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TapeAs the mainstream media becomes more and more enamored with strip clubs, dancers, and lap dancing, there will be more movies and videos related to or about strip clubs and dancers.

This section will review some of the ones that caught my fancy along with instructional videos and documentaries.

Undercover Stripper Raw Volume 1
December 3, 2001

What really happens in the high mileage lap dance clubs around the country? Some of you hardcore lappers probably already know the answer to this question. But have you ever seen a video of the real action? Probably not. That's because they don't allow cameras in there, let alone a camcorder. Well, a dancer and her friend hid a video recorder with a tiny spy camera mounted in her purse and documented all the goings-on in these nasty clubs.

Although they don't reveal what clubs they visited to video these events, I can tell that one of the stage shows was at the Bare Elegance. Also, I'm pretty sure some of the footage was from Mon's Venus before Tampa outlawed lap dancing. There are other footages from several clubs in Vegas, probably Olympic Gardens and Deja Vu, from what I can tell. It really doesn't matter where it is, it's just fun watching the great DL (down low) lap dances being demonstrated here.

The good news is that this video contains just about everything from nasty stage dancing, VIP and bed dancing to the more traditional high mileage lap dancing. Newbie lap dancers can learn tons of tricks from this video. Even some veteran lap dancers could learn a thing or two from this video, and customers can get some new ideas on what to do and how to do it.

The bad news is the entire short video (probably about 1 hour or less) is in black and white, and the quality of the image is very poor because it's a spy camera, not to mention the lighting at some of these clubs requires night vision goggles. However, you can see from the screen caps below that with a little rewind and replay action, you can figure out what is really going on. It also helps if you listen to the girl describing the action. She only hints at what is going on, but you can figure it out easily. Just look at the hot action below.

It's hard to tell but this is the Bare Elegance stage where there's some girl/girl action going on.

If you like your stage shows up close, this looks like the place to be.

Who needs to be on stage when you can get this during your lap dance.

Anybody for some Janet Jackson action?

Some people need help with their Janet action.

It's hard to tell but her right hand is working hard.

I don't know who's getting off here.

Now you're talking about some good grind action.

Girls can get good laps too.

This guy is trying to get in to find the gold.

"I think I lost my ring in here."

"Let me pull on this."

He's just shy of the target.

So he decides to open it wide.

Then go back in for the kill.

Valley of the enhanced breasts.

It's hard to tell here but feeding is going on. It's better in the video.

This guy can't decide if he wants tits or ass so he goes for both.

This guy pulls his shirt up for some real contact action.

It's a little dark but she's doing some quick stick shifting.

No lapping session is complete without some non-mock 003 action. Or maybe not.

I recommend this video for customers who want to see some great moves, dancers who want to learn some new tricks, and wives/girlfriends to get wise to what is going on in these clubs. On second thought, forget the last part.

Undercover Stripper is available in DVD for $24.99 or VHS for $19.99. Volume 2 and 3 are also available for the same price, or all 3 at a discount.

To order this great educational video, click here.


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