Website Information


Many people have contributed to the creation and updating of this web site. I'd like to finally give thanks and credit where it's long over due. For starters, I'd like to send thanks to the many people on the Internet that have sent me e-mail with contributions, questions and corrections.

So many people from ASSC have helped me that I'm afraid I'll forget somebody. Many thanks to Rick Jordan (aka RJ) for starting me out and giving me valuable input when my page was just that (one page). Thanks also to my ace reporters Speed Racer, AF Spy, Agent Special K and Mr. X and other secret ones. Thanks to Saxbeat and Laar for keeping the ASSC torch lit in LA. Thanks to JayJ and LMR for the hot Vegas info.

Thanks goes out to Phil at RingZero for hosting my site in 2000 and part of 2001. If you like the look of my website, you can thank Pat from BabeSexPress who created the new logo, the icons and website format. Thanks to Crazyyman for helping out a guy in need. Also, a special thanks to Fixer at Vigilante for providing me server space for the Darkside.

Also, the website has grown, thanks to the Z "posse" members. Specifically, thanks to Printman and Cowboy for the Z-shirts and Z-wear. A special thanks goes out to the many ZChat and ZBB moderators who keep things in line. You know who you are.

There are many people at the various clubs that help me in so many ways. I want to thank the friendly people that I often see at the clubs (including the waitresses and DJs). Thanks to Larry, Lenny (RIP), Phil, Charlie, Johnny, James, Doc and Alan. Thanks to all my dancer friends who know and love the real me and give me all the juicy gossip.

Last but not least, my love goes to my favorite girls: Sydney, Adriana, Jennifer, Liesa and Terri.