at Tropical Lei

Do I know how to pick 'um or what?


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