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ZCon Review: Thanks everyone!
Club Reviews Date: 7/20/2002  1:05am Whois  Name: AnonymousZConner
Subject: ZCon Review: Thanks everyone!
The ZCon tonight was a modest yet pleasant success. A good time was had by all, in no small part thanks to tremendous courtesy and kindness shown to the ZBoners by the owner of Wild Goose, Larry, and Billy at the Jet Strip.

Things started at the Goose with Saxbeat, TenFree and StraDawg meeting in the back of this very crowded and lively club. By far, it was the most active club I have been in in the last 5 years. With many girls on the floor and on the stage, it was jamming! Soon, we heard the DJ calling for "ZBone" so Stra went over and met the owner, who immediately proceeded to tell us drinks were on the house for the rest of the night. Our fantastic waitress Carol kept our glasses filled for the remainder of our short two hours at this club. Eventually, a beautiful Eurpoean blonde named Jeanette came over and offered us a lap dance, which Saxbeat enthusiastically accepted.

Another perky blonde dancer came over and offered the fellows a dance just as they were leaving. They all said no, so she said, "How about a hug and a kiss for a dollar?" Saxbeat the whore said yes, and also bought one for StraDawg who promptly bought one for TenFree. Unfortunately, I don't think any of us got her name, but she put her entire body and soul into what was a very sweet little interaction.

The three ZBoners then left and drove directly to the Jet Strip, (do not pass GO do not collect $200). At the Jet, they were met by jk, Cowboy, PL and TresEquis. The entire group was kind of low-key at first, but eventually started getting laps. Saxbeat and Stra also got massages from the incredible Tina, who worked out all the kinks in their aching backs for a mere $5 a song!

The laps proceeded, and Tyra, Daisy and Dasney (sp?) seemed to be popular among the group, although frankly I lost track of how many beautiful women were whisked away to the back room by those rogues.

Then Billy (a manager, I believe) somehow found out there was a group of ZBoners in the club, and the next thing we knew, all drinks and food were free. Then, he kindly brought over Jet Strip tee shirts for everyone, and then gave us all a card good for one free $30 "executive" lap dance. Wow! Considering many of us used VIP cards to get in, it was like walking into a club and being handed 100 bucks!!!

Billy and Larry, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and I'm sure you've made several long-time customers as a result of your generosity.

Thanks to all of you who attended. Thanks to the owners and managers for treating us like kings, and thanks most of all to the beautiful women who put smiles on our faces and dents in our wallets.

It was a lot of fun, and I think several of us are looking forward to the next one.

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