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  1. Want to advertise your strip club? We have changed our advertising policy and we now accept advertising from strip clubs. We also now allow clubs to pay a flat fee to include pictures of the club in the review section. Please email us for details.
  2. If you are a club, you can join the Z-VIP card affiliate club program for FREE and be listed in our special list of affiliates. To find out more about this exciting program, click here now.
  3. Don't have a website? Don't worry. We can create a mini website for you for a flat fee per page. Take a look at this sample of an ad mini website. Please email us for details.
  4. For banner advertising, simply provide us with your banner. If you cannot create your own, we will create one for you for a modest fee. Banners should be in JPEG or GIF format only. Animated GIF files are accepted but all banners should be no larger than 30K bytes and cannot contain any nudity or explicit sex. Banners placed at the top or bottom of the page must be exactly 468 x 60 pixels in size.  Vertical banners placed on the side must be exactly 120 x 600 pixels in size.
  5. Select a location for your banner. If you are unsure of a good location, we can consult with you and help you pick a good spot for you, based on your business and target audience. Please review the list below for suggested popular locations for your banner along with the monthly rate code. To obtain the current rate for the banner size you've selected, including monthly specials, email us for details. We feel we have very competitive rates as compared to similar web sites.
    1. Top of Reader Review Board: Rate 1 (opening page only)
    2. Right side of Reader Review Board: Rate 1 (opening page only)
    3. Top of Bulletin Board: Rate 1 (opening page only)
    4. Right side of Bulletin Board: Rate 1 (opening page only)
    5. Opening Page: Rate 1
    6. Top of Cover Page: Rate 1
    7. Bottom of Cover Page: Rate 1
    8. Right side of Cover Page: Rate 1
    9. Club Review (Main): Rate 1
    10. Top of Table of Contents: Rate 1
    11. Bottom of Table of Contents: Rate 1
    12. Right side of Table of Contents: Rate 1
    13. LA Club Review: Rate 2
    14. OC Club Review: Rate 2
    15. Dancer of the Month: Rate 2
    16. Introduction: Rate 3
    17. Review Information: Rate 3
    18. Top 5 Clubs: Rate 3
    19. Listing in Calendar and "Hot" section on Cover Page: Rate 3 (Text and optional link)
    20. Listing in Links to Commercial Sites: Rate 4 (Link and description)
    21. All other pages: Rate 4

    Other popular pages (Rate 4):

    1. City of Industry Reviews
    2. North Hollywood/Van Nuys Reviews
    3. LAX Reviews
    4. What's New
    5. Media Bites
    6. Links to Websites
    7. FAQ
    8. Jacklyn Lick's Reviews
    9. VIP Lounge 

    [The popular pages change from time to time and this list is provided to help you find pages that may be of interest to you and does not necessarily represent statistical information.]

    Not all of the above spaces are available at this time but can be reserved.

  6. We also have an emailing list which we use to notify our readers of events and changes on the website. We can include a small ad in these mailings. If you are interested, please email us.
  7. Email us and tell us how we can help you. If you are ready to advertise, and want to use your credit card, please email us for instructions.

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