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Letters to Z Bone For 2004

BobSometimes Z Bone readers just want to flame me or tell me something without asking me anything. Others want to expunge their guilt by confessing to Z.

There is no claim by me that any of these e-mails relate to reality. The more interesting or thought provoking ones will be posted right here. Obvious shills will not, unless it's downright hilarious.

Submissions may be edited or shortened at Z Bone's discretion or lack thereof. If you do not want your name shown, please specify so in your e-mail.

Date: Wed 12/22/2004 9:05 AM
From: Cory
Subject: Contest Thoughts

Dear ZBone:

I am so glad that the woman wearing a real fur coat did not win 1.2 or 3rd [in the contest]. Why reward someone who is wearing the fur of animals that have been gassed, killed by anal electrocution and trapped (biting their paws off often to get away and accidental trapping of dogs and other animals)??? Please check out and learn the truth. The fur is taken off when the animals are still half alive, I have films of it where one animal waits his turn, shivering as he hears the other animal screaming in agony as his fur is being skinned alive. I will show you the film if you don't believe me. It's all about money and those people don't care about taking the fur off in a kind way or they wouldn't do it in the first place.

Recently it was so nice to hear that Dennis Rodman says he would rather go naked then wear fur. He is a man who cares and highly admired because so many celebrities are wearing fur and don't give a shit about the suffering that 40 animals went through to make one fur coat.

I was also suprised that you featured a child molester impersonation, Michael Jackson. 2 women featuring cruelty outfits, it seems even more odd around the holidays when peace and kindness should be the focus in addition to having fun with entertainment. The majority of the public know he is a child molester. On a TV interview I heard a boy sitting right next to Micheal say, "Remember Michael when you said if you love me you will share your bed with me?"

Thank goodness those 2 women did not win because they are not thinking about the victims of innocent animals and children that have been abused or tortured for the satisfaction of uncaring adult humans.


[Editor's note: See my diary because I'm with you on your remarks.]


Date: Tue 12/21/2004 11:59 PM
Subject: Slaying of a dancer from Paradise Showgirls

I am a dancer from Paradise Showgirls. I have been dancing there for 4 years and very recently our club has been hit with some very serious reality. A dancer by the name of "Malibu" the age of 18 was murdered in Killeen, Texes. The day that i recived the news an hour before myself and a couple of girls were sitting around talking about her and were also awaiting for her to return back to California.

No one ever thought that the next time we would see her would be in a coffin. This article is for the members of z-bone and the dancers who read z-bone every now and again. I wanted to post something that would grab the reader's attention and maybe someone can make some sense of this because i can't.

Being a dancer for 4 years, and too have something like this happen is a shock. Many young women who enter this industry tent to think that they have hit the jack pot, and little by little they let money control them and by the time you know it, you have spent years dancing only too still be in the same mental, finacial state you were in when you first started. Get a plan stick too it and get out before you are too blind to see. I hope this makes the cut to letters to z-bone, if not maybe you can post the article on my friend "Tiffany", "Malibu" from paradise showgirls in city of industry.

Strip Club Slayings
LAST UPDATE: 12/1/2004 7:58:48 AM
KILLEEN, Texas (AP) - A Fort Hood soldier suspected in the Thanksgiving weekend slayings of four people, including three strip club employees, told police he videotaped two of the killings while another man did the shooting, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Timothy D. Payne, a private with the 4th Infantry Division, and Richard L. Tabler, a former customer at Teazers Gentlemen's Club, were arraigned Tuesday on capital murder charges and ordered held on $4 million bond, Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza said.

Neither Smith nor Payne had attorneys by Tuesday afternoon, a court clerk said.

According to the arrest warrant affidavits, Payne, 18, and Tabler, 25, used a video camera to capture Tabler shooting the strip club's manager, Mohamed-amine Rahmouni, 25, and his friend, Haitham Frank Zayed, 28, on Nov. 26. Two days later, two female dancers were fatally shot.

It was not immediately clear if investigators had seen the videotaped slayings. Bell County Sheriff Dan Smith referred calls to Garza, who declined comment on the evidence in the case.

Smith said Monday that authorities believe the victims were part of a revenge plot hatched by Tabler after he was asked to stop visiting the club. Smith said Tabler drew up a "hit list" of as many as nine more targets. Although Tabler told police he had been fired from a job at the club, manager Scott Davis told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Tabler never worked at Teazers. He said Tabler had been a regular customer for a couple of months until he was asked to leave about three weeks ago.

He said nothing major prompted Tabler's ouster, but Tabler liked to tell people he worked security at the club and he tried to develop relationships with several of the dancers by doing favors for them outside of their work. "The guy gave you the creeps," Davis said. "He was creating his own fantasy world."

He said Tabler's confrontation with Rahmouni likely happened sometime last week outside the club. Rahmouni, a native of Morocco, was popular but sometimes clashed with people, Davis said.

"You either loved him or hated him," Davis said. "He was flashy and full of life. He was a cocky 25-year-old with a club. He was the hottest ticket in town."

Police say Tabler lured Rahmouni and Zayed to a remote location near Fort Hood under the guise of buying stolen property and killed them.

According to the affidavit, Tabler shot both men while Payne held the video recorder. Police said Tabler told them Payne helped him look for money and other valuables on the bodies. Payne gave a similar statement, police said.

Tabler then lured two dancers - Tiffany Loraine Dotson, 18, and another woman in her 20s whose name was not released - to another remote spot on Sunday with the promise of crack cocaine, then killed both with multiple gunshots to the head and body, police said.

Davis said Tabler may have wanted Dotson to be his girlfriend and she refused. He said Dotson had moved to Killeen from California about six months ago. She typically worked the day shift when customers tended to be older and less unruly.

"She was a true California girl," Davis said as tears welled up in his eyes. "Always smiling."

Tabler and Payne have not yet been formally charged in the women's deaths, Garza said.

Tabler's relationship with Payne is unclear other than that both men frequented the club. Davis said he did not remember the two hanging out together.

Davis called Payne a "model customer" who never caused trouble. "He never got drunk," Davis said. "He never gave the girls any problems."

Meanwhile, it was business as usual at Teazers on Tuesday, where a steady lunchtime crowd of about 20 customers watched the strippers earn their money.

The club, with its pool tables and loud and smoky atmosphere, caters to soldiers from nearby Fort Hood. A large American flag is painted on an outside wall facing the parking lot and several soldiers were part of the lunchtime crowd.

Davis said employees were relieved that two suspects had been arrested. He said after Rahmouni and Zayed were found dead, police told Davis he should consider closing the club temporarily. The club stayed open but then closed Sunday after the dancers' bodies were found. Employees stayed at Davis' house until the arrests were made Monday, he said.

A few were still at his house Tuesday afternoon and one called Davis at the club to see if was OK to come to work.

"You're safe sweetheart," Davis told her. "The best thing to do is for us to get back to work."


Date: Fri 10/29/2004 10:00 AM
From: Steve
Subject: stripper poem of the month

I got a present on my birthday!!!


The girl's got a cookie
It's as cute as can be
How do I know
Well she showed it to me

The girl's got a cookie
It's a secret recipe
Maybe one fine day
She will share it with me

She says it's not the kind
You can buy off the shelf
She says it's not the kind
You can bake yourself

She says it's not the kind
You'll want to leave alone
She says it's not the kind
You'll ignore at home

It's a high class cookie
All trimmed and neat
So simple and delicate
Tender and sweet

It's the appetizer
And the main course meal
No surprise to her
How good it makes you feel

It's a magic cookie
And that's a fact
You can eat it all day
And you'll never get fat

The sweetest goody
In the whole wide world
Is the cookie of
An All American girl

© 1999 by Steve Giacomini

One of Fritz girls gave me book of poetry by Pablo Neruda. I attempted to write her a poem in a more "flowery" style.

The Silent Moment Between Question And Answer

She asked,

"Would you like a dance?"

I thought,

I do not need you to dance for me

But I know it is the small price I must pay

For a moment of your precious time and sweet company

For the opportunity to wonder at your eternal eyes

To witness a thousand burning ancient suns

Raindrops kissing the petals of your delicate blooms

Forbidding clouds yielding to your azure skies

Butterflies waltzing on your gentle breezes

Compassionate spirit, made of light

A gentle soul briefly touching mine

As none have before

Outside your window

Outside your door

I am outside of you

I see all this in your eyes

I answered,


1998 by Steve Giacomini (all rights reserved)

If one frequents the same club long enough one is bound to become a "regular" with particular women. This was written for Jessie. The other girls called her my girl. She was planning on quitting the business and so I wrote this for her. She cried.


This is where we met
This is where we'll say Good-Bye
Time and money spent
Every movement memorized

Sitting next to you
Thoughts are rampant in my head
I am breaking all my rules
Chasing lights, flashing red

In here, you are my girl
Within these walls
In here, you are my girl
For an hour or so
In here, you are my girl
You hear my song
In here, you are my girl
For this moment

On the outside of this room
I can make no claims
On the inside of this room
Is the fuel for the flame

My eyes search your face
You allow a glimpse within
Sometimes you let me as close
As the perfume on your skin

In here, you are my girl
Within these walls
In here, you are my girl
For an hour or so
In here, you are my girl
You hear my song
In here, you are my girl
For this moment

Some words should not be spoken
Questions left unanswered
Some silences should not be broken
Secrets never heard

Time and money spent
Every movement memorized
This is where we met
This is when we say Good-Bye

In here, you were my girl
Within these walls
In here, you were my girl
For an hour or so
In here, you were my girl
You heard my song
In here, you were my girl
For a moment

1998 by Steve Giacomini (all rights reserved)

This next one was written for Monique's best friend in Fritz's, Rene. She was the most together/coolest girl I ever met in there.


Oh Lord, she dances so high
Oh Lord, she's dancing hot tonight
She dances to music playing in her head
She dances to the music inside her head

Secret tunes play between her ears
Mysterious melodies only she can hear
Pays no attention to the DJ's song
Her cerebral concert plays on and on

She weaves a sensuous symphony
Serpentine movements in harmony
Is it natural or by her design
Those syncopated rhythms in her mind

When she is home, burning in her bed
She makes love to the beat in her head
The tattooed tempo flows through her veins
It pounds her heart and rattles her brain

When she comes, oh so very near
Her music inside I know I can hear
She dances to the music of her inner song
She's dancing to that music all night long

Oh Lord, she dances so high
Oh Lord, she's dancing hot tonight
She dances to music playing in her head
She dances to the music inside her head

2000 by Steve Giacomini (all rights reserved)

Well Mr. Z-Bone I hope I didn't cause you a poetry overload.

Hope you enjoyed them. Thanks for allowing me to share.



Date: Tue 10/26/2004 10:40 PM
From: MC
Subject: May I post a review of my own regarding Jumbos Clown Room? Hollywood..


When I stopped into Jumbos in Hollywood on business, I met some awesome people at the club.

One of them worked on a Linda Ronstadt Album, another was a movie director. I confirmed his name on a movie credit.

The Girls? Burlesque is coming back. In West Hollywood the "Teasin and Pleasin" style is coming back from the 50's.

I like the fact that the girls at Jumbo's did not pressure us for tips.

They were humble with no attitude.

Robbie the Bartender was awesome and took digital pics for the Web Site.

Jumbo's? I will be back..

Thanks for reading..



Date: Sun 10/3/2004 12:18 AM

Hey I was reading about your website and I noticed the club that I go to a lot with my buddies [Hustler Club in Redlands] is not listed why is that? Haven't you had chance to check it out just curious? well if you do i hope you do enjoy it and have fun i know i do the girls there are awesome and friendly and the club has done some remodeling i rate it very high check out a couple of hotties Paris, Sophia, carly, just to name the few i spend all my $$$ on

[Editor's note: Okay, so it took me another 9 months to check this place out. Thanks for the heads-up though.  I agree with you about Paris, she's Dancer of the Month.]


Date: Sat 8/21/2004 11:13 PM
From: Michael Fischer <>
Subject: Former LA DJ killed in Road Rage Accident 8/9/04


Fish here, used to DJ in LA. My LA DJ mentor Jimmy "the Flea" Francis from the Star Garden (Back in the day) was killed in a terrible road rage accident in Albuquerque New Mexcio. Here is a photo of Jim and I and a link to the story along with a couple emails from his family. I also attached a cartoon I illustrated of Jimmy for a few of the girls and his family.

Just wanted to pass the word to any of the alumni stilled around or those or care about a former Nudy Bar war hero. Jimmy was the SHIT and the best fucking DJ I ever worked with! He deserve the rockin the house purple heart!

Thanks Z,

Michael "Super DJ Fish" Fischer

James Crawford (Jim) Francis, born in the USAF Hospital at Andrews AFB, MD on February 5, 1962, died at the age of 42, as a result of a senseless automobile 'road-rage' incident in Tijeras Canyon on August 9, 2004.

A lover of both life and people, Jim was also the 'patron saint' of all animals, especially his three cats. A great sports fan, particularly of the Boston Red Sox, and an all-seasons athlete, he played competitive sports most of his life, but his first love really was hockey.

A musician of long interest, he played bass and traveled with several musical groups during his adult life. He is a graduate of El Dorado High School. Jim is survived by his mother, Martha Francis, his father, Bob Francis, both of Albuquerque; his older brother, Miller and Jim's very best friend and companion, Jeanette Torre; his stepmother, Bettye Rae Francis; stepsister, Tracy McReynolds (formerly of Albuquerque and now of Olympia,
WA.) and her two sons, Chris and Kyle; as well as numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. He was preceded in death by his oldest brother, Larry (Lawrence) in 1983.

Cremation has taken place and memorial services were held Saturday, August 14, 2004, 1:00 p.m., at First United Methodist Church, 4th and Lead. In lieu of flowers, it is requested that Jim be remembered to the Animal Humane Association of New Mexico, 615 Virginia SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108. French Mortuary 10500 Lomas Blvd. NE 275-3500

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, If you like your welcome to e-mail Jimmys lone surviving brother Miller and Mother Martha.


Date: Tue 7/27/2004 1:47 PM
From: Steve Giacomini
Subject: stripper song

This was written for Monique from Fritz That's It about the time you made her dancer of the month. May 2000. I wrote dozens for the girls in there. Enjoy.


Hoots and cat calls hit the stage
A crowd favorite starts to sway
Does she have the time for me
The sweet, petite, raven haired Monique

But, she said wait
Try me a little later
Right now my card is full
And I only have the time to ignore you
She said wait
Try me a little later
Right now my slate is full
But soon I'll have the time to destroy you

I don't mind being razed
By a smile on pretty face
But I'm not the kind to long
Can't sit still, I must move on

I see the eyes of all these guys
Like water, they need to drink her
Consume every drop of her attention
Pardon me, did I mention

She said wait
Try me a little later
Right now my card is full
And I only have the time to ignore you
She said wait
Try me a little later
Right now my slate is full
But soon I'll have the time to destroy you

On her shoulder a black mouse sits
Does it speak as her conscience
A thought just slipped into my mind
I don't know if it's hers or mine

Again, she goes gliding by
With another dog on her scent
I only have to speak her name
To get that same response again

She said wait
Try me a little later
Right now my card is full
And I only have the time to ignore you
She said wait
Try me a little later
Right now my slate is full
But soon I'll have the time to destroy you

It is time to be on my way
I will anticipate another day
When I expect she will say
Wait. . . and I will try her a little later
For right now her card is full
And she only has the time to ignore me

© 2000 by Steve Giacomini (all rights reserved)


Date: Thu 7/15/2004 9:41 PM
From: Tuned_In
Subject: New Glossary Term

Here's a term I coined awhle back that seems to have caught on not only with the Z-Boners that meet regularly at ISP, but with the owner and management their, also. Since everyone at ISP likes it so much, I'm hoping that it can be added to the Z-Bone Glossary.

Z-Bone Speed Zone -- The place in the club where Z-Boners that know each other congregate and talk to their favorite dancers, laugh, joke, party, hang-out, etc. Passing traffic has been known to come to a complete stop in the Z-Bone Speed Zone when a particular favorite dancer happens by.



Date: Mon 5/31/2004 7:11 PM
From: Anonymous
Subject: Pet Peeves

Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to dancers, anything that annoys you? I've got a few that I'd like to share:

1.) Dancers that half dance when onstage - I don't like to see dancers that don't dance their all if there aren't a lot of customers in the club or if there aren't a lot of guys tipping. Personally I've tipped ladies who I didn't find attractive but who danced their little asses off, especially when there weren't a lot of customers. Call it pity but I appreciate the effort. Whenever I see a dancer just prancing around waiting for the song to end so she can get offstage, it makes me less interested in the dancer (if I had any interest at all).

2.) Dancers that don't strip - that also usually happens when there aren't a lot of guys present. I can understand if nobody tips her but if a guy or two does go to the stage, how about rewarding them by showing what you got? Again, I've tipped ladies who I weren't attracted to and was rewarded with a great show because they were grateful, which lead other guys to the stage to tip them as well.

3.) Dancers that take off half of their outfits - It really irks me seeing dancers that only take off half of their gear when onstage. I'm sure the main reason for that is to keep up with their costumes, especially when it comes to the wardrobes with multiple parts. For me, I've seen too many dancers that have on shirts, tank tops, or bikini tops that just lift up their shirt up to their chests instead of just taking the shirt off completely. Too many dancers that have on the mini-skirts that just lift up their skirt instead of taking it off. I especially hate seeing girls that have on dresses just lift the dress up to their chests instead of taking it off. To me, that's just lazy, especially to the customers!


Date: Sun 4/18/2004 7:53 AM
From: James A Gallogly []
Subject: police corruption


I had owned a night club in Tampa Florida for seven years. Before I ever opened the doors I was threatened that were going to be narcotic trafficking in the club by a sheriff's deputy (Rocky Rodriguez).

Not long after we opened I received numerous reports that it was true and I went to the FBI to report the activity, their advise was to tell the sheriffs office, too witch I replied, it is the sheriffs office (I had called the sheriffs office before to report criminal activity going on and begged them to come inside to stop it, the officer said it was private property and there was nothing he could do and took off in his cruiser). A lot of information came from strippers pressed into working for these criminals and they wanted to turn on these guys but no one would help.

After going to the F.B.I. to report the criminal activity I started receiving death threats. I then had one of the drug dealers get in my face and say I was playing both sides of the law. To make matters worse one of the other dealers went to my accountant, told her I was a racist questioned my books and then told her that he was Keith Hamilton of Florida's A. B. T. When she gave me his physical description I confronted him in the club and told him what I thought of him. It turns out that this is not the real Keith Hamilton but a dealer with the sheriffs protection.

A gun was planted in my apartment in Saint Petersburg and I reported it to the F.B.I. where again nothing happened. In the seven years I had owned the club I had been witness to extortion, prostitution, planting of evidence, narcotic trafficking, perjury, grand theft, mail tampering, assault, to list but a few of the criminal activity done under the protection of the Hillsboro Sheriffs office.

I have since closed the club and filed a suit. Any help to bring light to my investigation would be welcome.

For the more on the police corruption in Tampa Bay being ignored by local government. Please go to.


J. Andy Gallogly


Date: Fri 3/26/2004 5:14 PM
From: Virginia Pritchett
Subject: Fantasy Topless Theater

Hi-My name is Virginia Pritchett. I have seen articles you have run on the lawsuit against the Fantasy Topless Theater in Colton California. I am one of the main dancers that filed and won that lawsuit. I was mentioned in two
articles you ran from the Orange County Register. I would like to thank you for putting my lawsuit article in your article on the internet. I worked hard to try to take legal measures to stop women from being mistreated by unfair labor tactics in that business. I am a stripper of twelve years.

If you look in Google and type in "Virginia Pritchett, Fantasy Topless Theater" a article comes up that was printed by the Los Angeles Daily Journal of law. You may find some more interesting things there pertaining to this case, and my attorney Ellen Greenstone is quoted. Also , my lawsuit was the first of its kind to go to a Superior court hearing. If you like, I can furnish you with that info if you are interested. Or. you can type in "Virginia Pritchett Fantasy Topless Theater" on MSN. Look on the third or fourth domain and it will tell you that. Once again , thank you for the exposure on my strip club case.

God Bless-
Virginia Pritchett, ex-Fantasy stripper now living in Texas.


Date: Thu 3/18/2004 6:04 PM
From: Barry White []
Subject: Translations

Terrible. Whoever translated speaks less Yiddish than I do, and that ain't much. But I do know enought to know that they missed the essence of the meanings in most of the words. Stick to something you know.

Barry White,


Date: Sat 3/13/2004 12:59 PM
From: Dave
Subject: Paris House

I visited the Paris house in Feb of 2004. In retrospect, I really wish I had found and reviewed your customer comments because they are really accurate. This place was a real disappointment. Like many, I thought to start with a half hour show and if I liked it I'd continue or maybe switch to a different "girl", (I think "model" is an overstatement.)

The choice was easy as there was only one girl by herself. She was an ok looking blond with very large , fake tits, and an ok face, but that was about it. Her butt wasn't exciting nor was her clumsy dancing. From the way she acted, I felt as if the police were going to come, not cum of course, crashing through the door. I gave a more then gererous tip, $100 plus the $60 for the 1/2 hour, excuse me, 20 minute visit which included a trip by Sunny to answer the phone as she was the only one there. (I don't think there is any managers or security. I think it's sort of a "model/dancer" place or else the manager would have come down as I asked for him.

To make a long story short, Skip this place. I did go back one other time and saw three attractive models but could tell they weren't interested in customer service. Take your $100 or so and go to a site like or and get a "massage" where you know you'll be "Pleased" in the comfort of your own dwellings instead of ripped off on a disgusting chair that I could swear they found on the street for free. You could also spend the $300 for an independent escort to come to you as well but again beware as this is alot of money to loose. I haven't done it yet but I believe the term "Go the extra mile" is correct and full service doesn't necessarily mean everything. Make the in no uncertain words before parting with your money or you could get ripped off. Good luck.

p.s. Maybe West Hollywood is the wrong city for Hetero's to get this type of service?? Next time, I'd rather be kicked in the balls and still have my $$.



Date: Tue 2/17/2004 12:29 PM
Subject: sent into exile by LAPD Vice and the mob

I was a dancer for 8 years in L.A., as well as a "hostess" at all of the HOstess clubs-Fantasy, Dreamland, Flamingo, and the unfortunate Starlite. There's alot more to these places than meets the eye. It doesn't surprise me to hear DJV was accused of being responsible for missing dancers, either. Might I suggest not using dancer's names in these emails, as it does pose a risk for them. I loved stripping, I made good money and I could take care of my daughter and go to school with what I made. Then one fucked up night, I was set up, arrested by vice, and thrown in jail. LAPD vice said they'd clear the charge if I provided them with some info. What info? I won't say. But I told them to fuck off. Why would I want to help them when I just got falsley charged by one of their detectives? I was followed and harrassed for months after this. I was then beaten by two detectives and had my life threatened. So I left with my daughter and my dog and haven't been back since. Be cautious girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Date: Sat 2/7/2004 7:45 PM
From: Jennifer
Subject: Jumbo's Clown Room Response

I recently read your review on Jumbo's Clown Room and wanted to respond to your question.

I'm currently a dancer at VIP but have worked at many of the local strip clubs over the years such as Crazy Girls, OZ, Cheetahs, Jet Strip, Industrial Strip, etc, including Jumbo's. I worked there for about a month several months ago because I'd heard it was a chic local hangout with a lot of business. Boy was that a lie. Not only was it a dump, but the most money I ever made in a day was about $60.

The club pays the dancers minimum wage on top of their tips, but it's still not enough to pay the bills. Most customers are longtime regulars who feel their years of dedication excuses them from having to tip. They just sit at the bar and socialize, occasionally throwing a few bucks on stage to their favorite veteran dancer.

The only way for a new girl to make money is to spend hours sitting with the regulars and kiss ass. Only the veteran dancers make decent money since they've already built relationships with the regulars. Lap dances never occur, as the management forbids hustling. I only did one lap dance the whole month I worked there and that was only because the customer was new and I'd spent several days talking with him first.

The only time the place ever gets busy is weekend nights. Even then the dancers don't make much money because the weekend customers tend to be burnout Hollywood rockers with only enough money for alcohol.

There are a few cool and attractive dancers that work there but most of them are unattractive, snobby bitches that'll do anything to get rid of the new pretty girl. When I finally did start to make some money, suddenly I wasn't getting any shifts and didn't work for two weeks. Clueless as to why I was being left off the schedule, I went in to talk to the owner who told me a wild tale she'd heard about me from two of the veteran dancers. Threatened by my youth and beauty, these two dancers told the owner some outlandish lie about me to try to get me fired. It was so outlandish that the owner didn't even believe it, but had no choice but to investigate it.

I told her not to bother and chose to quit rather than work at a place with vindictive, backstabbing bitches and no money. This place is the armpit of Hollywood. The club is a dump with a tiny stage and barely enough room to breathe. Surrounded by dealers, druggies, hookers, and bums, you'd be lucky to make it in and out of the place alive and with your wallet. The majority of the dancers are too old or ugly to get hired elsewhere, using Jumbo's as a front for their prostitution business and to get more customers. The few good ones are only there for the novelty or have other jobs on the side. In my opinion, this place should be condemned. Hope this answers your questions about the place.


Date: Mon 1/26/2004 7:08 PM
Subject: herny's skye

thank u for standing up for the clubs,you know we have stupid guys that don't know how to say anything nice about a dancer,but then again we some sweethearts outthere! I feel it's a shame that we have to show our ass and keep a cool atittude,but yet in still get disrespected!!! guyz don't understand what we go through and the gust's we have to have to get up infront of them and show our body's never the less some girlz have to do this to make a living for the time being (like me) we're not all this,believe this, and please understand this.......(don't be so quick to the next bitch down)

[Editor's note: Yeah. What she said.  I think.]


Date: Mon 1/5/2004 2:18 AM
From: Noel Edwards
Subject: Origins of the Lap Dance

If any one is interested, table dancing started in Seattle in the mid 60s in a little place called "THE FIRELITE ROOM". The waitresses danced on the tables for a dollar a dance, and the rest is history or maybe bullshit.

Noel Edwards


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