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Letters to Z Bone For 1999
BobSometimes Z Bone readers just want to flame me or tell me something without asking me anything. Others want to expunge their guilt by confessing to Z.

There is no claim by me that any of these e-mails relate to reality. The more interesting or thought provoking ones will be posted right here. Obvious shills will not, unless it's downright hilarious.

Submissions may be edited or shortened at Z Bone's discretion or lack thereof. If you do not want your name shown, please specify so in your e-mail.

Date: Sun 12/12/1999 10:54 PM
From: Mark <>
Subject: High Pressure at De-ja-vu

Hi Zbone I am sorry to tell you about a club and it sucks. I am doing this to kept others from having the same problems that I did. Last night I went to Deja Vu in North Hollywood and was attack by the girls giving out the drinks. All of them told me that they work for tip only [NOT true] and I had to give them a tip. You pay $20 to get in for free drinks right? I am not cheep but I like to make up my own mine when and who I give out tips to and not be order to do so. I have been there before and had a good time with Malaya and Sharon as well as Madison when she use to work there. But not last night. There is nothing more that I don't like than to be pressure by someone for my money. Then I gave her a dollar just for handing me a coke and she give's me a look you; know what I mean that look. I think I will go else where to see my women and spend my money. By the way you have pictures of Malaya on your site but not Sharon a most beautiful blond very sexy and nice. You should run some pictures of her. Well that's my two cents so please pass it on or check for yourself

Date: Thu 12/2/1999 6:06 PM
From: MM <>
Subject: Reader review-Captain Cream's

I dig your site and refer to it frequently. My girlfriend and I like to hang at strip clubs now and then. Last Tuesday (11-30) we decided to venture South to Captain Cream in Lake Forest, a club I hadn't been to for at least eight years and one she had never been to. I was curious to see if it had changed much during the years of my absence.

When we first arrived, about 9:30PM I was surprised at how busy the place was and how many cute dancers were working. We didn't have a lot of seating choices and I wanted to get the overall view for awhile so we chose a small table near the entrance. Everything was fine, we drank and even ate a couple of appetizers and as is the tradition there, the dancers would all come by and give us each a peck on the cheek and a "thanks" as they collected their tips. A lot of them were really into my girlfriend and she was loving the attention.

We're both in our mid 30s and we always dress nicely and are always friendly. As such, sometimes the dancers don't know what to think of us until they see that my girlfriend is into the whole strip club experience as much as I am (if not more!). Then they usually get friendly and will sit and talk and relax with us. We were both really into one dancer that calls herself Kahlua. She was an Indonesian/Dutch mix, very pretty and with a great smile. I'm an Asian girl fanatic and this one was as cute as they come. Even though she was in high demand, she came by and talked to us whenever she could then later we got a couple of couch dances from her (well, my girlfriend did anyway, I mostly watched *grin*). She was very sensual and it was a great experience. By this point we were both glad we ventured down to South County as we felt that the evening was fun, relaxing and sexy.

While we sat next to each other at our table my girlfriend would frequently lean over as we talked or she would just put her head on my shoulder and I was rubbing her back and a bit of her butt a good deal of the time. She had a short tight dress on and it was riding up pretty good in the back every time she leaned into me to where I know her little thong panties were showing a couple of times. But I just petted her a little now and then and occasionally pulled her dress down to cover her up. I never did anything overt or blatantly sexual and she never really showed THAT much. I doubt if many, or even any of the guys coming into the place even noticed since there wasn't any room behind her to loiter, they were just passing by. But apparently the club manager and the bouncer did notice. I didn't know it at the time but when the club manager walked by me and glared at me I didn't know why or that anything was wrong. He said nothing to me. A few moments later though the bouncer came up and asked me to pull her dress down which I did. I asked "why?" since she was my girlfriend and he just said we had to. So, not wanting to cause any trouble I did and left it at that. I was never defiant but I was simply curious about the rule since I've NEVER had anyone in any other club ask me not to touch my own girlfriend before! It's not like we were having sex or anything even CLOSE!

After our couch dances from Kahlua, we returned to our table I flagged down our waitress and ordered another drink. At this point I had four glasses of wine in about a three hour period, in addition to plenty of food, and although I had a nice, mild little buzz going I was not drunk. I wasn't rude to anyone. I didn't touch anyone that worked there or do anything out of line (that I know of). All of the dancers that came by were really cool and everything seemed fine. But after awhile without a drink I flagged down another waitress and asked her to follow up on my first request only to have her come back to tell me the manager had cut me off! Well, that pretty much pissed me off since no reason was givin and NOTHING was ever said to me. Hey, I'm reasonable and if there is some problem they have with me why didn't he have the balls to tell me? Hell, he walked by me a couple of dozen times that night! So, I said we're leaving but not before demanding to speak to the manager...outside.

He met me outside and I inquired as to his reasoning for cutting me off. First he said it was because I was lifting my girlfriends dress up and being "disrespectful" to the other customers. "WHAT??? Don't people come here to see a little ass? How could anybody in this establishment possibly have been offended by that?", I asked. So, I asked him what the real reason was? He just kept spewing the "disrespectful" mantra at me hoping to wear me down. Finally I asked him if it was because he considered my girlfriend's little butt peeking out from her dress to be a threat to the business since it had the potential to distract customers from the paid dancers? He looked at me shocked and said, "Well, yeah".

What a jackass! We were customers too and we dropped a fair amount of change that night and had planned to spend more. I really don't think that was the REAL reason, there was something else but this pinhead refused to tell me. But all that aside, the thing that REALLY steamed me was that he didn't even have the cojones to come up to me and just ask me to stop whatever I was doing that he didn't like or at least warn me. Nope, he just got his waitress to do his dirty work by cutting me off while he hid in his office. What a prick! I still don't know what I did and I'm still in a state of disbelief that he couldn't just come out with whatever it was. This guy needs to learn something about customer relations. Maybe he just didn't like the fact that I was having more fun than he was!

Anyway, we will NEVER go to Captain Cream's again. We like to go to these places to relax and have some good sexy fun but this idiot manager managed to turn an otherwise fun night into a jerk-fest. We'll go to clubs that aren't so threatened by us from now on.

Huntington Beach


Date: Sun 11/28/99 12:27 PM
From: [Name withheld by request]
Subject: Tara Monroe

Call me old, or old-fashioned at 35; When I lived in L.A. Tara Monroe and Wednesday were dancers @ Century Lounge;

I thought Tara was one of the nicest and hottest girls I'd seen. That was 1993. Now in 1999 I'm thinking of taking a trip to L.A. soon, and was glad to discover Tara is dancing at TJ's.

Now if I just could find Wednesday, that would be a fun diversion. I don't have to say your site rocks! Good information, and very little b.s.


Date: Tue 11/23/1999 7:35 PM
From: Travis <>
Subject: Where's the booty?

I was surprised to hear you're an "ass man" when there have been so few black Dancers of the Month (I think there's only been one in the last two years). What's up wit' dat'??

Date: Fri 11/19/1999 11:24 AM




Date: Mon 10/25/1999 3:03 PM
Subject: good story

Well Z Bone I like your page but i think you dont give Industrial Strip in [North] Hollywood enough credit. Last Thanksgiving night I went there with a friend. A dancer came up to me (we will leave her name out) and lets just say i thought all she wanted was my money. Contrary to my knowledge she wanted me to go home with her and after she gave me her number i called her and 2 weeks later was meeting after work to go back to her place. 6 months later i went to the club again on a tuesday night were a I met a beautiful brunnette who after getting to know each other was kissing me in the middle of the club. I couldnt beleive it. I had to tell her to stop so i wouldnt get in trouble. This club is #1 in all of southern ca. If you havent been in a while give it another shot. It may be worth the trip!!

Date: Fri 10/22/1999 9:33 AM
From: [Name withheld by request]
Subject: Is this rip-off common?

I arranged for a bachelor party for my buddy and called Imperial Theater in Anaheim to see if we could get some sort of deal for the 15 of us. I spoke with the manager, Joey, and he assured me, yes, come one down, I'll set you up. I thought he would appreciate my packing his club with over a dozen guys ready to party.

We got there about 5 pm, and asked for Joey. He appeared and told us he would take $1 off the admission price for us. So, for the 15 of us, we paid $135 to get in, that's $9 apiece. I didn't think anything was unusual at the time.

Now, he walked us around to a side door and let us in, telling us further that the house has a two drink minimum, but we could buy bottomless cups here, which would satisfy that requirement. We agreed, and paid another $120 for those.

I don't know what the usual prices for everything are, but a friend told me the admission should've been $5 before 6:30 pm, and furthermore, there are all kinds of coupons in local newspapers that would've gotten us in for free. Now I'm suspicious of the drink prices, at $8 apiece. We paid cash for everything of course, direct to the manager. And since he made us walk around the turnstile, he's probably ripping the owners off too. We gave him almost $300 cash before we even got to sit down. And not once did the manager do ANYTHING to recognize that there was a bachelor party going on, unlike so many other clubs I've been to before.

I think it's pretty clear that we got ripped off. If you think so too, please let your site visitors know that this kind of shit is going on. I never had anything like this happen at any other club. Personally, I will never go to this club again.


Date: Mon 10/11/1999 12:55 AM
Subject: T.J.S THEATRE

My name is Emily and I have worked at [TJ's] on and off for 4 and a half years and I think you should really update your comments about this club. Actually there are some of the best looking girls in OC at this club. Although I think Christne and Trouble are both great chics, there are still alot of others too you should mention. Both of those girls are from the fetish scene and not all men like those tpyes. So it.s unfair to only mention them. That.s telling guys that your into fetish and not other types of girls. Although the club does look like shit, we still have lots of great dances to make up for that. As for the bouncers that look like gang bangers, I think they have really mellowed out over the last year. You really should update your site. Alot of things have changed since you,ve been to T.J.s 2 years ago. By the way Trouble doesn,t even work there anymore and hasn,t for quite some time now. I would really like to here from you back on this matter. If and when you do drop by the club look me up I,d love to meet you. It,s time for an update. I here so much about this website , but have to say I was very disappoined in the up date situation. thanks for taking the time.



Date: Fri 10/8/1999 12:48 PM
From: Shanna
Subject: zbone! Bones to pick with you!

I went to Bob's Classy Lady last night with my boyfriend. It was horrible!!!... You shouldnt put that on your number 5 list! Im serious. The girls are nasty! Not pretty at all. Place is tacky as helll. Pool tables, games,stuff animal machine? Give me a Break! Thursday night they charged Jeff and I 25$....... Ugly Ugly Ugly! Who makes the club? The features or the dancers? Im never going back! lol That place was way to casual... Take my word, and take them off of your list ...

Date: Fri 10/8/1999 1:36 AM
Subject: First time

my name is Josh I am 20 and I went to my first nudie bar when I was 18...since then I fell in love with nudie bars...From the hottie chix to the way their white panties react to the blacklight:) As I said my first one was when I turned 18 and my cousins took me to my first one somewhere in La Puente I have no idea what it's called but there was an adult book store near it....anyway I had to coolest time I ever had in my life...the biggest thing was for a birthday present most of ALL the girls tied my hands behind the pole and gave me laps one after the other in one case TWO and once!!!!



Date: Sun 10/3/1999 11:01 PM
From: Holly
Subject: Eros Station

Anyway, I went up to Eros Station tonight just for the hell of it. What an operation THEY'RE running! I haven't seen any place like that. I got a show with a girl and she told me that the owners had never been in the biz before they opened that place. It's a really nice place, though. She gave me a tour after the show. They have 2 dungeons, 4 "jack" rooms, an "executive" office, and a "medical" office for fantasy stuff. Oh, they also have a jail setup with a stockade to put the customer in, and a dog dish to feed him out of. I have no idea how the hell they get away with doing this kind of shit there but I'll bet they bring in a lot of money if you count the merchandise they sell from the front of the store. I may put in an application there just to see what REALLY goes on, if anything. They do have cameras everywhere and the girl said that the boss does tape and review the shows.

Date: Tue 9/28/1999 7:32 AM
From: Robert X <>
Subject: Strip Club Rating

just recently I went again to the clubs #1 and 2 on your list, 4Play and Fantasy Island. I must say that both must have been much better in times when you were there. 4Play lost a lot of good dancers, has an annoying DJ, who literally insults the customers constantly and their price has gone up to a level which is comparable with SR and DV. That leaves a very beautiful club with not much going on.

Fantasy Island was so dead on a Friday night at 10 with only 5 customers and 10 below average girls, that this can not be the #2 club in LA. I understand that you are too busy to update your info, but for somebody from out of town your list is very misleading. I would suggest that you either change the format and have a SC "Zagat" where customers (like me) submit reviews (can be structured by you) and on that basis you develop a rating. Things in the SC business change so fast and competition is so hard that it is difficult to keep up.

The alternative would be to withdraw the rating from your site and just describe the location and nature of the clubs. I think you would easily find enough people to submit ratings. Problem might be to cover all clubs, since most of the zboners have their fav clubs.


Thanks for your suggestion. Readers may now submit their reviews below my reviews.


Date: Fri 9/24/1999 2:11 PM
From: Ken [Email address withheld by request]
Subject: Spooky - By Dusty Springfield

Now, about the Dusty Springfield cover of "Spooky." You said on your site that you were unable to find any of her albums that featured the song. I have the CD on which it appeared. It's called Am I The Same Girl and it's only available as an import. You can still get it, but you would have to order it from a European distributor. You might suggest that your readers go to and do a search for the album title. There are a few distributors -- RockHouse, All Stars, WMI (World Music Imports) -- who can probably still get it for them. It's sure better than buying the whole new anthology. My import only cost about $14.00.

While we're on the subject of music... I have been a fan of Dead Can Dance for years, so it was interesting to see that women are dancing to "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove." I've listened to that song, literally, hundreds of times and the idea of a stripper dancing to it never once entered my mind. I've got to give it to whoever came up with that stroke of creativity. After listening to it again a few nights ago, I can't believe it I didn't hear that in the music before.

I noticed, too, that you list NIN's "Closer" as a popular - albeit passé - dancer song. Check out "The Only Time" on NIN's album, The Downward Spiral. I think it could be a good replacement for those dancers who like Trent Reznor's music, but don't want to beat the dead "Closer" horse.

Another good one is "Mouth" by the band, Bush. The pared-down version of the song appears on their album, Razorblade Suitcase, but the dance version (Stingray mix) is on the soundtrack for An American Werewolf In Paris. I have a preference for the dark, rock stuff.

Mouth is a great song for dancers.


Date: Wed 8/18/1999 5:22 PM
Subject: poor taste or just sick?

im not sure what to think of your comments on how to get rid of a dancer permanently. there are many sickos on the internet and how do you feel if some sicko actually uses your advice? i am not a dancer, but i know people who dance and i think that is very bad advice to give people. some people can't tell the difference between a joke and reality...... i am sure you understand that you might be giving some sickos bad ideas. i am not sure if someone follows your advice you will feel bad or be held accountable..... but i do know what i read was sickening and should be taken off your page.

Date: Fri 8/13/1999 3:30 PM
From: Alex <>
Subject: Senior

I have been following your site for a long time and I would like to make a suggestion. You always have these wonder young dancers of the month. How about adding a senior dancer of the month. I saw [Linda] at Strippers on monday and she was great. I understand she will be back on Saturday afternoon. If you have the time check her out.

Date: Wed 8/4/1999 7:32 PM
From: John Polidoro <>
Subject: Jet Strip VIP 8-3-99

After recently moving to LA, I found your site while researching So.Cal strip joints. I've been fortunate enough to visit strip joints while on the road for business in cities like Seattle, Phoenix, Portand, Sacramento, Newark, Boston and Hartford. Not real hot-beds for strippers (except Phoenix) like I imagine I'd find in Florida, Texas and especially, I thought, So. Cal.

I was ready to be impressed here. After cruisin' your site and reading the reader reviews and yours, I narrowed it down to Tropical Lei, Spearmint Rhino, Bare Elegance and Jet Strip. A coupon for a VIP nite at Jet Strip for the very next nite was available, plus your good review, so I hit it.

Before I give you my review, let me tell you about my two favorite clubs. Rick's in Seattle is #1. Small, dark with booths that run the length of each wall, small tables and lots of chairs, no alcohol. Two small, only slightly elevated from the floor, stages. No stage tipping req'd, everybody gets a show, just laps. They dance nude on stage, laps are $10 for mild, $20 if you want mileage and peeps. Lots of girls avail. 10% ugly, 30% hot, 60% avg. My all time favorite stripper is there: Crystal. She is unbelievable. Bourbon Street Circus, Phoenix is #2. Pretty tame, topless stage dances, table/chair dances $5 -$10, little contact. Mileage non-existent. But the talent, oh-my-god. 50% hot, 50% average, 0 ugly. They serve alcohol.

Hit Jet Strip at about 7pm. Few places to sit. Talent level disappointing. Too many guys, too few girls. The layout of the lap dance area (cubicles) makes it difficult to evaluate who gives good laps. Most stage dancing was lame. Too bright. Couldn't get a drink. The talent was contantly hidden in the lap area and the ugly ones were on stage or by the bar. Bouncer lookin dudes (floaters?) carrying clipboards a bit un-nerving. After an hour of watching, I narrowed it down to three girls. It took another twenty more minutes before any of the three appeared again from the lap area. It was the #1 so I went for it. Her name's Chloe, but noticed a tat on her shoulder that says Sarah. Things improved dramatically. I thought the mileage was good in Seattle, but Chloe gave me the best lap I've ever had. With the VIP special $15, I was in for multiple rides. Three consecutive laps had me bursting. But on the fourth one she started talkin and didn't really move at all, just sat between my legs. I thought we were having a friendly "break" but that ended up counting as a dance! Don't get me wrong, she's a cool girl and I enjoyed our chat but..... She asked if I wanted another and I said yes, cuz I thought we were clear that I was bummed about the last one, but it was not even close to the level of the first three! Now I'm out $75, plus I tipped her, for what amounted to 3 laps. That's regular rates, not a special. Out of money and still burstin over her, I left. Final verdict: I'd go back on another VIP nite, free admission, $1 dollar drinks, not ever sit at the stage, find Chloe and do two dances max and move on. Hang around the VIP booths and note which are the busiest and sample them.


Date: Wed 8/4/1999 1:19 PM
From: Don C. Tyler <>
Subject: Ass?

Dear Sir,

I beg to differ with some of your views vis a vis the greater Los Angeles strip-club scene.

1) Cheetah's Club: Dancers ‚ 3.5 stars unless you like em' plump.
2) Jumbo's Clown Room: ahem...
3) Crazy Girls: umm...
4) Spice Lady: It's not really a "strip" club, now is it?!? (Although they did have Guinness.)
5) Sunset Strip: Got Ass? Thank You, No. If they gave awards for asshole dj's this place would win.

We are going to check Sam's Hof Brau now.




Date: Wed 7/28/1999 3:07 AM
From: Get Real <>
Subject: Elan asleep at the wheel?

Isn't it about time that Elan came up with the next installment of her "Exposed: A private dancer" series?

Or is this going to take 2 years between episodes just like the James Bond movies? I know she's doing this in 6 parts. Is she planning to spread 'em out into two trilogies like George Lucas is doing with his Star Wars thing? Let's see, he started in '77, and he's got 4 out of 6 done already. ;)

Just wondering.



Date: Mon 7/19/1999 3:05 AM
Subject: A BIG fan of LACY ST.

i'm writing to let you know that i am a BIG fan of Lacy Street Cabaret. i really think you should go back and check it out because it has been 3 years since you last went. the girls are so awesome and so is the atmosphere. trust me, when you review it the club will have 4 stars on all the catagories. hope you can answer me and let me know when you will be going or tell me what you think.

Date: Sun 7/18/1999 11:55 AM
From: Tom Meade <>
Subject: SRI

I went to the Industry Spearmint Rhino to see Ruby and brought a friend a date and met a friend there. 2 of the people I brought had never been there. My date never had a lap dance before, so I bought her one. The dancer quoted the price and added that if I gave her more money the dance would be better. I know this hustle but in this case was afraid if I didn't my date would have a bad first experience so I tipped an extra 10 up front. The dance was good and she liked it very much. I got low on funds and went to the ATM for another 100. I even borrowed my friend's small flashlight to read how much the charges were. I was floored when not only I was charged by my bank and the ATM but the house skimmed off 10%!! When I was given my CHANGE OF 100 I questioned it and was told there was a sign posted. The sign is about 4 feet above the machine in the dark. At that point you can't ask for your money back. I left the club with 90$. We all left after we talked with Ruby for a while. I'm not going to bring any more people to SRI. I'm not interested in paying for a girl to lap me till I splooge. That's what hookers are for. I'm interested in a good lap - having a naked beauty grind and rub my lap and face - and watching good pole and floor work for tips at the rail, and seeing featured performers who I sometimes even know from somewhere else. Why the rant? What simple thing could have prevented a nit picky review of the evening? PUT THE SIGN ON THE MACHINE WHERE THE CUSTOMER CAN SEE IT.

Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 06:06:19
Subject: star strip too

wasup zbone, love your web page
Star Strip Too is the worst club ive ever been to 4 dancers on a saturday night??? they were pretty ugly too I suggest you warn all who go on your web page its a waste of money and time

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 14:52:53
From: Rayne <>
Subject: Rayne speaks out

I was recently a guest on 97.1 FM Talk the Ed Powers shows. I was talking about Curveball "99", XXX Adult Film Stars playing softball and the proceeds benefit Self Awareness for Disabled Americans.... I mentioned the event, the cause, the players, ticket sales locations, and sponsors.... The owner of the club [club name redacted by request] recieved sponsor information, They had the option to become an event sponsor and chose not to respond. Anyhow, I was talking about the event, etc.... The owner of the the club apparently heard me on the radio .... A few days went by and I walked into the club to goto to work and I was informed by the manager that the owner of the club heard me on the radio and beacuse I mentioned another club and Not his I was no longer allowed to work there anymore..... The next day I talked to [name redacted by request], the other owner......... I reminded him that they had the option to sponsor Curveball "99" and didn't respond..... I didn't feel it was fair of [club redacted by request] to 86 me because I didn't give them FREE promotion..... [owner name redacted by request] said " I know Rayne. Look, I like you. But, it's [owner name redacted by request] deciscion. I'll have him call you." Needless to say, I never heard from anyone.... I went to the club to get a copy of my contract, and In a recorded conversation between myself and the manager on duty, I was told that the club refused to give me a copy of my contract.. What it comes down to is this.... I'm trying to help people with disabilities, I went on the radio to promote an event which supports a good cause and I lost my job for it.... In the contract (which you have to sign to work there) all Dancers are considered Independant contractors and there is an "At Will" Clause which allows the club to let you go for any reason and/or no reason at all.. Legally The club can do what they want, but in my opinion, that doesn't make it right......

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 00:29:00
From: Adrian
Subject: Jet Strip

I went to visit the Jet Strip club on June 30th from 10 to 11:30pm. I thought it was a smaller club than Bare Elegance but still has a classy appearance inside. I had a $25 lap dance for the first time there. It was a nasty dance and probably worth the price <s>. Drinks were overpriced! However, I didn't like the restroom because it stinks like HELL!!

Bare Elegance still is the best nude club as far as I can tell...

Eternally yours,


Date: 28 Jun 1999 14:10:34
From: harry oei <>
Subject: Krista@Bob's

On Saturday night, I attempted to enter Bob's for free by mentioning the website, but they wouldn't go for it. Therefore, I didn't go in. I left feeling that I would have a better time at Spearmint Rhino, which didn't start happening until 10pm.

This weekend I'll be visiting Toronto's bars. It'll be fun comparing and contrasting. If I'm extremely lucky, then I may see Tiffany Towers, one of my favorites.



Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 16:02:54
Subject: Holiday

Did you forget the Holiday in Santa Fe Springs? I don't think it is nearly as good as in the 80's but is probably worth a listing just for old times sake.

Small, full of hard looking type people and women who are 5's and 6's. Save your time for better places!


Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 12:29:49
From: George Jeffries <>
Subject: New Ordinance

I note that your website makes reference to a proposed new ordinance by the City of Los Angeles that would place severe restrictions on nude dancing. Up here in Sacramento, we are facing the same problems with new ordinances.

It appears that the City of Sacramento is preparing to adopt a new ordinance that would outlaw direct tipping, ban nude dancing outright, and put a 10-foot rule in place. (Sound familiar?) I saw a news story on a local TV station that featured comments by local City Council members. One member said that the new ordinance was aimed at curbing the spread of disease, and another stated that the goal was to combat the spread of prostitution. Finally, a council member stated that the new ordinance was not meant to shut down the clubs. Of course, this last statement is complete nonsense, as you would doubtless agree.

The problem is that there is no record of any prostitution arrests in any of the nine clubs that are established here. The idea of contracting an STD from a dancer (while she is onstage,anyway) is laughably remote. Why a successful dancer would endager her income (which could be quite substantial)by engaging in prostitution at a club defies logic. Furthermore, there does not appear to be any measurable decline in property values in areas where the clubs are located, which are primarily industrial areas. So, it appears that the City Council up here is trying to correct a problem that does not exist.

On the flip side, the City of Citrus Heights (a suburb of Sacramento)attempted to adopt a similar ordinance back in February, but a judge threw out the most onerous restrictions, such as no direct tipping, 10-foot rule, etc. It appears that the Deja Vu chain wants to open a club right on the main traffic artery, near a large shopping mall. This is what apparently prompted the proposed Citrus Heights ordinance. Now that this has been struck down, it appears that they are waiting to see if the Sacramento ordinance holds up in court, since they have been defeated twice already.

Now, from what I hear, the League of California cities is backing these new ordinances in a big way. It was originally intended to make Los Angeles the original target of the new restrictive ordinances, but the focus has now shifted north to Sacramento, where the legal costs would be much cheaper (an any defeat much less notable.). Since the City of Sacramento has always had a difficult relationship with the clubs. In fact, one club had to win the right to open in court. Now they will have to return to court to preserve the status quo. I would like to issue a call to action for all club goers, but it seems obvious that the authorities will adopt this ordinance no matter what is said. Naturally, the clubs are preparing for a court battle, so it seems likely that a judge will decide the fate of the clubs. However, it does not appear that the City of Sacramento will adopt the ordinance until mid-summer, so no legal action is likely to occur until this fall.

This is the best information that I could gather on this subject. I hope it will be helpful.



Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 22:54:42
From: William C. Smith III <>
Subject: Sahara III

Sir- I see you haven't been to Sahara 3 in about two and a half years. I would like to ask you to review it again soon. There have been many changes since you were there last. It's improved 100% and deserves another review.

Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 23:59:33
Subject: not a good experience

I went to a club in stanton,cali. called ' TJ's showgirls... what a grusome time. The guy at the door taking your money was the friendliest person at the place !!!!

Most of the girls looked sooo wasted and toe-up even in the low light(imagine what they must look like in normal light!!). One black chick named Toni Taylor was especially low budget-not looking, but attitude. She seemed especially greedy and not caring about anything but separating you from your money and giving you as little for that as possible.It almost seemed like she just thought she should be thrown money just for being there. On top of that, I made the mistake of being there late enough that they turned on the lights to let you know it was time to leave...I could not believe I put my ass on those seats, even with jeans on! I can only think what the girls are bringing home on their ass sitting on those seats-also, the toilets were so disgusting-unless you like standing at a urinal full of used rubbers full of cum-only a few inches from you!!!!!!!!!!

So if you still go there and you don't like your time spent-you can have a better time outside because many of the 'strip-club-bar-fly-pimp-daddy-want-a-be's' could probably hook you up with whatever kind of 'recreation' you might want.


Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 18:16:13
Subject: imperial theater

i see alot of good clubs in youre list ,but in orange cnty,you might want to check out imperial theater in anaheim a really classy club.

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 23:44:33
From: Fletch [Name and email redacted by request]
Subject: WHAT'S UP???


Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 19:24:04
From: Ben Stiller <>
Subject: "How to get rid of a stripper permanently"

Your, "How to get rid of a stripper permanently", is in very, very poor taste, when in today's world this happens all to often. Why would you encourage someone to perform such a horrible act of murder to an innocent women?

Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 13:58:38
From: [redacted by request]
Subject: "how to get rid of a dancer"

You have an interesting web site, but I think this time you have gone a little bit too far. Even with tongue firmly in cheek it is too much. In the city where I now live a dancer was recently murdered. The killing remains unsolved. Naturally, the media showed remarkable poor taste by playing up her occupation. Unfortunately, murder is significantly more common for girls in this occupation than for the general population.

Even in jest your FAQ was in poor taste. I hope you will remove it.


Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 20:48:21
Subject: southern comfort

[Southern Comfort is a] nice club, nice dancers but forget lap dances they rip you by not telling you a "song " is over i spent only a few minutes and got hit with 60 bucks the girls must not get much take i left not going back

ps cameras looking right at you and the mgr or bouncer tabs your songs


Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 18:01:22
From: Big Dog <>
Subject: Lacy Street Cabaret

Thought I might stop by [Lacy Street Cabaret] and check it out. Big mistake. There is a mostly faded away sign that says lot parking in $2 which I didn't see when I pulled in. And there was no lot attendant. But when I got to the door (this was before 5:00 PM) they wanted admission and the parking fee. When I protested there was no sign, a bouncer took me aside to show it. I asked to see the manager. He was on the phone talking to his girl friend. Suffice to say this club has real attitude. But not the kind you want. I mentioned your column on the Internet and the response was f__k Zbone. So obviously they don't care about anyone. Perhaps the local homeowners will win out and close down this club. Why not? There is nothing good about it. And the daytime dancers? You can go to almost any club and do better and get in for free (with coupons) and park for free too. Just a recommendation. How about flagging or a disclaimer when a review is older than one year. A lot can happen in a year to change a club.

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 16:31:37
From: Pete
Subject: Will Strip for Food

Saw the re-opening last night. Great local theater. Good material, genuinely performed; these women know the characters because they are the characters. I could see a hour HBO adaptation.

Re your review: I saw plenty of reference to drugs, alchohol and bisexuality, though the latter only through dance and action. Personally, I found as most important the message of female power developed from vulnerability and the personal strength that results.

As a devote of the ecdysiast arts, the play confirmed what I've felt for 27 years-- that men worship at the alter of pussy. I know I do.

I've always found the good strippers confirm for me why I'm male, and reaffrim my love of women. Men, without doubt, need and crave variety. My appreciation for women on the outside, including my wife, is always raised when I drop into a club, especially if I haven't visited for several months. It's like, "oh, yeah... now I remember..."

In the stimulation I am reminded why I'm alive. I have always respected the strippers' power to stimulate my mind and body, and have respected them for that. They are life affirming. Such is message of the last act.

I cannot understand why any healthy man would dis a stripper on the job. In all my years of club visits I've only seen two obviously obnoxious clients. The play suggests a high percentage of us are real assholes. Most guys are too chicken to make an obvious deal out of their rudness I'd guess.

The message of beauty in all body types is much needed today, and here it's delivered in your face and irrefutably, much more effectively than with some PC or feminist creedo. All girls need to get the message of attitude as a component of true beauty.

How about Zbone sponsoring a special presentation of WSFF at a club some night? Maybe as a fund raiser.... turn it into a media event... raise a little awareness. Just a thought.


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 12:38:14
From: [name withheld by request]
Subject: Shutdown of Clubs

I believe that the city is closer to shutting down and/or restricting the clubs than everyone might think. The city is preparing to begin shutting down the clubs and is preparing for the challenges from them. I know that a law firm has been retained to defend the city against all the first amendment and other issues that will arise.

As the government continues to legislate morality and continunes to take away our rights as citizens, the people need to speak out. I hope that your forum will continue to be somewhat of a sounding board for our rights as citizens to participate in a legal form of entertainment.


Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 19:50:52


Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 19:23:26
From: Tom Meade <>
Subject: Jet Strip

I was at the Jet Strip St. Patrick's Day party and here's how it went: I stood around smiling for 1/2 hr with girls walking by and only 1 said hello. I was in front of the DJ booth and they walked by allot. Finally one asked if I wanted a dance and we went for it. The dance was good so I had 2, but when I went to pay (15$ dances were advertised for the party) the 30$, the girl asked for an extra tip, and rolled her eyes when I only handed her 30 and walked away without saying another word. I thought that was rude and decided to do the exact same thing with another girl. This one was standing next to me for at least 5 full minutes without saying hello or anything, so I started talking with her and found out the dancers were getting the full 15 for the laps. We did 2 laps and she did the same thing. Asked for more money and when I gave her 30 acted a little pissed, but was more polite about it than the 1st one. The 3rd girl I got during the feature's set, so the song was longer. I tipped her an extra 10 and she acted like it was expected. I won't be going back there because of the dancer's attitudes. It seems they don't give a shit about the customers. I regret dropping that 100$, and went to another club and spent another 100 on a girl who took the time to be nice to me - even AFTER I tipped her.

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 10:13:27
From: Dave Hetrick <>
Subject: fascinating stuff

Maybe the only thing better than going to a stip club is reading about them. I'm having a boring day at work and I've been poking around your site for a couple of hours. I particularly enjoyed the "10 signs you've spent too much time at strip clubs." There aren't many that aren't at least a thirty-minute drive from here(NE OHIO) so that isn't as much of a problem for me. I used to have similar symptoms from too much drinking, always tilting the glass, stirring everything, and at restaurants when a group of people got up from a table, my instinct was to rush over to it.

Glad to know there's others out there like me. Sometimes it seems like the only place I can relax is at a club. I've only got one club I go to right now where my ATF works, I followed her from the last one but found her there on my way home from the airport working under her real name. I feel a lot more nervous around her now that she calls and e-mails me. Is that a common experience?

Have you wished you could stop going to clubs? I've made it about six weeks before.

I'm definitely a type #3 customer, just fascinated by the whole scene, and how everybody got there.

Well, I'd love to tell you something interesting that you never heard before, but it seems extremely unlikely that that is possible. Keep up the good work, and I'll probably keep going, I'm too lazy to try and meet women who aren't strippers. Do you think I'm to cynical for a 23-year-old?


Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 14:36:23
From: rs27
Subject: Rants and Raves

Was reading your rants and raves section and I just could not help but send a reply.

Your section on customer types, dancer types, regular pros/cons, and dancer politics are all so accurate. You should make them a part of your FAQs. I've been all three of the customer types. I've met all three of the dancer types. The regular pros/cons seem to be more or less accurate. Although, while I got in for free (including my business associates when they were with me) I always paid for my drinks. While the dancers asked me for loans (they always seem to be broke) I never got that from the DJs or security. Another aspect is that when you go to another club, even if you have never been there before, dancers recognize you from the first club (and I don't remember who they are). And yes they give you their telephone numbers without you having to ask them. And yes I got telephone calls from girls saying they are broke and need money and could I come to the club and see them. The disadvantage of course is dancer politics. I've run into all those problems you discuss. Heck it is like being married. It is totally unreasonable. And yes they go off to the back and show off your tip to the other girls.

Its terrible when you can't be entertained by more than one girl.:( Another problem is that the dancers get to know you; If you're known as one who spends "real" money when you're drunk then when you get drunk you get pounced on--generally by the #2s.:( I've had some crazy times, but I can't remember them.:)

Most of what I write about is about my experiences with Crazy Girls. Of the several hundred strip clubs I have visited throughout the USA and abroad it is my favorite. Somehow they have created a unique atmosphere that is unlike any other club I know. I have probably spent more in this club then the others combined. It is also the first place where I started dating a stripper and got to know the others well--perhaps too well. It is painful to learn about their traumatic past and even more painful to see them self-destruct. I no longer live in LA; I left in 1995. When I accidentally came across your web site it brought back memories--both good and bad. And writing to you gives me a chance to vent. Unfortunately, I can't discuss these experiences with other people because they won't understand. These days I rarely go to strip clubs since the ones here are so amazingly tame (even by LA standards) and I also rarely have business trips.

Customer Damage:
-- lack of sleep (get to bed at 3am and even later and get up at 7am)
-- dancer politics (almost a reason NOT to go to a strip club)

Why I am paranoid about my privacy (A long rant): Years ago I worked for the Department of Defense and I was having my security clearance upgraded from Secret to Top Secret. With a Top Secret security clearance there is a very extensive background investigation that goes with it--they will find out what you had for lunch on Feb 12 two years ago, etc. So, naturally they found out I go to strip clubs, primarily frequent Crazy Girls, and was involved with a girl from there. They actually investigated the place. So, not only are there undercover vice cops but there are undercover counter espionage agents as well. I was told they thought the girls harmless--Duh, I knew they were not spies--but, they thought I was a security risk!

So, I go to work one day and find (1) the combinations to the safes have been changed, (2) my business trip was cancelled, (3) I am being re-assigned to corporate siberia, and (4) my security clearance is withdrawn. My conversation with my Boss' Boss went like this: Boss' Boss--"Why do you go there?", Me--"Well, it should be obvious." After that exchange he did most of the talking. Mainly he didn't like the fact that a person of my position was setting a bad public image. Even though I told him that what I was doing was legal, moral, and ethical he still didn't like it. He also said I was setting a bad example for the other staff. What!!! This is a real impossible statement coming from this guy--He sexually harrassed our secretaries and I had to console them and calm them down. I kept it quiet that I was involved with a dancer, but a few people did know. They would invariablely ask me for advice about women. Well heck, I am just about as clueless as anyone. But, I told them to treat them with respect; it goes a long way. So, I thought I was a good influence. He also thought I was unbalanced for going there. Boss' Boss--"It is so completely outside the normal." Well, big deal: It is legal, ethical, and moral--so there. I considered the whole affair to be a major insult to both myself and my dancer friend. When I think back on this I am still appalled at how hypercritical polite society can be. (He is sexually harassing the secretaries. I'm going to strip clubs. But, I'm worse.) It is common for military officers to talk about and frequent the sex establishments of Asia, so what's the deal with strip clubs in the USA? I later had lunch with my Boss whom said he was opposed to the treatment I was receiving but was powerless to oppose it--"You are geting a raw deal." It was mainly in the hands of my Boss's Boss and his Boss, whom were SO concerned about appearances. My security clearance was withdrawn not because of security reasons but because they did not like my extracurricular activities. After I was reassigned I did not do a thing because I was so completely fed up with the system; I drank a lot of coffee and played computer games. After a year and a half of this my security clearance was finally reinstated. I quit within a month of receiving it. Now I have a real job and a better one at that.

One time I decided to get a little bit crazy with my all time favorite dancer in Crazy Girls. I bought a bottle of champagne and proceeded to tip her $200 in small bills on her next set. Naturally, she loved it. I also tipped the other dancers big to, but a much smaller amount. With all the alcohol I got even more crazy and got numerous table dancers from my favorite all time dancer and other dancers and tipped a lot too. I was spending money like a drunken sailor. This attracted the attention of the other customers whom were asking, "Who is this guy? Actor, director, producer?" By this time I was enormously drunk and spending money like crazy. I was surrounded by girls and my all time favorite dancer couldn't even get to me because of the press of the other girls. They abandoned all their other customers. My final tab was well over a thousand dollars and my all time favorite dancer was furious at me (most of the money did not go to her).

After that I still got crazy (not all the time, but enough that I became known for it). Ran up tabs in excess of a thousand dollars. However, these times my favorite dancer did not want to be with me. I would ask her to join me, but she said it was too decadent for her and she did not want to be around me when I was that way. In addition to my favorite dancer their were about two others that I also liked to spend time with. These two also did not want to be around me when I got this way. These three would be mad at me the following day sometimes even throwing temper tantrums.

The dancers whom have gotten to know me said they liked being with me because I respected them, accepted them, and did not judge them. I am told that when I become drunk my other side takes over.


Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 00:47:39
From: Holly (DOM December 1996)
Subject: The Play

I just got back from seeing "Will Strip..."

I thought it was great. One of my friends cried through most of it because I guess too much of it was ringing true.

I thought it was accurate, and of course recognized a couple of the characters that were being lampooned...Tony and Charlie to name names..."fuckin' bitches fuckin' bitches fuckin' bitches...."

I think I am going to see it again next week.

I thought the characters were all very different from each other, and like they said, they're (we're) all there for different reasons.

Raelle told me that they want to take this show on the road. I hope they do. I think it's different and really good.


Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 13:30:04
From: DJ <>

Saw the show last night, very funny. Also informative, from the dancers point of view. I liked it and will be going back for a 2nd show, and possible have a dancer friend along. Thanks again and take care.

Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 18:53:25
Subject: spearmint rhino van nuys


Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:48:13
From: Jody <>
Subject: Thanks Z-Bone

I don't normally write a thank you note unless a thanks is trully warrented. I recently traveled from Dallas to LA on buisness and had found your page when planning my nightly entertainment. I decided on the Spearmint Rhino in Industry based on your recommendation. I'm use to the way Dallas clubs do business, but thought I was prepared for LA clubs after reading your detailed review. I entered the club at 8:00 pm and watched for about 30 minutes before doing anything. Around 8:30 the DJ announced a 2 for 1 private dance so I chose a girl named Sugar. I must say all the women where nice looking 8's and up. Following your suggestion I purchased a topples lap dance for $20, but I also bought her a drink just before she danced for me. She lead me to a couch behind a wall on the oposite side of the club from the bar. As we waited for the 2 for 1 to start this is when a waitress approached me to buy Sugar a drink, which I did $9. Needless to say if I'm ever back in town I will follow your recommendations again, Thank you for an unforgettable trip, Jody

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 20:06:55
From: Captain See
Subject: news

Flamingo Theatre (Anaheim) - Friday
Went there to catch Nina Hartley, January 15th. She was predictably entertaining and did a much better dance number onstage than Ginger Lynn. However, she had a retinue of unattractive female "friends" whom she kissed "on the lips" and who jammed in front of the line even though they already knew her. Also, some of her replies to the audience's (polite) questions where less courteous than what I expected from her.

On another note, Flamingo Theatre is a total dive. It is the ONLY place I have ever visited where the dancer girls are LESS attractive than the waitresses

Captain Creams (Lake Forest) - Sunday
The women dancers here are extremely good-looking. The hardbodies are out galore. I witnessed simultaneously 10 two-for-one couch dances going on at the same time. Price of these are now $15 per dance, so wait for the two-for-one bargain about once an hour.


Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 14:09:59
From: Densil Lee <>
Subject: Your List

Why is it in your reveiw you managed to leave out all of the predominantly Black clubs in the Los Angeles area? Did you not think that they were worth the time and effort to rate? Or do you only like looking at non-black women?

Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 05:11:55
From: Monica
Subject: Gigi

It was great to see Gigi as your D.O.M. I worked with her at the Men's Club and she even gave me a great lap dance on my birthday last month. I've gotten to hear her band also and just wanted to let you know I thought you made a great choice.

Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 01:15:17
Subject: Poll for Professionals

Are you planning to have a poll how many professionals are accessing your site. Kind of interesting, how many lawyers, engineers, etc. are in this kind of hobby.

Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 15:57:58
From: Admiral <>
Subject: New Maxim Mag

I just wanted everyone to know that there's a very entertaining article in the newest issue of Maxim Magazine, which details strip club stories and tips. They interview strippers, bouncers, and customers. There's also a sub-article about two guys at Scores in N.Y., and how far/fast $500 would go. Pretty funny...

Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 13:03:21
From: David Thick <>
Subject: LA Star Strip

Hi. I was looking at your reviews and wondered when you might be visiting the Star Strip on La Cienaga again. I was in there last week in the afternoon. There were 3 dancers and 2 guys. One dancer was a cute brunette who said she was from Finland.

The songs lasted about 1 minute, if that. I asked about lap dances and was told they're $30 for 2 songs before 4:00, or for 1 song after 4:00, but after 4 they're topless. I passed because of how short the songs were and because I didn't see any dances to get an idea of their nastiness.


Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 17:31:44
From: Leota Flaten <>
Subject: Paris House

I think you are way off about the Paris House. Maybe it's been too long since you were there. I was driving along Santa Monica a few months ago, saw it, and decided what the hell. When I walked in, a gorgeous girl appeared and told me that it was a "private" modeling show for $60 plus tips. Not having that much on me, I left, but returned a week later with the cash, plus a pocketful of singles. This time, there were two other girls besides her (one gorgeous, one not as good), but I went with the one from before (this was afternoon, both times). She led me into a back room, reminded me about tipping once more, and took off her tiny bikini. She showed me everything, and although her breasts appeared much smaller without her top, she was still beautiful. When I started making a pile of my money, she was disappointed, and informed that most guys tip in twenties (but she was not rude about it). After rolling around on the floor for another minute, she started masturbating, and I was thinking what I would have got with more money. The whole show took about 20-25 minutes.

So they must have made some improvements since you were there. The girls were all young with awesome bodies. You should check it out.


Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 10:21:19
From: Bob <>
Subject: Tattoos and Danceland

As for the tatoos, For me they are a turn off. Some of the descrete ones like a little rose on the breast on on the hip is ok...but I HATE the big "decals" on the small of the back... bad taste!

Second Item. I went to the Danceland Club on Figuroa...for the second time and I am starting to find these very intriguing! While they wont replace the Stripclubs, they do provide a nice change of venue. The ladies are relatively unsophisticated and for some reason I find that very refreshing. They are not bashful about touching or being touched. You might consider reviewing these..but then again, It is a goodthing that is not too well known except for the latin crowd.

I am in the process of moving to Houston. The strip bars here are quite amazing. In many ways they are much better and more classy that So Cal' you likely know!. I have had almost TOTAL MILEAGE at one of them and that still amazes me.


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