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Letters to Z Bone For 2000

BobSometimes Z Bone readers just want to flame me or tell me something without asking me anything. Others want to expunge their guilt by confessing to Z.

There is no claim by me that any of these e-mails relate to reality. The more interesting or thought provoking ones will be posted right here. Obvious shills will not, unless it's downright hilarious.

Submissions may be edited or shortened at Z Bone's discretion or lack thereof. If you do not want your name shown, please specify so in your e-mail.

Date: Thu 12/14/00 10:15 AM
From: Susan []
Subject: What do you think of mine?

SusanI have referenced your page many times and find it a very comprehensive resource for men's clubs in Southern California.

I have also noted that you are an "ass man"-- well what do you think of mine?

Susan :)

Dear Susan:

Very lovely.

Thank you for your email.


Date: Tue 10/24/00 3:44 PM
Subject: From a Cheetah Girl

Ok, in defense of myself and Cheetah's, Mr.Mick had a bad experience. Did he visit the club during the day? Anyone who goes to these clubs know that the girls come and go but for someone like me and a few others that have been there a while we have what it takes. Looks, talent and a good personality is what Cheetahs is realy about. I've been a dancer at just about every club in Los Angeles and this has been the best one to work at. MrMick also mentioned something about Crazy Girls, The girls are pretty but they can't dance and they are too busy snorting lines in the bathroom. So if you like that then there you go. I just had to put my two cents in, I work too hard to let an opinion like that slip by. Well if your ever in the area stop by for the real show (after 10pm). Dont worry it's not in a bad neighborhood and at the moment we have no cows working.

Miss Kitty


Date: Wed 10/18/00 2:58 PM
Subject: Who the fuck are these guys anyways????

Hey! I have an idea!!! Why dont you sick fucks go during the night weekend shift, instead of during the day!!!???? Gee what a concept!!! I work at Paradise and I consider myself pretty hot! Not that I am vain or anything, I am pretty down to earth and all, but these reviews are horrible!!! I know! I know all the girls during the day, and yes, they can be pretty nasty, but you are making it seem that no matter when you go youre gonna see nasty chicks, when you are VERY wrong!!! Everyone knows that you only go to a strip club in the day to get a "good" lapdance from a "nasty" girl!!! And who are these guys making posts on here anyways??? Probably fucking idiots to begin with, no offense, but if you were smart, you would go at night. Trust me there are lots of beautiful girls there, and youll still get your moneys worth!!!! By the way, just a little clue, if you're gonna treat us like whores, then you're gonna get treated like the dirty fuck payin for it!!!!

hoping you get a clue;),


Date: Mon 10/16/00 1:49 AM
Subject: Warning about SRVN

Warning about Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino

I've been a avid supporter and fan of Spearment Rhino's clubs in the Los Angeles area and whichever town I visit. But after the following experience I wanted to warn everyone about this clip joint

On Thursday, September 21st I celebrated my bachlor party at home in Beverly Hills. Then I convinced all my buddies that we should go and see Racquel Darrian at Spearment Rhino's Van Nuys club.

It was late and we didn't want to make the long trip over the hill if we were going to miss her. So, we called at 12:45am and was assured that she wouldn't be on until 1:15am. So we headed over the hill. When we got there it was before 1:15am. Before we paid we asked the guy behind the counter if Racquel Darrian had gone on yet and said he said she hadn't. So, we all paid. When we got in there we found that Racquel was picking up her tips from the stage and then left the stage never to be seen again. Not even for autographs, etc. We had made the long trip for nothing.

We tried to make the best of it but after that two of my friends got ripped off by there girls. One girl quoted $125 for 3 songs in the VIP room and after the first song demanded $40 more to continue.

Another guy was charged for three songs when he had just had one. She started to make a scene so my friend paid her and we all decided to ask for the manager.

No one we asked would put us in touch with the manager. They said he was busy, etc. We finally just decided to leave.

All my friends were pretty pissed at me for dragging them to such a clip joint and have vowed never to return to any Spearment Rhino club again.

I on the other hand am very dissappointed because I used to like coming to there clubs, but after that fiasco and especially on my own bachelor party... Well fat chance I'll ever set foot in a Spearment Rhino again. I advise all Z-Bone's readers to beware.


Ripped off


Date: Tue 10/3/00 9:18 AM
From: charity []
Subject: what kind of sick fuck r u

Your whacked!!!!!!!!!!!

You sick fuck. Do you have children? do you have a wife? I'm assuming the only thing you have in you life is a dog. I am in the process of copying your site and posting it at every strip club in Las Vegas where I live. including the one where I work. I'm sure you'll be hearing alot about it. In the mean time I would really appreciate it if you read your little site and swiched your mom's name with stripper.

If you get so much hate mail off it did it ever occur to you that Its not fucking funny. I strip therefore I'm a stripper. So this article hits home with me. As if you were to post a forum on how to murder a four year old child. ( I have one) do you understand. ITS NOT FUNNY. If I took it seriously how many other people do you think take it seriously, oh sure I can see the sarcasm but I can also see the point.

Your sarcasm doesn't amuse me. How would you feel about being responsable for a dancer's death. Your mentally off. I didn't come to this conclusion through this artical but after reading comment after comment through out your web site. You need to seek help or at least get a life. You are the customer we dread. Your obsession and pure disregard for life sickens me. The sad part is your intellegence level is clearly above average.


Date: Fri 10/5/00 7:21 PM
From: Lee Bowgren []
Subject: Bad article

you are a sick f***! go check yourself into a mental institution. i hope you take step 8 before any ohter step.

My girlfriend is a dancer and she was web surfing using web ferret and your web site came up. You had alot of interesting articles that concerned dancers; etics and such. But when she scrolled down and saw that article she was infuriated as was I. She had written to you already. I think you even responded back. She saved me your response so I will be reading it later. Please do yourself a favor and get rid of that article. Everything else does you credit, but then there is that article.



Date: Sun 8/20/00 9:45 AM
From: Shawn []
Subject: Dancer's age

I just had to reply one more time and then I will drop these subjects and leave you alone! I guess all of this started with you saying you prefer the real young girls, almost like you felt the 19-25 year-olds were the only ones who deserve to be up on stage. I am the 45-year-old who's been bugging you lately. You know, the one who knows about current events. I actually watched the Democratic Convention! My point is, it takes a woman a few years to develop that "savvy" as far as approaching a man and learning how to talk to men and to say what they want to hear. In fact, the men at the club I work at have told me the're glad there are some over-30 yr.old girls there because the real young ones are dorks. And they are. I don't care what their bodies look like. And it's possible, though not probably, for a woman to enter her 40's with the body of a 29 year old. That's where I fall in. It comes from being a champion athlete when I was younger. But I realize I am an exception. I was the top money maker last night at the club I work at. Completely became the center of attention in no time and there were plenty of cutesy little 21-year-olds. The guys, esp. the older guys, don't want these babes sitting at their tables and just giggling their silly giggles. They want the whole combo -- looking at a beautiful bod and then having you sit there and talk to them about their jobs, politics, whatever. That's what I was trying to say. But I think in your reviews you are really down on older women. Please think your position over. There is beauty that comes with experience in life. Of course we need to be physically beautiful, and I think if you saw me and find out I was 45 you'd be blown away.

Thu 9/7/00 11:19 PM
Anway, on to something a little lighter. I noticed in one of your Q&A's you had someone ask you about regulars. Now, I don't see how you can be in this business, unless you're butt ugly, without acquiring a few regulars. I have been at my present club for only one month and already have 3 or 4 regulars. I got the feelings you didn't necessarily think regulars were a good thing, and I'm starting to agree with you. Here's an example. One of my closest friends at my club has a "regular" come in every Friday. He parks himself at a corner table and buys the minimum number of drinks. When my girlfriend goes on stage to dance he gets up and puts a few bucks on the stage. BFD. No lap dances. No cash on the side just to help her out (and she is struggling and he knows it). And this man has bucks. He's a bookie. So, as a "regular" all he really does is monopolize her time by demanding she sit with him and talk. As I said, he doesn't buy laps, and that's where we make our money. We don't make money up on stage with a dollar here and a couple dollars there. And she needs to explain this to him. But she's too afraid to. Now, here's something interesting that he did. It was her birthday and be bought her a $65 sexy teddy-type outfit. I thought it looked great on her, but I thought to myself, "can you take that to the bank? Will you put food on the table for your kids with that imitation Frederick's garment?" As far as I'm concerned, he is using his status as a "regular" to takve advantage of her. I had a man come in last week and he became enamoured of me. I could tell right away. Every time I went on stage, he went up to the stage. He started putting $5's down instead of $1's. After my dance we started talking and he's been to the club off and on for a couple years. Now, this is a man who told me i looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor, which is extremely flattering but not something I haven't heard before. I have almost black hair, intense green eyes, bushy eybrows and just features like hers. I thanked him and resumed my questioning about how he spends his money at the club. He finally told me he never gets private dances, he makes up for it by putting more money up on the stage (?) I gently explained to him that private dances are $20 and his only putting $5 wasn't cutting it. What I was getting at was, "If you want to be a regular of mine, you have to utilize all the services we offer here at the club." So, sure enough, he forked out a wad of cash and bought two laps. You have to prod these guys -- almost take them buy the hand and tell them what to do next. And that's where my friend has made a big mistake. She's let her "regular" take charge of the ship. So my advice to the girls is, if you are being approached by someone you think could become a regular, tell it like it is. Don't sit there endlessly and let them talk and pour out their feelings and tell you how lonely they are (they all do that anyway, whether they're regulars or not). Let them know this is your job, this is how you make money, pay bills, take care of your kids. If they don't get it, you don't want them for a regular anyway. And you are one hundred percent right when you said, "If you sleep with a regular, there go all your tips." Then a man thinks he can pay when he wants and he totally takes advantage of you. Just not a good idea. Those are my observations of "regulars." Thanks for letting me expound on my ideas, Z Bone.

Wed 9/20/00 6:20 PM
The Law
The e-mail about the First Amendment really got to me. So exotic dancing is not a form of freedom of speech. Let me give you an example of how much bias there is towards women who work in this field, even here in Southern California, probably the most liberal place in the country next to New York City. This occupation is so frowned on that those of us in health care occupations don't dare tell our employers that we moonlight as dancers. And those of us in health care occupation schools don't dare tell our instructors or the directors of nursing that we do this. Never. Ever. I am a nursing student in my last semester. I make a decent living as a dancer. That is the only work I do right now because one, I enjoy it, and two, I can work it around my school/hospital schedule. There is a dancer at my club who is an experienced R.N. who dances because she needs the extra income (she's also one helluva dancer!). She told me not to tell anyone at school that I dance. I told her that I haven't and I don't intend on telling anyone. She told me if one of the nursing teachers found out they'd find a way to get rid of me. And it's true. Do you know what my school would do? They would call me into a meeting with the Director of Nursing Education and probably the Dean of Health Sciences. They would confront me about this work and tell me it is conduct unbecoming a nurse. They would say that I have used poor judgment in picking this kind of work, and that if I use this kind of poor judgment as a student, I will probably use even worse judgment as a nurse. Boom. I'm out of the nursing program. There goes two years of getting up at 5 a.m., changing bed pans, holding patients' hands, comforting patients when they're depressed, staying late when a patient needs me. Do you follow me, and do you feel my anger? The fact that I am an exotic dancer tells you absolutely n othing about my character. Yet I would be judged ferociously on this one factor and this one factor alone. And the dancer who told me to keep my lips sealed, as an R.N. herself, she would get fired. She is already a nurse, so she wouldn't be kicked out of school, she would be fired from her position as a competent and caring R.N. I find all of this absolutely appalling, Z, and I'm sick of it. What's more, I think any dancer who has been fired from their "real" job because of being a dancer has grounds for a lawsuit. Have you ever heard of a dancer suing their "day job" for discrimination when they found out they were a dancer? Our civil rights are always being violated. Being a nude dancer at a nude club is LEGAL. If we are going to allow it to be legal, let's stop sitting on the fence and acting like we're "confused" about how we really feel about exotic dancers. Damn!!! We are part of the work force, and we work hard. You have to do this work to know what it's really all about. You have to get up on a stage and expose all your stretch marks and bruises and extra flab and look into the eyes of total strangers while you're stark naked to truly understand what I'm talking about. This is a topic that absolutely sends me through the roof because I am a dancer and I am proud of being a dancer. But that's not all I am. I play lots of roles in life. But I'm tired of society trying to make us feel ashamed. There!!!! Those are my sentiments!!!


Date: Sat 8/12/00 10:57 PM
Subject: Exotica, the movie

I recently saw [Exotica]. Thanks for the recommendation. It is definitely strange and surrealistic. Exotica is a film that had me spending a lot of time thinking about its messages. I have not done this much thinking on a film since I saw Bladerunner in 1982.

Its about loss. Christina does things for Francis (help him deal with the loss of his daughter) and Francis did things for Christina (help her deal with the loss of her childhood--sexual abuse). The ending is very cryptic. The director, on a web site, stated he was trying to imply Christina's childhood sexual abuse. Since Christina is now a stripper it all makes sense.

I got something out of this movie. I had a similar relationship. I had loss and a special dancer helped me to deal with it. I in turn helped her to deal with the losses in her life. We helped each other. Some of your readers may get something out of the movie as well. You should do a review of the film. Granted, it will be a difficult movie to review--it is very deep.


Date: Wed 8/9/00 1:25 PM
Subject: reply to rude review!!

I last worked at Jumbo's last year--I think you need to revisit and rethink your review. There are some girls that are so-so, but many girls are very attractive. The best thing about this club, is that it is an "escape from Hollywood". Girls aren't fake-titted and fake blondes like most everywhere else. And as far as nothing exciting happenning, you must have gone on an off-night!! As far as making money, girls there make salary plus their tips--but you're right--it's more fun to work there than financially satisfying. If you saw me, and some other girls who are employed there, I think you'd be embarassed that you referred to us as "Clowns".

Give Jumbo's another try--


Date: Wed 8/9/00 4:24 AM
Subject: Male Strip Clubs and Older Dancers

Hey, hi there Z-Bone, Came across your sight by accident. Read all the old years and found them very interesting. I have one question and one answer.

1) Male Strip Clubs: Do they allow guys to enter if accompanied by a girl? I have been told "no" (cost you $20 by the door taker) at the Sugar Shack in Wisconsin. I was not with a girl though. Oh, fyi the Sugar Shack has the Full Monty (males on Fridays and Saturdays) Females all the time. $10 cover, $10 lap (DTYD=Dancer touch You don't) $4 beers. I would like to check out the male dancers and not from upstairs.

2) The young lady that was "too old at 40"--come on now. If she can dance and give the customer a good time, go for it. Case In Point: Check your internet under Male Strippers about "Disco Ernie". He's a private party male stripper and he's 86! Quite popular too. I'd like to try it myself and I'm 50+.

Have a great day, guy!


Date: Tue 8/8/00 3:04 AM
From: dmb []
Subject: My apologies...I posted, prematurely.

I'm the 38y/o goober that just asked Xena some questions. I bounced around and found Z-Bone's FAQ's & Glossary. Rock ON!!! :^)

Lemme see if I can answer my own questions (seriously! I'm really happy, here).

Ahh, so many nights, hanging out in nude bars in San Diego, during the early 80's. To return to base meant certain guard-duty. I'd nurse a near-beer for six hours, and never worry about needing to tip. Those experiences didn't prepare me for the etiquette of lap-dancing.

Your glossary shows me that I'm pretty much a PL, and picked up shades of Snaggy, from trying to figure out what women want. Works like, "how to make love to a Woman" and "what wives wish their husbands knew about women," didn't work any better then the Ross Jeffries book.

I do like Stripper Shit. Lucky me, 'though. Literally whipping off 'til I bled, as a teenager means cash-spewing won't happen, unless the dancer starts stick-shifting. Even that takes me better than a half hour. With me being part of the K-mart crowd, it's unlikely that'll happen.

Last Saturday was my second time in a bar of any kind, in 15-years. I liked it!! I did spend today fantasizing about becoming a White-Knight. But, to stay real, I do keep reminding myself that the girls were pulling in $30 for a stage dance, and I'm just a walking billfold.

There might have been Dancer Politics, there. When I returned to the club after showering & changing clothes, my Stage-, then Table-dancer kept putting me off, although I'd just paid for a VIP (private booth, with bench seat & curtain over the door). Instead, she was changing outfits, hugging people, chatting. That's when I went to the unoccupied, Type #1 girl, who'd never done a Table Dance. I found I prefer the skinny, almost flat-chested girls, sporting the more-pronounced "cookie-bump."

I see now that I should've asked the other dancer (a Type#3) if it was okay to get a table dance from Type#1, while I was waiting on her. I didn't tip, that night. I'm glad, now that I've read that the tip should remain hidden.

If I don't want to tip the stage dancer, I shouldn't sit at the stage. If I do tip her, then I need to tip $1, or what everyone else is tipping. I should've tipped $5-10 for the VIP (since the tip would've been hidden from the other dancers) but only after asking for (and getting) cookie in my face for 20-seconds or more...bumping my nose, once didn't cut it.

And sure, I could feel the stud in her tongue, through my trousers, but getting raked with her teeth was far, far superior. Say, is this high-mileage, for a topless-only 'club?

Oh, wait you have an FAQ...let me rate it:
1) Single G-strings;
2) One private booth. Only the bartender/cashier can see in. The 20 sets in the window until the dance if fulfilled.Then, the club gets its $5. The dancer gets her $15.
3) Stage Contact - Yet, like Denver, I got more mileage with stage than with Table or VIP;

Of 13-indicators, two (6-foot line & Dancer resume) weren't applicable. So 3 of 11 is about a 25% chance of higher mileage.

Okay. I just found out that I'd rather be a regular. The Tipout must be 25%. As a K-marter, I'm most comfortable spending what I would for a steak-dinner & movie ($30-40).

Let's see...Minimum cash is $40:
$10 for cover, 2-sodas & Jukebox-fund.
$10, in $1's for Stage/Table-dance tips.
reserve $20, in $10's, for Dances. (Shouldn't have left Phoenix, for MO)

If I just want to leer at women, I should stay at a table, and sip the soda. Smile & shake my head, 'no,' when stage-dancers ask if I'd like to tip them. However, I could counter for a Table- or VIP-dance, at that opportunity.

If a VIP or Jacuzzi, I need to ask for "cookies-rubs in my face & no nipple-biting," up front, and only tip if she delivers. (I prefer paying for the basic dance to the bartender, up front, so I don't get dollar-ed until broke, via Stage-Tip solicitations.)

{I'm hoping to find Jacuzzi lap-dance etiquette on your site, as well.}

Many, many thanks for posting & maintaining your site. It'll help me be less PL, & more of a regular customer.



Date: Sun 5/21/00 9:59 PM
From: M.R or K.A. Earls []
Subject: Club X-citement

I have been an avid reader of your bulletin board for a couple of years, and have used it as a source of factual information and informed opinion.

The hoax regarding Club X-citement in Culver City seriously damaged the ZBB's credibility. There was an early post exposing the hoax, but I was fooled by the number and (I thought) credibility of the posters - even Z-Bone himself posted that he had gone to the club. In fact, (gullibility showing) I spent about an hour 65 miles from home, on two different Sundays, driving and walking Washington Blvd. near National looking for the place, as well as checking phone books for the fictitious sports bar that was its predecessor.

I am against censorship by moderators, or anyone else. It seems that non-truthful postings (which will cost your readers time, gasoline and frustration) should be put in, for instance, "Humor & Fiction."

I intend to continue reading your bulletin board for its entertaining posts, but for factual information I may have to go elsewhere.

Michael Earls
Lancaster, CA


Date: Tue 5/9/00 11:01 PM
From: [Name and email withheld by request]
Subject: In response to orange stains (1/5/00)

Here's my two cents worth in response to the guy wrote in complaining about having orange stains on his pants after getting lap dances. I believe it is due to a dancer having a urinary tract infection (UTI) while working. Women in general are very susceptible to UTI's and dancers, because of their exposure to large numbers of people (sexual or nonsexual) with that area of their bodies, are more likely than the average women to develop UTI's. The orange color is most likely from a common medication given to someone with a UTI called Pyridium, which relieves the baldder spasms associated with UTI's and turns urine bright orange, the color of Tang orange drink.

Like I said, it's just my two cents worth, but an educated guess, in case anyone cares.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


Date: Tue 4/25/00 11:25 AM
From: [Name withheld by request]
Subject: Future of nude clubs?

Interesting times we live in. As much as I've enjoyed the liberalization at strip clubs, I can't predict their future.

Remember 55? In a country built on transportation, commerce, and the consumption of gas, how did any law as patently absurd survive for 18 years? Simple: bureaucratic careers depended on its perpetuation.

In a culture where sex sells everything, could the social custom of mutually beneficial exotic entertainment be restricted? Of course. Because it already is restricted-- the only issue is how much.

If local politicos draw a new line in the sand, and if that line is endorsed by state bureaucrats, we will see severe restictions on milage. In the process they will create a whole new class of "outlaws," just like they did with 55. Just as they contine to do with the shameful "war on drugs." (There's another nationwide circle jerk upon which tens of thousands of law enforment careers depend.)

...Gosh... I feel better now!


Date: Fri 4/21/00 12:28 AM
From: Bob []
Subject: Tropical Lei and Police Sting

I just read online that 2 dancers and 4 patrons were charged with prostitution at Tropical Lei in Upland. Evidently the Police were targeting the club for over a year. Do you think such actions could follow at the clubs in the City of Industry?

What's really scary is that certain web sites were used to tip police as to which dancers to target. What kind of world are we living in. Are we like the old Soviet Union where someone that expresses their opinion on a strip club forum has to fear that Police will get involved.



Date: Tue 3/28/00 6:16 AM
From: [Name and email withheld by request]
Subject: You missed the boat

You definitely missed the boat on how to choose the most high mileage dancer.

Want the answer?

Watch them AFTER they complete their dances, especially in the beds or fantasy rooms. Do they go backstage, into the ladies room? That's who you want. If they just go up to the next guy; pass.


Date: Sun 2/27/00 7:22 PM
From: fidel delgadillo []
Subject: HAT THEIR

I'm sorry to tell you that you met an impostor. I have not been to Vegas since January. I hope he didn't borrow any money from you.


Date: Mon 2/14/00 8:42 AM
From: [Name withheld by request]
Subject: Re: Music and Best of ZBB!

Z: how 'bout a custom CD of "dance" music, based on your xxxtensive xxxperience? offered for a good cause? fundraiser for breast cancer?


Date: Sat 1/29/00 5:15 AM
Subject: Bragante's 1/28 3:11pm post under "Anything goes"

I think this warrants a serious warning note to Bragante. This kind of link should not be posted by any ethical contributor, first amendment notwithstanding. I would appreciate it if you would check out his link (he posted it wrong, you'll have to input it yourself without the Join included) and see if you agree.

I just emailed you re Bragante's post. I neglected to mention that hate speech is not protected under the first amendment. I'm not sure whether the speech has to be directly stated, or if a link to such speech would qualify, but in either case it's worth your attention.


Date: Mon 1/17/00 9:22 PM
Subject: Spearmint Rhino in Industry

I think it is time for you to revisit one of your, and what used to be one of my, favorite clubs. Having seen Janine, Jenna, and Jill Kelly at the [Spearmint Rhino, City of Industry] in the past, and having had a blast each time, we ventured another visit this past weekend (1/15/00). Chasey Lain was the feature, but unfortunately, her lifeless performance did nothing to save an experience that was so poor, and a club that had deteriorated so much, that nothing short of a bad management change could explain how the quality of this club has fallen. The talent was nothing like it used to be, the service incredibly poor, the doorman an absolute idiot, and the number of customers being shoved into the club beyond unsafe. From the start, my wife and I and another couple who were with us were treated shabbily, and finally had to walk out when the dancer who was on stage, but who never came near our end of it, came and took money out of our pile of ones stating it was at least a dollar per person per song to sit there. I hope for the day I can do so little, not come near or make contact whatsoever with customers, and take money from them under this sham of a service policy. This club, once so great, blows. It absolutely blows. It is with sadness that I warn others to avoid the club I previously recommended so strongly. At least until someone wises up and brings back the old management staff. A tremendous letdown.


Date: Wed 1/5/00 12:32 AM
Subject: Just wanted...

to say that this is one of the nicest sites to navigate and learn from...The layout and format are quite refreshing. And of course the material entertaining...

Just wanted to let you know...Very cool site...


Date: Tue 1/4/00 8:35 AM
Subject: You are the man

To the revered Mr. Z-bone: Mr. Z-bone, I am writing this email to tell you why you should be a justified deity. People should be making shrines of you and bowing to them as a religious ritual every single day. You are the man. You are living my dream. Which other man has created a website and made a living off of visiting strip clubs. This is something that I can only achieve in my wildest dreams. In my mind, you are only one man running the whole website. But it's conceiveable that you have a tech team running it for you. Which one is truth?

I myself am a college student recently introduced into the strip club scene. Thanks to such clubs such as the Spearmint Rhino's, I have grown tired of the college sluts I have sex with, with their non-toned bodies and floppy or pancake titties. I only want the best... but it takes money! Mr. Z-bone, please take me under your wings and be my mentor. I am a hard-working man; afterall, I got into Duke University. While this means that I can only work for you during the summer and my 3 week winter break, you can rest assured that I will do whatever it takes to carry on the Z-bone name.

Your loyal follower


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