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Another Zcon passed: Low in Participation but High in Quality
Announcements Date: 7/20/2002  1:16am Whois  Name: Cowboy
Subject: Another Zcon passed: Low in Participation but High in Quality
All of 7 people attended this Zcon but oh what a Magnificent Seven that went and what a magnificent night. It all started with Saxbeat, Strawdog, and TenFree meeting over at the Wild Goose...almost couldn't tear them away from the place with the owner comping them with free drinks (one of those fellas will have to relate their experience). They finally made it to the Jet Strip where they found me camped out there (I can't believe I spent 7 hrs at the Jet). Of course I ate dinner there, got a few lap dances (a regular dance and a few executive...of course I did this purely to research the quality and differences), and hung out a little bit with my ATF dancer there who also works as a waitress. Well Ten Free, jk, Mavis Beacon, and the Zboner formerly known as Tres Equis now just simply "Frank" soon completed the group. We soon made the introductions and got to the business of the Zcon...having fun at the Nudie Bar (as Al Bundy would say). A-1 Props to Jet Manager Billy, who made our experience quite enjoyable especially with the comps we received, like free food, free drinks, Jet Strip T-shirts (jk was hoping to get a t-shirt) and free "Executive not Regular" lap dances ($30 value) sure pays to be associated with the Zbone website. Of course Billy didn't really have to go to all that trouble (but we do appreciate it nonetheless), because the Jet Strip was really happening. It started off slow but really got going later as the night wore on. Both sax and Strawdog were quite taken with the Dancer Tyra while jk sampled dancer Selena's wares. We all marveled at the Jet's new look (at least to us) especially with the changes in the lap area (tre' chic). Though the Jet Strip may not have the glitz and glamour of say the SR or the Deja Vu it is now a very stylish looking place and it has a certain intimacy to it (especially when you go back to the Executive Lap Room ). Me personally I had one of the roughest wildest lap dances I have ever had in a club (I damn near risked "personal" injury ). It was wanton but truly magnificiant. Straw, sax and jk got massages from the little Brazilian bombshell Tina (jet patrons know who she is). We discussed old times, old friends, and past Zcons...we also discussed where the next one will be...we also commented on Blair's longer hair (she doesn't look like she does on the Jet's website)...she looked very tasty. We appreciated (very much) the dancers on stage (Strawdog especially so). Having hung out a Fritz too much lately ( only) I can't believe all that cooch and trim . As I left for the night, sax had a dazed expression on his face ("I can't believe I spent all that " )...I think the Jet is going to become one of the Zboners' or Zposse's #1 hang-outs again, the site of many a future Zcon.
Huge thanks go out to Jet Mgr Billy again and Vita the waitress. go out to Donna, Alicia, Shantel, and Stardust. I think the Jet is my favorite Nude club again. So for those who missed out on this Zcon, . Don't miss the next one! Out!

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