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This web site is a FREE service devoted to strip club and exotic dancer information specifically for the Los Angeles area. Near-by areas will be covered as well and I am hoping to expand to other areas in the future. Hopefully, everyone connected to clubs (customers, dancers, bouncers, DJs, managers and club owners) will find the information contained here informative and interesting, if not provocative. I vow to continue to improve this website and add the latest information to the best of my abilities.

My hope is to create a safe focal point for strip club goers and workers to be able to discuss issues to help everyone get along better through mutual respect and understanding. There are a lot of misconceptions about the strip club industry and workers, which I hope to change and enlighten readers to a new level of realization. I know some of this sounds a little wacko but I am sincerely interested in these matters.

Please read my FAQ before e-mailing any questions about my website or strip clubs.

What Information is Here?
All of the clubs in Los Angeles that are reviewed has been visited by me personally. I will not review clubs in any other way. The idea is to keep this site with a personal touch to it, so it doesn't turn into a slick commercial enterprise. Notice that the name of this site contains the word "Connection" as opposed to "List".

Definition: con-nec-tion n. A link; An association or a relationship; A person, especially one of influence or position, with whom one is associated.

You won't just find addresses and numbers here. You'll get connected.

Up and running since October 26, 1995, this site will be updated as least once a month and possibly every week. I will try to include the most recent information here as well as facts which are not found anywhere else. The plan is to also include information which may be useful to dancers as well as customers alike. There will also be information regarding specific dancers that I like.

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