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Letters to Z Bone For 2005

BobSometimes Z Bone readers just want to flame me or tell me something without asking me anything. Others want to expunge their guilt by confessing to Z.

There is no claim by me that any of these e-mails relate to reality. The more interesting or thought provoking ones will be posted right here. Obvious shills will not, unless it's downright hilarious.

Submissions may be edited or shortened at Z Bone's discretion or lack thereof. If you do not want your name shown, please specify so in your e-mail.

Date: Fri 9/9/2005 3:21 PM
Subject:  please up date all info on ur site

i've been on your site a few time and noticed, nobody has up dateded ur reviews on clubs. but i have had a few friends get ur vip cards asap. as a fan of strip clubs its only fair to give ur readers a chance to see what's new. not what happened 2,3,5 years ago. my point is who ever is getting the money for ur vip cards , should take the time to up date this site, if it wasn't for people like me who support your site, these clubs wouldn't make it. nor would you. thank you.

[Editor's note: I'm opening an internal investigation to find out where all that money is going.]


Date: Tue 2/8/2005 9:40 PM
Subject: ITA web site is all screwed up again!

Dear Z-bone:
What is the point of having a web site for ITA, if you can't stop the idiots that screw it up? Tell me why should I continue to go to that site if it is impossible to read and use as you intended? I would really like to get a reply from you.

[Editor's note: Man, that ITA board must be like crack or something.  Since your email, I've added some code to reduce the problems from those pesky "hackers."  It's better now, right?]


Date: Sun 2/6/2005 10:25 AM
Subject: Thanks!

Enjoyed your [Yiddish] defs.
A couple of suggestions:
1. fix yiddishe nama --s/b "mama"
2. Can you add a pronuciation guide. (for example, "ch" as in clearing the back of your throat: tuchas - pronounced: tuch' - is )
3. I always thought "shtick" meant, "doing your thing, or bit"... shit?

Thanks and

L' Chyaim


Date: Sun 1/30/2005 1:23 AM
Subject: tiffany lorraine dotson....

do you think [Tiffany Loraine Dotson] got what she deserved... for being a crackhead... i have no sympathy for her.....what is your opinion?

[Editor's note: I didn't know her, but crack-head or not, I don't think anybody deserves to be killed.  Well okay, maybe some people, but not her.]


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