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Z-VIP Spotlight For 2005

Like some dancers, clubs can also have that hard to explain X-factor or ambiance that makes it special. Sometimes it takes more than a subjective review to explain why some people are in love with a club. So this is the place to let everyone know about that great place that desires to expose itself to the public.

Sugarwalls Opens to Sweet Taste
January 18, 2005

The "Next Generation" of strip clubs is how sugarwalls describes themselves.  No, it's not Star Trek.  See the full review for details of this club.

The look of the club is definitely the first thing that comes out at you.  They've got glowing lights, frosted glass, bubbles coming up the legs of the table, tilted shot glasses, and the letters "SUGARWALLS" make up their stools at the bar.  It's all these little cool touches that make this place so hip.  Nice.

What I really liked was the club's hiring policy.  Yes, the dancers were young with nice natural tops.  That's great.  But even better, the waitresses and bartenders were all pleasing to the eye.  Nice.  I wish more restaurants and bars would adhere to this policy.  The last time I saw this type of hiring practice was in Holland.  Boy that's a nice place.  But I digress.

This is not a strip club.  This is a party place.  It's full of groups of female customers, couples, and big parties of fun loving people.


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