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Z-VIP Spotlight For 2002-2003
Like some dancers, clubs can also have that hard to explain X-factor or ambiance that makes it special. Sometimes it takes more than a subjective review to explain why some people are in love with a club. So this is the place to let everyone know about that great place that desires to expose itself to the public.

Silver Reign Downtown Showdown
September 2, 2003

According to Silver Reign, their new Downtown club (read the full review) is the largest in that area with 6,500 square feet of club space, which doesn't include the current warehouse space, which could be used for expansion.  Speaking of large, their VIP room is clearly the largest in the area, and possibly in Los Angeles.  This pictures shows only half of the VIP room.  Also, note that the room is normally much darker and the lights were turned up for this photograph.

To celebrate the opening of this new branch, Silver Reign is offering Z Bone readers a special coupon what will allow you to enter for only $5 (day or night) and get 2 drinks for FREE.

They are also planning the "Downtown Showdown" amateur dance contest, starting on Wednesday, September 17 and every Wednesday thereafter.  $1,500.00 in prize money will be given out, and there will be a raffle for customers to be judges.  There might even be adult video features in the near future.  So come down and join in on the fun.


Frisky Kitty Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary
October 8, 2002

It's already been 2 years since Frisky Kitty opened, and they are celebrating their 2 year anniversary by letting our readers in for free by mentioning "Z Bone" at the door, for the entire month of October.

Frisky Kitty is a small club, but it's got a nice cozy feeling to it. The dancers are happy to be working there and very friend.  They will often sit and chat with regulars which makes this a great place to hang out.

This place is not a lap factory, so don't come here for nasty lap dances.  If what you want is a nice relaxing visit to watch a nude dancer, or chat with your favorite dancer, this is the place. Then get a few lap dances to close out your night.


Fantasy Ranch Gentlemen's Club
September 3, 2002

The first word that comes to mind when I think of the Fantasy Ranch is "relaxed". It feels cozy like a neighborhood bar and not an upscale uptight strip club. That's not to say that it's not upscale but the "foo foo" factor is no where to be felt. In this case, cozy does not mean small. It's a good sized club but it's divided into cozy nook and crannies. With all the fish tanks, you almost feel like you are in somebody's living room.

You never feel like the waitresses or dancers are hounding you for drinks or dances. You can sit and enjoy yourself at the bar or at one of the tables. If you feel like some action, sit at the stage.

As an example of this cozy feel, take a look at the outside patio smoking area. You can sit and talk to your favorite dancer. This is a great place to hang out, relax, have your drink and forget about your problems.


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