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Violet At Gentlemen's Club
Sun, 31 Dec 1995 15:48:34

I'm very impressed with your homepage. Very informative and professional, you should be proud. I concur that Gentlemens Club is the home of many 8's and 9's and Anna is a good choice for November (I think) dancer-of-the-month. Yvette is simply the best pole-dancer in L.A. My query is this, does Violet still dance there or has she moved to another club. She has that Betty-Page look and tries to be unique in her attire. I think her stage-name is Violet, but you probably know more if she has changed it. Your Rants/Raves area is great and I can attest to the various dancer types and how easy it is to "get in trouble" with a dancer over something often misunderstood or wrong info.from another dancer.

Long question, short answer. Yes, Violet is hot and she still works at The Gentlemen's Club. I like her short shorts that show off her ass-ets.


Patty's Private Strip Show
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 02:02:41

I read your posts and web pages cause they are usually filled with good info and more than a few laughs. Your calender web page has a link to something about a Patty that does "private dancing".

Have you actually met this "dancer"? Is the page a come on or is it for real?

LUV the web page. I hope to meet at a LA ASSC meet someday.

I got e-mail from her boyfriend/manager(?) who does her web site. I've never met or talked to Patty but according to their web site, she will be on IRC channel #hotpatty from 10pm - 10:30pm on Jan 1, 1996. From the pictures, it looks like it might be real. If it was a rip-off, I'd think they'd use a picture of a better looking girl (like a porno girl).

Thanks for checking my web site. Are you in LA? We had a meeting at Bob's today (12/28/95) and Saxbeat should be planning our next meeting. As soon as I get some time, I will post about the meeting. Hope to see you at the next one if you are in LA.


What About Star Gardens And Gentlemen's Club?
Wed, 27 Dec 1995 16:42:16

Its about time someone did this! What is your opinion of Star Garden? Its always been one of my Favorite places as well as the Gentlemens club. Keep up the good work. hope to hear from you soon!

A lot of people (including Saxbeat) likes Star Gardens. I'm not a big fan of it (check my review). I think the dancers are not up there and it's really small but it does have that nice and cozy feeling, I admit.

I like the Gentlemen's Club because the girls are friendly and IMHO, very good looking. They are in my top 5 list and I go there often.

Thanks for checking out my web.


Want to Take My Date to a Club
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 19:52:41

zbone.... Just checked out your web page... very nice!! I was just visiting LA two weeks ago, I visited several clubs, but the best was THE GENTLEMANS CLUB, I have to agree that Shawn and Yvette were my favorites!

Is this the best club in your opinion? If I am interested in very beautiful women with great tops?? My girlfriend would like to join me at some of these clubs... do you know which ones cater to couples? Yes, my girlfriend is bisexual...

When you ask about the "best" club, I assume you are talking about a club to take your girlfriend to. For the best looking dancers who dance, I'd say The Gentlemen's Club would be my choice for LA. California Girls in OC is good too but they only have 3 or 4 dancers (it's very small).

As for "couple friendly" clubs, I see couples at The Gentlemen's Club (sometimes getting showers and privates together). They seem to like couples there. However, if you want hardcore stuff, I've been to Tropical Lei with bi females and they've enjoyed laps there. But it is not upscale like Gentlemen's Club.

You might also try Bare Elegance. It is nude but very upscale and looks great inside and out. The area (near LAX) is not the best but they have security in the parking lot. The dancers there are almost as good as the Gentlemen's Club but the table dances are a little nastier. If you go there, ask for Erica. She's a tall, slender (but medium top) bi dancer that loves to give dances for ladies. She's very sexy and good looking, but don't let that fool you. She can get nasty too.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


Is Tropical Lei Back In Style? Shwing!
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 11:06:14

anything nasty happened? when i reviewed on nov. 13, there was no touching of dancer, and dancers made no attempt to make below waist contact. has any of that come back yet?

It is back to about the same level as before the busts. You still have to choose the right dancer but out of the 4 that I got laps from, only 1 was mild. As per my web, if you put your hand in the right place, they will put what you want on your hand. But you cannot grab like at Mon's.

1 out of the 4 flashed every song. All 4 did the usual grind. 3 or 4 stood up and some oops. 1 out of 4 lifted my shirt and rubbed herself all over me. 2 out of 4 shifted the stick shift every song.

But, the dancers are not as good looking as it was at one time. I can say that about just about ALL clubs in LA.

All in all, it's pretty good. They also did a pretty good girl/girl show on stage (not as nasty as it used to be though). I would say it is slightly nastier than TJ's but remember that it is $20 per song and TJ's is $10 per song.


Tropical Lei vs. Bob's
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 00:09:57

I was wondering what you rate better (in terms of lap dances). I'll be going back home to Christmas break and I am debating between these two clubs. I've already been to the Lei, and some of the lap dances got pretty nasty (which I don't mind at all). But, I've talked to some friends and from what I have read about Bob's - it seems that it might be worth the trip out there. Anyways, I was just wondering what your two cents on the issue would be - assuming that you have been to either one of these clubs.

I've been to both Bob's and Tropical Lei many times. As a matter of fact, I just came home from Tropical Lei just 30 minutes ago.

Before I go on, let me just remind you that if you are looking for nasty dancers, you have to look very hard and choose carefully. Also, what a regular gets from his dancer may have nothing to do with what you will get from the same dancer. Also, generally speaking, the bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill.

Now, as for your specific question. If your question is simply, which is nastier, my answer will be Bob's. You are inside the booth with a dancer and I have gotten nastier dances there even though I used to be a regular at Tropical Lei and never a regular at Bob's.

However, keep in mind that Bob's is $30 per song with the top on. Tropical Lei is $20 per song with the top off. Moreover, no dancer is going to be nasty for you for just one dance. Unless she knows you, you will have to do multiple dances before the good stuff starts at either club.

Therefore, if you want the nastiest, and you can afford $30 per pop, go to Bob's. However, you must watch the dancers VERY carefully before you select. You can end up with a dancer that does NOTHING at all. And at $30 per pop, you can't make too many mistakes before you'll have to go back to the ATM. If you don't need to get the absolute nastiest, you will not be disappointed with Tropical Lei.

Other factors to consider. If you are going with friends, Bob's has pool tables, video games and more space to check with your friends. Tropical Lei has couches, period. It is more like Deja Vu with their "Buy the lady a drink?" questions. They now have to sell 10 drinks per dancer per night so the hustle is on. If you are going alone and just want laps, laps and more laps, you might want to go to Tropical Lei.

You'll have to decide based on your situation. Let me know how it goes. As always, good luck and happy lapping to you.


Serious Bob's Lapping Technique Request
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 02:25:00

Stopped in and checked out your club review. Very complete one stop shopping center. It's been a few years since I went club hopping and after reading your page it's time to start again.

I'll probably start up at Bob's Classy Lady and had a question. I'm going for the lap dancing. What do you suggest is the best way to begin? I assume sitting at the stage, watching the dancers up close, finding one I like and then tipping appropriately? Talking a bit after the dance and discussing business?

Or is it fine just to go for the gusto, find a nice dancer at the beginning and ask for the lap dance? Also, not being familiar with this club, I assume I don't sit where the laps are to begin with. Do you only sit in that area when your ready for the dance?

Hope I don't sound to naive. I have spent my time in the clubs but like I said, its been awhile. I'm looking for some advice so as not to waste a trip, do things right the first time.

By the way, I'd like to add my humble opinion of Venus Fare (sic) on Lankershim. Been in and out of there for years, before the remodel and after. Nice girls (for the most part), good attitudes (for the most part). Definitely have to know how to pick and choose, but choose right and it's worth the trip. One very friendly girl in particular named Riki.

Thanks again for the club reviews.

Everybody has their own style, but if I am very serious about getting laps, I will sit on stage and see what kind of "connection" the dancer has with me on stage. If I like the way she looks, dances and connects with me, I will ask her for a dance on the spot (at the stage) as she collects her money. And yes, I look at how the tips are and tip big to get her attention. At Bob's, since the lap prices are so inflated, I would put no less than $5 down, $10 might be better.

I mostly do this at busy clubs where if I let her go off stage, I may never see her again. If it is at a slow club, or slow night, I ask her on stage to come look for me off stage. Depending on the night, Bob's can be pretty busy.

Off stage, I chit chat a little to see if we are "connected" then tell her I want a dance. I ALWAYS ask the dancer where she has worked before. If she is very new to dancing, chances are, she's not a good lapper yet. It takes a while to become good at it. If she says she has worked at a club that I know only has good laps, I smile big and get ready for some good dances.

One caution regarding this trick. Ask her why she left the club. If she is from a nasty club (e.g. Mon's Venus in Tampa) and says she left there because it was too nasty for her, that might not be a good indication.

Just go for the gusto? No, because I NEVER get a lap before seeing her on stage or doing laps for other customers. Unless you have mega-bucks, you should check her out first.

You can sit in the booth area if you want. As a matter of fact, on busy nights, there's no choice. All the seats near the stage will be full so you'll have to sit near the booths. I sit near the booths anyway so I can see which dancers are good.

Being informed is smart. I haven't been to Bob's for laps in a while but the last time I went there, it had calmed down a bit. It used to be SUPER nasty there. Now, you will have to go on a night when there are a lot of dancers and look very hard. The same way you describe Venus is the way I describe all clubs. Get the right girl at the right club and walk out with a smile. Hope this was some help. Let me know how your adventure turns out.


Mr. X Spies Birthday Celebration
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 17:23:20

One expansion idea would be to have a section of information about what some clubs offer as specials for birthdays.

I have been in Holiday Gentleman's Club and seen that people presenting a DL showing that it is their birthday would get a free pitcher, free mob dance where he would sit in a chair and the dancers would line up and give whatever attention was warranted, etc (I can't remember what all), maybe even free admission.

Having a birthday upcoming I was thinking about where the best celebration might be at...ideas?

Mr. X

Sounds like FUN at the Holiday. I know Gentlemen's Club will let the birthday boy go on stage and be molested by several dancers. Same with Rhino and Tropical Lei. I've never done it but I think you have to pay.

Sounds like Holiday has the right idea for getting customers. If I can get enough info, I will try to put more of this type of information on my web. Keep up the good work Mr. X.


Out With the Old, In With the New
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 15:02:00

I couldn't help but send another mail. I just love that web page.I wish somebody should have told me these things long ago. Anyway, I'd like to hear Your advice.

The problem: I'm a kind of a regular at a club and I used to get dances from one dancer on a regural (sic) basis. Then a new girl started to work there, and my heart is her from the moment I saw her.

How should I handle the "old" dancer: Share the dances, or try to make some percentage like 70-30, or just plain tell her that was it, the new girl is more sexy?

I'm sure You have faced this problem before and I'd like to know what did You do. Thanks again, [name withheld]

Yes, I've had this problem many times before. This can cause what I call "Dancer Politics" or DP. The way you handle this problem will depend on what type of person you are and what your relationship is with the "old" dancer. If you still like the old dancer AND if you can afford to tip both dancers and still get what you want out of it, that would be a nice compromise for you and the "old" dancer.

However, there is a problem with this solution. You are not only spending less money on the new dancer, you are also spending less time with the new dancer. Unless you have lots of spare $ and the dancers are not working on the same days, this is a problem.

The reason this is a problem is because, just like you (the customer), wants to feel like you are her only customer, the dancer wants to feel special also. She cannot feel special if you are tipping multiple dancers. Some dancers will actually get mad at you and not want to talk to you anymore. That automatically solves your problem. Just move on to the new one.

Tell her to buzz off because the "new" girl is sexier? No, don't tell the old dancer anything like that. That is rude and not necessary. Action speaks louder than words.

Some dancers won't care if you are tipping other dancers. They are happy with what they can get from you and if you move on to another one, they will move on also. But, if you have established a good connection with the old dancer, it is better not to burn your bridges. This is because she might go to another club later and you don't want her to give you a bad reputation before you even get there.

In summary, I would suggest that you slowly cool it with the old dancer and she will notice that you obviously like this new dancer. If she acts crazy, there is nothing you can do about it except stop going to that club for a while.

Moreover, I would not suggest that you try to tip both dancers in secret because the other dancers will "narc" on you and then you will be in MORE trouble than before. Just do it out in the open and let everybody know who you like. If they can't handle it, that's their problem.

Good luck on this one because I've had my share of problems with DP. See my Rants and Rave Section.


Why is Ecstasy Not #1?
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 14:43:51

Hi there, I'm really glad that You have up to date info on Your web pages, I frequently browse them. I've found that in Your top 5 list, Ecstasy in ONLY the 4TH. Your top pick is still Tropical Lei, Upland.

So I've decided to have a look at there. I've probably went on a wrong day but the dances were not even close to Ecstasy's nude laps. Not to mention Sundays at Ecstasy when they have audition for new girls. Great variety! Sexy!

In short I'd suggest move up Ecstasy on the ranking. The only problem with the place it's expensive. Why don't You check out the place again and make an update for the top 5.

I have gone to Ecstasy only 2 times so I will have to try it again. IMHO, TL is MUCH better. You can get stuff there that you cannot get anywhere else consistently (except Bob's).

Ecstasy is expensive. That's exactly why it's not higher in the ranking. Please note that the ranking is not the NASTIEST gets to be #1 list. The ranking is based on many factors that I explain in the ranking short review.

For example, Gentlemen's Club is in the top 5. That club is not nasty AT ALL. The reason it's on the list is because they have a LOT of good looking girls (as I explain in the list). Another example is Star Strip. They are also not nasty but for $1, you can get a close up view of a nude dancer (I mean close up).

So, there are a lot of reasons for my top 5 list. Tropical Lei happens to make the list because it is nasty but that is not the reason for the others. Ecstasy made the list because they have a nice looking club (compared to before) and they have nude laps, not because it's nastier or not nastier than Tropical Lei.


San Diego Has Cheetah's
Wed, 06 Dec 95 09:47:29

Zbone - Saw your San Diego mini-review. My favorite club is Cheetah's (yes, related to the Las Vegas one). Located on south side of Clairemont Mesa Blvd between hwys 805 and 163. Best laps in San Diego IMHO. Even though they have to wear the STUPID opaques (panty hose tights things). Let me know next time you're in town.

Thanks for the info. I'll have to try it next time.


Need LA Recommendations
Fri, 24 Nov 1995 04:26:23

I'll be hitting L.A. Tuesday night (11/28). Due to business obligations, the only nights I'll be able to go clubbing will be Tuesday and Wednesday. Given this short amount of time, which clubs should I hit to get the most bang for my buck? I'll be staying on Sunset but will drive anywhere reasonable and relatively safe.

Well, Mad or Mr. Dog... since Sunset runs from the Pacific Ocean all the way inland to East LA, I'm going to assume you are staying in Hollywood (in the middle).

There are a few clubs in that area. If you MUST drink, and want to stay in that area, I would send you to Crazy Girls @ Sunset / La Brea. This is not a hot club by any means but close to you. If nude and no alcohol is OK, the closest to you would be Seventh Veil on Sunset (near La Brea) or Star Strip on La Cienega (near Beverly). Out of those 3 clubs, Star Strip is the best by far. It is #3 on my top 5 list on my web. They have mild laps, showers, private booths and 8 stages (not all stages open all the time). It's not cheap though. It's $10 cover + 2 drinks on entry.

If distance is no object, I would send you straight to Tropical Lei in Upland. That will be about 50-60 miles east from where you will be. They have the 2nd nastiest laps in LA. If you must drink, I would send you to Fritz That's It in Bellflower (about 25 miles away). Fritz has the most # of dancers (but lots of marginal ones there). Cover here is only $5 (on the nights you will be going).

I'm not sure what you mean by "most bang for my buck", but if you're like me, I like $10 laps at Sahara in Orange County because it's cheap but it's not as nasty as the $20 laps at Tropical Lei and certainly not as nasty as the $30 laps at Bob's. Ecstasy in Costa Mesa has $40 "bed" dances where you lie down on a couch and the nude dancer "lies" on you. But at $40 a pop, I can't even get my engine started before I have to go back to the ATM!

Mon, 27 Nov 1995 23:32:48

I will be at [snip of location], actually. But driving is no problem. You probably address this on the web page but what do you think of Spearmint Rhino (is that the right name?)? Also, do you not recommend Bob's because of the cost?

I'll be in Anaheim one day--what do you recommend in that area?

I have it [Rhino] rated #1 on my top 5 list. It is in Oxnard. You don't get the nastiest dances there but you get a lot for your $15.

It [Bob's] is given a thumbs up in my review but it does not make the top 5 list. However, you should know that if you are willing to spend $$ there, you will get more there than at Tropical Lei in my experience. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do $30 laps too often.

In Anaheim, I like Sahara because of the $10 laps. It is not super nasty but you get a lot for the $. You get more nasty dances at TJ's but the dancers are not as good looking (IMHO). Both places are the same format and prices.


Rhino Babies and Scrooge at Ecstasy
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 00:41:55

I was in Santa Barbara yesterday (11-19), so I had to stop in the Spearmint Rhino to check it out.

[snip of lap review]

The girls are very aggressive about pushing laps. I walked in, sat at the stage, and, before a waitress got to me for a drink order, a dancer had sat down beside me and struck up a conversation. I prefer to watch the stage show for a while before moving on to the private dances, so I don'r really care for this level of pushiness.

One of the dancers told me that there were sister clubs in Santa Barbara, Upland, and Anaheim. I don't remember an Anaheim Rhino, but strip clubs are opening up faster than I can keep track of.

About a week ago I tried the $40 couch dance at Ectasy (old Paddy Murphy's). I liked it a lot and found a little discreet hand to body contact didn't get my face slapped. The only problem is that at $40 a pop, only Scrooge can afford this for very long! I keep buying lottery tickets.

You have a great Web page and I check it out on a regular basis.

I've been to many clubs where the dancers are very pushy about dances. Most of the Deja Vu clubs that I've been to seems to be that way. I usually tell the dancer, "I just got here. I need to get situated first, OK?" This will usually work but sometimes they won't take the hint. Then you just have to be blunt.

The sister clubs of Rhino are as follows:

Sweet Water Saloon in Anaheim
13339 N. East Street
(714) 758-9935
Bikini, food, liquor, stage dancing, pool table

Spearmint Rhino Bikini Bar in Upland
573 N. Central Ave
(909) 946-5378
Very close to Tropical Lei and not too far from Deja Vu

Woody's Goodtime Cabaret in Fullerton
1189 E. Ash
(714) 992-6621
Off Raymond between Orangethorpe and Commonwealth

As for Ecstacy, I too found the $40 a little too rich for my taste. Yes, it is an unusual dance for LA but at $40 a pop, you really can't get into it too much before you have to take out a loan. That's why I prefer the $10 laps at Sahara and $15 laps at Rhino and 101 Cafe.


Visual Stimulation On Z Bone
Wed, 15 Nov 95 04:21:25

Hi. I just came to your homepage by way of or something like that. It's a great idea for a homepage. Maybe you could use it as a way of getting a few pics to scan (heh heh); like for dancer of the month. I'd really really like to see at least a face shot.

I hope to be in the L.A. area in a month or two and will be sure to consult your page before I do.

I have not been able to get permission from dancers to post pictures on my web as of yet. I am seriously considering posting pictures of clubs and dancers soon. If this sounds like a good idea to you, e-mail me with comments. If you are associated with a club and would like to place your club's picture on my web, e-mail me with your ideas.


Happy Nude Birthdays
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 01:00:28

Howdy, Z -- My girlfriend's sister wants to take her husband to a club for his birthday, buy him a couple of lap/table dances, and maybe a couple herself. They live up Lancaster way. I'm not a lap-dance kinda guy -- I'm into good old comfortable neighborhood bars with dancers, so I'm at a loss to advise her. She's looking for a place with gals who are good on the pole, etc., good lighting, all the production values. Suggestions?

If they want hard-core stuff, Tropical Lei's laps are the best in Southern Cal. without a doubt. They often have couples go there and females getting laps. I've done that myself twice.

For good pole work, lighting etc., I would go to Bob's, Bare or Gentlemen's Club. Look for Yevette at Gentlemen's Club for the BEST pole work you'll see in LA. She used to work at Bare. They also allow birthday boys to go on stage and sit on a chair and be molested by several dancers. No laps here but "no cheating" private dances for $20, showers for $30. Showers are fun for some couples.

Bob's might be good on a Feature night (Thr-Sat) and they have good table and laps there. It's also the biggest club in LA. Some of the features are good and elaborate but most are boring.

Bare is the fanciest club in LA. They have couch and private dances. The couch dances are mild but good club for couples.

Any one of these three would not disappoint them.


Tropical Lei Hints, Please
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 10:19:41

Hello, Wonder if you could give me any hints..... I'm planning to go to Tropical Lei next Saturday (for the first time) and am looking for a good time. Any suggestions as to dancers, types of dances, etc. to ask for ? Also what's the cover, how much will I spend, and can I wear shorts?

Dancers there change frequently so I cannot suggest a particular dancer. Read my review CAREFULLY on Tropical Lei.

Get topless laps. As per my review, do not get nude laps from features but tip features well on stage (if you like her). The way you can tell which dancer is "good" is to watch the dancer that is using the "sweet spot". That's the spot on the couch to the right of the men's bathroom. Watch that girl and see if you see what you like. OR, just ask the dancer you like and see what she does. You might be surprised.

Cover on the weekends after 4pm is $15! Otherwise, its $10. How much will you spend? How much you got? :) Each topless dance is $20 per song so it's not very hard to spend $100 (not including cover and drinks). They have an ATM machine.

If you wear very short shorts, they might check to see if you are wearing underwear. I'M NOT KIDDING HERE. If you wear long shorts (down near your knees), they won't care. Shorts is the way to go.

If you really are a newbie, I would suggest you watch and take it easy. Saturday is very crowded and the dancers don't spend a lot of time talking to you. They will just go from lap to lap getting as many dances as they can. That's the bad news. The good news is there will be a lot of girls there.

Just use common sense and remember that the dancers are there to make money but they have feelings. Don't be rude. Be polite and they will be nicer to you. If they're rude, go on to the next dancer, there's plenty of them.


Directions to Upland (Hell?)
Fri, 3 Nov 95 23:22:49

Very informative page, one suggestion and a question. How about directions for those of us that are not familiar with the area. eg. Where the hell's Upland? Also, per your review, I will try Tropical Lei next time I'm in San Bernardino county (in San Diego now). Is Tropical Lei open during the day?

Upland is in San Bernardino County. As per your suggestion, I have added one line after the address for more location info. I don't want to clutter up the page with long directions because it sometimes would depend on where you are coming from. Always call before you go to be sure you know where you are going.

To get to Tropical Lei, exit 10 Fwy at Central and go north to Foothill and turn left. It's on the north side of the street next to a bar/restaurant.

I have also added the hours for most of the clubs. Topless clubs all have to close at 2am so no hours are listed. Nude clubs vary so the more interesting clubs now have the hours. To answer your question, Tropical Lei opens at 11am.


Rhino Really Ranks & Rates w/ Reader
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 08:40:50

Hey Zbone, [snip] Anyway, I made it to the Rhino last night, and took your suggestion. I got a lap from Alexandria in the corner. It was great! I think your review was spot on. The girls were not very good on stage, but real good laps. The clientele was more upscale than a lot of places I have been, with few exceptions. Tipping was sparse at the stage, but I got there early, and left early. Maybe that was the reason for the mostly lackluster stage performances; with one exception. There was a Hispanic girl, short, maybe a six, very large chest. She did not move that great, but she was REALLY into it. Overall, the girls ranged (I thought) from 6 to 9. A tall blonde comes to mind, classy looking. Very cute. Anyway, a good time overall. Thanks for the review, I would not have gone back there if not for your words.

As far as the confusion as to whether or not it was a good place or not, in the club list, you are a bit down on the place. In the club o' the month review, you indicate it is good. Maybe I just got the wrong feel from the club list review. Anyway, there it is for what it is worth. Thanks again. I hope to hear from you soon. Let me know what else is going on. And, as always, I will follow you on ASSC.

Thanks for your comments. I will try to make my review of Spearmint Rhino a little more clear. For the record, it's #1 on my top 5 list. 'Nuff said.


How About Featuring Features?
Sun, 29 Oct 1995 08:25:08

daily reader of a.s.s.c. I see your articles posted frequently and naturally I assumed that your homepage would be pretty good. Who said assumptions are always wrong!! There is one thing that I would like to request though. I live in San Diego and as an avid collector of adult trading cards I am always on the search for autographs from adult film stars, playmates, pets, ad infinitum.. So I guess what I am asking is if maybe you could add a section to your page that includes any upcoming feature entertainers and the clubs in which they are going to appear. Thanks for the Good Work,

My plan is to include a section for information on features. I've only listed the features for Bob's for now. Others to follow when I have time. If you are associated with an LA club that has features, e-mail me with info. Thanks for your comments.


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