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FawniaFawnia Mondey, a former feature exotic entertainer from Canada has made quite a name for herself in various industries. Since 1998 she has been instructing exotic dancers worldwide on the Art of Exotic Dancing, through her complete line of instructional dance video's.

More then just a dancer, Fawnia has worked as a lead actress in Prague, Czech Rep, and has appeared numerous times on shows like Millennium, The X-Files, and The Out Limits. Fawnia also graces the pages of Playboys 'Natural Beauties', 'Lingerie', and 'Book of Nudes'. Representing companies such as Maxim Magazine and Malibu Body Wear, Fawnia's former experience as a bodybuilder is now a plus as she climbs the fitness industries ladder. Flex and Oxygen magazine will be pushing her image throughout their pages.

Fawnia is a contributing writer for the Adult Industry News, Canadian Health & Fitness Magazine, Drive Health & Fitness, and Athletic Women's Magazine. To see more Fawnia, visit, or

Ask me about the industry, exotic dancing (including pole work and lap dancing), featuring, fitness, modeling or anything else that you would like to find out about.

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Better Laps
Thr 12/12/02 1:59 PM

I am formly a stripper, and i would like to understand this business in all aspects. I have trouble getting lap dances, my co-workers say give it time. I need something a little more concrete than that with my bills and lifestyle it's hard. i need some tips and maybe a little motivation. thank-you
The exotic dance lifestyle can be hard, especially for dancers in the United States. There, you are expected to have a lot of contact with costumers and many times the experience is less then pleasant.

As you are walking the floor, make sure you have a slight smile on your face. The energy you're omitting is positive and attractive. More men will be drawn to your presence, and this will lead to more dances. Another idea is to have something like a scarf, you can drag across someone's leg, or shoulder as you walk by. This is a simple way to let a costumer know, you are there, and acknowledge them as well. If they are interested in you, they'll let you know.

Georgia from knows best, and has wrote a book. Check out her site, and pick up 'part 1'. We co-wrote part 2 together.

Make the best of your career in 2003, and try to keep the cash ads up.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Hi! My name is France and I am so happy to have the opportunity to ask some questions to someone who knows what they are talking about.

First I would like to know about the laws in LA., Ca. Being a Canadian, what can happen if I work there? Is there a place in Los Angeles where it is safe for me to dance?

Second, do you know of any clubs where I can make 30 or 40$ a dance and not bing ripped off of half my earnings???

I am leaving at the end of this week so a response before I go would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much for your question about working in LA, CA.
This information was given to me from Abriana from

"My friend mentioned that all of the clubs are pretty much the same as far
as Lap Dance prices. $20.00 topless. $40.00 nude. It also sounds like ALL of
the clubs take a lot of money from the Dancers at the end of the night.
There wasnt even one club she could think of that didn't have their hands
"deep in the girls pockets".

There was one club called "The Score" that she said a lot of good things about though. It's pretty new and it's very close to the place where AdultCon will be held. She couldn't give specific info so I called The Score just now and asked them what the deal was down there.

I talked to a girl named Veronica at "The Score" and this is what she said:
Stage Fee = $15.00 a night
$20.00 topless dances. You keep $6.00 of the $20.00
$40.00 nude dances. You keep $10.00 of the $40.00
$150.00 VIP Dance 3 Songs... You keep $80.00 of the $150.00
$500.00 VIP Dance 30 minutes.. You keep $300 - $400 of the $500.00

All you need is a Valid ID to audition. Fill out an application between 11am - 6pm when the hiring manager is there.

The Score
2065 S. Santa Fe Ave

Overall it sounds like the management taking commissions is the standard in LA,. I think they try to get you to sell more VIP dances to leave the club with $$$.

There are amateur contests held in LA where you could walk out with up to $1000.00. That might be a good way to bank some cash without the club taking any away. Let me know if that is something you'd want to do... I will call
around again and get the "whens" and "wheres"."

A huge thank you to Abriana from Exoticdancercollege for this information.

At my message board off my links page, located here, I have posted your question, so please check in each day for new answers to your question. All the best to you in the USA! Stay in touch and let me know where you worked and how you liked it.


No Nudity
Fri 10/11/02 6:50 PM

Hi... I am actually a University student at chapman university in Orange California...I am from Ontario Canada (near Toronto)...right now I am kinda...well very in need of money...I am a dance major so I can dance...but I was wondering if you can get jobs anywhere where you don't nessessarily have to get completely naked...just wondering...thanx
If you live in Canada, dancing anywhere is nude (and alcohol is served).

Knowing this, you may want to visit the USA, where many clubs are topless or bikini only. If the clubs are nude, then the general rule is to serve non-alcoholic drinks.

You can look up clubs on this site and check with each club when you phone or visit and ask them what the requirements of dancing there are [in terms of nudity]. You may be able to find some sort of job in your area. Ask around, and possibly contact an agency.

Wishing you the best - make lots of money!


Too Young To Dance?
Fri 10/4/02 6:39 PM

I'm a teenage girl really interested in exotic dancing. I have videos and practice every free hour I can. I really enjoy it and think I could make a living out of it. However, I have a very non supporting father and have a hard time practicing. I was just wondering if you had any advice on how to get started because it is especially hard for me. Also, are there any great sites on exotic dancing? Thank you so much.
It's rare that someone younger then 19 - 21 gets involved in the exotic dance industry. Since you are still living at home, you may want to listen to your father, until you are on your own.

Exotic dancing is not for everyone and your father knows this. Dancing can be very dangerous, and I am not supporting your choice. Please be sure to know your reasons to start dancing, and respect your fathers reasons for wanting you not to dance.

Be sure to have a second option for your career. This may mean your going to school, working at a restaurant, or any other career. Once you know exactly what you feel is right for you, take it one step at a time, and stay in touch with the person you are now. Write me anytime with any questions. I'll always be here for you.


How Do I Pole?
Tue 10/1/02 11:04 PM

What do I really need to work on in order to be good at basic pole work, my abs, or upper body strength? I want to enter a contest and work on the pole a bit.
Thank you very much for your great question. Pole work can appear to be very hard. However if you know exactly how to position your hands and body, it's very simple. One main point to keep in mind is that your body weight needs to be within a reasonable range. If you are 5'4 and 140 pounds (as I was when I started) then you may have difficulties holding your weight up off the ground. Upper body strength and abs come into play. Train at a gym doing weights and cardio, at least 4 days a week and you will be doing yourself a major favor. For free information on weight training and diet, visit my personal site You may enjoy my Pole Work, Vol 1 video and Fitness for the Dancer, Vol 5 video.

For tips on winning contests, pick up a copy of my book Stripper Success Secrets, Part 2. There are over 40 informative chapters in this book, including tips on winning contests.


I Am Shy
Thu 9/26/02 2:56 PM

I'm 19 years old and have thought about stripping for a few years now. I"m a petite girl & people tell me that I have an attractive body and I should strip. I'd like to strip but my one problem is that I'm a shy person. I act diffrent around different people, some times I'm crazy & wild other times I'm a little kitten. Is there a [way] to get over my problem & be on my way to becoming a stripper?
Every dancer you see on stage, started a little on the shy side, at least they should have.  For me, to help myself become more comfortable with my new career as an exotic dancer, and overcome shyness, was to create a stage name, and become that person. My stage name was 'Sky', and to me, Sky was wild, sexy, fun and very entertaining. She loved to make her audience smile, and always tried to bring something new to her show each time she hit center stage.

Think of a stage name and create another persona to go with it. Is there an actress or singer you admire? Think of their qualities and bring them into your act. I have always admired Madonna, and thought of her as a very strong minded and entertaining person. Hope this helps you. Just remember to always be yourself when you leave the stage, and don't forget 'the little people' when you become famous. Well, dancing is just that, dancing. But you know what I mean. Some girls get carried away, thinking they are a star. This can hurt them in the end, so just don't lose sight of who you are. After all it's you that's bringing your dancing side to life.


Hanky Panky Going On?
Fri 9/20/02 5:52 PM

I have a boyfriend who has been managing for [some] time now. I really dont know much about what goes on in these clubs, so I was wondering what is the chances of him not messing around with the dancers? He is very good looking and I cought him one time with the waitress. Do you think it is a waist of time to think about him taking me serious?
Let's set aside the place of your boyfriends work and imagine he manages a coffee shop. He would still be good looking, and you also caught him with one of the waitresses. What was his reaction? Do you remember what he said to you when he was caught, and how truly sorry and regretful was he? No matter where he is working there may be a chance that he will cheat again, but granted he felt it was wrong the first time, then you could be fine.

Now lets look at his place of work - a Strip Club. As a manager, dancers may do what they can to be on his 'good side'. This could mean more then just showing up to work on time. Knowing this, you must be sure that you have created a trusting relationship with your boyfriend. If he feels that you don't trust him then he may start acting like a cheater and cheat again. Knowing this, let him know that you love him (granted that you do) and that you trust him at work, and am proud that he is the manager. If the dancers at the club know he has such a cool and understanding girlfriend, they may keep a distance and keep to themselves, getting brownie points in more accepting ways. He is innocent until proven guilty, so ignore the past and love him all you can.

However if you catch him or find out he has cheated a second time, you may be better off saying 'bye' forever.


How Do I Get Your Stuff?
Thu 9/12/02 11:15 PM

How do I purchase the videos on your site? Are they sold in retail stores?
Right now my video's are sold online only. However I may have them in various stores around the United States and Canada soon. Once you are on my site, you can view the products available, which include video's, book's and a CD Rom. I offer three payment options. You can choose between Credit Card, Paypal and Money Order. Simply visit to get started.


I Need A Pole
Wed 9/11/02 10:25 AM

The club where I dance (Olympic Gardens) doesn't have poles, but I'd really like to practice and learn the art of pole dancing.  Only problem - I've never done it before and am afraid of making a fool of myself in front of a room of people!  Can you recommend a place to practice pole dancing privately? (i.e. with no customers watching)
Having a place to practice where you feel safe and daring is important. If you are not able to practice before or after the club is open, (24hr club) then how about this:
If you have the space, you may want to think about having a pole installed into your home.

Getting a Pole. Please let the company you decide to contact know that Fawnia from sent you. Thank you.
1. Visit and pick out your own pole and stage.
2. Contact regarding purchasing a pole or visit
3. Check out
4. "Artisan Iron" and ask for Dean Phone 250-386-9300, Fax 250-386-9333 Located in Victoria, BC Canada, they ship worldwide.

Keep in mind that I have a easy to follow instructional video on Pole Work. There are about 30 moves in this video, so you'll have plenty of options while you are on stage to keep both you and your audience entertained. Visit my site at Wishing you the best!


Show It Without Going To Jail
Mon 9/9/02 9:47 PM

I hope you don't mind my writing you, but I thought maybe you could advise me. If you can't answer that's cool.

I have a normal job and I'm not currently a stripper, but I have fantasies about going nude in a public place - a place where it's okay and I won't get arrested or anything. I like nude beaches, but I would like to go somewhere indoors at night as well. I have been checking out the strip clubs and see that many have an amateur night and I'm thinking of doing that, but I'm not that into being in a "contest". Is there any advice you can give me on this? Are there any strip clubs that let girls just get up and dance without a contest? Are there any underground/after hours clubs or private parties where I could go and walk around nude without being hassled?
If you were to perform in an amateur contest, you could simply look at it as a chance to dance nude on stage. Try to forget about the fact that others are competing against you and just do it for FUN. I bet once you are there, and dancing on stage, you will enjoy your self so much that the word 'contest' won't even enter your mind. My first time on stage was also an amateur contest, and it was the most amazing high of my life - I totally recommend dancing on stage just for the thrill, experience and memory you will take with you forever.

As for after-hours or clubs that will simply let you dance nude...

After-Hours: Check for clubs in your area that offer fetish nights. You will often see people wearing next to nothing so you wearing simply wrist bands and heels may be accepted.

Strip Clubs: In Victoria BC, we have a club named "Monty's". At Monty's they have a special smaller stage for girls that come in, and may have drank a little too much. On this stage, they can dance and take off all the clothes they want.

If you are in Mexico, most clubs there will gladly have you perform on their stages. All you have to do is ask. This will certainly make your vacation one to remember, for both you and your travel partner!


How To Dance For My Man
Wed 9/4/02 4:39 PM

My name is Michelle and I'm 34 yrs. old (look 26, I'm told), attractive, good body (long legs, small waist, boobs, curvy in all the right places, 5'8" and 127 pounds) ok, now, here is my problem: I would LOVE to do an exotic dance for my man, who I know loves this sort of thing, but I'm so shy, and feel I couldn't pull it off. I would love to be sexy, but again, I think I have the qualifications, but not the confidence to pull it off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially from a pro like yourself.
First of all, you know that you can be sexy, but it's the confidence part of the equation you feel may be missing. Many dancers, including myself, would almost create a different persona or personality. This 'other person' we would become is still a part of who we are, but the part that we never let allow to run loose.

When you have time to yourself, practice a sexy dance in front of a mirror. Have your music playing, your sweet little outfit on, and if you need to, you can even have a glass or two of wine. Practice your dance all you can, when you know you have at least an hour alone. If by chance, your honey comes in the door while you are grooving, just stay in character and bring him into your world. He will have no idea what hit you, or him.

I know this is something you, and many women want to try, so know that you are not alone... and you can bet while you are practicing, there are other women, dancing for the first time, or giving their lover a show they will never forget. In time, you too will be dancing, and you both will remember it for months, if not years to come.

So Michelle, just start slowly and do what you need to do to become who you need to be to dance for your man. Create another name for yourself, like real exotic dancers do. Maybe buy a special outfit that will be used only for your 'at home shows'. This is all for fun, so enjoy yourself, smile, be sexy, and let yourself, and your man, go.


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